Hikvision DS-2CD2723G1-IZS Camera review is here. You will find that what are the features of CCTV cameras, buying guide for cameras, the cam’s design, features, and installation process of the device. We have tried to give you a detailed analysis here.

This cam belongs to Hikvision company, which is located in Shenzhen, China. The organization has a reputation for selling a maximum number of security surveillance products throughout the globe. 

This cam is a 2MP outdoor varifocal metal dome device. It supports H.265+ video compression, which assures savings in bandwidth and storage. The night-vision resolution is 1920*1080, with the frame rate @30fps. The Exir technology gives great vision in the darkness. The Network CCTV Camera is your guard.

Hikvision DS-2CD2723G1-IZS Camera 5Buying Guide For A CCTV Camera  

Here, is given a detailed feature analysis of security surveillance cameras. 

Varifocal lens- A varifocal camera allows you to adjust between its top and bottom limits on its view angle. This means that you can manually set both the view angle and level of zoom.

Have a scenario where you need to zoom in on a gate or other access point? Use the 12mm setting (12 degrees and about 4x zoom). Need a wide-angle view? Go with 2.8 mm (109 degrees). Need something in between? Try 6mm (~45 degrees) or 9mm (~30 degrees).

Resolution  Resolution is the most important and primary factor to check before buying a CCTV camera. The better the resolution, the better is the picture quality. Low resolutions give you barrel distorted images or videos on the screen. They don’t serve their purposes.

When you see footage and images are not clear, then you fail to get the faces, which is an example of low resolution. Nowadays HD cameras and IP cameras are in more trend and they are available with very good resolution quality. Buyers like 1080P resolution quality very much.

Night-Vision  Don’t take the night vision of the devices very lightly. If you have installed a CCTV camera, then it is for full-time support. When it is not clear then you may miss some very important clippings and activities that may prove to be dear at some point in time. Most of the cameras are with IR support. These IRs turn on and off based on the availability of lights.

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Digital camera– All digital cameras that function on the principles of Internet Protocol (IP) networks instead of analogue electric signals. IP cameras capture in megapixels which are better versions for higher picture quality. 

Power-over-Ethernet– In PoE technology, you don’t require a separate power cable and ethernet cable for each camera. It keeps the system smoother as there is a lesser number of wires. It is the latest and trendy system these days.

Passive Infrared Motion(PIR) Sensor– It is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. For that purpose, an imaging IR sensor is required. A PIR-based motion detector is used to sense the movement of people and objects.

Two-Way Audio– It makes you more powerful as you are in a position to pass instructions and steer or strike at a threat from a faraway place. It keeps you in the command.

Waterproofing– Check if the outdoor camera is adjusting in stormy weather. IP68 layers are a must for cameras. It happens often that cameras develop problems in strong weather conditions. Any good outdoor device is weather resistant.

Wireless & WiFi-When cams are wifi, then it is easy to use. There is no wiring for them. It gives you the freedom to monitor from any remote location.

Recording– Check if cameras have a slot for an SD Card, or can be recorded on the Hard Disk. Also find that you can preserve recording in the cloud or not.

Warranty– It is an important feature. Cameras are always installed at key points. When they go out of order, then it is a threat to security. There comes the condition of warranty or company support as handy. All good cameras are having good company support.

Hikvision DS-2CD2723G1-IZS Camera 1Advantages Of Hikvision DS-2CD2723G1-IZS Camera


Design Of The varifocal Metal Dome

The cam is available in a varifocal lens between 2.8mm and 12mm. It is in white, and the shape is semi-circular. The dimensions are 6*4.4″, and weigh around 835 grams.

The fixed dome camera is designed in such a way that it has slots for a network interface, audio in an interface, audio out interface, alarm interface, power interface. 

It also has switches for a debug interface, CVBS interface, reset button, and a memory card slot.

Features Of Hikvision DS-2CD2723G1-IZS Camera

This metal dome Hikvision device has many gallant features. It is built mainly as an outdoor cam that can guard homes, offices, garages, fields, and property.

Download Quick smart guide, User manual, and Datasheet

Here, we are given the links to download the quick smart guide, user manual, and datasheet. It is given in the form of a download button. They will give complete information regarding the varifocal device. Click the button to get them. 

Download Quick Start Guide

Download User Manual

Download Data Sheet

How To install?

If you want to install the cam then the first step is to mark your location. After that fix the camera stand on that location with anchors and screws. Set the cam device on that stand. Connect it with wire and give it power.

Hikvision DS-2CD2723G1-IZS Camera 6If you want to monitor the device on your smartphone then you have to install the app on your mobile. The app is “Hik-connect”. Install the app and scan the QR Code to add the device. The device will come on your mobile phone.

Users Review

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Should I Buy It?  

The cam is varifocal meta dome. The lens can be adjusted between 2.8mm and 12mm. It gives you a clearcut image. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 Resolution @ 30 fps. Up to 100 ft (30 m). It is an outdoor cam, that keeps you safe by guarding your property. The sensors give you alarms to keep you alert against suspects. 


The varifocal camera device is to give you zoom in, zoom out images. The SD card preserves actions. The high resolution gives you image clarity. The sensors give you threat information. The High-Efficiency Video Coding(HEVC) H.265+ gives you quality video compression. It gives you more storage capacity and better picture quality.

The review is given to give you a glimpse of the cam. Kindly mention your remarks in the comment section.

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