Here we offer a free download of XMEYE for windows. XMEYE is a Chinese company and they offer a great APP for Android and IOS version. They also offer a setup of XMEYE for windows. Basically, XMEYE not only a DVR manufacturer but they also provides the software for DVR manufacturers. Sometime before CP PLUS also launch a DVR which has XMEYE software. So before start just have a look at why we need this software.

Generally, Installed CCTV configured at mobile for remote viewing but sometimes we need to watch all of our CCTV cameras at our computer. Generally, our computer is on windows operating system so it is necessary to have an application which supports the Windows operating system so we need XMEYE for windows.

If you have a CCTV system which supports XMEYE and you want to monitor your CCTV setup via your windows computer then you can download a setup from the given below link and configure your CCTV setup on it. The configuration of the setup is very easy and we tried to give a quick demonstration of XMEYE for windows.

Download the XMEYE for Windows

XMEYE for windows Download

The configuration of XMEYE for Windows

Step 1

First, download the XMEYE for windows from the above link and save it on your computer. Then double-click on the downloaded setup file. It will ask for some kind of permission just give it. Now follow the instructions comes in the installation process. Finally, complete the installation and run the setup.

XMEYE for windows

Note: First time it will ask for set the language do not forget to set the correct language. If you forget then reinstall the whole setup again.

Step 2

Login to the software and you will get the screen shown below.

XMEYE for windows

Step 3

Just add the device into the software. To do this find an option “System” at right-bottom corner of the screen then you will get an option “Device ” click on it.

XMEYE for windows

Step 4

Now you will get a new screen to have some options. Find the “zone list” and click on that now click on “Add Area”. Give an area name and click ok. Now click on the area name and click on “ADD DEVICE” option. You will find the screen shown below asking for device detail.

XMEYE for windows

Step 5

Search the IP address by clicking on the search button or fill all the detail manually and save it. Now you are able to monitor your CCTV setup on your computer screen.XMEYE for windows

You can also use an alternate method to use XMEYE app for the PC. To do this you have to install a software call BlueStack and install it in your PC now you are able to setup XMEYE in your PC.

Download BlueStack

Now configure it as shown in the video below.

you may see video given below.


This is all about XMEYE for windows and if you have any kind of query or suggestions please write to us in the comment box below.

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