The latest development in AI technology for the surveillance products has provided a rise in demand to make the residences more secure by developing one of the best security solution and other products as well. To meet the demand of the clients we here provide the Arlo App.

The article will help the user clients to learn in detail about different aspects, features and functions of the software to help the user client to connect, manage and control the security cameras on Windows.

We have also provided other details such as installation procedures, account creation process etc for this Arlo App for PC.

What is the Arlo App?

Arlo App Logo
Arlo App for PC Logo

Arlo Technologies Inc. has designed, developed and rendered the Arlo app to assist their CCTV camera users in connecting to the Arlo security devices without any difficulty.

Features of the Application

Features will help us learn more about the functions and characteristics of the software. There are many interesting features in the app to help the user client understand more easily about the application.

  • User-friendly and easy to use.
  • The latest technology of Motion detection.
  • Alarm push notification.
  • Play recorded videos.
  • Upto 4K video quality.
  • Two-way audio for communication.
  • Object identification on the camera.

Information Related to the Arlo Technologies Inc.

Arlo Technologies Inc. is a cloud-based security solution and surveillance products provider in the CCTV market.

The company’s headquarters is situated in San Jose, California, USA. The company has on average nearly 2.85 million registered user clients.

The organisation manufactures and renders different types of products and accessories for providing the best security solutions and surveillance.

Different Types of Products By Arlo Technologies Inc.

Here we have provided the information related to the different types of security devices and solutions offered by the company.

The details are provided by the company for a better understanding of the products along with knowledge of different features present in each of the products for the clients and customers to improve their security and safety.

Wireless Security Cameras

This is one of the finest products provided for the outdoor security of the premises or residents for the clients.

The details are provided for the user to help them connect and control the CMS software for the user to get a better glance at the information related to the products.

Arlo Wireless security camera range
Arlo Wireless security camera range

The security camera provides a crystal clear image from 1080p to 4K video quality depending upon the model of the camera whether it is Arlo Pro 2, 3, 4 or Essential for outdoor security.

The camera also has two-way noise cancellation for wind, noise, and echo. The cameras also have weather resistance to provide surveillance in any climate condition.

Arlo DoorBells

Here is another amazing product rendered for sale by the company for their clients and customers. This product replaces the traditional doorbells with advanced technology as well as surveillance solutions for the safety of the house.

The product has some amazing features as well.

Types of Arlo Doorbell
Types of Arlo Doorbell

The Arlo doorbells also come in different models and provide excellent quality video when anyone presses the bell button to provide a better view and identify the person with facial recognition technology.

They provide up to a 5-metre motion detection range and a 180-degree wide-angle view. The doorbells are UV as well as weather-resistant to handle any climate condition.

How does multiple Arlo Pro Work Together?

Arlo Pro camera can be connected by using as Arlo base device which is connected to the internet connections. The Arlo station acts as a medium to provide wireless access to the devices on PC and smartphones by using the application.

Procedure to Get Recordings

Here this section assists the user clients in downloading the recordings on their storage devices such as PCs and smartphones.

Whenever a camera detects a motion it automatically records the moments. The user clients can also download them by following the steps provided below:

  • Go to the Library section of the app.
  • Select the event date of which you want to download.
  • Then the list of the recordings of that date will be displayed.
  • Click the video to play.
  • When the video is started click on the download icon.
  • Select the drive where you want to save the download.

How Does the Arlo Pro Camera Perform?

Functioning of the devices
Functioning of the devices

The Arlo Pro camera can be used wire-free along with connecting the AC battery charger to the Arlo Pro camera. As the camera detects any motion it immediately provides you with live streaming by using the Wi-Fi link of the Arlo station device on your account in cloud storage.

Arlo Pro Application (Android OS)

The company has provided the application for Android users to help them connect the device to their Android smartphone.

With the Android app, the user can keep surveillance as well as access cameras from remote locations.

The link is provided below to download and install the application on the smartphone.

Arlo Pro App (iOS)

The company has taken good care of smartphone user clients to help them connect to their devices by providing the CMS for iOS.

The link is provided below for the iOS clients to download and install it.

Arlo Pro App (Windows 11//10/8/7 or Mac OS)

The company has not provided any CMS for Windows and Mac OS user clients. Instead, the user can get access to their devices by using a web browser.

The company is only providing the CMS for Android and iOS clients. We have provided the link below to get connected through the web browser to keep surveillance.

Procedure to Connect Base Station

Here is the procedure to connect the base station to the internet connection, as the station device will act as a medium to connect the cameras on the CMS.

Arlo base will act as link between the application and the CCTV cameras to connect each other. Follow the steps to install the device carefully as provided below:

  1. Using an ethernet cable connect the base station with an internet connection and an AC adapter and plug in the adapter.
Connect the base station to the ethernet cable
Connect the base station to the ethernet cable
  • Now switch on the device and wait for the power indication LED and internet connection indication LED to turn on the green light. The device is connected to the internet and ready.
  • Turn On the Base Station
    Turn On the Base Station

    Steps To Sync CCTV Camera With Station Device

    This process is very essential step to help the clients make their cameras ready to connect with the base device. By syncing the station device and the security devices they will be ready to connect to each other on the CMS.

    The sync process is available here in a detailed manner just follow the steps carefully.

    First of all, keep the camera within 3 feet range from the Arlo Base.

    Keep within 3 feet of range.
    Keep within 3 feet of range.

    Now press and hold the sync button which is located on the top of the base device for 2 second. Then wait for the base device to blink a green light.

    Press sync button on top of the device
    Press the sync button on top of the device

    After that press and hold the sync button provided on the camera for 2 second. 

    Press sync button on the camera
    Press sync button on the camera

    Then wait for the blue light to blink on the camera for successful syncing and for unsuccessful sync an amber light will blink on the camera.

    Camera sync signal
    Camera sync signal

    Steps To Get an Account on Android and iOS App

    To start the live streaming and recording the clients must have an Arlo account to connect and view their cameras on the app.

    Here is the procedure to acquire and add the device to the app. The procedure is simple and easy to understand, just follow the steps mentioned below step-by-step:

    • Download and install the app for Android and iOS.
    • Then open the app and if you want to enable Touch ID to click on the option Enable Touch ID. Or leave it
    • Now click on the “New To Arlo? option.
    • Then proceed to select the option Arlo (Wire-Free) to add the devices.
    • Wait for the app to search and discover the device.
    • After discovering the device select the Arlo station’s serial number on the app.
    • Fill in all the fields to complete the Account setup and click on the “OK” option.
    • Now select the subscription plan to start the surveillance.

    If the smartphone user clients want to log in to gain access through the PC then they can use the same login ID credentials on the web browser to get access on the PC.

    There is no need to create another account on PC if the clients has already created the account on their smartphone’s app.

    Add Devices To Existing Arlo Account

    The method to add the devices to the existing account is discussed in detail to help and assist the clients to connect devices on app without any difficulty. Follow the guidelines step by step to connect the devices on the app correctly without any error. The guidelines are listed below:

    • Open the app on your smartphone. OR if using a PC then open the web browser and open the link mentioned above.
    • Click on the option “Add Device” to proceed to the option to add devices.
    • Now follow the instructions on the screen.

    Add devices From other Arlo Accounts

    This section has elaborated on the method to connect and add devices from other Arlo accounts in detail.

    The procedure to add the devices is very simple and easy. Below is the list of the steps to add the devices from the other account:

    1. Open the app if using a smartphone OR go to the web address provided above if using a PC.
    2. The devices page will be displayed, log in to the old Arlo account.
    3. Click on the option “Settings” and then go to the option “My Devices” and display a list of devices.
    4. Now click on the camera device which you want to add to another account.
    5. The setting of the camera will be displayed.
    6. Then click on the “Remove Device” option and the device will be removed.
    7. Now log out from the app.
    8. Then Sync the CCTV camera to Arlo’s station.

    How To Connect The Charger To Arlo Pro

    Arlo Pro CCTV camera is a battery-operated camera and comes with a charger as well.

    The Steps are very simple to connect the charger and help the clients to charge the devices correctly as well as completely. The steps are available below.

    In order to connect the AC charger adapter cable to the camera power unit. and connect the other end of the adapter cable to the camera.

    Connect the AC adapter to the camera
    Connect the AC adapter to the camera

    Plug in the AC adapter into an electrical switch. When the camera LED lights turn to solid blue when the camera battery is completely charged.

    Charged camera will emit blue light
    Charged camera will emit blue light

    Live view on Arlo App for Android & iOS

    We have provided below a sample screenshot of the live view on the Arlo App. Given here for Android & iOS.

    With the preview, you can understand how to get the view on the CMS.

    Arlo App clean images
    Sample Arlo App


    This article has dealt with a detailed manner. The application is one of the best CCTV camera CMS application for Android and iOS clients.

    The application provides different features for the Arlo CCTV camera user clients.

    The Arlo products and their service are of top quality and provide a better user experience.

    With the help of Arlo products and CMS, we can create a better and secured environment for our loved ones and family.

    The app and products provide some of the most fascinating functions and features for surveillance of the premises and surroundings.

    For any more query you can contact us by commenting in the section below of the article. Hope the article is beneficial for the CCTV camera users.

    Thank You.


    1. I have two Arlo Pro 4 cameras, an iMac and an LG Nano tv. I cannot view my recordings on my iMac, however I can get live streaming through Apple HomeKit on my iMac. I cannot view live stream or recordings on the LG Nano tv. Is there a way to view Arlo recordings/live stream on the LG Nano tv? And, is there a an Arlo app for iMac to view my Arlo recordings? It would be nice to have a seamless interface between these devices.

      1. Hi Dee.
        How are you? right now the app is only for Ios and android devices. One thing you can do you buy MI 4K Box, or Andriod TV Box. Install Arlo app on that device and have a seamless view.

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