Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera is a multi-sensor device. A panoVu cam is a Dual-Directional gadget that covers the maximum angle. It has two separate lenses to capture wide angles. It can view two opposite directions separately. Panova cameras are often installed at high footfall areas, like malls, supermarkets, stations, roads, etc.

This product is from Hikvision Ltd. This company is the leading organization in the security surveillance world. It is also the highest-grossing company in the world. The brand value of its products is quite high.

It gives three years warranty on its products. This China-based company has showrooms, offices, and service centers around the globe. 

The Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera is available in 2.8mm, 4mm, and 6mm models. The camera has a 16MP total resolution. The maximum resolution of the product is 3840 × 2160@ 24 frames per second. The device supports an SD Card. The maximum memory card it can hold is 256GB.

This cam is a multi-sensor camera device. It is very sharp and intelligent. You can program the device for suspicious activity, its sensors alert you. It also sends you “push messages.” There are IRs studded in the cam that gives illuminating night vision. Any activity can be traced in the night vision. 

Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 3Buying Guide For A Smart Camera      

The buying guides are important. It gives us the basic functions, any CCTV Camera must-have. When we know them, we are better placed to buy a good quality camera. 

Following are some of the basic functions which any surveillance device must-have.

Night Vision– The night vision of the gadget is a significant component. Whenever it is low, cameras will give dim picture quality. Whenever night vision is great, you will see quality pictures. CCTVs are often integrated at sensitive regions, and suspicious activities often take place in the haziness of the darkness. It is the reason night vision is of prime importance.

Internet Protocol(IP) Cameras– These cams are the most trendy and the best among the security surveillance cameras. It has a unique IP. It doesn’t need any outside source to compress data and relay functions. You can find access to your gadget from any far-off area because of this IP. There is no compulsion to access the device with an NVR. Its quality is measured in megapixels.

Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 1Wifi Enabled– If the gadget is wifi empowered, it implies that it can be found from any spot. It further implies that we don’t need to do separate wiring for making the device online. You can introduce this sort of cam effectively, at any spot. There are no bunch of wires around the device, which implies that the setup of the device becomes simple.

SD Card Storage– If the gadget is supported by an SD Card then it can record anything. The gadget can playback, record, and preserve snaps. It is likewise called a standalone camera.

Power-Over-Ethernet(PoE)– It is an exceptional modern technology. Whenever the camera upholds PoE, a single cable can transfer the data for power and the internet. You don’t need to do separate wiring for them.

Sensors– Sensors resemble the mind of any human. At the point when gadgets are sensor-empowered, it implies that they are smart. They can detect numerous activities. We can program them to identify suspicious activities.

These are some of the basic functions that any modern security camera must possess.

Advantages Of Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 

Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 2These are some of the qualities of this device.

  • 1/2.5″ Progressive Scan CMOS is the image sensor of the gadget
  • This cam has dual lens. It covers wide angles
  • Flexible Lens: P: -90 to 90°; T: 0 to 60° (2.8 mm), 0 to 70° (4 mm/6 mm); R: 0 to 355° 
  • H.265, H.264- Video Compression
  • 2 x 3840 × 2160 @ 24 fps (16 MP Total) is the maximum resolution
  • 120 dB WDR. It gives translucent images
  • Built-in MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot, up to 256 GB 
  • IP67 is the level of waterproofing
  • IK10 is the vandal-proof


These are some of the negative aspects of the cam. 

  • There is no PoE switch and adapter given with the pack
  • The device has not wifi-enabled
  • The SD Card has to be purchased separately

Design Of Dual-Directional PanoVu Camera

Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 7It is a metal device. It is rectangular in design. The color of this dual-lens cam is white. It is an outdoor camera. The dimensions of this product are 6.5″ × 3.3″ × 2.7″ and its weight is 770 grams. This device is suitable for installation in sensitive areas that are vast and busy. 

Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 9Many interfaces are given in the device. There is an audio-in interface, an audio-out interface, an alarm interface, a CVBS interface, and a debug interface. There is also a Molex interface, an RS-485 interface, and a reset button. There is a slot for an SD Card in the cam. The ethernet cable is given. The design is good for surveillance. 

Features Of Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera  

The functions and features of this device are many. Some most useful functions are given here. These attributes make this cam a powerful device.

  • Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 5The picture sensor of the cam is 1/2.5″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • The cam has double focal points. It is designed in this manner to cover 100% area.
  • There are 2.8mm/4mm/6mm focal lens types available. They are available in these three lens models 
  • Fields Of View for 2.8mm focal point is- horizontal FOV 103°, vertical FOV 53°, diagonal FOV 124°  
  • Fields Of View For 4mm focal point is- horizontal FOV 79°, vertical FOV 41°, diagonal FOV 94°
  • Fields Of View for 6mm is- horizontal FOV 50°, vertical FOV 27°, diagonal FOV 58° 
  • The total resolution of this camera is 16MP
  • The highest resolution is 3840 × 2160@ 24 frames per second
  • The IR light reach is 33 feet or 10 meters.
  • Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 4The H.265+ is the video compression. It saves space and bandwidths
  • The Wide Dynamic Range is 120 dB. It gives an amazing picture quality. It sokes background /illumination/ lowlight/ sharp light for translucent pictures
  • There is no grain or white spots in the images
  • PoE: (802.3af, 36 V to 57 V), 0.3 A to 0.2 A, greatest 11 W
  • The gadget supports an SD Card. The greatest SD Card it upholds is up to 256GB
  • The ICR (Infrared Cut Removal) channel is Day/Night. Infrared Cut channel Removal is a channel that sits between the point of convergence and the image sensor (CCD or CMOS) of a surveillance camera.
  • It is used to channelize excess of light that passes on the focal lens This channel helps to give incredible quality pictures.
  • Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 6The device has four fixed regions for each stream
  • The camera supports the sensor. It can distinguish movement and sound action. It can save you from dangers and suspicious actions.
  • The gadget can recognize faces.
  • It can save you from interlopers. You can pre-set zones. So on the off chance that anybody attempts to intrude this region, the alarm blares and sends messages
  • The two-way audio helps to give messages to the person on the other side. It also empowers us to scare away threats by hooting at them through this two-way audio technology. 
  • The cam is waterproof. The degree of waterproofing is IP67.
  • The degree of vandal resistance of the device is IK10.

Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 8

Download User Manual, Quick Start Guide, & Data Sheet 

Here, you will get these manuals. These are going to help you know this device even better. The links to get them are given in the download button form. You have to click on them to get them.

In the User Manual, you will get the features and networking of the device, in the Quick Start Guide, it is given how to know the design of the cam and its installation process. The datasheet covers all the technical functions and features. Click the link to get them.

Download For Quick Smart Guide

Download User Manual

Download Data Sheet

How To Install Dual-Directional PanoVu Camera?

Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 10When you have to install this cam, you have to select the exact location of it. When the location is final, then mark that area with a template. Take the camera stand and superimpose it over that template. Drill to insert screws to fix the cam-base. Now you have to set the cam on that camera base. 

Align the angle you want to capture. It is a dual-lens device so you have to check it for both lenses. When you are satisfied with the alignment, tighten the camera screws so that the adjusted capturing angles can not be moved. Lay wiring and give power to the cam. This way the installation is final.

Hikvision DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera 11When you want to see the camera on your android smartphone, you have to download its application. The app can be found on the google play store. This camera supports the “iVMS 4500 HD Application” for monitoring. Apart from it, you can also get this cam on the “Hik-Connect App.” 

You can download any one of them. After it, you have to add the device. For that, you have to scan the QR Code of this camera. Follow the promptings and you will be able to see the camera on your mobile screen display. 

Should I Buy It?  

This DS-2CD6D82G0-IHS Camera has a dual-lens. A lens has an 8MP resolution. Combinedly, the gadget has a 16MP resolution that is quite good for viewing images and clippings. The highest resolution of this cam is  3840 × 2160.  The night vision is also stunning.

Sensors give the device an edge to counter suspecting activities. In very cold weather, the device has an inbuilt heater that gives it seamless performance in below -40 degree temperatures. It covers a very wide angle. The cam is waterproof and vandal-proof. It serves its purpose efficiently.


The dual-lens gadget is appropriate for high footfall areas. It is installed in malls, supermarkets, roads, institutions, homes, offices, parking areas, etc. The durability of the product is satisfactory. The service centre is available everywhere. It is waterproof and vandal-proof, so no issue in installing it in open areas. It is a trusted guard.

This review is given to educate you about this product. We try to give you improved and updated content. Please help us by suggesting us in the comment section.

Thank You. 


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