CP Plus IP Finder Download Free For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Here we are about to discuss the CP Plus IP link for Windows 7/8/10/11 & Mac clients. The complete installation and setup procedures are defined here.

CP Plus IP Finder software helps you to find the IP address of the CP Plus CCTV camera as well as modify the IP address of your CCTV camera.

Get here to learn more about the CP Plus IP Finder software.

CP Plus IP Finder is the software that helps you to manage your device IP on a PC.

With CP Plus IP Finder download it is easier to find, modify and change the IP address of the CCTV camera. Here we will learn about the CP Plus IP Finder tools functions to know how they work on PC.

CP Plus IP Finder CMS App (Windows 7/8/10/11 & Mac OS)

CP Plus is one of the leading CCTV camera brands in the market present today. CP Plus provides its clients with CP Plus IP Finder Software to manage the IP address of CCTV cameras.

With this software, you can manage the IP address of multiple CCTV cameras of other segments.

CP Plus App Logo
CP Plus IP Finder Logo

After downloading the software on your computer, let’s come to the next step.

The downloaded file is in a compressed format so we need to extract the setup.

For Windows, right-click on the downloaded file then extract the file to your desired location, and for Mac, just open the file. Now move to the first step of the CMS Application.

What is the CP Plus IP Finder CMS App?

CP Plus Finder is the best software to find, modify and filter all kinds of CP Plus devices and cameras IP addresses.

This software is developed by CP Plus company to help users find their CCTV camera’s IP address.

With the software, you can download the CP Plus, IP Finder, for PC here without any problem. This software will help you to check and modify the IP address of devices of CP Plus.

CP Plus IP Finder CMS App (Windows and Mac OS)

Get here the CP Plus IP Finder and start installing the software on your PC.

Here is the download button given to get the app. Snap on the connection beneath to begin downloading the CP App for Mac and Windows PCs.

The downloaded file will be in the compacted format and before employing the product record you have to extricate the arrangement record. You may employ Winrar or some other programs for switching the arrangement of CP Plus IP Finder for Windows and Mac.

Features of CP Plus IP Finder

Here we are going to learn about the features of the CP Plus IP Finder for PC.

Know more about the software functions and get to know about the functions it provides.

The CP Plus App is a free software employed on Microsoft Windows 7/ 8/ 10/11 PC. The features of CP Plus for Windows are as follows:

  • It helps to find the IP address.
  • Helps to modify the IP address.
  • With this software, you can search by segment as well.
  • Helps to set up the initialized as well as uninitialized CP Plus devices.
  • Helps in viewing cameras
  • Can modify IP addresses in bulk as well.

Method for CP Plus IP Finder- Installation & Configuration on a Windows PC

Now download the CP Plus IP Finder from the above link provided to you.

Now the file will be downloaded to your system in a compressed format and you have to extract the download file by using an extraction software like WinRAR or some other software.

1. Step # Installation of CP Plus IP Finder

Now after extracting the folder, open the extracted folder and click on the application to start and a window will open to start the installation of software by clicking on the “Next” button.

begin the installation of the app
Begin the installation of CP Plus

Here is the next step select the option “I agree” option.

Now select the installation directory where you want to install the software files and click on the “Install” button.

installation directory
Installation directory selection

The installation process will begin, wait for the process to be completed.

installation process of the app
Installation Process of CP Plus IP Finder App

The software installation process is now completed, click on the “Finish” button.

allow access to the firewall
Finish the installation of CP Plus

Now start the application of the CP Plus IP. The Windows Firewall alert will prompt, you have to select the checkbox to enable the firewall to allow the software to use certain features and click on the “Allow access” button.

CP Plus IP Finder for Windows
Allow access to the firewall

You can see the home screen of the CP Plus CMS App.

CP Plus IP Finder for Mac
The home screen of CP Plus

How To Find & Modify the IP Address

Here, we are going to discuss the process of finding and modifying the IP address of devices on CP Plus IP Finder. Open the software of CP Plus IP Finder.

1. Step # Find the IP address of the devices

After opening the software and then click on the refresh button as shown below.

refresh the home screen and add device
Refresh the home screen

The list of the devices will appear as shown below.

added devices list
List of the devices on CP Plus

2.  Step # Change the IP address of the device

Now click on the icon as shown below to enter and change the IP address. Then click on the “OK” button.

change the IP address of the device
Change the IP Address of devices

Now you can see that a green mark sign will appear near the listed IP address.

IP of the device changed
Device IP changed


CP Plus IP Finder is a very good software to find, modify and connect bulk CCTV cameras on your PC.

It has many features like finding the IP address of CCTV cameras, modifying the IP address, opening CCTV cameras, changing the device addresses, and so on.

This is the free software provided by CP Plus. Enjoy it on your PC.

So this is all about this app.

We hope this information is helpful to you.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the CCTV on your PC please feel free to write to us in the comment box below.

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