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Use existing home security system | Update existing home security system

As you all know that how fast technology in security system changes, even by the end of 2019, camera or security system with artificial intelligence are fully launch with no bugs. So the question arise that how to use existing home security system.or how to utilize they already existing CCTV network. There is two category of use existing home security system which is as follows

  1. Analog HD Cameras
  2. IP Cameras


Case 1: Analog HD Cameras

Use existing home security system

For Analog HD Cameras it is better to upgrade the system into latest technology IP cameras, there is lot of advantages of using IP cameras over HD cameras which we will discuss below.

  • Minimal Installation Cost
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Easy to expand Setup
  • More Reliability
  • Better Image Quality

As you see IP cameras installation cost is minimum. So if you change your Analog HD camera setup then the amount you invest in up gradation will sure recover because IP camera system maintenance cost is almost zero.

Apart from cost you will get IT network, So that in future you will installed any kind of smart IP Device like Access control, Video Door Phone, Smart Switches etc by using same IT network.

In today’s  market there are many brands which deal in IP Camera. So we were already written and Article on BEST CCTV CAMERA BRAND IN THE WORLD – “TOP 10 CCTV CAMERA BRAND” (2018).

Apart From this thing one more option available for this up gradation. There are many Vendor available in your locality who buyback your analog HD cameras with IP cameras.

Case 2: IP Cameras

Use existing home security system

For IP cameras, there is no need to upgrade. If system has any problem then only you can call to any IT vendor whose service is good in your area.

If you setup is old IP camera Setup then you can use POE Switches rather normal Switches. So this is only little thing you can upgrade if your camera Support POE.

If you wish to have Technology in that case you can change NVR and Few IP Camera only because latest technology system has Artificial intelligence Support, FTP support and cloud storing Option.

Case 3: Condition of wire (Co-axial/cat6)

Use existing home security system


In both above cases one thing is to be checked which is most important, if your wire condition is good then there no need to change or upgrade existing system only few camera or DVR/NVR is to be change if required.

So in Security Camera Setup major problem arises due to wire. There are many reasons to quality check parameter of wire.

  1.  Quality of Wire
  2. Wire is too old
  3. Many joint in wire
  4. Length of wire

So check above thing and if you need to change wire in that case change or upgrade you entire setup with latest technology.

you can buy new technology security camera on various e-commerce platform. Below i will give you link of few

1. Nest Security Camera, Keep An Eye On What Matters to You, From Anywhere, For Indoor Use, Works with Alexa.

2. Arlo – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, Extra Outdoor Mount | Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor, HD Video | Cloud Storage Included | 2 camera kit. 

3. Smart Outdoor Security Camera with Integrated floodlight – Netatmo Presence.

4. Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P

5. Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p


I hope this information is helpful to you.  If you have any query, please write to us in the comment box below.

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Best CCTV training institute in India| CCTV Training institute Rating

Firstly Before i start my topic best CCTV institute, I would like to elaborate importance of CCTV Camera

A CCTV camera helps to require management of the house and business when you are not physically present. So this can be the revolutionary technology. Hence this increasing trends opened the new door of opportunities for brand new CCTV installation and Maintenance Engineer and for this you need best CCTV institute.

So the CCTV repairing course force you to become an authorized CCTV Technician. Finally if you are the one who needs to be CCTV repairing and maintenance and need to form Career in CCTV repairing then this post is for you.


So today during this post, I am sharing best CCTV Repairing Institute in india, these institutes providing CCTV training for repairing and installation of CCTV camera. So if you wish to pursue this course, Therefore this can be the right list of institutes for you.


1. GLM Institute

GLM INSTITUTE began to providing Digital natural philosophy security systems coaching from the year of 2011, So with the ambition of providing Digital security information to all or any those peoples United Nations agency need to upgrade their information and skills and wish to become a electronic security skilled person.

Rating: 4.8/5

Location: Mumbai

Web address: Click here for GLM Website

2. Advance Institute of Latest Technology PVT Ltd

Advance Institute of latest Technology, is ISO 9001:2008 certified institute which will provide India’s best education in technical courses.

So this institute provides varied courses on portable computer repairing, Printer repairing course, Led/lcd repairing courses, Desktop repairing course, CCTV repairing course and  Laptop chip level repairing course etc.

Hence this institute has a tendency to believe 100 percent quality coaching and making employment opportunities for the scholars.


Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Mumbai

Web address: Click here for Website

3. St. Angelo’s skilled Education

Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide is  the Chairman of St. Angelo’s skilled Education (SAPE) and  Mr. Athaide is  a young graduate from Metropolis University with experience of over twenty four years within the IT business. So this institute is run by these two key member with many more team mates to achieve there goal.

Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Mumbai


Website: Click here for website

4. StarEye

Star eye institute located in Vikaspuri and providing reasonable CCTV coaching from a long period of time.So the close information with knowledgeable trainers makes it the most effective in West metropolis region.

Rating: 4/5

Location: Delhi

Website: Click here for Institute Website

5. Expert Institute

Expert is one of most premier names in providing short courses in mobile, laptop, hardware, and CCTV repairing course. it is located in Kingsway camp.

So If you are looking institute during this region then you need to  visit this Institute also.

Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Delhi

Website: Click Here for Website

6. Datacom Institute of computing & technology

CCTV repairing course at this Institute is meant to present students instruction on the way to install , repair and maintain the systems and their part.

So they provide comprehensive one month ability level coaching includes of Installation, Repairing, Networking, cabling and their implementation. Hence it is the perfect coaching for anyone wish to become a perfect technician.

Finally this  Institute offers skilled CCTV & Security System coaching. This CCTV Installation coaching can introduce the candidate to the extent understanding needed to permit you to figure safely and with efficiency on CCTV instrumentation and associated electrical systems.

Rating: 4.8/5

Location: Guwahati

Website: Click Here for Datacon Website

7. Chip Systems

Chip System is one of the best institute for  providing short courses in mobile, laptop, hardware, and CCTV repairing course. So if you are looking  for institute during this region then you need to visit this Institute.

Rating: 4.3/5

Location: Chennai

Website: Click Here for Website


The CCTV business could be a world of constant innovation of product. So to stay in this regularly changing environment you need to technically skilled. Therefore this Institute is one the best Institute in this region.

Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Chennai

Website: Click Here For Website


Another  ISO certified institute in Chennai,Operating in each coaching and repair sector of automation. It is specialize in its industrial expertise within the space of automation .

Hence this Institute organizes completely different courses within the Automation sector which is very  helpful for the trainees.

Rating: 4.8/5

Location: Chennai

Website: Click Here For Website

10. Spark Academy

Another CCTV Course in Chennai offered by Spark Academy is complete CCTV system designing and style method likewise because the specification. Therefore this CCTV course in Chennai is obtainable on weekdays and weekends.

Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Chennai

Website: Click Here for website

CCTV Training  and Repairing Certification Course

Duration: 30- sixty days

Course Fees: 8000 – 25000

Modules of CCTV Repairing coaching Course


Firstly this module covers the introduction of CCTV camera and  operating of CCTV systems.

Choosing the proper CCTV camera

Secondly in this module, students can learn different type of camera,  Power Supply, camera performance and its function.

Choice of Lens

So after choosing a camera, the lens is that the most vital a part of CCTV camera System. So during this module, you may get in-depth information of CCTV Lens.

Therefore you will learn angle of lens, mounting of Lens, differing types of lens. When with success finishing this module, So you may able to choose the most effective lens for CCTV camera.

Monitor and Switch choice & Recording

In the start, you may be get information regarding Monitors, image scaling, and monitor installation. So once you get knowledgeable active Monitor choice you may study multi viewer, electronic device and Digital video recorders.

Signal Transmission

First of all you learn the operating of concentric Cables, Twisted-pair cable transmission. Therefore you may  be additionally get a deep understanding of making ready block diagrams and management signal circuit.

So apart from these modules, you may be additionally get extra coaching on the Video-Door telephone system and  attending System.

Hence this list is made by long web aquatics, if you have got any suggestion to create this additional correct and higher, then be at liberty to comment below.

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Hik connect for PC -Free Download Hik-Connect for Windows/MAC

Here we are discussing Hik connect for PC. Hikvision is a king in the CCTV camera industry and they have lots of users worldwide. Hik connect is the mobile application of the Hikvision and it only runs in the mobile and tablet devices. So what about the laptop and computers. Hikvision allows their users to install a different software for the desktop user. So here we are telling how to use hik connect for PC.

You need to download  Hik connect for PC or Laptop because you want to get access to your CCTV cameras into your computer. Every CCTV company offers APPs for mobile phones and computer as well. Hikvision also allows using a desktop version.  You can easily download the latest version of Hik connect for PC. The software name is IVMS-4500 by which you can configure your Hik connect DVR/NVR on your PC so do not confuse by the name of the software.

Method 1.

Free Download Hik connect for PC

Click the button below to download the Hik connect for PC or Laptop

Hik-Connect for PC (Windows)


If you are using the MAC system the use the button below to download Hik connect for MAC

Hik-connect For PC (MAC)

Here we are going to demonstrate how to use Hik connect for PC.

you may also download from Hikvision website.

Configuration of Hik connect for PC

Step 1. 

After completing the downloading the setup. You got a .rar file. Just extract it using the Winrar software. After extracting this you will get a setup file. Install this on your PC and you will get an icon on your desktop named “IVMS4500”. Run this on your PC.

Step 2. 

For the first time to use “Hik connect” client software, you need to register a superuser for login. Input the superuser name and password.  We highly recommend you to use a strong password to ensure your data security. Then Click on the “Register” button.
Hik connect for PC

Step 3. 

After login, the software a wizard will open to guide you to add the device and do some basic settings
Hik connect for PC

Step 4.

After running the Software, you can add the devices including network cameras, DVRs, NVRs,etc., to the client for the remote configuration and management, such as live view, playback, alarm settings, etc. Perform the following steps to enter the device management page Click on the control panel, or click Tools->Device Management to open the Device Management page.
Hik connect for PC

Final Step.

Before the start of this setup, this setup firstly Add the devices to Hik-Connect account via Hik-Connect first.  In the Device Management page, click Add to open Add Device window. Select Hik-Connect as the adding mode. Select the country or region and then click the “login” button.

Hik connect for PC
Input the Hik-Connect account and password. Click “Login” to log in to your account. All the devices added in this account will display.
Hik connect for PC
Now you are able to view your DVR/NVR on your PC via Hik-connect.

Method 2 

If you do not want to use the software given by the Hikvision you may also run the Hik connect App using an android emulator. By using this kind of emulator you are able to run all your mobile App like Whatsapp, facebook etc on your PC or laptop.

If you want to know how to download Hik-Connect on PC and Mac the best application is by using a thirty party emulator such as AndyOS it is a free Android emulator which offer you to run any mobile app or tool on your have just  download AndyOS, install and open the software and search for “Hik-Connect. You may also use Bluestack instead of this.

Get Hik-connect for mobile device

Hik-Connect for Android

Hik-Connect for iOS

So this is all about Hik-connect for PC. We hope this information is helpful to yours. If you have any query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box below.
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How to Install CCTV Camera – “CCTV camera installation” guide (2018)

CCTV camera installation: Here we are going to discuss how to install CCTV camera. Before the start of the installation, you have to plan some points. The main point of the CCTV installation is designed as a blueprint. It is very tough to watch each and every point of your home so select some of those main points from where you can keep eyes and catch the activities.

The second necessary point is to select the right camera for your premises. There are so many types of CCTV camera available on the market and you have to choose the right type of CCTV camera. Instead of CCTV camera type you also choose right CCTV camera brand. So let’s start how to install CCTV camera.

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What is CCTV camera?

A CCTV camera is a type of video camera which is used to monitor or capture the defined area with the help of monitor. A CCTV camera commonly used for security purpose but it also uses for experimental things like the observation of a plant. Nowadays the CCTV system is globally used and it is a main component of the security. In developed countries, CCTV all over like in a mall, In a hospital, In an industry, In a school everywhere. The main benefit of a CCTV camera is you can record the footage and save it. It is very helpful for evidence point of view.

Types of CCTV camera.

You can categories the CCTV camera type as follow. For detail you may read this.CCTV camera Types

1. Analogue Camera

  • Dome Camera(Indoor camera)
  • Bullet Camera(Outdoor camera)
  • PTZ camera(Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

2. HD Camera

  • Dome Camera(Indoor camera)
  • Bullet Camera(Outdoor camera)
  • PTZ camera(Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

3. IP camera

  • Dome Camera(Indoor camera)
  • Bullet Camera(Outdoor camera)
  • PTZ camera(Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

4. Wifi Camera

  • Dome Camera(Indoor camera)
  • Bullet Camera(Outdoor camera)
  • PTZ camera(Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

How to Install CCTV camera


There are mainly three methods to install CCTV camera.

  1. Install HD/Analogue Camera
  2. IP camera installation
  3. Install Wifi Camera 

So start with the beginning

Install HD/Analogue Camera 

cctv camera installation

For the installation of an analogue or HD camera, you have to get the following accessories.

  1. CCTV cameras
  2. A DVR
  3. CCTV cable
  4. A power supply for camera
  5. BNC connectors
  6. DC connectors
  7. A monitor or TV(with VGA or HDMI port for HD camera)
  8. A Toolbox
  9. A Drill machine
  10. Some screw and saddles

Step 1.

Choose the right place to put the DVR and power supply for the camera. Remember place should be near to the monitor unit if you are going to use HDMI cable for display. Because HMDI cable only supports up to 20meters. So keep this in your mind before do the wiring. Now suppose you have eight cameras to install. In the first step laying the CCTV wire for each camera from DVR to the camera.

Step 2. 

After the completion of the wiring. Drill all the camera to their place and tighten it with the help of the screws. Now it is time to tighten the connectors to the camera side. You have two connectors to make. One is BNC and another on is DC pin. BNC pin is for the video transmission and DC is for the power for the camera. In the BNC pin, you got two wires one for video and another for groud. Connect the core of CCTV wire with the positive wire of BNC and ground wire with the negative of BNC. In a similar way in DC connect positive with red wire and negative with black wire. The image is shown to install cctv camera

Step 3.

Now move to the DVR side. Here you have to tight one BNC pin to the wire as in step 2. Now put the others wire into the power supply. The power supply has two terminals one is positive and another one is negative. In positive terminal tight the red wire and in negative use the black wire.

cctv camera installation

Step 4.

Now connect all the BNC pins to the DVR and power up the DVR and power supply. Now you are able to view your camera to the screen. Connect your monitor to the DVR with HDMI/VGA cable. Make sure all the connections are proper and tight. All the devices are powered up.

how to install cctv camera

Step 5.

It is time to set the views of the camera. You have to make some setting form the camera side. When cameras on the screen then it gives the views on real time. So you have to adjust the views by some tilt or pan the cameras.

cctv camera installation

IP camera installation

how to install cctv camera

Installation of IP camera is different from the HD or analogue installation. For IP camera installation you have to some knowledge of computer network. If you know how to connect two computer via a LAN wire then it is very easy to connect IP cameras with NVR. So let’s start how to install CCTV camera IP.

Prerequisite of installation of IP camera.

  1. LAN (cat 6 or cat 5 cables)
  2. rj45 connectors
  3. A switch(according to the number of cameras)
  4. A power supply (If cameras are non-PEO)
  5. A computer
  6. Basic knowledge of the computer

Step 1. Set the IP address of NVR

Just power up your NVR and set an IP address according to your existing router or network. Suppose the IP address of the router is then this IP will be the gateway for your NVR and the IP should be like 192.168.0.XXX. To know what is your router IP just go to the CMD on your computer and type “ipconfig” and hit enter. Now it shows you all the information about the network. If there is no any existing network then you should set an IP address to the NVR as per your choice.

cctv camera installation

Step 2 Set the IP address to the cameras

After setting the IP of the NVR. You have to change the IP addresses to the IP cameras according to the NVR IP address. Suppose the IP of the NVR is then the series of IP of the camera must be Also, remember that all cameras have different IP addresses. Just take an example, IP of the NVR is and you have 2 cameras then IP of cameras will be and

In order to change the IP address of cameras, you can use the IP tool provided by the camera manufacturer. For TVT you can read this Connect IP camera.

TVT IP tool

Step 3 Hang all cameras and Put NVR to their place

Once you set all the configuration of IP addresses. Put all cameras at their points. Laying a cat 6 cable from NVR to each camera and tight rj45 connectors.

Step 4 Add cameras into NVR

Go to the ADD Camera option into the NVR and here you can find the IPs of all your cameras. Just click on ADD button and add the cameras into the NVR.


how to connect TVT IP camera

Note: Option name should be different according to the manufacturing company of the NVR.

Step 5 Set the views

Now, all the cameras at your monitor and now you can set the views of the cameras according to your need. Just give a final touch to the system and it’s about how to install CCTV camera using IP system.

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Install Wifi Camera 

This is the third way to how to install CCTV camera.

There are two kinds of wifi camera available on the market. One is which works with the NVR and second one standalone camera. Here we discuss how to install CCTV camera wifi which is stand alone. This kind of camera can directly work on your mobile device via the internet.

Prerequisite of installation of WIFI camera.

  1. Wifi camera
  2. Android or ISO device
  3. Working internet with wifi
  4. basic knowledge of internet

Step 1. Find the user manual

The configuration of the wifi camera totally depends on the manufacturing company of the camera. There is no fixed method for all the wifi camera. So you have to read the user manual how to install wifi CCTV camera. Just read the user manual carefully.

Step 2. Download the respective Application

You have to get an application provided by the company. Just find the proper application according to your mobile device and download and install into your phone.

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Step 3. Configure the Application

Follow the instruction provided by the company and configure the application. Generally, the application asks for a barcode which is situated in the wifi camera. Just scan it and you are able to view your camera into your mobile

Step 4. Setup the Recording

cctv storage calculator formula

Now it is time to set the recording parameter according to your need. Generally wifi camera support for an SD memory card or an FTP account provided by the company. Just put an SD card into your camera or put the FTP detail using your mobile application setting parameters.

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Step 5. Set the view

Now it is almost done. You just have to put the camera in a place from where you can view your desired area. So find a good place and put your camera and set the proper view.

It is all done. Now you can enjoy the live monitoring from your wifi camera to your mobile phone in the real-time and also record the activities.


So this is all about how to install CCTV camera. We hope this article is helpful to yours. If you have any query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box below.

Best CCTV Camera Brand In the World 

Best CCTV Camera for Home 

How to connect TVT DVR/NVR over the internet

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Best CCTV Camera for Home – Top “Security camera for home” (2018)

Here we are going to discuss best CCTV Camera for Home. Security is the main aspect of life. Everyone wants to live secure. Nowadays the CCTV security system is the key component of the home security. So in this order question arises what kind of the camera is best for your home and how we select among them. There are some features which are required to have a security camera for home. So this article helps you to find the best CCTV camera for Home.

What is a Security Camera for home?

The security camera is a  type of video camera which is dedicated to watching a particular area in order to prevent the unusual activity or crime. With the help of security camera, you can monitor all the activity of an area and also record the activities. So all kind of security camera which is used to secure the home is called a security camera for home. There are so many security cameras are available in the market but here we sort some of the best CCTV Camera for home.

Types of Security Camera for home.

There are mainly two types of security camera available on the market. One is a wired security camera and another one is the wireless security camera. Both have their own value and the requirement totally depend on the customer’s need. So a question comes to the mind which one is better for home then you can say that generally, the wireless security camera is better than a wired security camera. In this collection of best CCTV camera for home, we try to both types of home security cameras.

Home Automated Security Camera for home.

A security camera which is supported by your existing home automation system is called a home automated security camera. For example, you have a wireless Alexa amazon system and you are looking for the best security camera for home then keep in mind that camera can be supported by your existing system for a better experience.

Must-Have Feature in a Security Camera for your Home.

If you are looking for the best CCTV camera for your home then there are some features which are the must be supported by that camera.

  • Motion Detection
  • low light functioning
  • Alarm system
  • Audio enabled
  • High resolution
  • FTP supported
  • IP66 Rating 
  • Email push supported
  • Wide angle
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Digital Zoom
  • Cost-effective

 Best CCTV Camera for Home

1. Amcrest ProHD

best cctv camera for home

The image is referenced from Amazon

  • Provide High definition experience with full HD video quality footage using a new Sony image sensor. Based on Ambarella chipset and highest quality 1080p with this home security camera. Give a very wide 89.7° angle and provide you to watch some extra detail and cover more area to keep more of what you want to secure.
  • Provide intelligent alerts from your home security camera to your computer or mobile phone via the Android and IOS App.  Event record instantly they occur and keep them on an NVR and your cloud or Amcrest Cloud.
  • This home CCTV camera allows users to move pan/tilt remotely with the digital zoom. You can get a clear look with infrared LED night vision up to 32 10meters, you can watch the people and the area what you want secure 24 hours.
  •  The Cloud storage of the camera ensures that you do not miss a single instant, it does not matter where are you.  you can able to watch live stream your clip which enables you to playback it based on your choice.
  • At Amcrest home security camera. You get one year warranty and lifetime Support from Amcrest.


  • Observe footage in ProHD
  • Wide 90° viewing angle
  • IR LED Night Vision up to 32 ft
  • Two-way audio so you can talk and listen
  • Pan, Tilt and Intelligent Digital Zoom
  • Record and playback footage using a MicroSD, NVR, ONVIF, FTP, Blue Iris
  • Live-stream from your phone with Amcrest Cloud

Amazon Customer Reviews

best cctv camera for home


  • Picture quality day and night are both very good
  • Good Cloud Storage
  • Smooth mobile App


  • Quit difficult to setup
  • No email push notification

See Full specification and price at Amazon



2. Nest Security Cam

best cctv camera for home

The image is referenced from Amazon

  • Support Amazon Alexa for speech command 
  • The Children just came or the pet has decided to play with your favourite pillows, You can see all and get notifications through your mobile App whenever the CCTV camera detects an activity and the best part is that the this Cam can sense the difference what type of  movement is that for example hand getting into a jam jar, and a person comes in a room. You can get human alerts and event alerts even if you are not in the home.
  • This security camera has a speaker and a mic, you can capture the voice of what is happening in the home and give instructions.
  • This camera is compact in the size makes installation very easy and can adjust in all types of area. 


  • Work with Amazon Alex
  • 24 hours live streaming so you can check in anytime
  • 24 hours video recording with Nest subscription.
  • Human alerts with Nest Aware subscription.
  • Two-way audio
  • Get your video history in the cloud.
  • Full HD 1080p video.high-quality lens, picture sensor and digital zoom.

Amazon Customers Review

best cctv camera for home


  • Image quality  very good
  • Very Good Cloud Storage
  • Work with Amazon Alexa


  • Blur in the digital zoom
  • No email push notification

See Full specification and price at Amazon

List of Best CCTV camera for Home

3. Arlo Pro 2

best cctv camera for home

The image is referenced from Amazon

  • Upheld Amazon Alexa for discourse charge
  • Totally free from the wires.
  • 1080p HD CCTV camera framework with night vision. HD quality with great picture points of interest. The low light sensor gives you the better view in low light.
  • With battery-powered battery give you bother free establishment.
  • Arlo Genius cameras are climate safe so you can put them indoor or open air.
  • 7 Long stretches of Free Cloud Accounts – Arlo Star accompanies repeating 7-day free cloud chronicles. Live stream or view recorded video and sound for up to 7 days
  • Works with Amazon Alexa/Reverberate Show/Fire television/Google Colleague – View your live video with a straightforward voice order. Works with IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, and that’s just the beginning
  • Arlo Shrewd adds intense insight to your Arlo cameras. Alter alarms to distinguish individuals, particular zones, and contact crisis responders appropriate from your cell phone’s bolt screen (discretionary administration, incorporates 1-month preliminary).
  • best CCTV camera for home.


  • Live remote video streaming.
  • 7 Days of secure cloud DVR storage.
  • Email motion alerts & push notifications.
  • Support for up to 5 cameras.
  • You can upgrade for more storage & service levels.

Amazon Customers Review

best cctv camera for home


  • Good Picture quality
  • No email push notification
  • Work with Amazon Alexa


  • Only 7 days Cloud Storage
  • Costly

See Full specification and price at Amazon

4. Samsung SNH-V6410PNW

best cctv camera for home

The image is referenced from Amazon


  • 1080p Full HD Streaming Camera
  • Camera Pan 350°, Tilt 155°
  • Auto Tracking for Monitoring a Moving Person or Object
  • Privacy Mode (Tilt -80)
  • Wide Dynamic Range for Backlight Correction
  • Night Vision up to 16ft (5m)
  • Two-Way Talk Function
  • Storage up to 128GB (Memory Card NOT Included)

Amazon Customers Review:

best cctv camera for home


  • Good Picture quality
  • No email push notification
  • Auto Tracking for Monitoring a Moving Person or Object


  • low in night vision
  • Not work with Amazon Alexa

See Full specification and price at Amazon

Choose among the Best CCTV camera for Home

5. Netatmo Presence

best cctv camera for home

The image is referenced from Amazon

  • Ensure YOUR PROPERTY: get moment cautions on your cell phone to tell you what is occurring outside your home
  • Deflect UNWANTED VISITORS DAY AND NIGHT: the savvy floodlight switches on when expected to dissuade undesirable guests
  • Get CUSTOM ALERTS: Presence recognizes individuals, autos and creatures and will just give reports on what your screen
  • Pick WHEN TO RECEIVE ALERTS: select the piece of your garden and the occasions for which you wish to get warnings
  • ROUND-THE-CLOCK SECURITY: utilize the application to observe Full HD film of what occurs outside your home, 24/7.iOS 10 least required
  • FREE VIDEO STORAGE: store your recordings at no extra cost and stream them at whatever point you need
  • Easy TO INSTALL: essentially introduce the Presence surveillance camera instead of an outside light installation or set it up wherever is best for you (access to your home, plant, and so forth.)

Amazon Customers Review

best cctv camera for home


  • High definition video quality
  • Work in zero light
  • Perfect for your outside area


  • Only for outdoor
  • Not work with Amazon Alexa

See Full specification and price at Amazon

Best CCTV camera for Home get on Amazon

6. Ezviz Mini Plus


best cctv camera for home

The image is referenced from Amazon

Works with Alexa for voice control.

EZVIZ MEETS ALEXA – Our WiFi Cameras would now be able to be controlled by Alexa through Echo Show. Essentially request that her demonstrate to you the infant’s room, the patio, or anyplace you have an EZVIZ camera. Stay tuned for new aptitudes as our association with Alexa develops. The Mini 360 Plus can likewise be controlled by other keen home IoT gadgets through IFTTT.

All-encompassing 360° TOUCH VIEW NAVIGATION – Capture the whole stay with responsive one-contact container and tilt controls and advanced zoom. The Unique all-encompassing touch route takes a 360° photo of the room and enables you to see live video at the point you need by a straightforward tap.

Shrewd MOTION TRACKING AND NIGHT VISION – Track and record any moving articles found in the stay with savvy movement sensor. Scaled down 360 Plus presents to 33 feet of crisp evening vision, HD 1080p determination, and a 92° wide edge focal point which makes objects being followed effortlessly unmistakable, even during the evening.

Movement ALERTS AND TWO WAY TALK – See and converse with pets and family with gushing video and two-way sound. Movement cautions in a split second fly up on your cell phone when development is distinguished.

FREE CLOUD AND LOCAL STORAGE – Access your video substance and history whenever. Exceptionally recommend utilizing 128 GB (131,072MB) microSD card on the off chance that you are hoping to store multi-month of movement location recording. EZVIZ additionally offers a free (discretionary) multi-day preliminary to their CloudPlay benefit, which incorporates a 7-day cloud recording and 2-minute day by day recap.

Amazon Customers Review

best cctv camera for home


  • High definition video quality
  • Work in zero light
  • Perfect for your outside area


  • Only for outdoor
  • Not work with Amazon Alexa

See Full specification and price at Amazon

Collection of Best CCTV camera for Home

7. Logi Circle 2

  • best cctv camera for home

The image is referenced from Amazon

  • CIRCLE 2 WIRED is an easy to install, Wi-Fi connected home security camera that records when motion is detected and stores the footage in your secure, private cloud and works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and The Google Assistant
  • DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, we’re Wirecutter’s pick: “Best Wi-Fi camera for daily use”, Gizmodo said we’re “The Best Security Camera for Most People” and Business Insider says: “Circle 2 is the best security camera you can buy for your home”.
  • FULL HD WIDE-ANGLE VIDEO WITH NIGHT VISION lets you capture the really big picture with 180-degree wide-angle lens, full 1080p HD video day or night, with night vision that’s visible up to 15-feet.
  • FREE 24-HOUR SECURE CLOUD STORAGE – Stores motion based videos up to 24-hours in your own private cloud for free, secured using bank-level encryption.
  • FREE SMART ALERTS WITH SNAPSHOTS – Get mobile app notifications with a thumbnail image of the motion detected, to “see” what’s happening at home without opening the app.
  • TWO-WAY TALK – Take action if needed by utilizing the built-in speaker and microphone to connect with whatever’s happening at home instantly.
  • FREE SMART TIME-LAPSE DAY BRIEF – Avoid spending hours sorting through footage and see a 30-second time-lapse video recapping the most important moments of your day.

Amazon Customer Review

best cctv camera for home


  • Good video quality
  • Beautiful compact size
  • Perfect for inside area


  • Only motion recording
  • No built-in battery

See Full specification and price at Amazon

8. D-Link DCS-2530L

best cctv camera for home

The image is referenced from Amazon

Superior quality RESOLUTION AND VISIBILITY – Full HD 1080p video determination gives fresh and definite live/recorded video on your cell phone and PC

Keen ALERTS – Sound and movement discovery sends you programmed push cautions and triggers recording that can be seen on the my-Dlink application or online interface

SEE MORE – See a greater amount of your home with a solitary camera with the 180 degrees far-reaching edge focal point with one of a kind de-twisting innovation that augments video quality with less contortion

GOOGLE ASSISTANT – Cast live with Google Chromecast

NIGHT VISION – See unmistakably even in entire murkiness with developed in IR permitting to 16 feet of night vision

View, control and squeeze to zoom up to 10x utilizing the free my-Dlink application accessible for iOS and Android gadgets

Worked in microSDXC card space underpins 128 GB ability to record video cut chronicles in light of movement or sound triggers

Amazon Customer Review

best cctv camera for home


  • Good video quality
  • Beautiful compact size
  • Perfect for inside area


  • No Pan/til
  • No built-in battery
  • Disconnecting after 4-5 days

See Full specification and price at Amazon

9. Canary View Indoor 1080p HD

best cctv camera for home

The image is referenced from Amazon

Home Security and Monitoring Solution – Always have eyes on home from your telephone

  • Most knowledge in a security gadget, at this cost. Sensors: encompassing light, capacitive touch
  • Works with Alexa – Stream video to Echo Show or Echo Spot. 100-240v power supply
  • 1080p HD Video – Full shading, 147° wide-point focal point, night vision with picture skillet and zoom
  • AI-controlled Intelligence – Person location/shrewd cautions included free
  • One-contact Emergency Services – Local police, fire, EMT numbers pre-populated in application
  • Keen Arm/Disarm – Automatic mode exchanging when you travel every which way
  • Protection and Night Modes – Program to kill recording when home, arm when resting
  • Covering – Easily reject regions from movement discovery, similar to a roof fan

Amazon Customer Review

best cctv camera for home


  • Very Good Customer rating
  • Work with Amazon Alexa
  • Perfect for outside area


  • No Pan/tia
  • No built-in battery

See Full specification and price at Amazon

10. Foscam F19853EP

best cctv camera for home

The image is referenced from Amazon

  • Full HD 1080P resolution 1920*1080 at 25FPS. Powered by an Ambarella chipset with a real-time 1080P video stream, not the ones scaled up by the 720P chipset with non-real-time 1080P video at 20FPS or less. Check the spec of FPS before buying a 1080P camera.
  • Strong WiFi signal by a 2.4G antenna enabling longer distance than 5G with option uses higher gain antenna 5db. High-quality two-way talk with noise reducing. 1-year replacement guarantee.
  • View live or playback or save all alert captures and video clips onto the Foscam Cloud. 8 Hours Free Cloud storage with 12 months’ validity available on this device for any Foscam Cloud subscribers in 2018, and NO data space limitation during the last 8 Hours. Thanks to the US-based AWS server, Foscam Cloud is of high-level encrypted security and privacy protection. More option for Cloud Storage available.
  • Remarkable field of view (FOV) with wide-angle high quality optical 2.0 MP lens (f=2.8mm) with 110° view angle, 350° horizontal Pan and 100° vertical Tilt rotation creating a complete 360° coverage. Night vision range up to 26 feet by 13pcs IR LEDs.
  • Easy setup and flexible compatibility. Quick setup via iOS and Android devices by Foscam App. It comes with Foscam VMS (Video Management Software), compatible with third-party VMS Blue Iris & ONVIF recording devices, compatible with IE, Chrome

Amazon Customer Review


  • Very Good image quality
  • Motion detection
  • Perfect for inside area


  • Not work with Amazon Alexa
  • Only 8 hours of free cloud backup

See Full specification and price at Amazon

11. Ring Floodlight Camera

best cctv camera for home

The image is referenced from Amazon

In this list of best CCTV camera for home, This camera is my favourite. But we put in last in the list because it is quite costly according to features given.

  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
  • Crystal-clear HD video, Hardwired : (110-240V)
  • 110-Decibel siren alarm.Field of View:270 Degrees
  • Customizable motion zones and scheduling. Connectivity:802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz only

Amazon Customer Review

best cctv camera for home


  • Remote Activated Siren
  • Motion activated alert
  • 1080 HD video quality
  • work with Amazon Alexa


  • Some delay in sound
  • Costly

See Full specification and price at Amazon

How to choose best CCTV camera for Home?

In the above list, we choose some good camera for home and it is based on the expert experience. There are so many cameras available on the market and each every company says its product is the best and the customer gets confused. If you have any kind of confusion then you can directly contact us by commenting in the comment box regarding the best CCTV camera for home.

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Top 11 CCTV Surveillance cameras and their specification


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Starlight Camera Technology – Latest Starlight Cameras (2018)

Starlight camera technology is a CCTV camera technology which deals with improved and better night vision, basically, starlight camera technology based on the sensor which will provide good quality night vision in low light condition. The starlight camera technology based camera works on 0 LUX and gives you a better and sharper image.

Starlight camera technology work on the same principle of the IR-Cut filter but the sensor is different from the normal sensor. It uses larger and more sensitive sensor which will reduce the speed of electronics shutter hence it will not go in night vision in low light. it is not necessary that it will give you colour image, this camera gives you black and white image also. Starlight camera technology comes in both HD and IP HD cameras.

Starlight camera technology is simply a normal CCTV camera but has good night vision. Apart from this a normal question arises where and why use starlight CCTV camera, the answer to this question is as follows

Starlight Camera Technology

  1. The better quality image in both night and day mode- starlight camera not only shows the good image at night but also in day mode also. This camera gives you exceptionally good quality image in the night, As far as night mode is concerned there is no doubt in this camera technology .it generally used in outdoor where the user wishes to see clear image or activity in low light condition. But in the extremely dark condition, it will show you a black and white image.
  2. It may be used in the street because a maximum number of crime take place on street and even controlling of crime is also handled and minimize by using this type of camera. One of the main reason is that Streetlight is always on the night, so it is an idle condition of using starlight camera and hence of this kind of technology is maximum.
  3. It may be used in airport, railway stations and bus stations. Generally, this kind of place always has the good lighting system and in the outside area of this places have good light but the maximum number of crime also take place in these places because there are many crowds. So the starlight camera is very useful in these places because the condition is very idle and use of such technology is fruitful. Another reason to use such a camera is these places because the maximum number of crime take place in such places and it needs to be controlled.
  4. It may be used in the place like a supermarket and outside and open area of the mall like the parking area. Again such area have good lighting but normal camera give you the black and white image which is not much helpful because an area is wide, So if we use Starlight camera technology based CCTV camera then the same image is in colour mode which is very meaningful. These are the places where the frequency of people is more.

So above is the point which is very helpful to understand the starlight camera well but this camera is a little costly than the normal camera. So you can use only on limited and sophisticated places. If you are doing any new project then definitely you need to install starlight camera rather than the normal camera. Now I will list some good starlight camera with their specification.


TVT TD-9553M2 5 MP Starlight HD Network IR Waterproof Dome Camera

  • H.265 main profile video compression technology, high compression ratio, stable stream control
  • 5MP ( 2592 x 1944 ) full real-time coding
  • ICR auto switch, true day/night         
  • 20 ~ 30m IR night view distance           
  • 3D DNR, digital WDR      
  • Support 8 ROI coding             
  • One gigabit ethernet network port, 10M / 100M / 1000M self-adaptive             
  • Support SD card local storage, up to 128GB          
  • Support CVBS local video, two-way audio and PoE power supply          
  • Support smartphone, iPad, remote monitoring            
  • Support P2P           
  • IP66 & IK10 ingress protection              
  • Support three streams

Hikvision DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZ(H)(S)

1/1.8” Progressive Scan CMOS

  • Full HD1080p video
  • Up to 60fps frame rate
  • Ultra-low-light
  • Slow shutter
  • 120dB WDR
  • 3D DNR
  • Up to 50m IR range
  • The motorized lens with Smart Focus
  • -H: built-in heater
  • -S: audio/alarm IO
  • Support 128G onboard storage
  • DC12V/PoE
  • IP67

Dahua 2MP IR Starlight 2.8 mm Poe Mini Dome

  • 1/2.8-in. 2 MP Progressive-scan STARVIS™ CMOS Sensor
  • Triple Stream Encoding
  • Smart H. 265+ and H.264 Dual Codecs
  • 2 MP at 60 fps Maximum Resolution
  • 2.8 mm Fixed Lens
  • Enhanced Power and Data Transmission Distances with ePoE
  • Enhanced Starlight Technology
  • True WDR (120 dB) and True Day/Night (ICR)
  • Maximum IR LED Length 30 m (98 ft) with Smart IR
  • IP67 Ingress Protection and IK10 Vandal Resistance
  • Intelligent Video System
  • Five-year Warranty (for products sold through an authorized Dahua Dealer)

Bosch DINION IP starlight 8000 MP

  • u Remarkable low-light performance (0.0121 lx)  
  • Discreet and aesthetic, compact design
  • 5MP (3K) high detail at fast speeds (30 fps) IK10 rated for better protection
  • Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and quickly retrieve data
  • u Low network strain and storage costs
  • Outstanding wide dynamic range (97+16 dB)   

Gobbler CCTV – One of the most trusted brands in the Indian market

5 Latest Technology that You should use it Supercharge your CCTV Business

Artificial intelligence CCTV – One of the most powerful tool of CCTV.

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Surveillance Camera App – Free Download “Android CCTV Camera App”

Here we provide Surveillance Camera App for all major security companies. You can download and install all relative surveillance camera app for free. Basically, All CCTV provider has its own app. So you have to find out what kind of surveillance camera app is suitable for your DVR/NVR/IP camera. Sometimes APP name is different from the brand name of the CCTV system. In that case, you do not know which APP is supported by your system.

Here we are going to list all major companies and their relative Surveillance Camera App. When you got the right app for your system then you are able to watch the live view of your CCTV system.

What is the Surveillance Camera App?

Surveillance camera app is a mobile application by which you can view your CCTV system using your mobile phone. In order to watch the view from surveillance system from your mobile device, You have made some setting on your CCTV system(DVR/NVR/IP camera). After making a right setting you have to enter the detail in the surveillance camera app and then you can see all your cameras on your mobile device or tablet.

Why need a Surveillance Camera App?

in today’s scenario, everyone is busy and no one has enough time to monitor its home or working area by sitting in a place so everyone wants a system that can provide on the go monitoring. So this is the basic need of everyone to watch its home or working area from anywhere.

List of Surveillance Camera App

Hikvision is the king of the CCTV industry and they also provide the best application for mobile devices. There are the following two main apps for android.

1. Hikvision mobile app

Surveillance Camera App Hikvision

Download IVMS 4000 Surveillance App

Download Hik connect Surveillance App



2. TVT DVR mobile app

Surveillance Camera App tvt

Download Suerlivepro surveillance App

Download SuperLive Plus surveillance App 



3. CP plus Android CCTV Camera App

Surveillance Camera App cp plus

Download GCMOB surveillance App

Download Xmob  surveillance App



4. Dahua Mobile App

Surveillance Camera App dahua


Download GMDSS lite surveillance APP 

Download GMDSS surveillance APP 



5. Bosch video security app

Surveillance Camera App bosch

Download Bosch mobile app

Download Bosch surveillance APP



6. Viewer for Axis cameras

Download Axis surveillance App

Download Axis mobile App



7. Samsung Mobile App

Download Samsung surveillance App

Download Samsung Camera App



8. Panasonic security App

Download Mobile App

Download surveillance App



9. Honeywell Security Mobile App

Download Honeywell mobile App

Download Honeywell surveillance App



10. Vintron Security App

Download Vintron surveillance App



11. Sony Android CCTV Camera App

Download Sony Vinton App 



12. Gobbler Android CCTV Camera App

Download Gobbler Mobile App



13. Hi-Focus security App

Download Hi-focus surveillance App

Download Hi-focus Mobile App



14. Zi-com Mobile App

Download Zi-com surveillance App



15. UNV security App

Download UNV mobile App



16. Swann Security Mobile App

Download Swann Mobile App

Download Swann Surveillance App



17. KOCOM Mobile App

Download KOCOM Security App

Download KOCOM Surveillance App



18. COMMAX Android CCTV Camera App

Download COMMAX Security App



19. KEDACOM Mobile Application

Download KEDACOM Surveillance App



20. VIVOTEC Android CCTV Camera App

Download Vivotek Security Application



21. MOBOTIX Mobile App

Download MOBTIX Surveillance APP



So this is all about Surveillance Camera App. If you have any kind of query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box.

TVT CCTV: The award winning CCTV Camera Company

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Gobbler CCTV – One of the most trusted brands in the Indian market

CCTV : How to set tour on NVMS1000 TVT/Honeywell software

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CCTV Camera Types – Choose the Right CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera types are very important part of surveillance industry, the reason behind this very is very logical because if anyone not understands the CCTV camera types then they will not able to install a correct camera or they will not able to understand the project and its requirement. Basically, a CCTV camera type is very elaborative topics because you can classify camera on various point.

So let Start with CCTV Camera types topic with very basic criteria. Firstly I will tell you what is CCTV Camera, CCTV (Close circuit television) is the broadcasting system but it is not transmitted publically, it is used for security purposes.

Now we will discuss CCTV camera types on signal processing basis and on the outer design basis, I will show you the flowchart of this which will make the very clear picture


cctv camera types

Another flowchart image of CCTV camera types

flowchart image

cctv camera types

So as you see in image basic CCTV camera types is clear, now would like to say few words also which are as follows

CCTV camera types

  1. 1.Bullet/Outdoor  CCTV camera- A bullet camera is wall mount or ceiling mount camera. The design of such cameras are suitable for outdoor. These cameras are generally IP66 rated. The camera named bullet because of its cylindrical shape. Basic of the outdoor camera is that its keep camera safe from moisture, dust and rain etc.
  2. Dome/Indoor CCTV camera- A dome camera is also a wall mount or ceiling mount camera. The design of such cameras are suitable for outdoor. This camera has also come with the IP66 rating. It used for both indoor and outdoor environment. This camera comes with both plastic and metal casing. This camera named dome because of its dome shape housing. Basic of this camera it is widely used for indoor places like shop, store and warehouse etc.
  3. Analogue CCTV Camera-An Analogue camera is traditional CCTV camera which transmits video based on the highest frequency of the signal (baseband) by using the co-Axial cable to digital video Recorder where the video is stored on the stored device.
  4. High Definition (HD) CCTV camera/IP HD CCTV camera-An HD camera is modern time camera which is same as analogue camera but it will transmit video in form of digital signal by using both Co-Axial or Cat5/Cat 6 Cable but when it uses Cat5/cat6 cable then it will be called IP CCTV camera, IP camera transmits video by using cat5/cat6 cable to NVR (Network Video Recorder).

IP camera is both wired and wireless, it is capable of transmitting video over the internet, the IP camera is easier to install because they do not require much cabling.


Now we will discuss more CCTV camera types. So again I make the flowchart and put the image for your ease.

Flowchart of Camera Types

cctv camera types

So again I will explain each type one by one, so let start with the first one.

  1. Wired CCTV camera- wired CCTV camera is basically using wire to transmit the video signal, it may use Co-Axial Cable, Cat5 cable or Cat-6 Cable. The wired camera may be any type like dome camera, bullet camera, IP camera, Analogue camera etc but basic is that there is a use of wire.
  2. Wireless CCTV Camera- wireless CCTV camera is IP camera which uses the wireless device to transmit video, it may use the wireless device like radio devices, wireless access point, wifi router, wifi extender etc for transmitting video. In general wireless camera is always an IP camera.
  3. PTZ Camera/Speed Dome Camera- Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera gives user ability to pan(left and right) tilt(up and down) and zoom(closure or farther). This camera has a preset and cruise, which allow the camera to move and zoom automatically. This camera may be IP and HD, it depends on the user which they prefer.
  4. Varifocal CCTV Camera- This Camera is able to Zoom-in and Zoom-out any object, either by the manual or motorized lens. This camera may be HD, Analogue or IP. This camera is generally used where the need to focused.
  5. Artificial Intelligence CCTV Camera. This camera is a very modern camera and has a very bright future. The basic of this camera is that this camera is able to think like the human brain. I already write a very good Article on Artificial intelligence.
  6. Day Night Camera- this camera basically shows the image in the night also, now a day’s all camera comes with night mode option. Night viewing is possible because of IR led but it shows the black and white image. If you need a good quality image at night then you need good quality IR Led.
  7. Thermal CCTV camera- this camera is used to get the image in very harsh condition. Basically, this camera uses thermal sensing to get the image in harsh condition. It is used in complete darkness, high-temperature place, region where too much fog.

Write to us

So it is all about CCTV Camera Types. We hope this information is helpful to yours. If you have any kind of query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box.

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XMEYE for windows download and step by step configuration

Here we offer a free download of XMEYE for windows. XMEYE is a Chinese company and they offer a great APP for Android and IOS version. They also offer a setup of XMEYE for windows. Basically, XMEYE not only a DVR manufacturer but they also provides the software for DVR manufacturers. Sometime before CP PLUS also launch a DVR which has XMEYE software. So before start just have a look at why we need this software.

Generally, Installed CCTV configured at mobile for remote viewing but sometimes we need to watch all of our CCTV cameras at our computer. Generally, our computer is on windows operating system so it is necessary to have an application which supports the Windows operating system so we need XMEYE for windows.

If you have a CCTV system which supports XMEYE and you want to monitor your CCTV setup via your windows computer then you can download a setup from the given below link and configure your CCTV setup on it. The configuration of the setup is very easy and we tried to give a quick demonstration of XMEYE for windows.

Download the XMEYE for Windows

XMEYE for windows Download

The configuration of XMEYE for Windows

Step 1

First, download the XMEYE for windows from the above link and save it on your computer. Then double-click on the downloaded setup file. It will ask for some kind of permission just give it. Now follow the instructions comes in the installation process. Finally, complete the installation and run the setup.

XMEYE for windows

Note: First time it will ask for set the language do not forget to set the correct language. If you forget then reinstall the whole setup again.

Step 2

Login to the software and you will get the screen shown below.

XMEYE for windows

Step 3

Just add the device into the software. To do this find an option “System” at right-bottom corner of the screen then you will get an option “Device ” click on it.

XMEYE for windows

Step 4

Now you will get a new screen to have some options. Find the “zone list” and click on that now click on “Add Area”. Give an area name and click ok. Now click on the area name and click on “ADD DEVICE” option. You will find the screen shown below asking for device detail.

XMEYE for windows

Step 5

Search the IP address by clicking on the search button or fill all the detail manually and save it. Now you are able to monitor your CCTV setup on your computer screen.XMEYE for windows

You can also use an alternate method to use XMEYE app for the PC. To do this you have to install a software call BlueStack and install it in your PC now you are able to setup XMEYE in your PC.

Download BlueStack

Now configure it as shown in the video below.

you may see video given below.


This is all about XMEYE for windows and if you have any kind of query or suggestions please write to us in the comment box below.

5 Major Problem that You Face in CCTV Installation

CCTV installation : 5 common mistakes often made by engineer

5 marketing tricks to increase your CCTV business


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SuperlivePro For PC : Free download “SuperlivePro for windows” (2018)

Here you can download SuperlivePro for PC and learn how to configure SuperlivePro for PC. You need to download into your PC or Laptop because you want to get access to your CCTV cameras into your computer. Every CCTV company offers APPs for mobile phones and computer as well. SuperlivePro also offers a desktop version.  You can easily download the latest version of SuperlivePro for PC.

We are also trying to demonstrate that how can you install and configure SuperlivePro for PC. Before any delay lets start the learning. Firstly you need to download a setup of SuperlivePro by using the link below.

A. Superlivepro for Windows

Download SuperlivePro for PC (Windows)

Download SuperlivePro for PC

Configure SuperlivePro For PC (Windows)

In order to configure SuperlivePro for PC please follow the step given below.

Step 1.

Open the folder where the setup is downloaded and double click the file named “SuperlivePro-for-PC”, Now follow the instruction comes in the installation. Complete the installation process and after the installation you could find a icon at your desktop named “NVMS-1000″. Now jump to the next step.

Step 2. 

Now double click the icon of  “NVMS-1000″. Here it will ask for registration of user. Just put a user name and password as you wish and remember that. Leave the other options and click ok button.

Step 3. 

Now login screen will come up as shown below.

superlivepro for pc

Put your username and password as you set in Step 2 and click the login button. Now you got a screen shown below.

superlivepro for pc


Step 4.

Just click on the “Device” option and you find the next screen.

superlivepro for pc

Click on the “Add Device” option and come to next screen

superlivepro for pc

Step 5.

Here, you got three options “IP Address”, “Domain’ and “Serial Number”. Choose one option between them as per your desire. After the fill all the device detail in the options and click on “Test link” button. If test link success then click “ok” and then “Add” button .

superlivepro for pc

It all done now you can see your cameras in the live preview option in the control panel.

superlivepro for pc


B. Superlivepro For MAC

If you have MAC OS then you can also run the SuperlivePro on your PC. Just download the setup on your MAC PC and install it. After installing the setup follow the steps given below.


Download SuperlivePro for PC (MAC)

SuperlivePro for PC (MAC)

Configure SuperlivePro For PC (MAC)

Step 1.

you will see the icon of this software named “MAC Super CMS…app”. Click this icon to run this software. An account creation window pops up as follows

superlivepro for pc mac

Self-define the account name and password. Then click “Create” button to create an account for Super CMS. This will bring up a login window as shown below

superlivepro for pc mac

Step 2.

Click “Login” to see the following window

superlivepro for pc mac

Step 3.

To add device In the live interface, click “Add” button on the server list column as shown in the picture on the left hand.

superlivepro for pc mac

Title: Self-define.
Address: The IP address or domain name of the device you want to add.
Port: The HTTP port of the device you want to add.
Account: The login account of the device. The default account is “admin”.
Password: The login password of the device. The default password is 123456.

If your computer and the devices are in the same local area network segment, you can directly input the LAN IP address of the device
here. If your computer and the devices are not in the same local area network segment, you should forward the IP address and HTTP port of your device in the router or virtual server. Then input the WAN IP address here.

Step 4.

After you fill the device information, please click the “Save” button to save the settings. Then you will see the device listed in the server list as shown in the above picture on the right hand. icon means the device has been connected. icon means the device fails to connect. Now you are able to view your DVR/NVR on your MAC.

superlivepro for pc


Download SuperlivePro for Android

SuperlivePro for Android



If you do not want to use the SuperlivePro application the here it is an alternate option available for Android and IOS APP. You can also use this as an alternate option.

Alternate for SuperlivePro


Super live Plus

You can also use the HD version of SuperlivePro.

SuperlivePro HD version for Android

SuperlivePro HD for Android

Installation of SuperlivePro for pc process demonstrated in the below video. You may also follow the given video for installation superlivepro for PC

So this is all about Superlivepro for PC. Using these step you can easily configure the SuperlivePro DVR/NVR/IP camera for your window laptop and desktop. If you have any query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box below.

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 Connect Dvr to Computer

how to configure Hikvision IP camera 




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