Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera is a 1.3 MP Intelligent Indoor People Counting Network Camera. This device is built on the technology of binocular stereo vision. It follows the model of 3D head detection and 3D tracking. 

It gives a real-time live trajectory of monitoring objects, analyzes data, and gives us the figure of the exact number of people passing through a place. It is a vital CCTV device that is a must for shopping malls, scenic spots, stations, airports, subways, supermarkets, etc. 

This Indoor People Counting Network Camera is manufactured by Hikvision Ltd. It is a leader in the security surveillance industry. The company has a long range of CCTV products. The company has its headquarter in China, but its offices, showrooms, and service centers are branched out to the entire world. It is a trusted brand. It gives 3 years warranty on its products. 

Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera is an intelligent device. The cam has a 2.1mm lens. It has a fixed focal length. It can be focused on any object. It gives good bright images and displays very clear night vision. The sensors attached to the cam can sense motion and audio. The two-way audios make message conveyance easy. The product has a slot for an sd card. It preserves recording. The device can be accessed from any remote location with the help of the iVMS 4500 HD App. The networking is done through an ethernet cable.

Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera 7Buying Guide For A CCTV Camera

Here, you are getting a buying guide. It suggests to you the basic functions which any quality CCTV cam must-have. Read them before making any purchase.

Night Vision– The night vision of the product tells about the nature of vision, pictures, and footage, it gives in the darkness. When there is dark, then, suspicious activities can take place easily without any problem. Any security cam is installed to defend people and property. If the night vision is poor, vision will be poor. 

Fixed Focal Length– It implies that the device can not be moved from that area of setup. It further intends that there is no zooming in the device. Their fields of view are long-lasting. You can not change the point of the object.

Resolution– The resolution of the product implies the nature of the picture quality. A superior resolution implies a better picture quality. The low resolution implies that the picture is dull and grainy.

Power-Over Ethernet– The power over the ethernet system is the most recent technology. This implies that you can draw power, sound, video, and information through a single cable. It makes the setup processes easier. It additionally makes the product online easily.

Latest Digital Technology– This innovation implies, that video compression becomes easy and simple. It saves space and works on the general operation of the cam.

Waterproofing– It is an indispensable quality of the device. The degree of Ingress Protection tells about the level of waterproofing. It saves the gadget from harsh and intense climate conditions. Every outdoor cam must be equipped with this grade.

WiFi– If the cam is wifi-empowered then you have this freedom to get to the camera from any distant area. When the device can be accessed from far away locations then monitoring becomes easier.

Sensors– Sensors are among the most important qualities of the cam. It is the brain f the camera. It gives sense to the gadget to prejudge any action. For it to function efficiently, you need to define pre-set zones in the settings. When anyone tries to trespass that zone, it gives the gadget a clue and sends alert signals. It alarms you from dangers and interruptions.

Advantages Of Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera

Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera 2There are many advantages to this special camera. We are giving here a few of them.

  • The product represents a 1/3″ Progressive scan CMOS Sensor
  • 1.3 MP (1280 x 960) Resolution for clean images
  • Up to 30 frames per second @ 1.3 MP 
  • 120 dB True WideDynamic Range 
  • People Counting through smart cam technology
  • On-Board Storage, Up to 128 GB Micro SD card supportable
  • Smart Detection- Motion & Audio 
  • 12V DC- 7.5 W Power Supply


The device has a few disadvantages as well.

  • The cam is not wifi-enabled
  • The device does not give PoE adapters and PoE switches

Features Of Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera

Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera 1Here, we are giving the features and functions of this cam in detail. It is a unique intelligent network camera. 

  • It is a fixed focal length 1.3MP camera. It is developed with the technology used in binoculars.
  • It tracks pictures in 3D technology.
  • It makes an ongoing 3D direction to follow individuals
  • It is truly reasonable for those areas where there is high footfall. Areas like -stations, shopping centers, air terminals, Cinema halls, picturesque spots, metros, etc. They are kept under vigilance by this powerful cam.
  • The image sensor of this cam is 1/3″ progressive scan CMOS. Image sensors are liable for the well-being of the picture and its quality. These sensors are like human eyes. They absorb the requisite amount of light and create the image. 
  • It is an indoor camera.
  • The focal length of the cam is 2.1 mm. This gadget has a proper central length. The focal length when fixed gives you an incredible focus on any object.
  • The Fields Of View(FOV) it covers is- horizontal FoV: 115° or 2.8 mm/ƒ/2.0, horizontal FoV: 92.5°
  • The IR range this cam conceals is 30 ft (9 m)
  • The maximum resolution of this device is 1280 x 960@30 frames each second
  • Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera 6This cam has sensors. It is an exceptionally smart gadget.
  • The sensors sense any kind of movement recognition and sound discovery.
  • The cam gives you the choice to pre-define sensitive zones. When someone enters those regions, the camera raises caution and alarms you.
  • The two-way sound audio assists you in passing on messages to the individual at the device end. You can likewise frighten the suspect by yelling at them through the microphone.
  • It has a micro-sd card slot. The maximum micro memory card it can hold is 128GB
  • Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera 4The Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) is 120dB. WDR manages the background light and low light to give the best image. 
  • It does people counting- People entering and exiting data can be accounted for, displayed, and exported (people counting data is saved in the flash storage). People counting data can be displayed on-screen in real-time and exported day/week/month/year to Excel chart (with SD card/NAS/storage server/platform).

Design Of The 1.3MP Intelligent People Counting Camera

Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera 3The cam is oval. Its color is white. The device is in two parts. One part has a camera, and the other part is the control box. The dimensions of the cam are 107.6 mm x 78 mm x 33.5 mm. The weight of this cam is 770 grams. The device is very intelligent. It can count people coming in and going out.

There are many interfaces given for various connections. It is an audio-in interface, an audio-out interface, an alarm, a debug interface, and a network interface. 

There is a slot for an sd card, that can support up to 128GB micro sd card. There is a sensor point, a reset button, and an ethernet cable. These are the components of this device. They all perform their specific purposes and give strength to the cam.

How To Install?

Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera 5If you want to install this device then you have to mark your location. The installation process of this kind of device is very calculative. It is as a thumb rule, installed at a verticle 90 degrees, at a point where people are passing through. This is the angle that you have to match. Fit the device and align it. 

Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera 8If you want to monitor the cam on your android smartphone, then, you have to download and install the app that supports it. The application for this app is “iVMS-4500 HD”.

You will get this app on the google play store. Install the app and add the device. The process to add the cam to your smartphone is to scan the QR Code. After scanning it, click the “Add” button and monitor the device.

Download Quickstart Guide, User Manual, & Datasheet 

Here, you will get the complete manual of this product. The Quick guide gives you the device configuration, design, and installation part. The User Manual is for knowing and learning the operation and feature part. The datasheet gives you the technical information. It is given in download buttons format here. Click buttons to get these manuals.

Download Quick Start Guide

Download User Manual

Download Data Sheet

Should I Buy It?

The 1.3 MP Intelligent Indoor People Counting Network Camera is a sharp device. The resolution is 1280 x 960@30 frames per second. The motion sensor and audio sensor are superb. It separately counts people who are coming in and people who are going out. The sd card records every activity. It is sensitive and very appropriate for high footfall places. 


This device is an indoor cam. The 1.3MP Hikvision IDS-2CD6412FWD-C Camera is mainly installed and entry and exit points. The product gives translucent images. You can pre-define the sensitive area and get an alert in case of transgression. It is a nice cam. 

The review is for giving you a detailed analysis of this product. Please share your comment in the comment section.

Thank You. 


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