[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera is from the AcuSense cam series. It is a dome camera with infrared lights. It is a 2MP outdoor device. The AcuSense cams are intelligent. They have sensors attached to them that can easily save users from suspects and intruders. The deep learning algorithm empowers the device to reduce false alarms.

It can easily identify between vehicles and humans. The DarkFighter Technology gives superb night vision quality. The 1080P picture quality gives high-quality imaging. The IRs used in the device enhances their quality in the company of DarkFighter.

The Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) gives stunning images against strong backlight. It also absorbs low light from the background and gives us clean images.

This camera is manufactured by Hikvision. It is a giant organization that is the market leader in security surveillance. It is the highest grosser. The products are the latest and durable. Hikvision company is based in China.

Its offices, service centres, and products are available in every country. The CCTV products have 3 years warranty.

This cam has strong streaming technology. This technology helps in smooth live view. It auto-corrects whenever there is poor network condition. It has an IR range that can cover up to 131 feet. The 2.8mm lens used in the cam gives it a very wide-angled view.  

Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 1The Buying Guide For CCTV Camera

The buying guide given here is for the sole reason that users come to know about the basic functions of a CCTV Camera. If you have to purchase a surveillance cam, then look for these basic qualities.

Sensors– It is a powerful technology that can sense many activities and send you alert messages. It can also alarm you to realize any threat. It can detect motion and audio. So if any suspected movement and sound is realized by the device, it sends push notifications. It also helps you in getting better imaging, Sensors are important for better security.

Digital Device– These are the devices that have better picture quality and they can compress data. they don’t require any NVR/DVR separately for compression of data and transferring of video. They can work with or without video recorders. They are modern cameras.

Night Vision– It is an important feature for any device. When cams are having good night vision then they provide us with better picture quality. Most crimes take place in the darkness of night. When night vision is poor, then nothing proper can be diagnosed. If any incident takes place then it will be tough to recognize faces. 

Power-over-Ethernet– It is the latest technology. It makes our installation setup process easy. A PoE cable can supply power and data in the same cable. We don’t require separate wiring for power, data, video, and audio.

WiFi– Those devices which are wifi enabled have a slight advantage over normal cameras. You can easily make these devices online and access them from remote areas. It also makes wiring less complex.

Warranty & After Sales Service– Check the duration of warranty and quality of services. Under the warranty period, products can be replaced if they develop any issue. After-sales services are important as they give longevity to products. 

Advantages Of Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 

These are a few advantages of this device.

  • Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 9High-quality imaging with the maximum resolution 1080p @ 60 frames per second 
  • Excellent low-light performance that gives us quality imaging Powered-by-DarkFighter technology 
  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology that saves storage and bandwidth 
  • Clear imaging against strong backlight with 120 dB true WDR technology. No grainy and white spot images
  • False alarm reduction through human and vehicle target classification based on deep learning 
  • Advanced streaming technology that enables smooth live view and no time lag. Data self-correcting in poor network conditions 
  • Water and dust resistance with IP67 level of waterproofing
  • Vandal-resistant- IK10 level


  • Have to purchase an SD card separately. The device doesn’t have it
  • There is no PoE switch and PoE adapter given with the pack
  • The resolution is a bit low

Design Of AcuSense 2 MP IR Fixed Dome Network Camera

Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 3This camera is a fixed focal lens device. There are IRs studded in the device. It is a dome camera with a metal body. The camera base is white and the top cover is black. The design of the camera is oval. The dimensions of this cam are 121 mm × 92 mm, and its weight is 590 grams. 

Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 4There are multiple interfaces used in it. They are used to connect it for various functions. It has audio-in and audio-out interfaces. There is an alarm interface and a CVBS interface. There is also a debug interface, and a network interface. On the backside of the cam, a reset button and a microphone are given. An ethernet cable is attached to the cam.

Features Of Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 

This camera is equipped with AcuSense Deep learning technology. It is important to know these functions of the device. When we know deep, we act deeper. Here are the given features of the device.

  • Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 2The cam gives the maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080@ 60 frames per second
  • This device supports DarkFighter technology. It gives it the best quality imaging. When it is low-light or darkness around the camera, this technology gives us illuminating images. It improves the night vision of the device manyfold.   
  • The compression technology it has is H.265+. It saves storage and bandwidth
  • It supports WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Technology. The WDR is 120dB. It functions in such a way that it gives clear images against strong backlight. Even if there is low light in the background, it emits a good picture quality
  • Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 8There are no grainy images and white spot images
  • It can detect vehicle and human
  • The Deep Learning technology algorithm saves us from false alarms by classifying human and vehicle
  • It has a smart advanced smooth live streaming technology
  • It auto-corrects data in poor network conditionsHikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 11


  • It has a 2.8mm lens. The lens it uses is a fixed focal length. It can focus on a particular object in a particular direction    
  • The Fields Of view it covers is- horizontal FOV 107°, vertical FOV 57°, diagonal FOV 129°
  • The image sensor of the device is- 1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Image sensors are like human eyes. They decide the amount of light lens will absorb and the kind of image it will create
  • IR cut filter is day/night
  • The flash memory of the camera is 8GB
  • The Random Access Memory is 512MB
  • The IR range it covers is big. It is 131 feet or 40 meters
  • It supports a micro SD Card of up to 256GB
  • The device has various image setting modes are available like it can go for – Rotation mode, saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, gain, white balance adjustable by client software or Web browser, etc.
  • Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 10The Deep Learning algorithm and AcuSense technology help in Line crossing detection, intrusion detection, region entrance detection, region exiting detection
  • You can do the above function by pre-set functions in the settings
  • The two-way audio is a vital function of this device. it gives the user option to convey messages to any person on the device end. The user can also be benefitted from this function, as you can also scare any suspect or intruder by shouting at him 
  • The Power Supply is 12 volt
  • The cam is waterproof with the standard of waterproofing is IP67
  • It is a Vandal-proof gadget with IK10 level
  • The device is sturdy and strong

These are some main features of the device.

Download Quick Smart guide, User Manual, & Data Sheet

Here we have given the manuals of this device. these manuals are the reservoir of information for this camera. They can tell you about the design of the device, Its properties, and its function. The networking and installation details. 

Every technical information of this gadget. These are given here. They are given in download button forms. If you want to get them, double-click the button.

Download For Quick Smart Guide

Download User Manual

Download Data Sheet

How To Install?

Installation of this cam is easy. We can install this device on any surface and in any environment. The first step in installing this device is to finalize the location where we want to hang it. Once the location is decided, mark that area with a template.

Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 5Now take the camera stand and overlay it on that template. Make holes for fitting screws. Mount the camera stand and fix it with the support of screws and anchors. Now take the camera and set it on that stand. Align the angle which you want to cover.

Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 6Once you are sure with your coverage area, tighten the camera screw and lay wiring to give power to the gadget. Now the installation is complete.

Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 7If you want to view the device on your phone then you have to install the application. This application works for Android smartphones. You can get it on the google play store. The name of the applications that supports it is “iVMS 4500 HD app”, “Hik-Connect app”, and “Hik Central app”.

Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera 12You can install any one of them. After installing the app, add the device by scanning the QR code. It will further prompt certain other instructions. Follow them to add the camera.

Should I Buy It?

This camera is an AcuSense Fixed dome camera that comes with a deep learning algorithm. It is an intelligent and smart device. It gives you safety and security in all circumstances. Besides having all the basic functions of any CCTV, it has some very special features that are mentioned above.

The night vision is bright and clear thanks to the DarkFighter Technology and WDR Technology. It can be used outdoors and indoors. The reviews of the product are good.


This camera is an AcuSense 2MP camera. It is a fixed dome cam that has a 2MP resolution. This article has given the advantages, disadvantages, features, and installation process at length. Hikvision company is a reputed organization, the brand value of its products is high.

This camera can be installed and viewed from anywhere. It is a Network device. It is good for safety and security. The deep learning algorithm quality and the DarkFighter technology make this device very useful.

The article has reviewed Hikvision PCI-D12F2S Camera. We tried to give you the complete information. Please share your comment regarding the post. 

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