Hikvision DS-2CD2743G1-IZSB Camera is a varifocal cam that can adjust lenses from 2.8mm to 12mm. The angle it takes to capture the image between these two lense capacities is approximately 109 degrees. 

The cam is a product of Hikvision Company. Hikvision is the world’s “topmost’ company in security surveillance. Its products are very reliable and durable. The company gives 3 years warranty on their products, and its services are very prompt. Hikvision organization has so many service centers available in different ranges of the globe.    

The function of a varifocal camera is mainly to focus on an area of interest by zooming in on the image. It allows you to utilize the full resolution of the camera, producing a high-quality image. The cam supports H.265+ video compression, which assures savings in bandwidth and storage. The Hikvision metal dome camera is water-resistant and vandal-proof.

Hikvision DS-2CD2743G1-IZSB Camera 2Buying Guide For A Network Outdoor Camera  

Resolution It can be checked prima facie. There is no need for any tool to judge it. Good images have high resolutions and poor images have low resolutions. The higher the pixels the better is the image quality. Always prefer higher pixel cameras.

When you see images in high resolution, they are bright and sharp. Nowadays high-resolution HD cameras and IP cameras are in demand and they are available everywhere with very good resolution quality.

Night-Vision  Night vision is a must for any CCTV camera. It can not be taken lightly, as threats loom large in the darkness of the night. CCTV cameras are there for our security. A poor night vision can prove to be costly for our safety.     

Varifocal lens- Varifocal length of a device tells about the varying focus quality of the device. Suppose a cam has a focal length between 2.8mm and 12mm. It simply means that its focus can be adjusted between 2.8mm and 12mm. The fields of view, that it covers will vary with the varying angles.

Digital camera– An IP camera is a digital camera that functions on the laws of Internet Protocol (IP) networks instead of analogue electric signals. Digital cameras are modern and the latest. They can compress their data and do not require a DVR for that.

Power-over-Ethernet– In PoE technology, you don’t require a separate power cable. The same ethernet cable can transfer data, power, audio, and video. It makes the wiring easier and smoother.

Passive Infrared Motion(PIR) Sensor– It is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. You can pre-set zones for your safety and security. When someone crosses that zone, you get alerts and alarms. 

Two-Way Audio– It gives you the option to convey any message to the person on the device end. It also gives you the option to scare away the threat from your property.

Waterproofing– Check if the outdoor cam is compatible in stormy weather. Ingress protection(IP) type is a metric to judge the level of waterproofing. 

Wireless & WiFi– When cameras are wireless and wifi Accessible, then no clusters of wire around the device is required. You can easily access the device from any remote location.

Recording– Check if cams have a slot for an SD Card. Also find that you can preserve recording in the cloud or not.

Warranty– Warranty is an important factor. When a device has good warranty coverage then it gives user satisfaction and contentment. When it is for a short duration then it may pose a problem for the durability of the product.      

Hikvision DS-2CD2743G1-IZSB Camera 10Advantages Of Hikvision DS-2CD2743G1-IZSB Camera

The cam has many modern features. Following are some of the advantages of this varifocal cam device.



Hikvision DS-2CD2743G1-IZSB Camera 9The cam has a semi-circular shape. The cam is available in two different colors. Either you can buy a white color cam or a black color cam. It is available in two different colors just to add variety.

The dimensions of the device are 6″*5.2″, and it weighs 1.33Kg with the packaging. The dome is divided into two parts. On the upper part, there is the cam, and on the lower part of the dome cam, there is a mounting stand and a mounting plate. 

Hikvision DS-2CD2743G1-IZSB Camera 8

The dome camera contains an audio interface, a CVBS interface, a network interface, and an alarm interface. Apart from them, it also contains a lens, Exir LEDs, an SD Card slot, a reset button, and a debug interface.

Features Of Hikvision DS-2CD2743G1-IZSB Camera

The metal dome cam has many functions and attributes. They are important to know. Because the more we are educated about the functions of the cam, the better we will use the cam. Following are its features.

Download Quick Start Guide, User Manual, & Data Sheet

We are giving here the download button to download the Quickstart guide for knowing about the cam, the user manual for knowing about the functions, and the datasheet to know the technical things about the device. Please click the buttons to get them.

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How To Install Hikvision DS-2CD2743G1-IZSB Camera

Hikvision DS-2CD2743G1-IZSB Camera 1To install the cam, you have to first decide your location of installation. Once the place to hang the cam is decided then mark that area with a template sticker. Fix the mounting plate of the cam on that sticker with the help of anchors and screws. Set the cam device on that stand. The wire connects the cam for power, audio, and video.

Hikvision DS-2CD2743G1-IZSB Camera 7

If you want to monitor the device on your smartphone, then you have to download the App on your device. The process to install the app is that, open the google play store and search for Hik-Connect App or iVMS-4500 App. You can install any one of them.

Once the application is installed, scan the QR Code of the device and add the device by clicking the“+” sign. It will give you instructions. follow them and get the device on your mobile phone.

Users Review About The Product

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Should I Buy It?

The DS-2CD2743G1-IZSB from Hikvision is a 4 Megapixel Network IR Outdoor Dome Camera, 2.8-12mm Lens, Black. The Hikvision Outdoor IR Varifocal Dome Camera provides high-definition network output. It supports H.265+ video compression, which assures savings in bandwidth and storage.

The camera is equipped with a 2.8 to 12 mm motorized varifocal lens and offers an EXIR 2.0 range of up to 100 ft (30 m). Smart features, such as line crossing and intrusion detection are supported. These features are good enough to go for the device.


The device is an outdoor device, but the shape, size, and features are so attractive that users use it indoors also. There are no issues in services and warranty covering. You can use it as a standalone camera also. It is suitable for your offices, balconies, garages, backyards, front doors, and fields. 

The review of the varifocal device is for the user’s understanding. I hope you would have enjoyed the article. Please mention your responses in the comment section.

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