Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera is a panoVu mini series cam. It is a camera that has an integration of Panoramic & PTZ cameras. This device gives us 360 degrees view. It means that there are no blind spots in capturing the areas. It has 3 lenses that give us maximum coverage. 

It can show us zoomed images. This device is an indoor device. It has a resolution of 8MP. It is an indoor camera that can be used in any location where it is not in direct contact with the outside environment.

This cam supports SD Card recording. It is a network camera that is small in shape. It can also be used as a hidden cam for a big place.

The device is manufactured and marketed by Hikvision Ltd. This company has a reputation for quality products. The range of products it has is like CCTV cameras, Doorbells, Access Systems, Security Surveillance accessories, Alarms, and many other security items.

The company is based in China and it has branches all over the world. You can find its offices, showrooms, and service centres in every country.

This cam has multiple sensors. It can detect motion and audio activities. It can also detect video tampering. The cam supports two-way audio.

Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 1The Buying Guide for A CCTV Camera    

 The buying guide is given here for giving users an experience about the basic qualities CCTV cam must-have. When you know about these qualities, you can check your product with them. Following are some of the basic functions.

Night Vision– The night vision of the device is a huge impacting point. When it is poor in quality, cameras give appalling pictures. Which is not good for surveillance. When the night vision is good, you see quality pictures. CCTVs are often installed in sensitive areas.

Very often crimes take place in the darkness of the night. That is why night vision is vital for safety and security. 

Internet Protocol(IP) Cameras– These cams are the latest and best among security cameras. It has a unique IP. It needn’t bother with any external source to compress data. It can compress data and transfer data. You can find the device from any remote location.

This device can also be used as a stand-alone cam. Its quality is measured in megapixels.

Wifi Enabled– If the cam is wifi enabled, you can access it from any faraway location. It further infers that we don’t have to do separate wiring for making the system on the web.

Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 4You can access this kind of cam successfully at any spot. There is no gathering of wire around the cam. 

SD Card Storage– If the device supports an SD Card then you can integrate it at any spot and don’t necessarily have to worry about connecting it with any NVR/DVR. The device is capable enough to record events, playback, and preserve data. 

Power Over Ethernet(PoE)– It is a vital feature of any cam device. When the camera supports PoE, a single cable is enough to transmit power and data through it. The same cable also supplies audio and video. It saves multiple wiring for data, video and power.  

Sensors– Sensors look like the mind of the device. When devices are sensor-enabled, it infers that they are smart and intelligent. They can distinguish various activities.

We can program them to recognize questionable activities. They alert us when they realize dubious activities. 

Advantages Of Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 

Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 2The device has many positive aspects. Some very prominent of them are given here.

  • Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 33-ch Multi-Directional Panoramic Images and 1-ch Close-Up Image that gives this device a special perspective
  • 1-ch Audio Input and 1-ch Audio Output for two-way audio
  • H.265 Video Compression that saves storage and bandwidths
  • MicroSD /SDHC / SDXC Card Slot, up to 256 GB 
  • The IR Range is 33 ft (10 m), IR (Radius) Range 

Panoramic Camera 

  • The image sensor of the device- Three 1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS 
  • 3-ch 1920 × 1080 @ 30 frames per second Resolution 
  • H.265 Video Compression for better features 
  • Horizontal Fields Of View: 128.5° × 3 
  • No Image Stitching

PTZ Camera 

  • 1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS of the cam 
  • 1920 × 1080 @ 30 fps resolution is the maximum resolution 
  • H.265 Video Compression saves bandwidth 
  • 4x Optical Zoom (2.8 mm to 12 mm), 8x Digital Zoom


  • There is no SD Card in the device pack
  • You have to separately purchase PoE adapter and PoE switch
  • This cam is not a wifi cam

Design Of Panoramic + PTZ Indoor Camera

Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 11This item is for indoors. The shade of the camera base is white and the shade of the cap that covers the focal points and hardware part is black. The dimensions of the item are 183 mm × 133.2 mm and its weight is 900 grams. The body has an exceptional shape.

It has 3 focal points and sensors that make it appropriate for high footfalls regions and sensitive areas.

Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 12The gadget has numerous points of interaction. It has a sound-in interface, a sound-out interface, an alert connection point, a troubleshoot interface, and a CVBS interface. It has additionally a network interface, and an ethernet link joined to it.

There is a sensor point and a reset button given for setting elements of the cam. You can install it in any area.

Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 5Features & functions Of Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 

This cam has many top-class features. We are discussing here some very important features that make this device useful.

  • The gadget is furnished with 3 1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS. These focal points don’t leave a solitary action missed. They cover 360-degree angles. It means that there is no blind spot 
  • The resolution is 8MP which is sufficient to send quality pictures.
  • Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 6Up to 1920 × 1080 maximum resolution @ 3o frames each second. It gives translucent pictures
  • The Fields Of View This Device Covers- Horizontal field of view: 128.5° × 3 Vertical field of view: 75.7° Diagonal field of view: 144°
  • The cam has a 2mm focal length for the all-encompassing perspective and a 2.8mm to 12mm focal length for a PTZ view
  • The Field Of View for the PTZ camera is- Horizontal field of view: 120° to 56.6° (wide-tele) Vertical field of view: 61.8° to 31.7° (wide-tele) Diagonal field of view: 149° to 65° (wide-tele)
  • It has an auto day/night switch for better night vision

Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 7

  • Computerized zoom for PTZ view is 4x and optical zoom is 8x
  • It can skillet up to 360 degrees and slant up to 90 degrees
  • The IR range is 33 feet or 10 meters.
  • You can preset delicate regions in the gadget. It will alarm you when somebody enters that zone.
  • You can likewise set a watch to examine with this item
  • The gadget can detect movement and sound
  • You can set the item for the accompanying undertakings Preset/Pattern Scan/Patrol Scan/Auto Scan/Tilt Scan/Random Scan/Frame Scan/Panorama Scan/Dome Reboot/Dome Adjust/Aux Output

Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 8

  • The Panoramic / PTZ has many brilliant highlights Intrusion identification, line crossing recognition, area entrance location.
  • Aside from it, the gadget additionally has the accompanying brilliant capacities district leaving location, PTZ Channel identification, line crossing discovery, locale entrance recognition, area leaving identification, unattended things discovery, Object expulsion identification, and so on
  • This cam supports an SD Card. It supports up to 256GB memory card.

Download User Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Data Sheet

Here, you will find manuals of this camera. These manuals give all the pertinent data concerning this gadget. The User manual tells the highlights and settings of the cam. It tells about systems administration and different other practical settings.

The Quick Start Guide is about camera parts and the installation cycle. The Data Sheet has every one of the specialized subtleties. The button is given below. 

Download For Quick Smart Guide

Download User Manual

Download Data Sheet

How To Install?

If you want to install this Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera, then you have to select your location. This device has features of a panoramic cam plus a PTZ cam. Once you have decided on the location then mark that area with a template. Marking it will give you ease to fix the camera base there.

Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 13This cam is an indoor device. It can be installed on any surface. This cam has a mini shape. you just don’t require enough space to install it. Drill holes to fix screws and tighten the camera stand with them.

Now, the setup is ready to set the cam on that stand. Go for the angle alignment. Lay wiring and give power to it. This way you have to install this device.    

Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 Camera 14To view cameras on the Android smartphone you have to download and install the application. The application this device has supported is “iVMS 4500 HD”, & “Hik-Connect App”.

You can find them at the google play store. After installing it, add the device by scanning the QR Code of the device. It will prompt certain instructions for you. Follow them and you will be able to watch cameras on your smartphone.

Should I Buy It? 

This cam is from a mini-series gadget. It is small in shape but big in functions. It has 8MP resolutions with 3 lenses. This device is a unique one as it is a combination of a panoramic camera and a PTZ camera. It gives you a 360 degrees view.

You can zoom in many times and use it as a standalone device. It supports sensors & SD cards. It is an indoor device that protects you.


The Panoramic + PTZ Indoor Camera has multi-sensors attached to it. Here, we have given in this article the complete picture of this camera. You can get to know it by going through the post.

The manuals are also given in the download button format. You will enjoy its presence in your home and locality.

The Multi-sensor Mini-series PanoVu device is written to give you an insight into this device. 

Please mention your remarks regarding it. We will keep on updating our articles. That is why your opinion matters to us a lot.

Thank You.


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