Eufy Security App For PC Download Free For Windows/MAC

With the advent of the latest technology, the manufacturers of surveillance security solutions are developing and innovating new security solutions and products to meet the rising demand for newer security solutions.

Here we will elaborate on the Eufy Security App in detail for our clients and readers.

Here we have discussed in great length many vital information related to the Eufy camera and its CMS.

The readers as well as clients will also understand the usage and installation method correctly.

Also, read the article very carefully for every valuable information knowledge. Get here the complete information regarding the Eufy Security App for PC.

What is the Eufy Security App?

App Logo
App Logo

Anker Technology has developed and rendered the CMS for Android as well as iOS user clients.

The clients will be assisted to manage and control the CCTV on the app. The application is only available for Android and iOS users.

Features of the Eufy APP

The mentioned features of the application will help the clients and readers to learn in-depth about the information and functions of the application.

The details are very important for the users to help them use the application easily. Below we have listed the features of the application to help the user clients:

  • User-friendly and easy to use.
  • Two-way communication facility.
  • Multiple Modes such as home, away, scheduled etc.
  • Record and bookmark events.
  • Live streaming on any network.
  • Play recorded videos on the app.

Information Related To Anker Technology (UK) Ltd.

The Company is a security solutions and products manufacturer as well as dealer. The company is based in the United Kingdom. The organisation has provided some of the best products for surveillance at home. 

Eufy Security App (Android OS)

Here we have provided the link to download the Android app for smartphone users.

The company has provided the app to help its clients connect to the CCTV system on their smartphones without any difficulty. The download link is provided here below.

Eufy Security App (iOS)

The iOS users can also download the application to connect the CCTV system on their iPhones to keep surveillance on their homes from remote locations.

The company has taken care of smartphone users by providing every smartphone with their respective apps. The download link is provided below. Cick it to download on the iOS smartphone.

Availability of Eufy Security App?

The organisation is not providing any CMS for Windows or Mac OS clients. Instead, the PC users can connect the CCTV camera to the PC by accessing it using their web browser.

The link to access the security devices is provided below. The users must first create an account through their smartphone and connect the device then they can use it on the web browser.

Installation Procedure Details

Here we elaborated in detail the installation guidelines to help the user client install and connect the CCTV camera on the app without any difficulty.

The installation guidelines are easy and simple to understand for the readers. Follow every step carefully to connect the device to the application.

Types of Equipment in the Kit

Equipments in the kit
Equipment in the kit

Before we start the installation of the CCTV we will elaborate on the equipment that comes along with the purchase of the Eufy CCTV.

These are Below we have listed the accessories and devices that come along with the Eufy camera.

  • Two EufyCam.
  • One Home Base Station.
  • Two outdoor mounts as well as two indoor mounts.
  • One power adapter for the Home Base Station.
  • One USB cable charger for the cameras.
  • An Ethernet cable to connect the Base Station to the router.
  • Two packets of screw and screw anchors.

Points to Remember Before Mounting Camera

Points to be remember
Points to be remember

Here are a few points that should be remembered before mounting the HomeBase device and the camera in your home.

The list is provided below to help the user clients mount their devices correctly at the right place to receive signals.

  • The users must mount the camera up to a maximum of 10 feet high.
  • Do not mount near the object might reflect the light on the device.
  • The camera should not be mounted in direct sunlight.
  • The user should mount the device where the HomeBase and camera can receive a good connection to connect.
  • Place the HomeBase in the right place.

Installation Procedure Details

Here we have provided the steps below to set up the camera and device as well as connect them to the CMS.

Read and follow the steps as mentioned below carefully to connect the cameras to the application.

First, connect the station device to the router using the ethernet cable. Then connect the CCTV with the USB cable to the charger.

Connect HomeBase to internet
Connect HomeBase to the internet

Now download and install the application from the link provided above in the article.

Download & Install the application
Download & Install the application

After download the app open it and click on the “Sign Up” button.

Sign Up to create an account
Sign Up to create an account

After opening the signup page enter the email address, password and nickname. Now click on the “Sign Up” button to complete the process.

Enter email credentials
Enter email credentials

Here Invite screen will appear on the smartphone screen. The users can invite others to get connected to the device.

Invite other users to access the camera
Invite other users to access the Device

Press the sync button on the station device to start the sync and wait for the device to say “HomeBase is ready for setup”.

Sync the Station device
Sync the Station device

Wait for the HomeBase’s light to turn white from red.

White light indicate device synced
A white light indicates the device synced

Now choose the device in the list displayed on the application.

Select the device in the list
Select the device in the list

Then press the sync button present on the CCTV to start the syncing of the camera. Then click on the “Next” button on the smartphone’s screen.

Start the syncing of the camera
Start the syncing of the camera

Now the device is ready for online surveillance.

The CCTV camera is ready for live view
The CCTV camera is ready for live view

Sample live on the app of Android and iOS smartphones.

live view on the smartphone CMS
live view on the smartphone CMS

Procedure to Connect Eufy Cameras on PC

Here we will describe the procedure to connect the cameras to a web browser. Go to the link provided above to access the cameras through a web browser.

Follow the guidelines carefully to connect to the web browser online.

The login page will open and enter the email ID and password. Click on the “Login” button.

Login on the web browser
Log in on the web browser

 A new page will open and display the connected devices on the main screen. Click any of the devices to get a live view.

Sample live view on the Eufy Security App for PC
Sample live view on the Eufy

To play the recorded videos go to the “Events” section. Select the date of the event of which you want to play the video. To record video the clients have to purchase the subscription plan.

To play recorded videos go to Events
To play recorded videos go to Events

To purchase the subscription plan go to the “Subscription” section.

To purchase the subscription
To purchase the subscription

Here are a few subscription plans shown in the image below.

Subscription plans for recording videos
Subscription plans for recording videos

Watch the Video for more info


We have discussed and elaborated on every vital detail related to the article “Download Eufy Security App.

The article has rendered some of the most valuable information details about the security system to help the CCTV camera user clients set up and install it to keep surveillance on their residences.

The application provides a variety of functions which help the clients to operate and control the security camera easily from the software. Features are elaborated as well in detail to help the user client understand what functions can be performed by the application.

Unfortunately, the organisation is only providing the application for Android and iOS clients.

The PC user can only access their device by first registering and connecting the CCTV through a smartphone. Then access the security cameras on a PC by using a web browser.

Thanks for reading and visiting our website for the Eufy security app. For any queries feel free to contact us by commenting below in the comment section.

Thank You.

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  1. Im looking for a app for windows so i can easely see my video’s and delete them if nessesery.
    With the app on the phone it is not so easy (it’s slow).

      1. I have my Eufy Home Security on my Android phone. I require to install on my Windows 10 Laptop. Please advise how.
        Regards, Tony.

          1. No it isn’t – doesn’t work. All I get is ‘established secure channel’ then nothing.

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