GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 3MP 1080P WiFi For Smart Home

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera is a metal body 3MP device that has many attractive security functions. Any outdoor cam is mainly installed for security purposes. A device that has 2-way audio to communicate from the person who is at the device end with the help of the “meShare App” is good to use.  

The device is sensitive to motion, and sound. It means that it can sense an intruder or harsh noise disturbances outside the home without any human intervention. It will send you notifications on your registered mobile number and email to alert you.

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 3

It also facilitates you to keep the recording of day-to-day activities on the cloud. These all facilities are available at a tag value of $29.99

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Buying Guide For An Outdoor Camera

It is important to know the features and usability of the products. Here is a glimpse of them.

IP Protocols Support- Check whether your cam supports ONVIF or RTSP protocols. It will make your device comfortable with other devices.

Weatherproofing- IP 66, or IP 65 compatible device means ready to use in inclement weather conditions. Look for your device compatibility.

Resolution-  With digital IP cams, the resolution is specified by the number of pixels. Currently, we recommend a minimum of 2 MegaPixels. 3MP is the standard but 4MP cameras are quickly becoming mainstream. 

Night-Vision- To allow it to capture views in dark or night we require night-vision. For that IR LEDs, Array lights, Spotlight, or Floodlight are attached to it. Check the quality of night vision before buying the camera.

Recording- Look for SD Card slots and their capacities in standalone cameras. Also, look for the cloud storage facilities and their charges.

Wifi- When the equipment is wifi compatible, it is an added advantage to you. You don’t require wiring and router connection through LAN Cable.

Warranty- Always ask for warranty conditions and after-sales service facility. When they are satisfactory, then it is a good purchase.

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GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 9


  1. IR Night Vision
  2. Motion Detection Area Set
  3. Real-time Alerts
  4. Two-way Talk
  5. Multiple Remote Access
  6. SD Card/Cloud Storage
  7. Video Replay
  8. Microphone & Speaker
  9. WiFi
  10. Metal Body


  1. Doesn’t support 5Ghz wifi
  2. Cloud storage is chargeable

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 11


It is a metal body cylindrical-shaped cam with dimensions 7.87 x 7.2 x 4.84 inches. It weighs 2.21 pounds. 

The front side of the cam has IR LEDs, a light indicator, a lens, a microphone, and a smart IR- cut filter.

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 2

On the backside of the cam are a speaker, a slot for the micro Sd card, and a reset button.

Features Of GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera

The device has the following features.

1080P Full HD & IR Night Vision– With a 120° wide-angle view and 3MP lens, our outside cam covers more spaces and creates clearer high-quality images and videos all the time. This cam has 12 advanced infrared LED lights, so you can get high-quality and light images up to 40ft in darkness. 

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 4

Full Metal Camera & Waterproofing– This cam uses top metal material, easier heat dissipation. The lower temperature is safer for you. IP65 Waterproof, it can withstand temperature ranges from -4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C). This motion security cam is strong enough to withstand the storm, lighting, and snowy weather, and vandal resistance.

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 5Smart Motion Detection & Real-Time Alerts– You can set the monitoring area and it can reduce false alarms. Real-time alert and immediate notification, automatically save snapshots and 10s videos to SD card or cloud storage. Download easily. 


GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 14

SD card & Cloud Service– Supports micro SD card(up to 128GB, not included), first 30-days free cloud service. Our safe financial encryption technology can protect your data and privacy most.

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 16

Works With Alexa– Perfectly compatible with Alexa. You can ask Alexa to display the live feed of your cam directly on the screen of your Echo Show.

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 13

Two-Way Audio & Multiple Remote Access– With a great noise cancellation speaker and built-in microphone, it allows you to communicate with your family or strangers conveniently and clearly. Talk with your elders, kids, postman, or warm uninvited people. Multiple accounts sharing, your family and friends can view videos simultaneously.

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 7

Motion-Detection– With a 2.8MM 3MP HD lens, this camera provides a clear picture. When you set the cam’s alert, as soon as there is a suspicious motion in the monitoring range, an alert will be generated immediately and it will be uploaded as videos. 

At the same time, the alert will be sent to your mobile phone and it can be downloaded on your phone easily.

US Server Cloud & Privacy Data– The server of this cam is in the USA. Any operation can get a quick response, low latency. We pay special attention to your security and privacy data. Our safe Financial Encryption Technology can protect your data and privacy most.

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 1


  • 1. Camera*1
  • 2. Mouting kit*1
  • 3. Power Supply *1
  • 4. Antenne*1
  • 5. Operation instruction*1

How To Install?

To install the cam manually firstly you have to search the right location. A right location means, where you are getting the right coverage area and the device is also receiving the wifi zone. Mount the camera base at that place and fix the camera with the help of the anchors and screws.

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 12

To install the app on your mobile, download the app from the google play store. The app is “meShare”. Once the app is installed, add the device by scanning the QR Code. Now follow the instructions to connect the device.

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera 17

How Is The Users’ Response About The Camera? 

Tingting Zhang shared his experiences in the following words.

  • This cam is great we rent our apartment so we don’t own the building. We have had a problem with people breaking into our cars so we needed to find a cam that wouldn’t damage the outside of the building but was also reliable enough to capture images if someone tried to break into our cars again. 
  • This cam does all of that and more it is weatherproof it can be connected by WiFi only or you can run an Ethernet cord to it if you want. There is minimal damage to the building and the pictures are great. If you throw a SIM card in it you can record notifications And videos of movement and the images are not blurry or cloudy at all, even in the rain you still get a pretty decent picture. 
  • I would say the night vision is almost better than the regular Image and we have absolutely no lights outside our building so it is dark. It connects easily to the app and the other cameras we have inside our house. For the price, you can’t beat it.

Utkarsh Jaiswal has said that

  • I don’t usually like leaving product reviews until the product has exceeded my expectations and I feel like that it was money well spent. This cam is very impressive as it checks off all the bells and whistles that you need from a security camera, the capability to monitor what’s going on in the house at the touch of a button from your phone is remarkable. 
  • The picture quality is high definition which also helps in making sure you don’t miss out on any minor movements that a normal camera might miss. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to buy a security camera to keep their family and business safe.

Should I Buy It?

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Camera is a moderate range very strong camera. It is among the rare camera species that are metallic. You can use it in any tough conditions. If you are living in an area where the weather is snowy or the temperature is very high, then it must be your preference. 

It has sensors, a wifi-enabled system, clear day and night visions, and cloud-based recording. Yes, you should buy it.


A metallic camera is rare these days. A standalone metallic camera is even rarer. The camera has multi-screen sharing for many users. That is good for security. Remote access is easy. 2-way audio and real-time alerts are super combos for safety. This cam is a champ in protecting you and your property.

GOAOFOEOI Outdoor Cam review is an attempt to give you an idea of a good camera. How did you find the review? Please share your heart in the comment section.

Thank You.

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