Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera is an outdoor dome device. This product has 4 lenses of 8MP each stitched together. They all support 1080P resolution with30 frames per second. The lens is expandable between 2.8MM and 12MM. This motorized lens easily focuses on objects and can be zoomed in for better views.

This device is from the series “PanoVu Smart Camera”. It is a network camera that can function in extremely low temperatures, even below -40 degrees.

This cam is manufactured by the Security Surveillance giant Hikvision Ltd. It is a China-based organization, that has a series of CCTV Products. Hikvision has branches, showrooms, and service centers all around the world. Its market value is high and its products are durable.

With 3 years warranty on its products, you will always feel comfortable with this company. 

This is an intelligent camera. This device can sense activities. It senses motion and audio detection. The cam has great night vision. The Wide Dynamic Range of the cam is 120dB. It also uses the technology EXIR 2.0. It expands the ranges of IR. The IR range of this cam is 100 feet or 30 meters.  

Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera 2Buying Guide For A CCTV Camera    

The buying guide given here is of extreme value. It tells us about the basic functions of CCTV Cameras. Whenever you go to buy a cam, look for these qualities.

IR LEDs/ DarkFighter Technology, etc.- If you need to catch recordings around evening time, you need to search for solid LEDs in a camera. Super LEDs enlighten the item better around evening time. Starlights or Floodlights are the cutting edge super answer for dimness.

Easy Installation– It is so easy to fix this camera. You can easily mount the cam and set your angle. The capturing is easy, as the camera stand it has, can pan, and tilt horizontally and vertically. You may very well place them over an elevated table or closet and it fulfills the purpose.

Weatherproofing– Since mostly cameras are utilized outside, weatherproofing is an absolute necessity. Check whether your cameras have IP66, IP67, etc. level of waterproofing.

Night vision– Cameras have an inbuilt IR framework. You need to check the nature of the night-vision. If night vision is powerless, it will catch dull images, face recognition would be troublesome. The security reason would be in danger.

Two-way Audio– Generally great cameras are outfitted with speakers and mouthpieces. With the assistance of the application, you can talk two-way and speak with the individual on the opposite side. It is an exceptionally helpful component. With its assistance, you can alarm others or quiet away from the danger.

Remote/Wirefree– Any camera that performs as a remote device is an SD card empowered one, with high resolution for better image quality. By interfacing it to any wifi network you can work it from any far-off area. It is stunningly beautiful as it is sans wire. Whenever it is without wire then it is always simple to work.

IP Cameras and POEs– IP Cam is the most recent and modern-day cam. Installation is simple, and the picture quality is awesome. Go for IP gadgets as they are the best available quality in the surveillance industry. IP Cameras are network-based surveillance cameras.

They can compress data by themselves and do not require any external device for data compression.

Recordings– CCTV distributed storage is an extensive program that permits clients to store recordings. You can see playback, check activities, and take snaps. You are better protected.

Advantages Of Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera  

  • Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera 1This device has the following advantages. These are only a few of them. A detailed featuring list is given in the next section.
  • 1/2.7″ Progressive Scan CMOS is the image sensor of the product 
  • 1920 × 1080 @ 30 frames per second 
  • 4 x (1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps) is the maximum resolution
  • 8 MP is the resolution of the product 
  • 4 x (2.8-12 mm) Motorized Lenses 
  • FOV: Horizontal 30° to 96.3°, Vertical 17° to 54°, Diagonal 34° to 121° 
  • H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264 
  • True Day/Night 
  • 120 dB is the Wide Dynamic Range  
  • 6 Behavior Analyses, 4 Exception Detection, and Face Detection 
  • 98 feet or 30 m IR Range 
  • IP67 is the waterproofing 
  • IK10 is the level of vandal-proof 
  • 4 x 3-Axis Individual Camera Gimbals 


There are a few disadvantages as well

  • The company doesn’t provide the sd card
  • Have to purchase PoE switch and adapter separately
  • It is not a wifi cam

Design Of The Multi-Sensor PanoVu 8MP Camera

Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera 3The cam is a metal device. It has 4 lenses. These lenses are varifocal. They can be expanded between 2.8mm and 12mm. It is done in a motorized way. There are 4 IR lenses attached with it. The color of this cam is white. It is a semi-circular device. The dimensions of the cam are 290 mm × 145.5 mm. It weighs around 4.7 kilograms.

Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera 4The device has many functions. It has an interface for audio-in. It has also an audio-out interface. There is an alarm interface, a network interface, a sensor point, and a CVBS interface. It has an ethernet cable attached. There is a PowerPoint, a slot for an sd card, and a reset button on the backside of the product. 

Features Of Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera 

This cam has many stunning features which other gadgets are not having. It has 4 motorized lenses that cover a very wide angle because of it. The design of this device is also unique. Important features and functions are given below.

  • Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera 7The image sensor is the core of picture quality in any product. It decides the quality of an image. The image sensor of the product is 1/2.7″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • The product has an 8MP resolution. The maximum resolution of the cam is 1920 × 1080 @ 30 frames per second
  • There are 4 lenses studded in the product. They all are varifocal, and their lengths vary between 2.8mm and 12mm.  
  • The Fields Of View it covers is- Horizontal 30° to 96.3°, Vertical 17° to 54°, Diagonal 34° to 121°
  • The Video Compression technology it supports is H.265+
  • This product has IR cut filters attached. The IR lights illuminate when there is darkness around the camera. That is also known as night mode. The day mode is when it is functioning in the sunlight. It shifts automatically.
  •  The Wide Dynamic Range is 120dB. This technology absorbs the backlight and gives clean pictures. Sometimes background light is too low or too high. This WDR technology gives us translucent images.
  • The IR range it covers is 98 feet or 30 meters
  • Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera 9The product supports sensors. The sensors are powerful enough to sense the motion and audio detection. 
  • The product gives you this option to pre-define sensitive zones. When anyone tries to enter these demarcated zones, the product sends push messages and raises alarms. It is paramount to our security.
  • Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera 8The sensor can help us in the following conditions- Line crossing detection, intrusion detection, region entrance detection, region exiting detection, unattended baggage detection, Object removal detection.
  • The product is designed to have an sd card slot. The maximum card it can support is up to 128GB.
  •  The cam is waterproof. The standard of waterproofing is IP67
  • The product is vandal-proof. It has the IK10 level of strength.

Download Quick Start Guide and DataSheet

Here, we are giving you the manuals for the full comprehension of this product. It is given here in the form of download buttons. These are links to get them. They tell about the product type, installation, networking, and technical aspects. The cam has multiple features.

When we know them, it makes us more adept at good usage of the device.

Download User Manual

Download Data Sheet

How To Install?  

Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera 6To install the device, the first step is to know the location. When location is decided then mark it with a template. Take the camera stand and overlay it on that template. This way you can drill and jam the cam base with screws on any surface. Align the angle of capturing. Lay wiring to give power to the cam and view it on screen.

Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera 5If you want to view the cam on your mobile phone then you have to download and install the application. The app that supports this device is the “iVMS 4500 application”. You can get it on the google play store. search it and you will get it from there.

To add the cam, you have to scan the QR Code. Scan the device and get it connected with the product. Follow further instructions and monitor the cam on your android smartphone.

Should I Buy It?

Hikvision Multi-Sensor DS-2CD6D24FWD-IZHS Camera is a product of the PanoVu camera series. It is an 8MP network cam. There are four varifocal lenses in this product. The night vision is great. The maximum resolution it has is 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps.

The sensors are powerful and give maximum security to us. It is waterproof and vandal-proof. There are 6 Behavior Analyses, 4 Exception Detection, and Face Detection in the cam. These functions make it a very special device. It is an intelligent camera.


The product is appropriate for highly sensitive areas. It can not be damaged and stopped from functioning. It takes a panoramic view because of the 4 lenses. The pellucid images it produces make everything in black and white. The installation is easy and the functioning is smart. It is everyone’s choice.

These cams are very often installed in stadiums, busy roads, and sensitive high footfall areas.

This is the review of an 8MP multi-sensor camera. Please show your responses in the comment section.

Thank you. 


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