Hikvision DS-2CD2712FWD-I Camera is a varifocal dome device that uses a lens between 2.8mm and 12mm. It covers angles between 80 degrees and 28.7 degrees respectively.

The varifocal cam is from Hikvision. It is an organization that is based in Shenzhen, China, and sprawled across the world. The Hikvision company is the world’s largest security surveillance company. 

This IP cam is a metal dome device that has waterproofing standards as IP66. The device is vandal-proof also with IK 10 protection. The micro sd card recording supports the device to work as a standalone camera. Tough it functions very well with an NVR.

The visibility is clear and the resolution is 1280*960. It can capture images in a pitch dark environment from up to 20meters.

The Network CCTV camera is right for any outdoor use.

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Buying Guide For A Varifocal CCTV Camera 

Varifocal lens- A varifocal camera allows you to adjust between the highest and lowest angles. This means that you can manually set both the view angle and level of zoom. It has varying focal lengths. Use the 12mm setting (12 degrees and about 4x zoom). Need a wide-angle view? Go with 2.8 mm (109 degrees). Need something in between? Try 6mm (~45 degrees) or 9mm (~30 degrees). It means that you have many options to focus on the object. 

Resolution  Resolution tells about the quality of the image in a device. The better the resolution, the better is the picture quality. When the resolution is poor, then you see disturbing images or videos on the screen. All quality cameras capture images in pixels. 

When images are distorted, then you fail to recognize the faces. It is an example of poor resolution. Nowadays HD cameras and IP cameras are in more demand and they are available with very good resolution quality. Users prefer higher resolution devices

Night-Vision  Night vision is a vital part of any CCTV camera. If you have installed a CCTV camera, then you are supposed to receive round the clock monitoring. When night vision is not clear then you may miss some very important clippings and activities. It may prove to be dangerous for your safety.  

Digital camera– An IP camera is a digital camera that functions on the laws of Internet Protocol (IP) networks instead of analogue electric signals. Digital cameras compress data and don’t require a DVR for the compression of recorded data.

Power-over-Ethernet– In PoE technology, you don’t require a separate power cable and ethernet cable for each camera. There is the same cable for power, data, video, and audio.

Passive Infrared Motion(PIR) Sensor– PIR sensors keep your safety intact by hinting you the transgression. For that purpose, an imaging IR sensor is required. A PIR-based motion detector gives you information regarding humans, animals, etc.

Two-Way Audio– Two-way audio makes you more powerful as you can transfer information. It keeps you in the command. You can horrify a suspect on the device end.

Waterproofing– Test the compatibility of your device in different weather conditions. Minimum IP66 layers are a must for cameras. It happens often that cameras develop glitches in strong weather conditions. All good cameras are weather resistant.

Wireless & WiFi– When cameras are wireless & wifi Accessible, then there are not many wires around the cam. You can easily make your device online. It further means that they can be remotely accessed. 

Recording– Check if cameras have a slot for an SD Card. Sd card recording is better. It makes the device standalone. Cloud server recording is another useful option.

Hikvision DS-2CD2712FWD-I Camera 1Advantages Of Hikvision DS-2CD2712FWD-I Camera 

Following are the advantages of the device.

  • 1/3″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  •  Up to 1280 x 960 Resolution @ 30 fps
  • 3D DNR, DWDR, BLC 
  • IR Range up to 65 ft (20 m) 
  • MicroSD Card Slot Supports 128 GB 
  •  IP66 and IK10 Protection 
  •  12 VDC and PoE (802.3af)


  • The cam can only be wire connected, though it is specifically is an outdoor cam device.
  • The SD Card is not with the pack

Design Of The Varifocal camera

The cam is semi-circular in shape, and its color is white. There is a case on the upper side of the cam that covers IRs, and CCDs. The cover keeps the device safe. The dimensions are 140mm*99.9mm, and the weight is 1kg. It is a heavy varifocal camera.

Hikvision DS-2CD2712FWD-I Camera 4It has slots available for CVBS interface, audios, SD card slot, etc. The cam can be a wire connected with a cat-6 wire to give power and get audio and video.

Feature of Hikvision DS-2CD2712FWD-I Camera

The features and functions are given here. With their help, you can operate the cam device in a very effective way. Know them and use them.

  • The device has a 1.3MP lens, and 1280*960 resolution@30fps, that relays HD quality even when zoomed, offering clearer identification in video evidence.
  • Color Night Vision delivers the full-color night-time video for improved recognition of objects in low light conditions. IR night vision range up to 20meters.

Hikvision DS-2CD2712FWD-I Camera 5

  • True WD creates more detail in high-contrast scenes.
  • H.265+ offers significant bandwidth and video storage savings over older compression technologies, extending the amount of video stored on the hard drive. 
  • Intelligent compression saves recording space by optimizing video performance based on available bandwidth.
  • Simple camera installation using a single CAT6e cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE). Cold climate capability (-22°F / -30°C)
  • The varifocal lens in the range of 2.8mm to 12mm gives clear optical zooming.
  • The 2.8 to 12 mm lens option provides 80° to 28.7° viewing angles.
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.01 lux @(F1.2,AGC ON) ,0 Lux with IR; 0.014 lux @(F1.4,AGC ON), 0 lux with IR
  • 1/3″ progressive scan CMOS
  • DWDR & 3D DNR & BLC
  • Support onboard storage (up to 128GB)
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 30 fps (1280 × 960), 30 fps (1280 x 720), 30 fps (704 x 576), 30 fps (640 x 480)
  •  Users are provided with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 3 years warranty.
  • With the rugged housing and body, these security cameras can keep guard anywhere, outdoor or indoor, and in any harsh weather conditions. Weatherproof IP66
  • Vandal-proof IK10
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2712FWD-I Camera 6You can customize the motion zone and sensitivity to achieve exceptionally accurate alarms, ensuring the false alerts to be minimized. Let the cutting-edge detection algorithm helps you enjoy true peace of mind
  • With the advanced IR and 3D-DNR technology, these security cameras deliver clear and sharp pictures and videos even in low light conditions. 

Download Quick Start Guide, User Manual, & Data Sheet

You will get here the link to download these files. The quick start guide is to know the design and installation process. A user manual has been given here to know the features and functionalities of the device. The datasheet is given to know the technical aspects of the device. They have been given here in the button format. Click the button to download them.

Download User Manual

Download Quick Start Guide

Download Data Sheet

How To Install? 

The first thing you have to do to install the cam is to mark your location. When the location becomes confirmed, mark that area with a template. Now fix the stand at that place with the help of anchors and screws. After that set the cam on that stand.

Hikvision DS-2CD2712FWD-I Camera 2When you want to monitor the cam on your smartphone, then for that you have to install the application. Go to the google play store and download the “Hik-Connect” application on your mobile. Install it, and add the device after scanning the QR Code. Follow the instructions, and the device will come on your smartphone display.

Users Review

Stinky dog review the camera as-

  • Having the lights on the bottom helped eliminate IR reflection from my eaves which have a 1.75 inch trim board in front of the camera. 1.3 MP helps but there is more than that going on with these cameras to improve both night and day quality. There are still challenges with motion blur when light levels are very low but that should be expected. 
  • I really like the video but any change from default settings does not improve. I choose these for the overall look and performance and do not see much benefit for the varifocal optical zoom. 
  • Good to have maybe for the future but in the current locations zooming on the center of the screen only pull in the gate or tree and not the street scene at the top of the frame. Plus I’m not running a casino here and would probably never be live with the stream when something happens.

EZ has a warning for you

  • Brought this camera from an Amazon 3rd party vendor. Camera failed. Called Hikvision tech support after an hour’s call the RMA was getting processed. Wait for No…we can’t process. You will need to contact the 3rd party vendor. Called the 3rd party vendor. Guess whom they asked me to call? Really, Plus my camera did Not have a serial number on the camera. I’m guessing it was a refurb. Still trying to get it resolved…buyer beware!

Should I Buy It?

The cam has a varifocal lens, that can zoom in and out, DNR is given for the sensor’s audio clarity. The cam is a metal dome so you can use it outdoors. It has IP66 level weatherproofing, and IK10 vandal-proofing. The resolution is satisfactory. The company gives a 3 years warranty, and its service centers are available at different locations. We can use it outdoors.


Hikvision’s DS-2CD2712FWD-I Vandal-Resistant Network Dome Camera provides important new technology for any security application. The 2.8 to 12 mm lens option provides 80° to 28.7° viewing angles. Night-vision is okay. Company support is good and the price is reasonable. 

Among the family of varifocal cameras, it has a good reputation. Its upgraded versions are also available. 

The review is given to give you an insight into the device. Please share your responses in the comment section.

Thank You.


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