Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera is a flexible camera series. It can be used outdoors and indoors. This cam is from the “Flexible camera Series”. In this cam series, there are 4 lenses attached that give 360 degrees view. The EXIR 2.0 technology gives flexibility in extending the IR range.

Each cam has a 5MP resolution. There are 4 lenses, so combinedly it has a 20MP resolution of this device. The H.265+ saves storage capacity and bandwidths. It is a multi-sensor camera. It senses audio and motion detection. It can stop culprits from entering sensitive zones.

Its sensor catches suspicious activities in pre-defined locations. It can alert you to see unattended baggage or objects being removed from the sight. The maximum resolution of this product is 4 * 2560 x 1920. It supports Wide Dynamic Range technology that is responsible for giving high-quality images.

The EXIR technology extends the IR range. It can cover up to 98 feet or 30 meters IR range. The night vision of this product is supreme. It gives bright illuminating images. 

This product is manufactured and designed by Hikvision Ltd. It is a Chinese Company. It has a long-range of products. It is the highest-grossing company in the security surveillance world. Hikvision company has showrooms, Offices, and Service centers all around the world. 

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 2Buying Guide For CCTV Cameras

There are many types of CCTV Cameras. Security cams are installed for safety and security. It is why knowing the basic features of security cams are very important. This buying guide is given here to make you understand to judge the quality of any camera.

IP Camera– An IP camera is an advanced camera. It is designed in giving better picture quality. It functions on the laws of the internet protocol. IP cameras catch in megapixels which are better forms for higher picture quality. These cameras can also work as a standalone cams. 

Power-Over- Ethernet– In PoE technology, you don’t need a different power link and ethernet link for every camera. It keeps the framework smoother as there is a lesser number of wires.

Resolution– With advanced IP cameras, the resolution is indicated by the number of pixels. When the number of pixels is more, the resolution is high. When pixels are low, the resolution quality is poor. Always prefer a high-resolution device.

Waterproofing– Cameras are installed at sensitive locations. When it is waterproof then it can be installed at any location. It gives users more options to use the device in more ways. important cameras are designed in such a way that they can be installed anywhere. It is measured in the Ingress Protection way. 

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 1IR Lights– Mostly, cameras have inbuilt IR LEDs or spotlights, etc. fixed in them. They give good images in the dark They are unquestionable requirements for better security.

Wifi– When cameras are remotely accessible and wifi-enabled then it is an advantage. It means we can install this device anywhere.  

On-board Storage-When activities can be recorded in an SD Card then cameras are known as standalone cams. These cams do not require DVR or NVR. They are complete in all respects.

Warranty– Product Warranty and friends support are significant. Cameras are installed at main locations. If they develop some glitch and warranty or after-sales services are not up to the mark then the user may feel a problem with their security. All good companies have better policies for warranty and after-sales service. 

Advantages Of Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 

Hikvisioan DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 3This device is unique in many respects. Some advantageous points are given below.


The cam has some slight disadvantages as well.

Design Of Multi-Sensor PanoVu Flexible Series Camera

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 6The cam is a metal and plastic mixture body. The camera base is metallic. The cover of the device is plastic. The color is white. The product has dimensions of 290 mm × 145.5 mm, and its weight is 4 kilograms and 700 grams. It has 4 lenses and 4 IRs. 

There are 4 gimbals in this 3-axis cam. The camera covers every angle and leaves no blind spot. 

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 7This product has multiple interfaces. It has an audio-in interface, an audio-out interface, an alarm interface, a debug interface, and a network interface. The cam has a slot for an SD Card and a sensor point. It has also a rest button and an ethernet cable is attached to it. 

Features Of Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera  

The cam has many prominent features. Some important features and functions are given here. 

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 10

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 11

Download Quick Start Guide & Data Sheet

Here, you will get manuals. You have to download them. These are given to give you the full information regarding this device. These manuals describe everything.

They will tell you about product parts, installation, networking, and usage. The features and functions are super dupers. It is given here in the form of a download button. Click the button and get them.    

Download For Quick Smart Guide

Download Data Sheet

How to Install?

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 5If you want to install this cam on any surface then you have to finalize your location first. Once the location is decided then mark that area with a template. Take the camera stand and put it in that area where you want to install the cam.

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 4Set the camera stand with the support of screws. Now, take the cam and set it on that stand. Align the angle you want to capture and lay the wire to give power to the device. This way you have to install the device.

If you want to monitor the cam on your Android smartphone, then you have to install an application for it. The application that this device supports is the “iVMS 4500 App”. This product also supports the “Hik-Central App.” You can get these applications on the google play store.

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 12

Load the application and install it on your mobile phone. After that, you have to add the device. For that, you have to scan the QR Code. Once it scanned the device, directions will pop up. Follow these instructions and the cam will appear on the display screen. 

Should I Buy a Hikvision Multi-Sensor Flexible Series Camera?

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera is a multi-sensor cam device. It has sharp senses. It can detect threats through sensors. Motion detection and Audio detection can easily be traced by this product. It can easily sense- Line crossing detection, intrusion detection, region entrance detection, region exiting detection, unattended baggage detection, Object removal detection, etc.

Hikvision DS-2CD6D54FWD-IZHS Camera 9It has PanoVu vision that leaves no blind spot. This network cam belongs to the flexible camera series. The total resolution of the device is 20MP. The EXIR technology gives a stunning night vision view. The 4 lenses guard us in every aspect. 


This product is an outdoor cam. It can also be installed indoors. This product is detailed here to understand the features and functions of the cam. You can easily hang it in any location. The device is suitable for the garage, field, hall, front door, office, and home. 

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