Free Download Sanetron XVR For Windows OS & Mac OS

Sanetron Xvr For Windows is an application that gives us monitoring of multiple devices from any remote location. In this article, we will furnish you with the nitty-gritty investigation of this application for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. We have likewise given here an illustrative detailing of this application for the Windows operating system.

With its assistance, we can see various cameras by sitting at our office. We can easily monitor these from a remote place. It makes the surveillance simpler. It helps you in remotely getting to the gadget.

The basic advantage of this application is that it can playback recordings, save data, and snap pictures for security purposes. It gives us peace of mind as we are seeing everything in front of us.

What Is A Monitoring Software?

CMS is a program that empowers you to keep, alter, and adjust information for a specific reason. Here in our case, it keeps the information of different gadgets and CCTV cameras for security purposes. It shows us remote locations and gives us controlling power.

How Is CMS Helpful For Monitoring?

The application gives us the choice to see different cameras all at once on the same screen. These cameras are integrated at different locations. They can’t be accessed. We should accept a model.

Let’s take this example that there are 6 places where security observation systems are installed. Every gadget is associated with 10 cameras. There is an aggregate of 60 cameras that you need to screen.

These areas are at a decent distance away from each other. You being the proprietor needs to see these gadgets from your office that is at another place. This CMS application gives you the choice to watch these cameras from one area.

It can provide you with an ongoing perspective on 512 cameras all at once on a single screen. It upholds Mac OS, Windows OS, Android OS, iPhone, & iPad.

What Is a Sanetron Xvr For PC Application?

It is designed and marketed by Sanetron Company which is situated in Turkey. It has a scope of safety observation items, like, CCTV, Doorbles, Access Points, Surveillance Accessories, etc.

This CMS application is smart software that can detect actions, play recordings, give us push messages, and alarm us when suspecting any danger.

It can interface various NVRs, DVRs, IP cameras, and so forth with it and give us proper surveillance. It has a long history of fruitful observing.

We will give you in this article the prominent functions of this app, and the complete figurative installation process for Windows 8.

By taking the hint from this demonstration you can do it for other applications and on other devices. 

Highlights and Functions Of Sanetron Application

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 16

The features and functions of this application are many. It is important to know them. When we know these attributes, then we use them to surveillance deeper.

Following are the primary highlights of its functions.

  • If this application is online, you can check the real-time stream.
  • The app gives us live videos. There is no time lag in viewing. It is real-time. 
  • It is simple to set up. You can run it on your PC and operate it without any difficulty.
  • You can manage the picture quality and zoom in and out by sitting at your location.
  • It gives you a continuous view. There is no delay.
  • It is a brilliant application. It supports sensors. It can detect motion and audio through these sensors
  • You can pre-define sensitive areas in this application. It will caution you and alert you when anybody intrudes on your property.
  • The application upholds recording. You can watch playback, take pictures, save recordings, and access them from any place
  • The application endorses two-way audio. You can send any message to the individual on the gadget end. You can likewise scare away the gatecrashers by shouting at them and raising alarm

Download Free Sanetron XVR For Windows OS

You will get here the total information for this product for Windows OS. It is given to you here in a download button form. You need to tap the button to get the document. It is accessible here free for you.

The document is given in a compressed file. You need to un-crush it to make it run on your PC for Windows OS.

It is given here for Windows OS. We have given below the full loading and installation process. It is narrated in pictures. Every step is mentioned and no step is omitted. Click the button link to get it.

Download Free Sanetron XVR For Mac OS

To load this application Sanetron XVR for Mac OS, you will have to go for a different process. This application is not given to Mac. But if you still want to access it on a Mac PC then you have to go for two ways.

Either you can load Android OS on your Mac OS with the help of Bluestacks or the next option is to download Windows OS on Mac OS. This way you can see it on your PC. 

Download Free Sanetron XVR App For Android OS

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 15

To get it for your Android-based cell phone, you need to press the given button below. You can find it on the Google Play StoreYou need to press the button to get it. When it is loaded and installed, you need to add the device by scanning the QR code. 

Follow the instructions that are prompting, and you be getting the device on your mobile screen.

How To Install The Application For Windows OS?

If you want to install the application for Windows then the first thing is that you have to load the file. The file is in a compressed format. Decompress the file and get it on your OS. You can install and monitor the device. It is done in the following way.

Step-1 Install The Sanetron App

When you double-click the application, the app opens for installation. The first thing it asks for is to select the language of your software.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 1

Here, I have selected the ‘English’ language. Press OK and the next window will open for you.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 2

In this step, the CMS Wizard welcomes you and instructs you to press the next button if you want to install the app.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 3

Select the path to install the software. Also, give it a folder location where it can empty its contents.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 4

Here, it will ask for a start menu folder name. With this name, it will save content.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 5

It will ask you permission for the Desktop icon.  Permit it, tick the column and press the next button.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 6

Now, this page will tell you that the device is ready to install. If still, you want to make certain changes then go ‘Back’ or else press the button and “Install”

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 7

Content starts downloading in the selected folder. Once it is installed, it will notify you with the message.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 8

Now the installation is finished. Press the finish button. It will take you to the next stage. The next stage is about Logging In to the CMS Wizard.

Step-2 Log In The CMS Application

The following window is available for logging in.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 9

Here, you have to create a username and password of your choice. A password that has a combination of the upper cap, lower cap, numerical, and alphabet good is good.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 10

Put the username and password of your choice and press the “Add” button.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 11

It will take you to the homepage of the application. Now you have to add the camera. We will go to add the device now.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor Cameras

To monitor cameras you have to add the device. At the homepage of the application, press the ‘Device’ option to add the device.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 13

Here, you have to put in the IP address of the device. additionally, you have to fill in the port number, username, and password of the app. Press the next step button and the camera will come on your Windows screen.

If you have to add more than one device, then repeat the process for every device.

Sanetron Xvr For Windows 14


In this article, you have found vital information regarding Sanetron CMS Wizard. It is comprehensively explained for Windows and Androids. Here, we have also given the step by the step installation process.

We have tried to make this article user-friendly. You can get the link to the apps for Windows and Android. Get them.

Please mention your remarks about the post. Your suggestions help us.

Thank You.

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