Here we provide Surveillance Camera App for all major security companies. You can download and install all relative surveillance camera app for free. Basically, All CCTV provider has its own app. So you have to find out what kind of surveillance camera app is suitable for your DVR/NVR/IP camera. Sometimes APP name is different from the brand name of the CCTV system. In that case, you do not know which APP is supported by your system.

Here we are going to list all major companies and their relative Surveillance Camera App. When you got the right app for your system then you are able to watch the live view of your CCTV system.

What is the Surveillance Camera App?

Surveillance camera app is a mobile application by which you can view your CCTV system using your mobile phone. In order to watch the view from surveillance system from your mobile device, You have made some setting on your CCTV system(DVR/NVR/IP camera). After making a right setting you have to enter the detail in the surveillance camera app and then you can see all your cameras on your mobile device or tablet.

Why need a Surveillance Camera App?

in today’s scenario, everyone is busy and no one has enough time to monitor its home or working area by sitting in a place so everyone wants a system that can provide on the go monitoring. So this is the basic need of everyone to watch its home or working area from anywhere.

List of Surveillance Camera App

Hikvision is the king of the CCTV industry and they also provide the best application for mobile devices. There are the following two main apps for android.

1. Hikvision mobile app

Surveillance Camera App Hikvision

Download IVMS 4000 Surveillance App

Download Hik connect Surveillance App



2. TVT DVR mobile app

Surveillance Camera App tvt

Download Suerlivepro surveillance App

Download SuperLive Plus surveillance App 



3. CP plus Android CCTV Camera App

Surveillance Camera App cp plus

Download GCMOB surveillance App

Download Xmob  surveillance App



4. Dahua Mobile App

Surveillance Camera App dahua


Download GMDSS lite surveillance APP 

Download GMDSS surveillance APP 



5. Bosch video security app

Surveillance Camera App bosch

Download Bosch mobile app

Download Bosch surveillance APP



6. Viewer for Axis cameras

Download Axis surveillance App

Download Axis mobile App



7. Samsung Mobile App

Download Samsung surveillance App

Download Samsung Camera App



8. Panasonic security App

Download Mobile App

Download surveillance App



9. Honeywell Security Mobile App

Download Honeywell mobile App

Download Honeywell surveillance App



10. Vintron Security App

Download Vintron surveillance App



11. Sony Android CCTV Camera App

Download Sony Vinton App 



12. Gobbler Android CCTV Camera App

Download Gobbler Mobile App



13. Hi-Focus security App

Download Hi-focus surveillance App

Download Hi-focus Mobile App



14. Zi-com Mobile App

Download Zi-com surveillance App



15. UNV security App

Download UNV mobile App



16. Swann Security Mobile App

Download Swann Mobile App

Download Swann Surveillance App



17. KOCOM Mobile App

Download KOCOM Security App

Download KOCOM Surveillance App



18. COMMAX Android CCTV Camera App

Download COMMAX Security App



19. KEDACOM Mobile Application

Download KEDACOM Surveillance App



20. VIVOTEC Android CCTV Camera App

Download Vivotek Security Application



21. MOBOTIX Mobile App

Download MOBTIX Surveillance APP



So this is all about Surveillance Camera App. If you have any kind of query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box.

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