how to reset the password of DVR CP Plus, Hikvision, TVT


Here, we are going to learn how to reset the password of DVR. The technique of resetting the password of DVR is different for all companies. There are so many CCTV DVR companies and we are going to discuss about some major of them.

how to reset the password of DVR

CP Plus DVR Reset Password

  1. Call to customer care of CP PLUS (Customer Care: 18001035666)
  2. Customer care executive asks your email ID and some detail.
  3. You want to give all detail, generally, they ask for formal detail
  4. Then he/she give you an email ID.
  5. He/she ask to do mail, serial number of DVR along with current date and time of DVR
  6. You just mail all detail to given mail id.
  7. Then you will get a mail against to your mail with a master password
  8. Just put this master password into your DVR and your DVR’s password has been reset.


Hikvision DVR reset password

Resetting the Hikvision DVR password is almost same as CP Plus resetting procedure

Here some following step to reset the Hikvision DVR password

  1. Just open the login screen to your DVR
  2. Click Left-bottom corner on screen 2-3 times
  3. Now, you will find a serial number of your DVR
  4. Just mail this serial number along with current date and time at  Hikvision Support.
  5. Then you will get a mail after 15-20 minutes having a master password.
  6. Put this master password into DVR.
  7. Note: This is valid for only one day.


Dahua DVR reset password

Dahua and CP plus both have same procedure for resetting the password and also have the same customer care number (Customer Care: 18001035666) just call on it and follow the above-given procedure of CP Plus.

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