Zumimall PTZ Wireless camera

Zumimall PTZ Wireless camera-Battery Powered For Smart Home

Zumimall PTZ Wireless camera is an outdoor device for your security. ZUMIMALL Security was created in 2008 with the mission of making high-quality, easy-to-use, affordable smart home technology accessible to everyone.  Zumimall cams are affordable, easy-to-use smart home cams that can help you solve life’s mysteries, big and small. So you can be everywhere and watch everything. It …

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Eufy Security SoloCam L20

Eufy Security SoloCam L20 Outdoor Camera For Smart Home

Eufy Security SoloCam L20 is an ultra-bright cam. Its unique feature is that it emits a bright light on the moving object. When it is complete darkness in the night, then it becomes difficult for the suspect to hide.  It has a strong artificial intelligence(AI), so a false alarm is almost non-existential. It has a 6700mAh battery attached to it. It …

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Toucan Wireless Camera

Toucan Wireless Camera-Outdoor Battery Cam For Smart Home

Toucan Wireless Camera is run by battery. The new 2021 release of the Wireless Outdoor Cam is built with an extra-large, built-in rechargeable battery.  A wire-free system allows for easy setup and installation, and you can control and access your outdoor cam from anywhere through the Toucan Smart Home live feed app. Coupled with 1080p full HD video, you will …

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TOCWOC 5MP WiFi PTZ Camera For Smart Home

TOCWOC 5MP WiFi PTZ is a very affordable range cam for outdoor. It is a small cam that has many features to give you complete surveillance. With a 2560X1920 resolution, the picture quality is impressive.  It has two-way audio that supports you in your protection. With it, you can give instructions or also hush away the threats.  With auto-tracking, you …

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GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 3MP 1080P WiFi For Smart Home

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera is a metal body 3MP device that has many attractive security functions. Any outdoor cam is mainly installed for security purposes. A device that has 2-way audio to communicate from the person who is at the device end with the help of the “meShare App” is good to use.   The device is sensitive to motion, and sound. It means …

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CKK 5MP PTZ Camera

CKK 5MP PTZ Camera Outdoor For Smart Home

CKK 5MP PTZ Camera is a security surveillance camera that keeps your home secured 24*7. The cam pans, so it covers a wider angle, it tilts, so capable to move around and secure, it zooms, to magnify an object to view clearly. Its resolution is a very high 5MP resolution, that shows images clear and bright.  The sensor used in …

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AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera

AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera For Smart Home

AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera is a product of Amiccom Technology Ltd. The company is founded in 1990, and since then it has been providing good quality products in security management and time management. The reliability, performance, quality, and affordability of the company products are very heartening.    This 4MP cam has a very clear …

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xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor

xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor Wifi Camera For Smart Home

The xmartO BC3 2K Outdoor Wifi Camera can be used as a Standalone camera or be paired with an NVR. It is equally functional both ways.  It is a 3MP 2K cam that is wire-free and wireless both. When you place it outdoor for surveillance, then it protects you in multiple ways. It has an inbuilt siren that sounds whenever the …

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DEKCO 1080P Pan Rotating 180° Outdoor Security Camera

DEKCO 1080P Pan Rotating 180° Outdoor Camera For Home

DEKCO 1080P Pan Rotating 180° Outdoor Security Camera, is a unique combination of a normal standalone IP cam and a PTZ cam. It has all the functions that any security surveillance device has plus some important features of any PTZ cam, like pan, tilt, and zoom, etc.  It is a plug and plays sort of standalone cam, that …

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Reolink Argus Pro Cam

Reolink Argus Pro Cam Solar Powered Outdoor For Home

Reolink Argus Pro Cam is a unique camera that gives us the freedom to use it wirelessly at any outdoor location. It is a Reolink Company product that is renowned in Surveillance Security Systems. It receives power from the solar panel attached to it.    Global warming has given a new thinking pattern to the world. People are more prone to solar-based products.  …

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NC2100ES Google Nest Cam

NC2100ES Google Nest Cam Outdoor For Smart Home

NC2100ES Google Nest Cam is a super-duper camera for Smart Homes, Offices, and Marketplaces. It is a half-oval-shaped device with a metal covering. It relays HD video. Its digital audio is so clear that you can hear any sound. The device is run by power and no battery is installed into it.     This camera is very popular because of …

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SOVMIKU SFWHD313 PTZ 3MP Outdoor Security Camera

SOVMIKU SFWHD313 PTZ 3MP Outdoor Camera For Home

SOVMIKU SFWHD313 PTZ 3MP Outdoor Security Camera is a standalone PTZ camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom. The benefit of any PTZ camera is that it can rotate on its axis, cover a broader angle for coverage, and zoom in and out for closer vision. SOVMIKU can track a threat with the help of the sensor attached to it. …

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Jennov P61 Solar Outdoor Camera

Jennov P61 Solar Outdoor Camera For Smart Home

Jennov P61 Solar Outdoor Camera is a modern world cam with attractive looks and the latest features. The world is advancing towards an eco-friendly environment, and it needs people, products, and philosophies that support the Eco-Friendly ethos. P61 device is an attempt to support that cause with the help of modern technology. That is why it is all and all a solar-based camera.    …

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