Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera Solar Powered For Smart Home

Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera is a camera that is suitable for sensitive areas that require continuous monitoring. 

If you are looking for a cam that can pan up to 360 degrees, tilt up to 120 degrees then this device is an ideal one. 

Additionally, it can auto-track, supports two-way audio, give night-vision, and solar-charged.

You can use it in stormy and tough weather conditions. As the cam is waterproof with IP proofing. The solar-powered device allows us to use the device without a wire. 

The device is very suitable for outdoor use. You can use it for your home, office, or garage. The cam is WiFi-enabled, so you can get remote access from any location. 

Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera 8

How To Buy A PTZ Camera?

If you want to purchase a good quality PTZ Cam, then it must have the following features.


If you have to capture videos at night, then you have to look for strong LEDs in a PTZ camera. Super LEDs illuminate the object better at night. Starlights or Floodlights are the modern-day super solution for darkness.

Motion & Audio Sensor

The technology is improving day by day, making it much more effective at tracking objects of interest. It keeps the user safe from any kind of threat. 

Sensors are functional in such a way that they relay alarms or switch on floodlights or lights attached to the PTZ camera when they read something fishy. They also send you notifications on your mobile phones when observing suspicious activities.

Easy To Setup The PTZ Camera

How easy it is to fix the cam. How easy it is to position or mount the cam. If a CCTV camera has a good pan/tilt, it might not require accurate positioning because panning and tilting cover the entire area. You might just place them over a heightened table or wardrobe.


Since PTZ cameras are used outdoors, weatherproofing is a must. Check whether your cams have IP66, IP67, etc. level waterproofing at least.

Night vision

Cameras have an inbuilt IR system. You have to check the quality of the night-vision. If night-vision is weak then it will capture dull images, face recognition would be difficult. The security purpose would be in peril.  

Two-way Audio

All good PTZ cameras are equipped with speakers and microphones. With the help of the app, you can talk two-way and communicate with the person on the other side. It is a very useful function.

With its help, you can alert others or hush away the threat.


Most cameras have an SD-Card slot that supports capacities up to 128GB. When you have this facility in your cam, then your cam is complete in its totality. It doesn’t require any external source like NVR/DVR to record the activities.


Any PTZ camera must also be wireless and SD card enabled so that you can use it as a standalone cam. By connecting it to any wifi network you can operate it from any remote location. It is even better if it is wire-free. When it is wire-free then there is no web of wire around it, and easy to operate.

PAN/ Tilt

All PTZ cameras can be moved horizontally or vertically. They are made to function that way to cover the maximum coverage area. 

When cams move horizontally to cover the wider angle of the location then it is called as panning of the cam.

When they move vertically to cover the wider range then it is known as tilting of the cam.

Cameras can rotate horizontally up to 360 degrees and vertically up to 90 degrees. Though, the degrees of the movement varies from product to product.


PTZ cameras are special because they can be zoomed in and out manyfold. By zooming in the image you can trace even the minutest of the activities very clearly. 

You can zoom in on the image from 2x to 40x and even more. The better the resolution and image quality, the clearer the zoomed clip. The quality of the zoomed image depends on the quality of the varifocal lens and the setting of focal length.

Cloud Storage facility

CCTV cloud storage is a comprehensive program that allows users to store camera-related footage remotely without worrying about storage capacity on-site.

Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera 12


  • Wire-free
  • Solar-powered
  • 360 degrees horizontal & 120 degrees vertical movement
  • 1080p Hd resolution
  • motion detection
  • 2 way-audio
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Push notifications & alarms on seeing threats
  • SD Card recording


  • Records only when there is any motion
  • 5 GHz wifi not supported


The box contains the following items.

  • 1x PTZ Camera
  • 2x Antenna
  • 1x Bag of Screws
  • 1x Quick Installation Guide
  • 1x Power Adaptor (12V/2A)

Design Of The Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera

Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera 1

The design of the device is very attractive. The white color cam is semi-oval in shape, and its size is small. The white light it relays when sensing any threat is quite significant. 4 front LEDs illuminate when there is darkness around the cam. There is a sensor point, and microphone also attached to the face of the device. 

Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera 3

The backside of the cam is designed in such a way that it holds a socket for an SD card and a USB port panel. The solar panel can be fixed at the top of the cam, or anywhere else nearby. There are two antennas to catch WiFi signals. The dimensions are 7.9 x 5.5 x 4.7 inches, and the weight of the device is 2.2 pounds.

Features Of the Louvisee Wireless PTZ Camera   

The device has the following features.

100% Wire-Free & Solar Powered & Wi-Fi

This solar camera comes with high efficient solar panel, that is equipped with a long-lasting 15000mAh rechargeable battery.

Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera 2

It means it could offer enough power for the camera even in cloudy winter. 

There is no need to climb a ladder to take off-camera to recharge. Built-in 4dbi surveillance video transfer professional antennas entitle the camera to a stronger and more stable network reception.

Full 1080P HD & 360° Coverage & Colorful Night Vision

It features 355°horizontal rotation & 120°vertical rotation & 3X digital zoom. The solar outdoor camera all functions are controlled by the app. 

No blind spots you could. With a 105-degree wide-angle, the ptz camera outdoor guarantees a panoramic shot of every corner of your home, shop, garage. 1080P full HD, the picture is clear. The white light is auto turn on when there is any motion or threat is detected.

Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera 9Included 64G TF Card Super Easy for Installation

This solar security camera comes with a camera with a 64G TF card. You can mount the cam on the wall or any other place of your choice. It can be easily set up anywhere. 

Human Motion Detection Instant Alert schedule alarm/record

Luovisee solar home camera is built-in PIR human-AI motion detection technology, which only detects human moving, avoids too many false alerts triggered by light change, waving leaves, bug fly, etc. 

And also you could schedule timing, what period the cam alarm will record. Motion detection distance is up to 30ft.

Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera 15

2-way Audio& Multi-user Sharing

Through the home security camera, see who’s there and talk interactively clearly with your kids, pets, postman or anyone you care about. 

You never miss a parcel or keep guests waiting. Share security cams outdoor wireless with your family via the App. Multi-user view lives stream and record clips simultaneously.

Auto Spotlight

This colorful night vision camera comes with a spotlight, auto-trigger. You could have a colorful night vision at night. Also, it has an IR light.

Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera 5

How To Install The Device?

Installation of the device is very easy. The setup process is simple that even a layman can fix it. It is a wire-free cam, so there is no need for any wiring. The cam is solar-powered. You can install it anywhere, where sun rays are directly falling. 

The solar battery once fully recharged can last up to 6 months or even more. You have to select your location then mount the camera there. Make sure that it is receiving the Wifi signal. The device is ready to capture the site.

Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera 4To view the cam on your mobile, you have to install the app. The name of the app is “U BOX App“. You can search the app in the google play store and download it on your device. Then install the app, and scan the QR Code to add the device. The camera will run on your display screen.

Users Responses

Suzie marsh from the USA Says

  • This is a constant!! The solar panel does not charge the device and it constantly says offline and will not connect. You can see in the picture that the battery shows dead and the camera says offline. 
  • I did blur out where my address shows, but left it to where that could be seen. This item DOES NOT work!! We have moved the panel several times, and nothing helps. I would not recommend this camera at all.
  • Other things to consider. The cam does not detect all motion and does not follow the direction of motion detected. There is no way to playback unless you can do so by purchasing cloud space with them. 
  • We do have an sd card in the camera, but that only allows you to see what the cam “decides to detect”, with no playback option available. But since the cam will not stay charged and on, the is an all-around fail for me!!

Borjigin Manda from the USA has an opinion about the device

  • A pretty well wireless outdoor camera, the picture is crystal and clear, support night vision and motion detection. Great value for money.

Mermaid from the USA gives feedback that

Easy to install also looks nice

  • It is working good especially at night. The image is so clear. Solar energy is easy to operate and there is no need to connect to power. I love it.

Luovisee Wireless PTZ Camera 10

Should I Buy It?

If you go by the features of the cam, then it is a good device. You can operate it from any remote location with the help of the Application. 

It can pan, tilt, motion-detect, do two-way audio, wireless, and support solar-panel. You can be safe with a device that has those many features. 

But the reviews we received are mixed. Some found the solar-panel operation not proper. It is a low range cam and you can install it.


There are so many devices in the same range. How will you choose the one for you? 

You have seen here, in this review that this device has many functions that make it fall in the category of superior cameras. There is no blind spot for you. It has 100% coverage. It supports cloud-based recording. It is a wire-free and WiFi-enabled device. You can install it, shift it, or fix it at will. The cam will do the monitoring job fr you. 

The review is for you. Kindly mention your responses regarding the cam.

Thank You.

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    1. No there is no need to have a QR code. Connect the Camera to the same wifi network. Click on the option “Setup wifi device.”

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