CCTV IP Camera setup is now in Trend.   there are so many benefits in IP Cameras  over HD setup. but it is quite difficult to set a  Local Network for IP cameras. sometimes we have to face lot of problems to set IP cameras.

Here I am trying to give you checklist for IP Camera setup.

1.CCTV IP Camera not pinging.

Ip camera ping

Try to ping cameras IP from the same local network If camera is not pinging then check following

  1. Cable is proper punched.
  2. Camera power in on.
  3. Camera is pinging from same network
  4. Nvr Ip address is in same series to camera ip
  5. Network cable properly inserted into switch(if any)
  6. Network cable is properly inserted into Nvr.
  7. Network cable is not damage.

2.IP Camera view not Upto the mark

CCTV IP camera

If the camera view is not clear or image is fossilage That means the problem is in that work.  again go to the command prompt ping the IP address for camera.  If the response time is greater than 10 ms then it’s time to upgrade your router or switch to higher bandwidth.

3. Can’t find the IP address of camera

cctv ip address

If you are unable to find the IP address of camera then you can’t able to install it.  In order to get the IP address of camera you should connect your camera to your computer and install the software which is given by IP Camera company. If you don’t have the software then, no worry, there are so many IP tools available for free  to find any device’s IP address. Wire Shark is one of them. just go to the Google and download one of them and search for it.


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