Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera is a varifocal dome camera. It is a series of DeepInView camera series, that has a deep learning algorithm in each product. This cam has a varifocal length between 2.8mm and 12mm. The cam has a 4MP lens that gives illuminating images. The cam is a dome device. It is mainly used indoors. The varifocal lens cameras are those devices that have variable focal lengths. These devices are designed in a way that their focuses can be shifted. They are very useful for sensitive areas and vast locations.

The device IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS is from the worlds largest CCTV manufacturers Hikvision Ltd. The company deals in security surveillance products. Its headquarter is in Shenzhen, China. Its offices are in many parts of the world. The Hikvision organization grosses the maximum revenue in the CCTV industry. The warranty on its products are for 3 years, and it has its service centres throughout the world.

The Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera is an intelligent device. It has many programmes that can be set at will. You can set them for motion detection, audio detection, face detection, threat alerts, etc. For them, you have to pre-set the sensor functions. The cam is furnished with the DarkFighter, and EXIR technologies. This product transfers an illuminating night vision. The camera is super smart. 

Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera 4Buying Guide For A Varifocal CCTV Camera

If you have to buy a Varifocal length cam then you have to know some general pieces of information about it. We are giving it here. This information is to make you better understand your product.

Varifocal Length– It means that the camera lens, its focus can be shifted to any other object for focusing. It further means that you can zoom in and zoom out. Lens designs are flexible. These types of cameras are mainly used in those locations that are highly sensitive for monitoring, location is very vast, and you want to cover every detail of that area. By shifting the focuses you can minutely analyze other objects also.   

Night vision– All security surveillance devices are installed for safeguarding us and our properties. When there is dark outside or night falls, then you can not track any activity. Night vision allows you to capture clear images even in the dark. It is an important feature, as it saves you from suspicious activities and removes blind areas for you.

Resolution– It is the output quality of a CCTV camera. The quality of the image you get in the end is determined by the cam resolution. It is measured in terms of Pixels in modern digital cameras. The higher the pixel of a device, the better is the resolution and picture images. The lower resolution does not go along well with quality devices. The higher resolution images are very detailed in their colour and texture.

Digital Technology– When cameras are digital, it means that you are going to get more spaces, better bandwidths, and crystalline images. It saves space for the device. It makes the devices intelligent, as they can sense activities.

Power-over-Ethernet– It means that the product is using the same cable for power and data. It makes the wiring process hassle-free, speeds up the product, and, makes it more accessible online. You can access the cam remotely.

Colour Night Vision– When darker around the camera you get clear, clean images. It is done so by supporting devices with spotlights, floodlights, starlights, etc. There are DarkFighter Technology, EXIR 2.0 technology, etc. available. They also illuminate the night-vision.

Sensors– The cameras can be made extremely advanced by making them sensor supported. Sensors are the mind of the product. They gain the merits of sensing activities with its support. You can programme the product by giving them pre instructions. It means that sensors alert you beforehand.  

Waterproofing- If you have to purchase a device for outdoors then waterproofing standard you must check. It is determined by the ingress protection(IP) type.

WiFi– All the wifi devices are modern devices. When it can be easily connected through the internet then go for the product.  

Warranty & After Sales Services- Know about them. Warranties keep you safe against faulty products. Good services mean you have a solution for the product’s problems.

Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera 1Advantages Of Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera 

The product has the following advantages.

  • 4 MP Resolution of the product
  • DarkFighter Low-Light Performance
  • 140 dB WDR for Clear Backlit Images 
  • H.265+ Video Compression 
  • Smooth Live View and Data Self-Correcting
  • 5 Streams + Up to 5 Custom Streams
  • Vandal-Proof (IK10)


  • The device is not wifi enabled
  • There is  no PoE adapter and switch with the product
  • The product does not provide sd card

Design Of 4 MP IR Varifocal Dome Network Camera

Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera 5This dome camera has a strong body. It is a vandal-proof cam. The cam has a varifocal length. The device has dimensions 140.5 mm × 122.6 mm, and the weight is 950 grams. The product is suitable for sensitive areas. You can install it anywhere. 

Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera 6The camera has a network interface, audio in an interface, audio out the interface, a debug interface, and a power interface.

There is a slot for an sd card, an alarm interface, a sensor interface, and a reset button for settings. The shape of the product is semi-circular and it is available in white color.   

Features Of Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera 

This product is a feature-rich device. There are different types of functions in this cam. 

  • The image sensor of the cam is 1/1.8″ progressive scan CMOS. This function decides the amount of light it has to pass through the lenses, the kind of images it has to create, etc.
  • This cam is a varifocal product. The range of the lenses is from 2.8mm to 12mm. It can be optically and manually zoomed. 
  • Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera 10It has an IR cut filter. That changes it from day mode to night mode. It is an automatic process. Whenever there is darkness, the IR cuts to night mode and gives pellucid images at night.
  • The Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) is 140dB. It means, it concentrates the base color, adjusts the low light, and gives limpid images. The grain and spots get clear with its help.
  • Digital Noise Reduction(DNR) is three-dimensional. It removes stains and spots that come on images because of high or low lights, removes extra brightness from it. 
  • The two-way audio features this function as an important one. It allows you to communicate with the person on the other end of the device. You also can shout at a suspect on the device side.
  • Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera 8The camera-stand can cover angles– Pan: 0° to 355°, tilt: 0° to 75°, rotate 0° to 355°
  • The lenses are between- 2.8mm to 12mm. The device covers the Fields Of View(FOV)– Horizontal FOV 114.5° to 41.8°, vertical FOV 59.3° to 23.6°, diagonal FOV 141.1° to 48° 
  • The IR range camera cover is 100feets or 30 meters.
  • The maximum resolution of this cam is 2680 × 1520@25fps.
  • The cam has a slot for sd cards. It can function up to 256GB micro card.
  • Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera 9It has Smart IRs. The IR LEDs on the camera should support the Smart IR function to automatically manage the power supply, to avoid image overexposure.
  • It has many intelligent functions that it can do.
  • It can detect an object and activity through motion and audio.
  • You can pre-set zones on this device. When someone tries to break into or intrude on that zone the alarm triggers and you get alerts. 
  • Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera 7It has 5 Streams & Up to 5 Custom Streams.
  • It can detect up to 30 faces at a time. It can pan at an angle of -60 degrees to +60 degrees. The tilting is from -30 degrees and +30 degrees.
  • It can detect between human faces and human bodies. 
  • It can distinguish between humans and vehicles.
  • It can detect you in a crowd if your data are feed.
  • It can detect that there are how many people are in the queue, the time taken, etc.
  • If the employee is wearing a hard cap, it can sense that and count that. The camera also differentiates between hard hat donning people and others not wearing hard caps.

How To Install?

Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera 2If you want to install this dome camera on any surface, then the first thing is that you have to select your location. Once the location is decided mark that area with a drill template.

Take the camera stand and set it on that template. Now drill holes to fix the camera stand with screws. Once the camera stands are jammed set your dome device on that. Align the device with the desired angle, power connect and enjoy viewing your area of capturing. 

To view it on your android smartphone you have to download the app. You can get this app from the google play store. The app for this device is iVMS 4500. Another app that gives support to it is HikCentra Mobile. After the installation, scan the QR code and click the “+” sign to add the device. The cm will appear on your smartphone.

Download Quicksmart Guide, User Manual, & Datasheet

Here, you will get the complete guide regarding the product. The Quicksmart guide gives you the device make, the installation processes, etc. The User Manual is the complete solution for making the device online, using operations, etc. The Datasheet deals in the technological information of the cam. You can get them here in the form of download buttons. Click the button to download them.

Download Quick Start Guide

Download User Manual

Download Data Sheet

Should I Buy It?

The varifocal Hikvision IDS-2CD7146G0-IZS Camera is a dome device. The varifocal range is from 2.8mm to 12mm. The resolution is 4MP.

It gives very pellucid images. Night-vision is sharp and bright. The DarkFighter technology makes them even better. The EXIR 2.0 technology gives IRs extra power. The product is an intelligent device. It can detect humans, their movements, vehicles, and intruders. The cam is vandal-proof. You can happily use it.


This dome camera is from the series Deepin View. The cam can be installed at home, office, hall, front door, etc. It gives good views at every place. The cam is good at its functioning. The performance is top class. The sensors, audio, explicit images, and night visions are up to mark. The durability of the product and its after-sales services have no issues. 

The review of this camera is to educate you on an intelligent device. Please share your responses to this article. 

Thank You.


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