Hikvision DS-2CD6W45G0-IVS Camera is a 4MP device. This product is a corner mounted vandal-resistant cam. It is specially designed for those places where the chances of camera breakage are high, and the environment is tough.

This cam is often installed at prisons, hospitals, etc. This cam is waterproof. There is an sd card slot given in the cam. It preserves recording and guards safety. 

This product is manufactured by Hikvision Ltd. This organization is based in China. Its products are found in corners of the world. It has a long range of CCTV surveillance products. The market value of this company is high. The organization gives 3 years warranty on its products. Its service centers are everywhere. This organization is the highest grosser in revenue. 

The CCTV DS-2CD6W45G0-IVS Camera is an intelligent device. It can sense actions. This device senses motion and audio detection. It supports PIR sensors.

You can pre-define zones in this cam for safety and security. If any threat tries to cross that zone, then alarm triggers and gives you alert signals. The resolution of this device is 4MP.

The maximum resolution it has is 2400 × 1800@30 frames per second. The night vision of this cam is stunning. It gives pellucid images.

Hikvision DS-2CD6W45G0-IVS Camera 3Buying Guide Of A CCTV Camera        

The buying guide is a vital part of this review. The basic functions of any CCTV cam are given here. Whenever you select a cam for yourself look for the following qualities.

Night-vision– The night vision of the cam implies that when there is darkness around the camera then IR, spotlight, floodlight, and so on, switches on automatically to illuminate the surrounding for better picture quality.

CCTV cameras are for security. At the point when night vision is faint or obscured it will show distorted images, which isn’t ideal for our security. For security purposes, we need spotless images.

Resolution- It improves the quality of the image. It is measured in megapixels. When megapixels are on the high side, the device is good, when megapixels are on the lower side then the device is low quality. A 1MP product is a low-quality product. The resolution of any device is the quality metric of that device.

Power-Over Ethernet– This technology is used in network cameras. It makes the installation easier. With its assistance, you can give power, video, sound, and information through a single cable. This technology supports making the cam online.  Remote access to the captured area becomes effortless.

Digital Camera– This quality addresses the video compression of the product. It saves information and space. It gives better quality and speed. All modern cameras are governed by this technology.

Sensors– It resembles the brain of the camera. Sensors mean you can program the gadget to act with a specific purpose under particular conditions. For instance, you can check specific zones and pre-set programs, when anybody enters that zone, the alarm begins blaring. It keeps you alert and monitors you and your property.

Waterproofing– The degree of waterproofing is estimated by the Ingress Protection level. A waterproof cam can be installed in any work environment.

WiFi– When the item is wifi empowered, you can online that and screen that from any spot. It is a hassle-free method for making the gadget online, without laying wire for that.

Storage- It addresses that the product can safeguard the activities by keeping them recorded. You can store this information on a hard disk, sd card, or on the cloud server. 

Advantages Of Hikvision DS-2CD6W45G0-IVS Camera

Hikvision DS-2CD6W45G0-IVS Camera 2This cam has excellent qualities. Some of them are given here. The detailed version of its qualities is in the ‘features and functions’ sub-heading.


Design Of 4 MP Corner-Mounted Vandal Resistant Camera

Hikvision DS-2CD6W45G0-IVS Camera 4The product is a triangular shape cam in white. The body is full metallic. It is sturdy and strong. This product is waterproof and vandal-proof. The device is also NEMA 4X Anti-Corrosion Protection. The dimensions of the device are 213.73 mm × 199.67 mm × 137.57 mm, and its weight is 1970 grams.

There are many interfaces in the product. They are for network, audio, microphone, alarm, and sensors. The sd card slot is for a micro sd card. There is a reset button on the backside of the cam to adjust the settings in the cam.   

Features Of Hikvision DS-2CD6W45G0-IVS Camera

The features of this product are rare. It is a different camera. Knowing the features and functions are important. As they give us an understanding of the product. When you know these attributes, you can use them for yourself.

Download The Datasheet

Here, we are giving you the detailed catalogs of this product. The datasheet has all the technical detail. It is given in the download button. Get it by clicking the button. It is useful for proper understanding of the product. The better you understand it, the better positioned you are to use this product. It is a very deep device. Take the help of this datasheet and know it better.

Download Data Sheet

How To Install? 

To install this product, select your location. Once the location is decided, mark that area with a template. Take the mounting stand of the cam and overlay it on that template. Fix it with screws. Lay wiring to view the camera.

Hikvision DS-2CD6W45G0-IVS Camera 5If you want to monitor the cam, then you have to download the monitoring application. The application for this cam is iVMS 4500 HD. You can get it on the google play store. Download it and install it on your android smartphone. To add the device, scan the QR Code, and after that click the “+” button. Follow the instructions and the camera will appear on the display screen.

Should I Buy It?

It is a 4 MP Corner-Mounted Vandal Resistant Camera. It is a very strong cam. The body is full metallic. It has all the features that a smart camera used to have. The waterproofing level makes it suitable for every place. The corner-mounted strong cam is installed at specific places that are in the corner areas.

The cam has a nice performance. record.


This Hikvision DS-2CD6W45G0-IVS Camera is an all time camera. It can be hung in any corner and any environment. The design of this cam is such that, it can be adjusted at any location. The 4MP cam is a high-resolution device that gives illuminating night vision. You can use it outdoors and indoors. It serves every location perfectly.

The post is written to help you understand this product. Share your opinion in the comment section.

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