Hikvision IDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHSY Camera is the varifocal bullet. The focal length it covers is between 2.8mm and 12mm. The product has a 12MP resolution. The product has metal housing and it is vandal-proof.

It has excellent night vision. It uses technologies such as DarkFighter and EXIR 2.0. These technologies give explicit images in the darkness. The WDR effect absorbs the contrast of the light and gives translucent images. 

The product is the manufacture of Hikvision company. The company is based in China. Its offices and units are expanded everywhere. Its products are available in every country. The organization is the leading manufacturer in security surveillance.

The company has a good policy for warranty and after-sales service. Mainly they have 3 years warranty. 

The device is from DeepInView Camera Series is very intelligent. They host deep learning algorithms in each unit, with stunning image performance and cost-effective pricing.

The sensors used are powerful enough to sense motion and audio. They are powerful enough to detect people in a specified region. It will recognize people in Hard Hat and report to them on the register.

If it doesn’t find people in that specified region then it reports that too. It captures faces, takes attendance, manages reports, and saves intrusions. These deep learning embedded algorithms make the product exceptional.

Hikvision IDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHSY Camera 2Buying Guide For A Varifocal 12MP Bullet Camera

The functions given here are the general attributes of any CCTV Camera. When they don’t have these specialties, then devices are mediocre.

Varifocal Length– This is a phenomenon where the focal lengths of the device are variable. It happens that way so that they can capture multiple objects that are near and far.

This way they see clear and big. Suppose there is a vast area that you have to cover with a camera. The varifocal cam will give you the liberty to view things far and wide by varying the focal length.

You don’t require multiple cameras. You can zoom in and zoom out. On the other hand, fixed focal length devices don’t give you this facility.

Digital Camera– Digital devices are those devices that have unique IPs and they don’t require compressing the data. The video compression is automatic. It doesn’t require a DVR for that.

Digital cams are easy to install, maintain, and monitor. In modern times this cam is the most latest cam. They capture images in megapixels.

Night Vision– The night vision capability of any cam is the most vital thing. Cams are always installed for safeguarding security and safety.

Mainly threats are from those places that are blind spots or dark spots. A good night vision cam has good vision at night. Certain technologies enhance the quality of night vision. The DarkFighter Technology, EXIR 2.0 Technology, Smart IRs, Floodlights, Spotlights are a few of them.

Hikvision IDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHSY Camera 9Power-over-Ethernet– This technology is an important extension in making CCTV installation easier. It facilitates the process of wiring. In Power-over-Ethernet cable you can supply power, audio, video, and data through the same cable. They don’t require separate wirings. There is no need to lay separate wires for data. The process makes it easier to online the devices. So you can easily monitor the location from remote areas.

Waterproofing– When cams are waterproof, installing them under any circumstance becomes easier.

They are measured by the Ingress Protection(IP) type. Devices are kept underwater for a limited period and pass through tough conditions to check their strengths. They are represented in IP66, IP67, levels.

WiFi- When devices are wifi-enabled then remote access becomes a lot easier. There are certain areas in the outdoors where wiring is not possible. For those places, wifi cameras are very useful.

Advantages Of Hikvision IDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHSY Camera

Hikvision IDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHSY Camera 1The cam has the following advantages. 


There are 2-3 disadvantages of this product as well.

Design Of The 12MP Bullet Varifocal Camera

Hikvision IDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHSY Camera 3The bullet camera has a metal housing. It is a waterproof and vandal-proof heavy product. The housing has 2 parts. One part covers the cam, and the second part works as a sun shield. The camera has the following dimensions- 144 mm × 347 mm, and its weight is 1920 grams. 

Hikvision IDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHSY Camera 4There are many interfaces in it. They are all connected to a system. There are interfaces for audios, an interface for alarm, an interface for network, an interface for CVBS, and a debug interface is given. There is a slot for a memory card, and on the backside, there is a reset button. This cam has an ethernet cable. The device gets power and data through it.

Features Of Hikvision IDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHSY Camera

Features and functions are the backbones of any product. These attributes are given here from this cam. They are given here one by one.

Hikvision IDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHSY Camera 6

How To Install?   

Hikvision IDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHSY Camera 5To install the camera on any surface, you have to search your location. When you have searched the location, mark that area with a template. Take the camera stand and put it on the drill template. Drill and fix screws to hang the camera base. Set the camera on that base. The cam is installed now. Wire connect it and give power to the cam. You can view it now on the screen.

Hikvision IDS-2CD7AC5G0-IZHSY Camera 10When you have to monitor the camera on your android smartphone, you have to download the app from the google store. The app is HikCentral Mobile, and Hik-Connect app. You can install any one of these apps. To add the device, scan the QR Code, and add the cam. Follow instructions, and you will be able to connect the cam on your smartphone.

Download Quickstart Guide, User manual, & Datasheet

Some manuals are given here. These manuals are going to give you the full detail about the product. The Quickstart guide gives you information regarding the product and installation process. The user manual is for the guidance of networking, and functions. The datasheet has all the technical detail. You can get them in the form of download buttons. Click the button and find your manuals.

Download Quick Start Guide

Download User Manual

Download Data Sheet

Should I Buy It?   

It is a metal device with a 12MP resolution. The cam is varifocal from 2.8mm to 12mm. The varifocal products can see vast angles. They can shift their focus from one object to another. It can be done via a manual process or an automatic process. It is an intelligent camera. It can count heads, recognize faces, take attendance, and manage records. The sensors can stop culprits from invading the sensitive zone. For that, you have to map the sensitive zone in advance through the device setting. It is waterproof and vandal-proof.


The outdoor product is suitable for any location. This cam can be installed at front doors, fields, garages, and courtyards. The cam can also be installed indoors. The quality of the product is excellent and its performance is tremendous.

This bullet camera review is to give you a description of this product. Please share your responses in the comment section. Your suggestions are the guiding force for us.

Thank You.