Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera POE + IP 4MP AI Powered

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 Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera POE + IP Model no. IP4M-1063EW-AI is an artificially intelligent camera.

Amcrest products are part of a generation of advanced remote monitoring and surveillance systems that bridge the gap between powerful capabilities, ease of use, and affordability. With their high quality and robust design, Amcrest cameras allow us to securely monitor our home, small business, or medium to large enterprise.

Amcrest outdoor PTZ cam is a 4MP IP device that can be zoomed in 25x times for a closer view. 

It has very powerful IR LEDs that allow you visibility up to 328ft in the darkness. There is no blind spot as it covers 360 degrees view. The device is vandal-proof and weatherproof. 

It is available at a price value of $579.99 at Amazon and Amcrest stores.

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Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera 10Buying Guide For PTZ Cameras

Deciding to buy a PTZ cam is not easy when you have so many panning, tilt, and zoom cameras around you. Below are the metrics to evaluate your exact search.


All PTZ cameras can be moved horizontally or vertically. They are made to function that way to cover the maximum coverage area. 

When cameras move horizontally to cover the wider angle of the location then it is called as panning of the cam.

When they move vertically to cover the wider range then it is known as tilting of the camera.

Cameras can rotate horizontally up to 360 degrees and vertically up to 90 degrees. Though, the degrees of the movement vary from product to product.

Some latest good quality PTZ cameras can also be operated from a remote location with the help of the APP. Because of wider angle coverage, PTZ cameras are highly useful for sensitive locations that are big also.


PTZ cameras are special because they can be zoomed in and out manyfold. By zooming in the image you can trace even the minutest of the activities very clearly. 

You can zoom in on the image from 2x to 40x and even more. The better the resolution and image quality, the clearer the zoomed clip. The quality of the zoomed image depends on the quality of the varifocal lens and the setting of focal length.

Image Quality

People have become accustomed to HD (1280 x 720) and even full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution videos for digital PTZ cameras/recorders and online videos, and with TV quickly moving into the HDTV era, IP camera users have come to expect megapixel resolution images from their cameras. 

Price is also no longer an issue since the difference in cost between megapixels and SD (usually 720 x 480 or 720 x 576) IP cameras is relatively small.


If you have to capture videos at night, then you have to look for strong LEDs in a PTZ camera. Super LEDs illuminate the object better at night. Starlights or Floodlights are the modern-day super solution for darkness.

Motion & Audio Sensor

The technology is improving day by day, making it much more effective at tracking objects of interest. It keeps the user safe from any kind of threat. 

Sensors are functional in such a way that they relay alarms or switch on floodlights or lights attached to the PTZ cam when they read something fishy. They also send you notifications on your mobile phones when observing suspicious activities.

Easy Setup

How easy it is to fix the cam. How easy it is to position or mount the camera. If a CCTV camera has a good pan/tilt, it might not require accurate positioning. You might just place them over a heightened table or wardrobe.


Since PTZ cams are used outdoors, weatherproofing is a must. Check whether your cameras have IP66, IP67, etc. level waterproofing at least.

Two-way Audio

All good PTZ cameras are equipped with speakers and microphones. With the help of the app, you can talk two-way and communicate with the person on the other side. It is a very useful function. With its help, you can alert others or hush away the threat.

Most cameras have an SD-Card slot that supports capacities up to 256GB. When you have this facility in your camera, then your camera is complete in its totality. It doesn’t require any external source like NVR/DVR to record the activities.

IP Cameras & PoEs

IP Cam is the latest and modern range. Installation is easy, and picture quality is the best. Go for IP appliances only. IP devices are network-based security cameras that communicate over a computer network to send a data signal back to the recorder. 

Cloud Storage

CCTV cloud storage is a comprehensive program that allows users to store camera-related footage remotely without worrying about storage capacity on-site.

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera 8Advantages

  • Simple PoE setup
  • Superior HD 4MP at 25FPS
  • Cloud Video Storage
  • Micro SD, FTP, & NVR Storage
  • Smart Motion Alerts
  • Advanced Zone Detection
  • Intelligent Timeline Playback
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty
  • No Blind Spots


  • SD Card is not included
  • No wireless setup is given


  • 1x camera
  • 1x manual
  • 1x camera stand
  • 1x pack of screws and anchors

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Design Of the Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera 1The cam is a half oval-shaped device in white colour. The front part of the Amcrest cam has 4 powerful LEDs. It has a microphone point, a speaker, and a sensor attached to the head side of the device. 

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera 12At the tail end of it, there is a slot for a micro SD Card, and a reset button is given.

Features Of The Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera

The cam has the following features.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) Features

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera 6The PTZ Speed Dome PoE AI Camera has the following AI features; Face Detection, Deep IVS (Tripwire, Intrusion, Abandoned Object, Missing Object), Video Metadata reporting (People, Non-motor Vehicle, and Motor Vehicle), and Smart Motion Detection. 

The AI features included with the cam are built-in and do not require an AI NVR to function. A microSD card may be required to store and review events. Offers 4MP@25fps video with a wide 60° viewing angle.

Smarter & Safer

Utilize intelligent alerts that send notifications to your computer or smartphone via the Amcrest View app. Record events on this PTZ POE + camera as soon as they happen and store them on your computer, MicroSD (up to 256GB), NAS, or Amcrest Cloud.

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera 7


This device requires PoE+ power (802. 3at) to operate. Utilize the pan tilt zoom feature with 25x optical motorized zoom and 16x digital zoom as well as continuous 360° pan, 90° tilt capturing every angle.


 Whether it’s rain or shine, day or night, this outdoor pan tilt zoom camera has an IP66 rating which means it’s built to endure whatever mother nature throws its way.


Once nighttime sets in, innovative starlight technology from the CMOS Image Sensor and IR LEDs helps this camera see up to 328 feet at night even in ultra-low light. H.265 Compression technology allows for files to be compressed without any noticeable difference in quality.

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera 4Cloud Storage

 Amcrest Cloud was created to ensure that you don’t miss a thing, no matter where you are. With an intuitive interface, you can live-stream your footage which enables you to play it back based on your preferences. A PoE injector or switch is required.

Privacy Is Paramount

At Amcrest, we want to ensure the safety of our customers, their loved ones, homes, and businesses. This POE + outdoor PTZ camera features HTTPS and SSL encryption to ensure data privacy.

Warranty & Services

You’ll receive a full 1-year US and Lifetime Support provided directly from Amcrest. 

Device compatibility

Compatible with the following Amcrest AI NVR’s: B08CJJC9HN, B08KHQD5R8, B08KHQXL48, B08CJJ3YKR, B08KHD3QYJ, B08KHQZXCX, B08CJMRQPY, B08KHQQ5FH, B08KJ7B993

Superior HD 4MP 

Magnificent 4-Megapixel / 2688 x 1536p @ 25fps video with enhanced low light capability on this POE outdoor camera utilizing a 1/2.8″ CMOS progressive image sensor and a chipset. 

The Amcrest UltraHD camera soaks in the entire scene, dynamically painting all the vivid colors and rich imagery, pixel by pixel, onto your computer screen or smartphone in full 2688×1536 resolution at 25 frames per second (FPS). 

No need to strain your eyes, lean in close, or play the guessing game when you have this level of detail.

Micro SD, FTP, & NVR Storage

In addition to Amcrest Cloud, the Amcrest ProHD camera can also record to an FTP server, onto your local computer.

 MicroSD Card (Up to 256GB), or to any Amcrest NVR, you can record. You’ll have full control over your recordings and can manage them as per your liking.

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera 3

Smart Motion Alerts

The Amcrest View Pro app frees you from having to check in just to find out what’s been happening lately. Instead, get immediate push notifications and alarm details sent to your smartphone while you’re on the go. 

Launch straight into the app, choose an event from the Event List, and jump right to the relevant recording. Life doesn’t wait around, and neither should you.

Zone Detection 

Create distinct motion detection zones to completely customize control over what you’re monitoring. This is an effective way to ensure that you only record what you need when it’s important. 

Each zone includes its sensitivity and threshold meters so you can fine-tune it exactly to your liking. Let the Amcrest camera hold its focus so you don’t have to lose yours.

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera 560 Degrees Viewing Angle

A carefully crafted 2.8mm fixed lens with a max aperture of F1.6 generates striking visuals owing to the 60° viewing angle. You will have no problem keeping what you care about in your sights.

How To Install?

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera 9You have to specify your location. Once the location is finalized, mark the area and mount the cam to fix it with screws and anchors. Wire connect it with the power socket to give it the power to function.

To install the app on your mobile, open the play store and search “Amcrest Cloud App”.

Amcrest Outdoor PTZ Camera 2 

Download it and install the app. Now scan the QR code, and within just a few taps you’re ready to go. Day-to-day operations are a breeze thanks to the simple interface which allows you to take advantage of the camera’s powerful features.

Users Review

KungFuJosh reviewed it-

  • I like this camera, but the setup was troublesome at first. I tried connecting P2P and it wouldn’t work. I tried connecting directly on my network, using the included power adapter, and it wouldn’t work. I tried connecting it through my Amcrest NVR on a PoE port and still didn’t work. 
  • The camera powered on and did its little spin start-up move, and then it sat idle. The NVR gave it an IP address, but it was not able to connect or view the camera feed.
  • Finally, after unplugging and replugging the camera back in, I was able to connect it, after manually adding it to the NVR and refreshing it a few times. I have no idea why the camera was fighting during setup, but it’s working great now.
  • The image quality appears to be excellent. The camera adjusts quickly to changes in lighting, and it’s responsive when using the PTZ functions. 
  • I’m also happy to see that it supports microSD cards up to 128GB, as that has been an issue for me with other security camera devices that wouldn’t go above 32GB. 
  • One thing to be aware of when selecting a location to mount the camera is that the minimum focus distance is a little bit on the high side when zoomed in at all. This is somewhat to be expected, but you should keep it in mind if you plan on putting it over a door or something and want to be able to see faces.

DebrodeD has nice feelings

  • Needed a PTZ camera for my backyard and decided to splurge on this one thinking I’d just return it if it didn’t justify its cost. This is an expensive camera for home use, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a PTZ camera. 
  • The PTZ is fast and smooth with fine adjustments possible. This camera isn’t plagued by the cheaper Amcrest indoor PTZ cameras that often overshoot their mark while trying to position them.
  • The Zoom on this thing is incredible as well (the main reason I needed it). The 20x zoom is no joke and it auto-focuses precisely when zooming. You can control the iris, zoom, and focus all manually if needed as well. This becomes important if you have a part of the picture that it happens to focus on accidentally.
  • You can do some cool things with this like face detection, auto patrolling, etc (though I’m not using any of that since I use Blue Iris).

Should I Buy It?

It is a high-resolution 4MP ultra-high-definition camera. The video quality is excellent and the clarity is breathtaking. With 4 powerful LEDs, it gives you 492 ft night vision in the dark. The coverage angle is wide. AI makes the device unique and top-class. 

The cam is a bit costly, but the features are specially designed to use in highly sensitive areas. Its focus on the threat will allow you to defocus.


The cam is sophisticated and technologically advanced. It is best for the highly sensitive zones. Maybe we are feeling any outside threat and we want to remain alert against any suspicious activity, then this device powered with AI comes into play.

The Amcrest company and its products are very reliable. Their services are top-notch.  

Here, the review of the Amcrest outdoor PTZ camera for you. Please share your opinion regarding the cam in the comment section. 

Thank You.

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