Toucan Wireless Camera-Outdoor Battery Cam For Smart Home

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Toucan Wireless Camera is run by battery. The new 2021 release of the Wireless Outdoor Cam is built with an extra-large, built-in rechargeable battery. 

A wire-free system allows for easy setup and installation, and you can control and access your outdoor cam from anywhere through the Toucan Smart Home live feed app. Coupled with 1080p full HD video, you will always see what’s happening around your home, day or night.

Toucan Wireless Camera 10

The new extended 6500mAH battery makes its usage longer. It is a very easy-to-install cam, so it is very user-friendly. 

It works supremely with Alexa and Google Assistant. This standalone cam is a super device like Arlo pro 3 cams. Its price value is $109.95, which is quite justifiable with its functions.

Toucan Wireless Camera 18

Buying Guide For A Smart Camera

How do you judge the quality of a cam? Here is a list of all the standard functions of any quality CCTV cam. With the help of this checklist, you can check the standard of your device. 

Resolution– The resolution of the camera tells about the picture quality. When picture quality is sharp and the images are clear then the resolution is high, and vice versa.

Image Quality– Generally speaking, a 1080p, or 1440p (2K) security camera can record super HD videos. When image quality is good, night-vision is clear. 

Live stream Resolution– You can live stream a 5MP security camera in 1920p, 1440p and 1080p resolution, a 1440p CCTV camera in 1440p, 1080p and 720p resolution and a 1080p surveillance camera in 1080p and 720p resolution.

Field Of View– Generally speaking, megapixel security cameras are packed with wide-angle lenses. Compared to 1080p security cameras, 4MP and 5MP ones have a wider field of view and thus, they can cover larger areas.

Bandwidth & Storage consumption– Most 5MP or 4MP and 1080p security cameras apply H.264 video standard. So, under the same compression standard, security cameras with higher resolution will take more bandwidth and storage space. 

Night-Vision– Night vision mode is a must for any good quality CCTV camera. If the camera has no night vision facility then it will function only in day mode. When the darkness of the night engulfs, the camera will not capture. 

Toucan Wireless Camera 9

Cameras are for security purposes only, and many untoward activities happen at night. If the camera has no night vision then it will fail to capture those images and videos. Thus it defeats the very purpose of security. Best Night-Vision cams are used for the most sensitive places. 

Built-In-Sensor– When there is a sensor in the camera, then the does not only see but also senses the activities. With the help of the sensor, it easily judges the threat through motion detection and voice detection. Whenever any suspicious activity occurs, it sends alarming signals and thus exposes the threat.

Warranty– Warranty and after-sales service are associated with the company’s commitment. If the warranty period is for a longer period, and the company has a service center or collection center at different locations, then it is presumed that you will get proper services.  

Toucan Wireless Camera 11


  • New Bigger & Longer Lasting Battery
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • 1080P High Definition Resolution, and Night Vision
  • Customizable Motion Detection Zones
  • 2 Way Audio
  • IP56 Certified
  •  No hub or base station required
  • Free Encrypted Cloud Storage 
  • Motion Zones
  • Siren Alarm & Call Emergency Services
  • 6500mAH rechargeable battery
  • Supports Alexa And Google Assistant


  • Doesn’t support 5Ghz wifi
  • No physical recording(No SD card or HDD)


  • Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera
  • Magnetic Base Mount
  • Charging Cable
  • Screws and Anchors
  • 3M Adhesive Tape
  • Quick Start Guide

Toucan Wireless Camera 20


It is a boxed shape cam in white. The dimensions are 3.39 x 2.95 x 2.32 inches and the weight is 7.8 ounces


Toucan Wireless Camera 21

The front side of the device is having a lens, PIR sensor for your safety, a spotlight for the night vision, and the tracking of the suspicious activity or person, and a point for the microphone. 

On the tail end of the cam, there is a slot for 1 Lithium-ion battery and a speaker.

Features Of Toucan Wireless Camera 

Toucam cam has all the features of a world-renowned cam. 

New Bigger & Longer Lasting Battery + 100% Wireless– Built-in rechargeable 6500 mAh Lithium-ion battery that lasts longer between charges. Improved WiFi and 100% Wire-free for easy installation and set up within 5 minutes.

Toucan Wireless Camera 22

Wide Angles– Wide-angle Lens with High-quality video works Day and Night.

Customizable Motion Detection Zones– New and improved customizable Motion Detection Zones help you filter out real alerts from unwanted ones and allow for the adjustment of the motion sensitivity. Built-in Snooze feature provides you with a way to turn off (Snooze) the Motion Sensor when needed.

Toucan Wireless Camera 6

2-Way Audio– Built-in Microphone and Speaker allows you to talk with someone from anywhere through the free Toucan App.

Toucan Wireless Camera 1

Weather Resistant IP56 Certified– Toucan Wireless Outdoor Security Camera is designed to withstand the elements, hot or cold, rain or shine, and keeps on working.

No Hub Or Base Station Required– There is no need for it. The recording is saved on the hub, and that is not rechargeable. So you do not have to pay for it.

Toucan Wireless Camera 19

Magnetic Mount– Unique design Magnetic Mount allows for easy use anywhere within the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi range. The magnetic mount allows easy installation and adjustments.

Free Encrypted Cloud Storage– Encrypted Safe Cloud storage protects your privacy. No SD card is required. 24 Hours Free Recorded Video History to look back on. 

No Subscription required-  Additional Free Features are Instant notification, Instant live feed, Call emergency services, and Pre-recorded messages.

Motion Zones– Busy road? no problem! Set motion zones within the Toucan App to deactivate areas of motion detection. You will only be alerted to the things you want to see.

Toucan Wireless Camera 7

Instant Notifications– Receive instant notifications on your mobile phone when motion is detected so you can take action. Communicate with a delivery driver, sound a siren alarm or play an auto greeting.

Siren Alarm & Call Emergency Services– If you see a potential intruder or suspect unusual activity around your home, simply launch the Toucan App live feed to sound a siren alarm to scare them away. Also, call your emergency contact directly from the Toucan App. The Siren alarm can be scheduled within the Pro App service.

WiFi– 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi makes it easy to connect the outdoor camera to your home network.

Safety– Pre-recorded messages to obscure your voice.

Toucan Wireless Camera 2

How To Install?

It is very easy to install. There is a magnetic mount with the cam. You have to select your location first. After finding your location, mount the device to your desired place, and fix it with the help of anchors and screws. Once the magnetic cam base is fixed, set your cam in the base. 


Toucan Wireless Camera 23

To install the App on the mobile, open the browser and search for Google Play Store. After it, look for the “Toucan Smart Home App”. Download this app and install it. To add the cam on your mobile, scan the QR Code and follow the instructions. It will navigate you to connect the device. 

Toucan Wireless Camera 17

Users Feedback For The Toucan Wireless camera

Amber Lynn From The USA Says

  • I have had this product up & running for a few days now & I love it! The picture at night is just as clear as during the day & the motion sensor even picks up my cat at the door.
  • It took all of five minutes to set up & I love that you can connect it with your Alexa so when I leave I tell her & she sets it to ‘Guard’. Very cool & I hope this helps with people stealing my dang flower pots.

Steve From the USA Shares HIs Experiences

  • I wanted to try out this Outdoor Motion Detector cam to “watch” my front door area. Easy to install. Good quality picture and stores two days of “30-second videos” to the Cloud. The downside is that motion detection is BAD. 
  • If I get about five feet away and wave my arms and jump up and down, it sees me and starts recording. Anything over 6 feet away and nothing start the recording. There is a sensitivity setting in the app and I set to all the options, LOW, Med, High, and Max. That did not make a difference. I called support twice and did as they suggested. 
  • The documentation says Motion Detection is 30 feet. No difference. Finally, I just move the cam close to where the person needs to be to start the motion detection. Of course, they could also just take the camera with them since they are that close.

Should I Buy It?

The Toucan device is a battery-run device. The battery lasts for many months if fully charged. You don’t require any wiring. It is easy to install. So anyone can install and operate it. The recorded history for 24-hours video history allows you to review the events of the day. 

Apart from all other regular functions, these are some of its special features. It is a good purchase.


The cam’s innovative magnetic mount and battery-powered camera design allow you to install it almost anywhere on any kind of home. 2-way audio allows you to communicate with the other fellow on the device side. The cloud-Based recording is free for your device. It gives you protection for 24hours.

Motion and sound detection protects you from all forms of threats. Sensors switch on the light whenever they feel suspicious activity in the darkness. The cam is suitable for all kinds of places and needs.

The review is to let you know Toucan cam in detail. How did you find the review? Please comment. Your responses are very valuable to us.

Thank You.

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