Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home In 2022 [Updated list]

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Since the beginning of the world, human beings have always been very sensitive to their safety and security. Living in caves in early times to moving to concrete houses now is an extension of the safety and security mindset.

With the evolution of these kinds of thinking, we improved our security models. Doors in our houses, watchdogssecurity guards, to modern CCTV security surveillance systems are all testimonies of the human need for security. 

In this modern world and era we live now, we have evolved many new versions of CCTV cameras and CCTV camera software. 

Technologies are always on a roll, and so are the products based on those technologies. New improved versions of cameras are coming and dominating the market and market shares.    

Global CCTV market forecast 2022 report has analyzed the scenario in its report.

In the latest research study, “Global CCTV Market Forecast 2022”, analysts identify that the market for global CCTV is expected to grow at a CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of around 11% during 2018-2022. 

Also, as per the research’s findings, IP CCTV cameras are revolutionizing security measures, and technology has evolved to allow for a more diverse security monitoring system through high resolution, larger digital storage options and compatibility for integrated analytical software, etc. Due to this capability, IP CCTV dominates the global CCTV market, as many of the organizations are updating or installing new IP-based surveillance systems. 

Here, we have selected 25 very best, latest, standalone CCTV cameras for you. What are their features, upsides, and downsides are all analyzed to give you more information about them? 

The purpose of this article is to make the readers and users aware of the world’s best security systems. 

Buying Guide For Any CCTV Camera 

Knowledge is awareness. The more aware you are of the qualities of your products, the better positioned you are to make a good selection of them. Here, you will find a list of features you should look into in any surveillance device.  

Motion Detection– Security systems are futile without recording. But tons of recordings make the memory device heavy, and sorting footage from them is cumbersome. 

CCTV systems with motion detection assistance allow you to configure your camera to start recording only when it has identified movement within its field of view. This way, only footage that contains relevant data will be stored. It protects your money on storage, backup and archiving, and makes it easier to scan and recover data when you need it.

Ambient Light Level(Night-Vision)- Security cams function and record only when there is some amount of light around it. For it, there are infrared lights studded in it. They light up when the amount of light is very low. 

There are other modes of lights also available. They are more modern and bright. Like, EXIR LEDs, they are better and long-lasting, spotlights, they illuminate a particular zone, and floodlights, which spread light on every area.

Facial Recognition– It is like ANPR to vehicle number plates. There is an internal database record of that image that recognizes the face because of resemblance.     

It is a very powerful technique to identify VIPs in any public place. It is also used effectively against the dreaded criminals when they try to intermingle in any public place.  

Real-Time Alerts– It is based on sensors. It has different levels of sensitivity that can be pre-set as per requirement. CCTV systems that support this feature can issue an alert to a smartphone or tablet in response to certain events, such as detecting motion.

Cloud-Based-Recording– CCTV systems will use cloud resources to store and recover data. It outsources the task of managing secured and superfluous storage infrastructure, with all the advantages and disadvantages that ensue.

Cloud storage is chargeable or free. It depends on the manufacturer. Sometimes, you have to hire a private server to store your data.

Resolution– The resolution of a camera tells about the picture quality. The higher the resolution, the better is the picture quality. High-resolution cameras are the best cameras for indoors and outdoors. Facial recognition depends on the resolution of the camera. When the amount of megapixels captured is higher, the details of the image are better and vice versa.

With digital IP cameras, a resolution is specified by the number of pixels. Currently, we recommend a minimum of 3 MegaPixels. 4MP is the standard but 5MP cameras are quickly becoming mainstream.

Two-Way Audio– Two-way Audio is one of the more neglected advanced CCTV features. It allows the operator in the control room to speak with the person in front of the CCTV camera. The conversation itself can be recorded and archived, just like any other kind of footage.

Waterproofing– Your cams must be IP66 compatible. It will keep it safe from inclement weather. They must also be vandal-free so they can’t be destroyed easily.

An extra layer of sealant around the camera provides extra protection. Ingress Protection(IP type) is a metric to judge the waterproofing capacity of the devices.

Power-Over-Ethernet– In place of running a separate power cable and ethernet cable to each camera, the Power-over-Ethernet feature allows you to transmit power over the data cable itself.

Make sure it supports the 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet standard and the 802.3at standard for PTZ cameras. The 802.3at standard supports higher power ratings that are needed for motorized cameras.

Wireless/Wire-Free– If the device is wifi enabled, then monitoring will always be smooth for you. All modern standalone cameras are wifi enabled. WiFi gives you the liberty to hang the cam at any place. Just you have to take care of it, that it is in the wifi zone.

When it is wireless, then there is no web of wire around it, and easy to operate. The device is just plug and plays.

Company Support– Company support means warranty and after-sales service. It also means when you find any problem in installing and functioning then, the system is there behind you to support you in handling those issues.

These are some of the checkpoints for selecting a smart cam.

25 Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home

There are many good-quality cams available in the market. We are here going to showcase 25 of the very best. They are very rich in features and performances. Their company support is excellent, and their track record is high-grade.

We review them one by one. 

1- Arlo Pro 3 Camera For Outdoor Home Security


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 1

It is the successor of the Arlo Pro 2 series, which was a highly demanding IP camera. This series Keeps an eye on your home or business day and night. It covers many functions like night recording, motion, and voice sensing, sending alarms, apart from saving you from threats in just $199.99.


  • The resolution quality is very good.
  • Zoom in to see even the minutest details.
  • Can see color at night.
  • Get a notification for threats.
  • Two-way audio.
  • 160° diagonal viewing angle lens


  • Battery discharges very fast
  • Have to pay for Arlo Smart Hub.

Features & Functions

  • Resolution- It has a resolution of 2560p HD, 2k video which is better than the best. It has HDR attached to it for outdoor light.
  • 160 degrees field of view- The field of view is the area in which the camera can detect motion. You can set the field of view to Full (110 degrees), Wide (125 degrees), or Super Wide (160 degrees).With a wide 160° diagonal viewing angle lens that has an auto image correction, reducing the fisheye effect for each field of view setting. The Full setting eliminates the fisheye effect. You can easily view bigger and wider.
  • Color Night Vision-  See features like faces or license plates in full colour, even at night, with colour night vision. It has infrared night vision arising from LED sensors, which appears sharp and very clear though the images are black and white.
  • Zoom- See and record video in 2K with HDR for a clearer, undistorted picture, day or night. It also auto-focuses on moving objects with clarity and detail. When you’re viewing a live stream recording, Auto Zoom and Tracking lets you zoom into any area of the recording up to 12x. The image quality of the zoomed-in area doesn’t deteriorate, allowing you to view a zoomed-in image with true 1080p video resolution. [Read Full Review Here]

2- Reolink Argus 3 Pro Outdoor Security Camera For Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 2

Argus 3 Pro is one of the best cameras to use as it gives you protection and mental peace. With a price tag of $101.99, it is worth the value. You will always feel safe under the presence of Reolink.


  • Powered by smart motion detection technology, Argus 3 Pro can reduce false alarms and send you notifications that matter.
  • Filter clips by person, vehicle, or motion. Finding important videos has become much easier.
  • Once an intruder is detected, the camera’s spotlights will be triggered to ward off the would-be criminal. Stop the crime before it happens.
  • Recording in full color with the spotlight on after sundown, this security camera delivers a 2K QHD vivid image and every detail even when zoom in for closer inspection.


  • The battery used in the camera to supply the power is fixed. You can’t remove it.
  • You can’t zoom, when the camera is in motion.
  • You can only view it on Reolink App. 

Features & Functions

  • Video resolution- 2560 x 1440 (4.0 Megapixels) at 15 frames/sec is the resolution , that is quite high. 
  • It sees and records videos in super high resolution. It does not only capture the thing but captures it all in all. No details will be missed.
  • Operating Frequency/ Dual-band Wi-Fi- 2.4GHz/5GHz. Reolink offers the world’s top-level dual-band WiFi IP cameras, with a long-distance wireless range. It solves the problem of possible WiFi interference.
  • Sensors- It has Person detection/vehicle detection + PIR detection. Powered by smart motion detection technology, this camera can separate people and vehicles from other objects. So you can easily get the alert that whether the object of threat is human or something else. [Read Full Review Here]

3- Eufy Security SoloCam L20 Outdoor Camera For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 3

It has a strong artificial intelligence(AI), so a false alarm is almost non-existential. It has a 6700mAh battery attached to it. It lasts for 4 months after full recharge. 

The design of the cam is very beautiful along with its functions. And it costs you only $149.99. 


  •  Ultra-bright 600-lumen spotlight
  • SoloCam L20’s advanced color night vision
  • Protecting Your Privacy
  •  On-device AI for nabbing the suspect
  • Capture Every Detail
  •  6700mAh battery
  • Turn Up the Brightness


  • The price is on the higher side
  • Doesn’t support 5Ghz wifi

Features & Functions

  • A Bright Idea for Your Home– The ultra-bright 600-lumen spotlight switches on as soon as motion is detected, shining a light on any unwanted guests.
  • Your Eye in the Dark– See every detail of what’s happening outside when night falls with SoloCam L20’s advanced color night vision.
  • Protecting Your Privacy 8GB of secure local storage protected by 265-bit military-grade encryption keeps your records out of the hands of digital thieves.
  •  Essential Alerts Only– The on-device AI only notifies you when people are detected, reducing false alerts triggered by passing animals or swaying tree branches. [Read Full Review Here]

4- Reolink Argus Pro Cam Solar Outdoor Camera For Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 4

Global warming has given a new thinking pattern to the world. People are more prone to solar-based products. 

That is where Reolink Argus Pro comes into effect. It is a standalone solar cam with brilliant features. Its resolution is high, and image quality is top class. The device is easy to install and very user-friendly. You can talk two-way, receive notifications against any threat, cloud-based recording facility, etc. are some of the notable functions. 

The bundle price(Argus Pro+ Solar Panel) is $79.49. Again the price is justifiable. 


  • Wireless DIY Installation
  • Rechargeable Battery-Powered
  • Full HD Video Display
  • Functions well with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Starlight Night Vision
  • Instant Playback for Local or Cloud Storage


  •  Doesn’t support 5Ghz wifi
  • Sd card is not included

Features & Functions

  • Easy Installation– Adjustable mounting bracket and 4m long power cable make installation easy anywhere and ensure maximum sunlight exposure. You also can add up to 2 Solar Panel extension cables so that the total distance can reach up to 13m (43 feet).
  • Weatherproof– Waterproof is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. So you can feel free to install it outdoors, like in your garage, backyard, or anywhere else. With an IP65 weatherproof certification, Argus Pro has proven its durability against harsh weather, like heavy rain and extreme sun.
  • Rechargeable Battery– With a micro USB port and rechargeable battery, Argus Pro can be standalone for up to 4-6 Months, or charged by a universal 5V 2A power adapter or by the Reolink Solar Panel to get a continuous power supply. (Power adapters and Reolink Solar Panels are sold separately).   
  • Solar-Function– It can absorb more sunlight to keep your camera work well and support your security camera operation for days and nights. You don’t need to waste time changing the batteries of your camera frequently. [Read Full Review Here]

5- AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 5

This 4MP cam has a very clear resolution & night image. It is easy to install, that is why it is very customer-friendly. You can make a two-way communication through it, get notifications when your device finds anything fishy in your camera zone. It is IP66 waterproof compatible and multi user friendly. It is available at $62.16 in Walmart and $55.99 at the Happy Shopping Platform.  


  • Full HD and 1080P resolution
  • Clear night-vision coverage
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion Detection
  • WiFi-enabled
  • IP66 waterproof


  • Doesn’t support 5Ghz wifi
  • SD card is not included in the pack

Features & Functions

  • FHD 1080P & Night Vision– High-resolution images in 1080p resolution, and combined a 3.6mm wide lens to cover more spaces even in the pitch dark with a night vision distance up to 32ft. With image processing technology, provide you crisp and clear videos up to 1920*1080 and make your view 
  • Two-Way Audio AMICCOM outside wireless cameras security allows you to communicate with welcomed guests, and a deterrent alarm can get rid of unwanted guests. Responsive and advanced microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear 2-way Audio experience. Store all of your 24/7 recorded security surveillance footage for further verification. 
  • Motion Detection– Motion marking technology can effectively detect and outline motion in the real-time stream and playback video mode. And motion detection maximum up to 65 feet. operating systems support iOS8.0 and Android5.0 or later add a MicroSD card (up to 128GB) for local storage. Super capacity, super value to enjoy! it is like a watchdog is keeping your house safe all the time. When an emergency happens, so we can calmly view the video of the camera.
  • Wifi Enabled– AMICCOM wireless outdoor security camera works perfectly when connected 2.4GHz wifi (2.4GHz wifi network only, not for 5.0GHz).
  • IP66 Compatible– AMICCOM IP66 professional outdoor wifi residential security camera withstands temperature ranges from -4°F to 122°F, which means this motion security camera is strong enough to work under rough weather like a storm and snowy weather. AMICCOM security outdoor camera will always put your safety first. [Read Full Review Here]

6- Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera Solar Powered For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 6

The aeroplane-shaped Soliom S100 is powered by a wireless rechargeable battery, two-way audio function, PIR motion detection, and paid cloud storage facility. It is available at $129 at Soliom Company Store.


  • Lasting Battery & Solar Powered
  • Latest PIR Motion Detection Tech
  • 100% Wire-free and Simple Installation
  • Instant Playback for Local or Cloud Storage
  • 1080P Full HD with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution 
  • 5DB to Improved Antenna For Better wifi Receiving 


  • .Cloud Storage is only free for the first month
  • Cloud Storage Is Chargeable After The First Month

Features & Functions

  • Solar Power Energy & Lasting Battery- Soliom S100 outdoor surveillance system battery has a built-in 8700mah battery and integrated a large solar panel. The current produced by the solar panel is 450ma/2.5w per hour under direct sunlight. It can provide enough power to sustain the solar security camera, which is an additional eye for your home security camera system where you don’t have a power outlet.
  • Spotlight Color Night-Vision- The wireless outdoor cam S100 delivers full-color videos at night, the spotlight will turn on and deter any intruders when the outdoor cam was triggered. You can see more valuable details to identify people, vehicles, and more objects with a 120°broader vision and 1080p high definition. The spotlight will not turn on in day time.
  • PIR Motion Detection- The outdoor wireless battery-powered device system adopts the latest PIR motion sensor with built-in radar to double control and reduce false alarms, detection distance up to 26ft, 155° wide-angle, and 0.7-second trigger speed. [Read Full Review Here]

7- NC2100ES Google Nest Cam Outdoor For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 7

This camera is very popular because of its quality and performance. It is also very easy to install. So if you are not very technical, still you can fix it at your desired location. There is a 25feet long cord attached with the cam to connect it with the power socket.

 It is available for $244 on Amazon.


  • 24/7 live video
  • Clear night vision
  • Alert notifications
  • Easy to install
  • Weatherproof IP65
  • Motion & Sound Alerts
  • Two-way talk


  • No manual recording
  • The camera is a bit costly

Features & Functions

  • Resolution– This cam has a 3MP 1/3″ sensor to capture 1080p video at up to 30 fps and can produce clear images at night thanks to eight IR LEDs. Its resolution is 1920 x 1080. Because of high resolution, it transmits very clear images.
  • Wide Area-Coverage– The camera’s wide-angle 130-degree diagonal field of view allows you to monitor large outdoor areas, and H.264 compression helps to ensure high-quality recording and playback. 
  • Easy-Installation– Just plug in the cable and adapter, mount the camera, and you are ready to see the location from a remote location. Because of the magnetic mount, you can point it anywhere. There is no requirement for any hub.
  • Weatherproof– It is waterproof and weatherproof. It is IP65 compatible. You can install it in an overheated or snowy environment successfully. [Read Full Review Here]

8- ZUMIMALL F5K Outdoor Security Camera For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 8

ZUMIMALL F5K Outdoor Security Camera is a stand-alone camera specially designed for smart homes and modern infrastructures. The modern world is shifting more towards Solar Panels, hence this camera is specifically designed to receive uninterrupted power from solar plates.

This 2K camera has a tag value of $79.99, which is very competitive comparing to other equivalent cameras in the market.


  • Eco-Friendly Security Camera System
  • Smart PIR Motion Detect and Instant Alerts
  • The clarity in 1080P HD and IR Night Vision
  • Two Way Audio and Multiple-User Sharing
  • Truly Risk-free Storage


  • SD Card not included in the pack
  • You have to recharge the battery now and then.

Features & Functions

  • Eco-Friendly– Rechargeable battery camera comes with a solar panel. Renewable energy meets the mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.
  • PIR Sensors- Upgraded PIR sensor sends you notifications that matter. Adjustable detection sensitivity and customized working time can avoid false alarms that bother you.
  • Clarity & Night-Vision- With an advanced optic lens, this wifi CCTV provides you crisp and stunning images to monitor the outside world with a wider angle. Automatically switch to night vision, ensure a clear vision up to 33fts even in darkness.
  • Two-Way Audio- You can see who’s there and talk interactively with your elders, kids, pets anyone you care about or warn uninvited people while not at home. You can also share this home camera with your family members. [Read Full Review Here]

9- DEKCO 1080P Pan Rotating 180° Outdoor Camera For Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 9

DEKCO 1080P Pan Rotating 180° Outdoor Security Camera, is a unique combination of a normal standalone IP cam and a PTZ cam. It has all the functions that any security surveillance device has plus some important features of any PTZ cam, like pan, tilt, and zoom, etc. 

The Cam has a tag value of $49.99 on the Walmart.  Though the Pricepulse is selling it at $30.59, with a 28% discount.


  • Wide-angle view
  • Clear night-vision
  • WiFi-enabled
  • You can set the sensor sensitivity
  • 2-way talk


  •  Doesn’t support 5Ghz wifi
  • SD card is not included

 Features & Functions

  • Wider Field of View– This camera for home security Pans 180°. It extends your view angle up to 270°, 180° horizontal rotation covers more range that you need to watch and reduces the blind spots.
  • Clear Night-vision– DEKCO’s clear and crispy 1080p HD Indoor/Outdoor can be seen even at night, and you can accurately see everything happening at home and around it. Visible night vision distance is up to 98ft, which is more secure.
  • Two-Way Audio– Built-in advanced microphone & speaker and with anti-noise technology for a clear voice communicating between the APP and camera, the device allows you remote access to communicate with welcomed guests, or scare off intruders while you are not at home. This smart camera will auto-switch to night vision mode when lights fall outside.
  • Motion Detection– When motion is detected, DEKCO will send an alert to your mobile phone in time, and you can manually adjust the sensitivity and range of monitoring. [Read Full Review Here]

10- POE IP Ultra HD ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera For Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 10

ANNKE C800 4K Outdoor Camera is a brand from world-renowned ANNKE INNOVATION (HK) CO. LIMITED. ANNKE system is among the best systems for your smart home. It gives you 7*24 coverage, two-way talk, noise-canceling audio, access control, motion detection, and notification signals to keep you safe. Since it is a 4K and 8MP device, its picture quality is superb.

$99.99 is a very reasonable price for this item on Amazon. On the Walmart website, you can find this camera with certain schemes @ $94.99.


  • 4K ULTRA HD with Sony Sensor
  •  sharpest images at 3840 X 2160 pixels both day & night
  • easy setup and stand-alone
  • advanced H.265+ coding and audio recording


  • TF Cards are not included in the system
  • when zooming the camera multiple times, images get blurred

Features & Functions

  • 4K ULTRA HD with Sony Sensor– The Sony CMOS image sensor, advanced EXIR 2.0-night vision tech, 120 dB true WDR & 3D DNR, all enable the 4K 8MP Ultra HD PoE bullet security system to deliver the sharpest images at 3840 X 2160 pixels both day & night (even in 0.01 lux darkness).
  • EASY SETUP & STAND ALONE– Unlike analogue CCTV cams, these PoE (Power over Ethernet) security cams only need one ethernet cable to transmit video signals and get a power supply simultaneously. Thus, you don’t have to worry about plugging in and image quality problems caused by long coaxial cables. Safe, stable, and reliable transmission is always guaranteed. Not Work with Analog Signals via BNC Cable.
  • ADVANCED H.265+ CODING & AUDIO RECORDING– Annke PoE IP security camera provides smooth stream, records more videos, and consumes less bandwidth with the latest H.265+ coding. The built-in microphone with the environment noise filtering records clear voice, providing vivid videos with sound without just silent live stream or playback.
  • SUPPORTS UP TO 256 GB TF CARD– The Ethernet bullet surveillance camera has a TF card slot, enabling users to insert an up to 256 GB TF card (not included) to the camera for recording videos. Users can also connect the camera to an NVR with just a network cable for both data & power transmission and get 24/7 recording all year round.
  • SENSORS– Customize any vital area of your property to get alerted only when motion events happened in the marked areas. [Read Full Review Here]

11- Outdoor Security Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera For Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 11

Outdoor Security Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera with Model Number HX-HD50M28AS, is one of them. It is a 5MP pan, tilt, zoom, HD outdoor IP camera. 

It gives you freedom for two-way audio and 5x optical zoom. It can also rotate up to 355 degrees. You can online the camera through a wifi network and monitor it from anywhere. 

A price value of $149.99 is worth the quality


  • BOAVISION is a professional PTZ video surveillance equipment manufacturer, with an excellent R & D team, professional manufacturing, and quality management.
  • Support P2P, View, Anywhere & Anytime, Provide Android & Ios App (Camhipro) And Professional Cmos Pc Client Software.
  • 2.7-13.5Mm 5X Optical Zoom Auto Focus Lens Or Zoom Out To Get A Wider And Larger View, Optical Zoom Auto Focus Lens Makes It Easier To Capture More.
  • Smart Floodlight and CCTV Camera


  • It doesn’t support to 5Ghz wifi
  • You have to purchase an SD card separately. 

Features & Functions

  • Resolution- PTZ Camera outdoor wifi 5MP camera resolution is 2560×1920. That is why it offers you super HD image quality live by phone& pc.  
  • Night-vision– 196ft Night Vision lights provide you clear colorful night vision video, the same color video as daytime.
  • Angel & View- Horizontal 355 degrees and vertical angle 90 degrees along with 328 feet wide view allows the camera to view more details of more objects without affecting image quality. Because of it, the camera doesn’t leave dead zones and allows pan tilting rotation levels to easily control your mobile app.
  • Platform Support– It supports 2.4Ghz Wifi (NOT 5Ghz Wifi), Supports smartphones (iOS, Android), tablets (iPad, Android), PC(Mac OS, Windows). It is the most convenient way to watch from anywhere, anytime.
  • Optical Zoom & Auto Focus lens- 2.7 -13.5 mm, 5x optical zoom enables you to zoom in to see more details of far-away objects without impairing image quality. You can easily zoom out to get a wider and larger view, optical zoom autofocus lens makes it easier to capture more details and get more stable & smooth videos [Read Full Review Here]

12- CKK 5MP PTZ Camera Outdoor For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 12

CKK 5MP PTZ Camera is a security surveillance camera that keeps your home secured 24*7. The cam pans, so it covers a wider angle, it tilts, so capable to move around and secure, it zooms, to magnify an object to view clearly. Its resolution is a very high 5MP resolution, that shows images clear and bright. 

It is such a rich-functioned camera with a very justifiable price value of $65.99.


  • Pan & Tilt Allowing 355 Degree Monitoring
  • Motion Triggered Floodlights
  • Auto Tracking
  • Coloured Night Vision
  • 5MP Full HD


  •  5Ghz wifi not supportable
  • Only 64GB SD Card Given

Features & Functions

  • Wide Angle Coverage– CKK Pan-Tilt-Zoom cam with cruise covers 350°horizontal and 110°vertical rotation range, monitoring your home in all directions. Allows you to move the cam left/right up/down to get the picture wherever you want.No angle can be out of the surveillance. 
  • Zooming 4 x Digital zoom function allows you to zoom in to see more details and zoom out to see the entire field of view.
  • Motion Triggered Floodlights– When CKK outdoor cam detects a human who is approaching your home, the floodlights will turn on automatically. And the camera will follow the human’s movement to keep a watchful eye on your property.
  • Zooming 4 x Digital zoom function allows you to zoom in to see more details and zoom out to see the entire field of view.
  • Motion Triggered Floodlights– When CKK outdoor cam detects a human who is approaching your home, the floodlights will turn on automatically. And the camera will follow the human’s movement to keep a watchful eye on your property. [Read Full Review Here]

13- SOVMIKU SFWHD313 PTZ 3MP Outdoor Camera For Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 13

SOVMIKU SFWHD313 PTZ 3MP Outdoor Security Camera is a standalone PTZ camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom. The benefit of any PTZ camera is that it can rotate on its axis, cover a broader angle for coverage, and zoom in and out for closer vision.

It is a low-priced good quality camera tagged at $49.99.


  • PAN TILT 360° VIEW 



Features & Functions

  • Motion Detection Alert– It supports motion and humanoid detection. You can set the detection sensitivity (low/medium/high). You can also customize the alarm sound. Push alerts to your mobile app in real-time when detects movement. 
  • Auto Tracking– Enable the auto-track function from the settings, the cam will automatically track and record every movement of the intruder. You won’t miss any important moments.
  • Two Way Audio– Wifi security camera enables you to talk with your family members or visitors on your mobile phone, with the help of the “iCSee App”
  • Resolution & Night-Vision– 3MP(2304*1296) resolution camera, super HD image, lets you see every detail of the monitoring. Wireless cams with bright built-in floodlights, even in extremely dark environments, can display very clear images, extending your night vision by at least 65 feet. [Read Full Review Here]

14- TOCWOC 5MP WiFi PTZ Camera For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 14

TOCWOC 5MP WiFi PTZ is a very affordable range cam for outdoor. It is a small cam that has many features to give you complete surveillance. With a 2560X1920 resolution, the picture quality is impressive.

The night vision is clear, and you can see the night vision images in three different ways, infrared night and day vision, color night and day vision, and smart night and day vision. They guarantee that no single movement in the darkness goes unchecked. It is moderately priced at $45.99


  • True 5MP Ultra HD
  •  4X Digital Zoom
  • Auto Tracking
  •  3 Modes Night Vision
  • Two-Way Audio


  •  TF card storage not included
  • Cam is not vandal proof

Features & Functions

  • True 5MP Ultra HD – TOCWOC Outdoor Security Camera with 2560X1920 resolution and 3.6mm 5-megapixel lens offers you crystal clear image quality to monitor your property.
  • 4X Digital Zoom– 4X digital zoom allows you to see more details of far-away objects without getting closer. This WiFi camera ONLY works with 2.4G WiFi and Wired Power.
  • 3 Modes Night Vision– This PTZ surveillance camera will auto-switch tonight image mode when illumination <0.4lux, you can set up smart night vision, infrared night vision, and smart automatic night vision 3 modes, full-color night image range up to 50ft.
  • Pan/Tilt 360° View– This security camera for the home provides a 330° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation range, achieve almost 360°panoramic viewing. [Read Full Review Here]

15- Zumimall PTZ Wireless camera-Battery Powered For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 15

Zumimall cams are affordable, easy-to-use smart home cams that can help you solve life’s mysteries, big and small. So you can be everywhere and watch everything. It comes at an affordable price of $115.99 on the Zumimall Store.

This PTZ Battery Cam has a 1500mAh powered battery. There is no use of any wiring. The battery, once charged, lasted for 3-6 months based on usage. It can capture and cover all around it because it pans, tilts, and zooms. Sensors and 2-way audio make this camera more robust.


  • 15000mAh Power
  • Wire-free
  • Pan/Tilt 360° View
  • Clear 1080P Images
  • PIR Motion Detection
  • 2-way Audio


  •  Doesn’t support 5Ghz wifi
  • Cloud recording is not lifetime free

Features & Functions

  • 15000mAh Power battery & 100% Wire-Free– Wireless home security cam has a built-in long-lasting International-standard 15000mAh rechargeable battery, which can be used for 3-6 months. Free of power cords and wiring hassles, it takes only a few minutes to set up.
  • Pan/Tilt 360° View– Zumimall PT outdoor security camera can turn its head 355° horizontally and 120° vertically, enabling you to monitor 360° view of your property on App, no blind spots.
  • 1080P– Equipped with 4 infrared LEDs, and built with a 1080P FHD resolution (1920*1080), the wireless home camera ensures you can watch clear images remotely in real-time through the mobile ZUMIMALL App up to 65ft even in the pitch dark.    
  • PIR Motion Detection– Upgrade PIR sensor and adjustable sensitivity allow Zumimall home camera wireless to capture what you care about more smartly and more accurately. [Read Full Review Here]

16- Floodlight Two Way Talk Outdoor Motion Camera For Home Security


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 16

This camera is from Brand SOUJAMAO. The CCTV camera is so sensitive that if you mark a sensitive zone in your camera software then when there is movement in this area, you will receive a message from your phone, while the lights will turn on and start recording videos, and the alarm sound can scare off intruders.


  • 42PCS LED Bulb Floodlights– Shine a superior brightness on activity with two motion-activated ultra-bright floodlights
  • Outdoor Waterproof, led lamp camera IP65 rating means full protection in any solution, 24/7 home monitoring, rain or shine.
  • See, hear and talk to people on your property. 
  • Shine the lights on all your blind spots. And buzz the siren on suspect activities. All from your phone, Ipad via APP.
  • Local storage and Intelligent cloud storage backup your video easily. 
  • Never lost any details, check anywhere at any time.


  • The size of the camera is a bit bigger than any other CCTV bullet camera.
  • You have to purchase an SD Card. SD Card slot is there without any SD Card.

Features & Functions

  • This Camera has a 160 Degree Wide Viewing Angle with a 160° super wide viewing angle to monitor a wider area. It means its coverage quality is quite superb.
  • Micro SD card recording. Live view or playback recorded videos on your phone/pad/computer from anywhere at any time.
  • Micro SD card recording. Live view or playback recorded videos on your phone/pad/computer from anywhere at any time.
  • Day/Night Mode: Color during daytime/Switches to B/W at night. With the help of 42 LEDs, when it is pitch dark outside still see clearer images. [Read Full Review Here]

17- Swann Outdoor Camera SWIFI-CAMW-GL Wireless 1080P For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 17

Swann Outdoor Camera is a rare variety among the world of cameras. Whether you know the features of it, but you fall for the beauty of it. It is designed especially for matching the quality of your home decore.

Its wire-free system gives you the liberty to play the device anywhere. It is a standalone cam, that stores recording in an SD card or the cloud. At an affordable price of $119.99, it is giving you many surveillance solutions.


  • Full HD Quality
  • Heat & Motion Sensing
  • Protection 24/7
  • Facial Recognition
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Wire-Free


  • Works with selected devices
  • SD card not included

Features & Functions

  • Wide Angle Coverage– The ultra-wide 180 degree+ view shows the activity at the edges other cameras miss so that you can have fewer cameras around your property bringing down the cost of home security.
  • Heat & Motion Sensing– Detects moving warm objects, like people and cars, triggering recording and push notifications so you can act immediately to prevent unwanted activity.
  • Smart Surveillance– Compatible with Alexa-enabled smart devices such as Echo Show, Echo Spot, and 4K Fire TV. Also compatible with Google Assistant, Chromecast, and Google Home Hub. Use the Swann Security app to view live videos and receive push notifications.
  • Easy Installation– Wire-free, worry-free. 100% wireless. Enjoy security in minutes with easy installation and no cables needed. [Read Full Review Here]

18- xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor Wifi Camera For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 18

The xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor Wifi Camera can be used as a Standalone camera or be paired with an NVR. It is equally functional both ways. 

It is a 3MP 2K cam that is wire-free and wireless both. When you place it outdoor for surveillance, then it protects you in multiple ways. It has an inbuilt siren that sounds whenever the sensor perceives any threat. There is also a spotlight attached with the sensor that lights up in the direction of the threat. Its price on Amazon is $69.99.


  • 100% Wire-free 
  • 2K 3MP HD Video & Audio
  • Inbuilt siren & Spotlight
  • 2-way Audio
  • PIR Motion Detection


  • Doesn’t work 5Ghz wifi
  • SD card is not with the pack

Features & Functions

  • A 100% Wire-free Security Camera– It is powered by professional long-lasting batteries, the BC3 wireless security camera is wire-free. You can mount it anywhere indoor & outdoor to monitor your property, without running any cable at all. 
  • 2K 3MP HD Video & Audio– With a Built-in microphone and speaker, you can hear and talk back to your family, pet, or visitors on your mobile phone APP no matter where you are.
  • Cloud Storage & SD Card– The camera supports up to 128GB TF card and encrypted AWS Cloud storage. With the various choice, you can replay and clip videos right from your phone App.
  • Rechargeable Battery– It’s with 100% Wireless & Cordless Installation and only takes a few steps to connect it on your home WiFi and view your device on the phone APP. [Read Full Review Here]

19- Ultivon E100 Camera| Mini-Outdoor CCTV Camera For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 19

The ultivon E100 camera is best suited for any location. There are many cameras available with similar features, but this camera is special in its category. It captures high-resolution images, motion alert you, sends you notifications, helps you with 2-way audio, gives you PIR night vision powered visibility, etc.

It is a small-sized CCTV that can be mounted and installed anywhere inside and outside your home and office. Its price is $54.99.


  • The size is small. You can fix it anywhere.
  • HD 1080P and PIR night vision
  • Motion detection & instant alert
  • 6000mAh rechargeable battery powered
  • Crystal two-way audio


  • Only detects motion within 10M
  • Fully charge (6-8H) before using it

Features & Functions

  • Installation- This security device outdoor is powered by a 6000 mAh rechargeable battery. It only required 3 screws to fix it, then connect 2.4G Wi-Fi to finish all installation.
  • PIR Motion Detection-  Ultivon wireless security camera supports human/animal/car detection(sensitivity Low-Medium-High) and sends an instant alert message to your phone to remind you. PIR can effectively help cut down unnecessary false alerts such as insects passing by.
  • Two-Way Audio-  Our wifi CCTV built-in speaker and microphone can communicate with visitors, or warn thieves to leave; Its sharing function allows you and another 4 family members to monitor the same CCTV at the same time.
  • All Place Camera-  Thanks to its IP65 weatherproof rating, you can install it outdoor, or using it indoors to monitor your children or pets, which can bring all-around protection to your home. [Read Full Review Here]

20- Jennov P61 Solar Outdoor Camera For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 20

Jennov P61 Solar Outdoor Camera is a modern world cam with attractive looks and the latest features. The world is advancing towards an eco-friendly environment, and it needs people, products, and philosophies that support the Eco-Friendly ethos.

P61 device is an attempt to support that cause with the help of modern technology. That is why it is all and all a solar-based camera. 


  • Powerful Standy & Stable Connection
  • 1080P full HD night vision
  • Covers broad 275°View Angle
  • Sensitive PIR Motion Detection 
  •  Two-Way Audio


  • Cloud storage is not free
  • Don’t support 5Ghz

Features & Functions

  • Powerful solar Panel– Equipped with a powerful 10400 mAh rechargeable battery and an external solar panel, the Jennov wireless solar security cam outdoor can be self-powered for 120 days. Will alert you through the“Cloudedge” app when the battery is low. Get the cam off and recharge for 3-4 hours, you will get a full chared outdoor security cam.
  • 1080P full HD night vision & 275°View Angle– The Jennov wireless outdoor equipment is equipped with 1/3CMOS Color Sensor, providing crystal clear images and videos. Sensitive IR lights automatically sense the ambient light and switch to the night vision mode.
  • Sensitive PIR Motion Detection – The Jennov solar security equipment outdoor featured wide viewing angle lens, PIR range up to 26ft. Sensitivity adjustable on phone “app” its 0.7s quick trigger speed and New technology PIR sensor allows you to catch any movements with almost no false alarms. Built-in Photo-diode supports instant alert notifications. [Read Full Review Here]

21- Toucan Wireless Camera-Outdoor Battery Cam For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 21

Toucan Wireless Camera is run by battery. The new 2021 release of the Wireless Outdoor Cam is built with an extra-large, built-in rechargeable battery. 

The new extended 6500mAH battery makes its usage longer. It is a very easy-to-install cam, so it is very user-friendly. 

It works supremely with Alexa and Google Assistant. This standalone cam is a super device like Arlo pro 3 cams. Its price value is $109.95, which is quite justifiable with its functions.


  • New Bigger & Longer Lasting Battery
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • 1080P High Definition Resolution, and Night Vision
  • Customizable Motion Detection Zones
  • 2 Way Audio
  • IP56 Certified


  • Doesn’t support 5Ghz wifi
  • No physical recording(No SD card or HDD)

Features & Functions

  • New Bigger & Longer Lasting Battery + 100% Wireless– Built-in rechargeable 6500 mAh Lithium-ion battery that lasts longer between charges. Improved WiFi and 100% Wire-free for easy installation and set up within 5 minutes.
  • Wide Angles– Wide-angle Lens with High-quality video works Day and Night.
  • 2-Way Audio– Built-in Microphone and Speaker allows you to talk with someone from anywhere through the free Toucan App.
  • Weather Resistant IP56 Certified– Toucan Wireless Outdoor Security Camera is designed to withstand the elements, hot or cold, rain or shine, and keeps on working. [Read Full Review Here]

22- Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera Review For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 22

Wansview W6 Outdoor Camera is for everyone’s use. It is a good device with all the desired functions and features. The best part is its price, which is very affordable at $34.99

It is 1080P Full HD, an IP66 waterproof compatible, wifi-enabled surveillance system. When you compare the device with other similar range devices then you will notice that it is richer in characteristics.


  • 1080P HD Video  
  • Remote Access
  • Two-way audio
  • Excellent night-vision
  • Waterproof IP 66
  • Stable wifi connection


  • Only works with 2.4Ghz WiFi
  • Requires a wall plug, not battery powered

Features & Functions

  • Resolution & Remote Access- Wansview outdoor security camera is equipped with 2 Megapixel HD lens which delivers crystal clear & smooth video day & night. It also protects your home irrespective of wherever you are.
  • Two-way audio- Built-in enhanced microphone and speaker and visible infrared LEDs, you can see, talk and listen to your love or scare off the unexpected person on the Wansview cloud app in real-time even if you are not at home, which gives you peace of mind and 24-hour protection.
  • WiFi-  This wireless camera works with 2.4Ghz WiFi only, 5G is not supported. Wi-Fi covers a distance of up to 60 feet from the device to the router without any hindrance.
  • RTSP and Onvif compatibility- Open-ended RTSP and Onvif protocol allows you to connect the camera to other third-party software, such as Blue Iris, iSpy, NAS. [Read Full Review Here]

23- GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 3MP 1080P WiFi For Smart Home


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 23

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera is a metal body 3MP device that has many attractive security functions. Any outdoor cam is mainly installed for security purposes. A device that has 2-way audio to communicate from the person who is at the device end with the help of the “meShare App” is good to use.  

It also facilitates you to keep the recording of day-to-day activities on the cloud. These all facilities are available at a tag value of $29.99


  1. IR Night Vision
  2. Motion Detection Area Set
  3. Real-time Alerts
  4. Two-way Talk
  5. Multiple Remote Access
  6. SD Card/Cloud Storage


  1. Doesn’t support 5Ghz wifi
  2. Cloud storage is chargeable

Features & Functions

  • Smart Motion Detection & Real-Time Alerts– You can set the monitoring area and it can reduce false alarms. Real-time alert and immediate notification, automatically save snapshots and 10s videos to SD card or cloud storage. Download easily. 
  • SD card & Cloud Service– Supports micro SD card(up to 128GB, not included), first 30-days free cloud service. Our safe financial encryption technology can protect your data and privacy most.
  • Works With Alexa– Perfectly compatible with Alexa. You can ask Alexa to display the live feed of your cam directly on the screen of your Echo Show.
  • Works With Alexa– Perfectly compatible with Alexa. You can ask Alexa to display the live feed of your cam directly on the screen of your Echo Show. [Read Full Review Here]

24- TIGERSECU TS-5MP-60 B01 Super HD Outdoor Home Camera


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 24

TIGERSECU TS-5MP-60 B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera is the best outdoor camera in its category. This TIGERSECU super HD 4 in 1 outdoor security camera is unique in the sense that it is compatible with all formats of DVR.

It is priced at $49.99, which is very apt for these kinds of products.


  • It is compatible with all kinds of DVRs. You can install it at HD, CVI, TVI, and Analogue DVRs.
  • Night Vision is very good. You can easily recognize anything in the vicinity of 10mtrs even when outside is pitch dark.
  • It is among IP66 rated cameras, specially built to withstand rain, heat, storm, and snow.
  • The company has service centers and collection centers at many locations to give the best services to clients and properly cover the warranty.


  • It has no microphone attached to the camera, so an external microphone is required to record the voice.
  • The camera is not wireless.

Features & Functions

  • It has an image sensor 1/2.7” progressive scan CMOS 5035, 4mm fixed lens, 36PCS IR LED, and IR cut filters. Because of it, it gives a very sharp picture image and a great image when there is complete darkness. It gives you a clear image of 20-30 meters of visibility.
  • Ultra high-definition 5MP security camera capable of generating crystal clear 2560 x 1920 pixels (5 megapixels) video when used with a 5MP DVR, and 1280 x 1920 pixels when used with a 1080P DVR.
  • The camera is compatible with all kinds of DVRs. You can run the camera on an AHD, Analogue, CVI, and TVI DVRs. It means whatever DVR you have you can add this camera with that DVR. [Read Full Review Here]

25- Reolink RLC-810A Outdoor Security Camera Home Review


Best Outdoor CCTV Cameras For Home 25

Reolink company has a successful history of 12 years with security products and the journey is still on with flying colors. Reolink RLC-810A outdoor security IP camera features all the latest technologies. Suppose you have to go to your office, out of the town, or anywhere else and your home is locked behind you. Its price of $ 84.99 is highly justifiable.


  • High-Resolution
  • very Clear Night-Vision
  • Sensors are in-built
  • Mic. in the cam
  • .with the help of the Reolink App.
  • It has a rugged housing and body so it can easily survive the harshness of inclement weather.
  • It supports Google Assistant voice command.


  • Micro SD Card not included in the camera. You have to purchase it.
  • It doesn’t support many third-party apps. So you have to check it in prior if you want to run it on any third-party app.

Features & Functions

  • Reolink RLC-810A outdoor security IP camera has a 1/2.49″ CMOS sensor to sense the images. Video quality is best as it has a video resolution of 3840×2160 (8.0 Megapixels) at 25 frames/sec.
  • It has a fixed 4mm lens with IR cut filter. Every camera requires DC 12Volt 1Amp power to function. It can easily capture the best quality video up to 30 Mtr day/night.
  • It supports a PoE switch for easy and smooth functioning. The audio quality is very clear without any noise. There is no humming and burping in the audio.
  • Reolink software is easy to understand and supports browsers like- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE, etc. It also supports Operation Systems like- Windows, MAC OS, iOS, & Android. [Read Full Review Here]


CCTV Market in 2022 is going to be even stiffer. These reviews are prepared especially for you. With their help, you will make a better choice.   

These are among the best cameras. Collectively they muster 80% of the sales in the CCTV market. They are liked and used around the globe because of their splendid features. 

They have durability, sensitivity, and modernity. Technologically they are very sound, and that is why they are ruling the segment. Their warranty and after-sales service are very user-friendly.

We wish, the post will benefit you in your mental makeup. Please inform us of your valuable remarks regarding the article.

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