Hikvision DS-2CD6D54G1-IZS Camera is from the ‘Flexible Network Camera seriesPanoVu cams are designed especially for those areas where footfall is high. It is mainly installed in public plazas, arenas, airports, busy traffic intersections, and the like. These kinds of cameras are suitable for large areas.

This product has a 5MP resolution. There are 4 lenses in this device. the total resolution is 20MP for this device. This product is designed by the manufacturer Hikvision. It is a Multinational Company that has a range of security surveillance products. These products are very durable and have high brand value.

It is a China-based company. Its offices, products, and service centers are available throughout the World. 

This product is a multi-sensor device. It is an intelligent cam with motion and audio sensors. It can detect line crossing, unattended baggage, and object removal. It secures our safety and security. The high footfall areas are highly sensitive places.

The maximum security can only be guaranteed when the camera covers every angle and sensors alert us and send an alarm when it realizes anything suspicious. It also supports two-way audio. The night vision of the device is astonishing. It gives a very clear vision.

The maximum resolution of the product is 2560 x 1920. There are no blind spots. Every angle is properly covered with the assistance of 4 lenses. These are varifocal lenses and their focal lengths cover between 2.8mm and 8mm. Focal lengths are motorized. 

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54G1-IZS Camera 4The Buying Guide For A CCTV Camera

The buying guide for a CCTV Camera is important. It teaches you the basic qualities a CCTV camera must have. The qualities given here are for checking the device which we want to purchase.

Night Vision– The night vision of the device is an important feature. When it is poor, cameras will give poor image quality. When night vision is good, you will see quality images. CCTVs are installed in sensitive areas, and crimes mostly take place in the darkness of the night. It is why night vision is of prime importance.

Internet Protocol(IP) Cameras– These cams are the latest and best among the security surveillance cameras. It has a unique IP. It doesn’t require any external source to compress data. You can access the device from any remote location without any NVR, through this IP address. Its quality is measured in megapixels.

Wifi Enabled– If the cam is wifi enabled, it means that it can be found from any place. It further means that we don’t require to do separate wiring for making the system online. You can install this type of cam easily, at any place. There is no cluster of wire, which means maintenance of the cam is also easy.

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54G1-IZS Camera 1SD Card Storage– If the device has a slot for an SD Card then it means that you can install it at any place and do not require to connect it with a DVR/NVR for recording. The device is capable enough to carry all functions within itself. It is also called a standalone camera.

Power Over Ethernet(PoE)– It is a very quality function. When the camera supports PoE a single cable can transform power and data. You do not require to do separate wiring for them.  

Sensors– Sensors are like the mind of the gadget. When devices are sensor-enabled, it means that they are intelligent. They can sense many activities. We can program them to detect suspicious activities.

These are a few special qualities that you have to keep under consideration before making a purchase.

Advantages Of Hikvision DS-2CD6D54G1-IZS Camera 

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54G1-IZS Camera 2This product has the following advantages.


  The product has a few little disadvantages

Design Of The Multi-Sensor PanoVu Network Camera

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54G1-IZS Camera 11The cam is oval and the color of the device is white. it is a metal dome camera that is designed as an outdoor one. The dimensions of the product are 250 mm × 113 mm and its weight is 4.7 kilograms. There are 4 lenses attached to it and there are 4 IRs also studded in it.

The  2-Axis Individual Camera Gimbals are there to give proper movement to lenses for better angle settings. The device has microphone input and output.

It has an interface for audio-in, an interface for audio-out, an interface for network, and an interface for alarm. The device is so designed that it has a slot for an SD Card, a sensor interface, a debug interface, and a reset button.

This reset button helps in multiple settings. It has an ethernet cable that transfers power and data to the device. 

Features And Functions Of Hikvision DS-2CD6D54G1-IZS Camera 

The features of this product are useful. They give plenty of functions that are important in using this device in sensitive areas. We are giving them below.

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54G1-IZS Camera 5

Download User Manual & Data Sheet

Here, we have given the users the complete user manual and the datasheet. It is given here in the form of download buttons. The user manual gives the features and functions this device has. The datasheet is more technical. It gives us the technicalities used in the cam. Both are important to know for proper using the camera. Click the link below to get them.

Download User Manual

Download Data Sheet

How To Install The Flexible Network camera? 

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54G1-IZS Camera 9To install the device from any location, we have to know the exact position where we want to hang the cam. After that mark that area with a template. The device has a camera stand, camera, and cover. To fix the device we have to fix the camera stand on that template. It is easy to fix with screws.

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54G1-IZS Camera 10Now set the cam on this cam-base, align the angle and wire connect it to supply power in the device. This way installation is finished.

If you also want to install the application on your android smartphone to monitor this device, then you have to load the iVMS 4500 HD Application on your mobile. You can find it on the google play store. Search it and download this app. After that install this software on your mobile.

To add the device scan the QR Code. Follow instructions and the camera will appear on your screen.

Should I Buy It?

This cam is most suitable for sensitive areas. The resolution is high and the coverage is 360 degrees. It does not miss any angle. 4 lenses, that are varifocal, and can vary their focal lengths between 2.8mm and 8mm can zoom an object. It gives explicit night vision. It is a trusted camera under all circumstances.


Enjoy this camera at supermarkets, malls, on roads, and at any other place where footfall is high. It is a multi-sensor camera, so it will hint at you, alert you, and guide you to see any suspect. Networking is easy. It is appropriate for outdoors and indoors. Enjoy its company for complete protection.

This review of the cam is for you. Please mention your remarks in the comment section. We will try to improve it further. 

Thank You.