Hikvision IDS-2CD71C5G0-IZS Camera is a 12MP camera. The device is varifocal, and the lens has a range of 2.8mm to 12mm. The varifocal lens gives variation to object viewing.


The lens can be focused on nearby things or faraway things with equal ease. The product is an intelligent device. It can count people, keep their attendance, recognize faces, and communicate with the person on the device end. 

The product is from Hikvision Ltd. This company is the leading CCTV manufacturer in the world. Its headquarter is in China. Its branches are present in almost every country.

The product quality, warranty, and company support are excellent. The Hikvision brand is the most reliable in the security industry. It is the highest revenue-grossing company dealing in security surveillance in the world.     

The product supports sd cards. There is a slot in the camera reserved for a mini memory card. The EXIR 2.0 technologyDarkFighter technology, and smart IRs give translucent images. The resolution of the product is high. The Network IP CCTV Camera is the latest model. It has all the modern technological advancements in it.

Hikvision IDS-2CD71C5G0-IZS Camera 10The Buying Guide For Network Varifocal Camera    

The buying guide is given here to make you understand the nuances of CCTV products. It will help you in making your purchase.

Varifocal Lens-It implies you can shift the central length of the gadget. At the point when the central length can be changed then you enjoy an additional benefit to catch things from close to far-away from a similar gadget.

Night-Vision-It is a significant capacity of the gadget. As the cameras are for security purposes, so in dim they need to catch clean pictures. For that, in the evening images are utilized as IRs, spotlights, floodlights, and so forth. There are a few different innovations likewise accessible that improves the night-vision.

The Resolution– The resolution is about the image nature of the camera. The gadgets have various resolutions. It relies upon their systems. The goal is how much detail a CCTV has. At the point when the picture is more detailed then it implies that the goal is high. At the point when the itemizing is low then it implies that the goal is low.

Power-over-Ethernet(PoE)- It is a mode to supply capacity to the gadget with an ethernet rope. Through a similar line, you give network admittance to the gadget. You don’t need an alternate link for them.

Hikvision IDS-2CD71C5G0-IZS Camera 12Colour Night-vision-The color night-vision is conceivable when the gadget utilizes spotlight, starlight, floodlight, Dark warrior methods. This capacity gives you tone in clippings and pictures in complete haziness.

Digital Cameras-They is those cameras that get flags carefully and don’t need the need to change over put away information through a DVR. It is present-day innovation.

Sensors-Sensors are the knowledge of the cam. It implies that your gadget has specific projects that guide it to act a specific way. Movement recognition and sound sensors are extremely helpful.

WiFi-If the gadget is wifi-empowered then it is not difficult to make on the web.

Storage Capacity-The capacity limit shows that the information can be put away in an sd card, or Hard drive, or a Cloud-based recording.

Hikvision IDS-2CD71C5G0-IZS Camera 8Advantages Of Hikvision IDS-2CD71C5G0-IZS Camera 

The product has the following advantages.


Design Of The Network 12MP Varifocal Dome

Hikvision IDS-2CD71C5G0-IZS Camera 3The dome device is made of Alumina alloy. The product is vandal-proof. The shape of the product is semi-circular. It has a camera base, a CCD, and a camera cover. The dimensions of the product are 244 mm × 174 mm × 173 mm(with packaging), and its weight is 950 grams. 

Hikvision IDS-2CD71C5G0-IZS Camera 4

The device has various interfaces connected with the product. They have an alarm interface, a debug interface, a network interface, an audio-in interface, an audio-out interface, and a CVBS interface.

The device has a slot for an sd card. It can record up to 256GB. The camera has a reset button. An ethernet cable is attached to give power and data. 

Features Of Hikvision IDS-2CD71C5G0-IZS Camera  

This IDS-2CD71C5G0-IZS cam has distinguishing features and functions. These attributes are given here to educate you regarding its characteristics.

How To Install?

Hikvision IDS-2CD71C5G0-IZS Camera 2To install this cam on any surface, mark your location with any sticker. Take the camera base and set it on that template. Now, drill for fixing screws in those slots. Fix the camera stand with the help of anchors and screws. Mount the camera and fix it on that camera base. The cam is installed. Do the wiring part and give power to the device. The camera is installed and ready for viewing.

Hikvision IDS-2CD71C5G0-IZS Camera 13If you have to monitor this cam on your android based smartphone, then open the google play store and search for the iVMS 4500 application or HikCentral Mobile app. Install this app on your mobile. Scan the QR code, and after that click the “+” button to add the camera. Follow the instructions and you will add the camera to monitor on your display screen.

Download Quickstart Guide, User Manual, & Datasheet

Here you will get manuals for the comprehensive information on the device. You will get every answer regarding the device in these manuals. The assembling of the device, the installation processes, the operation style, the online methodology, and the technologies used in this product. All details are given in these download buttons. Click them for a deeper understanding of the product.

Download Quick Start Guide

Download User Manual

Download Data Sheet

Should I Buy It?

The cam is an intelligent device. It can recognize faces, take attendance, give you data of job done, and alert you from suspects and intruders.

The device is a 12MP advanced product with a maximum resolution of 4000 × 3000@25 frames per second. The night vision is powerful. It uses smart IRs, EXIR 2.0 technology, and DarkFighter technology. These combinedly make this camera very special.


This is an indoor camera. But it is so robust that you can use it outdoors in a moderate environment. Your offices, houses, halls, garages, and shops are safe under its vigilance. The cam is super cool. The warranty is for 3 years. the service stations are in every city. The organization has high values for its clients. It is a good purchase for you.

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