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Here we are discussing how to connect your Hikconnect mobile app on your computer. Hikvision is a king in the CCTV camera industry and they have lots of users worldwide.

Hik connect is the mobile application of Hikvision and it only runs on mobile and tablet devices. So what about laptops and computers?

Hikvision allows its users to install different software for the desktop user. So here we are telling how to use hik connect for PC.

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You need to download  Hik Connect CMS because you want to get access to your CCTV cameras into your computer. Every CCTV company offers APPs for mobile phones and computer as well.

Hikvision also allows using a desktop version.  You can easily download the latest version of Hik connect for PC.

The software name is IVMS-4500 by which you can configure your Hik connect DVR/NVR on your PC so do not confuse by the name of the software.

GET Download for Windows 7/8/10 and MAC

If you want to see your CCTV cameras on your PC then you need to download the setup file of Hik connect for PC.

The setup files are different for the Windows PC and the MAC PC. You have to download it as per your need. After downloading the setup file, we will move to the configuration of the software.

So download the file from the given link and follow the instructions given and then you will be able to connect your CCTV cameras on the software.

Download CMS for Windows

Here is the link available of download for Windows. If you have Windows PC and you want to get your Hikvision CCTV cameras on your PC then download the setup file from the given link.

There are two methods, In the first method, we will use the application provided by the Hikvision.

In the second one we need to download a third-party software named emulator and with the help of the emulator will we try to connect the Hik connect application on the Windows PC.

Download for MAC

Here is the link for MAC available for your MAC PC. If you have MAC based computer or laptop then download the setup file from the following link and the configuration. it is almost the same as the configuration of Windows.

So download the setup file from the following link and follow the step for the configuration of Hik connect for MAC.

Features of the CMS

There are so many good features are available in the softwarae. By using this software you are not only able to watch your CCTV cameras on your PC

But there are so many good features available for managing and maintaining the CCTV setup on your PC like customized live view, dwell monitoring of cameras, PTZ controlling, user management, etc.

There are some features are given below.

  1. Live Preview of your cameras.
  2. Customize live view.
  3. Camera group making and watching.
  4. PTZ controlling.
  5. Remote Playback.
  6. User Creation.
  7. Online Device.
  8. Adding methods like Hik Connect, IP Address, Domain name, Ezviz, etc.
  9. Find the IP address of IP cameras.
  10. You can have cloud recording.
  11. Server Recording.
  12. Duel Streaming Media.
  13. Import Export Setting and many more.

Uses of this software.

The main use of this software, for is the remote monitoring of the CCTV cameras on the PC but in this software, you can also manage your CCTV cameras on your PC. There are so many options are available for maintaining and managing the CCTV cameras on your PC. So if you have a Hikvision CCTV camera setup then the Hik connect for PC is one the best solution for monitoring as well as managing them.

Configuration On PC

There are two methods available for configuring this software. In the first one, we are going to use the official application provided by the Hikvision.

1. Method # Using Setup File.

For using this method, you need to download the setup file from the link available above. The download file will be in the compressed format and you need to extract the file before use.

You may use the Winrar or Winzip for the extraction of the file. After extraction, the setup file saves it on your PC and follow the steps given below.

1. Step # Installation

After downloading the setup file, open the folder where the file is stored. Right-click on the setup file and choose the “Run as administrator“. 

Now the system will ask for permission for the installation, Just click on the “Yes” button and then the installation of the software is about to begin and the first screen comes to you shortly.

License Agreement of the software
License Agreement of the software

On this window, accept the license agreement of the software and then click on the “Next” button.

Feature options of CMS
Feature options of CMS

Now the window comes and asks for some options. Click on all options and then click on the “Install” button.

Installation in progress
Installation in progress

Now the installation of Hik connect for PC will start. Wait for some time until it finishes.

Finish the Installation
Finish the Installation

Now simply click on the Finish button and the installation process will finish and your software is ready for run on your PC. Now move to the next step.

2. Step # Login

Now you need to create a username and the password for your software. Keep in mind that this username is the superuser. The created password must be strong. You can also select your desire language here for your software.

Login into the device
Login into the device

Now click on the “Login” button and the new screen comes.

Security question for login
Security question for login

Here you need to select some security questions and answer them according to your desire. This security Q & A will help you when you lose your software’s password. After answers click on the Login button and the control panel of the software comes to you. Now move to the next step.

3. Step # Adding the CCTV device into the Hik connect for Windows

After login to the software, you need to add the CCTV device for monitoring the device. For doing this move to the control panel of the software and then click on the “Device Management”.

Control Panel of the CMS
Control Panel of the CMS

After clicking on the Device management the new will comes where you can add your device for watching its cameras on your PC.

Adding the cameras
Adding the cameras

Now click on the “+Add” button present on your left upper corner then the new screen slides from the right. Here you will some adding methods are given. For Hik connect you need to choose the “cloud P2P“. After clicking on that screen will ask you for the region. Select your region and then click on the “Login” button.

Account Login Window
Account Login Window

Here you can log in from your current Hik connect account. Put your username and the password of your existing Hik connect account and then click on the “Login” button. If you do not have an existing Hik connect account then you also create the new one by click on the “Register” button.

Account registration on the software
Account registration on the software

Here you need to put a new username, password then email address or phone number. After that click on the Send Message button.

Then a code goes to your email or mobile. Put that code then click on the Register button then your new account is ready. Now add your device into the account and then login with your new account.

Now your CCTV cameras will be added on your Hik connect for PC. The device detail comes as shown in the picture below.

Device detail on the software
Device detail on the software

Now your device is ready for monitoring on your PC. Just move to the next step for monitoring your CCTV cameras on your PC.

4. Step # Monitoring the cameras

Now move the main control panel and then click on the “Live Preview“.

Live View of cameras on windows app
Live View of cameras on windows app

Now you can see your device name on the left side menu. Double click on the device name and your CCTV cameras will connect and then you can monitor your CCTV cameras on your PC.

2. Method # Using the Emulator.

If you do not want to use the software given by the Hikvision you may also run the Hik connect App using an android emulator. By using this kind of emulator you are able to run all your mobile App like Whatsapp, facebook etc on your PC or laptop.

If you don’t want to download the application then you can use an emulator. By using a thirty-party emulator such as AndyOS it is a free Android emulator that offer you to run any mobile app or tool on your computer. You have just  download AndyOS, install and open the software and search for “Hik-Connect. You may also use Bluestack instead of this. To do this follow the steps

  1. Download Bluestack from this link.
  2. Install it on your PC.
  3. Open the bluestack software.
  4. Find the play store icon.
  5. log in the play store.
  6. search for the Hik-connect.
  7. Install it.
  8. Now configure the hik-connect
  9. All done… this is the easiest way to have on PC.

You may also read this superlive plus for PC.


Q: How do I watch HIK connect mobile app on my PC?

A: For the watch, You need to download the software provided by the company itself. Install this software and then you can see your cameras on your PC.

Q: Is HIK connect free?

A: Yes, Hik connect is a free application and available for both kinds of users means for PC users as well as mobile users.

Get Hik-connect for mobile device

Hik-Connect for Android

Hik-Connect for iOS

So this is all about. We hope this information is helpful to yours. If you have any queries or suggestion please write to us in the comment box below.
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23 thoughts on “Hik Connect For PC -Free Download Hik-Connect for Windows/MAC”

  1. Does the installation of Hik-Connect for PC (not the Android emulation version) allow the user to view their cameras from a remote location by logging in over the internet, or is it limited to viewing access over the local wifi network?

  2. i am not able to add device in application bcoz i dont have knowledge how to add device in that app. as i put user/phone number it shows error incorrect password but every thing is ok so plz help me i want my cameras on laptop cll me 7880000201

    1. Certainly, here’s a concise guide to adding a device to the Hik Connect software on your PC:

      Install Software: Download and install Hik Connect software for PC.

      Create Account: Make an account on Hik Connect using an email.

      Log In: Open the software and log in with your account.

      Add Device:
      a. Click “+” or “Add Device.”
      b. Input verification code from email or app.

      Device Details:
      a. Choose device type.
      b. Enter serial number (on device or packaging).
      c. Set device name.

      Verify and Add:
      a. Double-check details.
      b. Click “Add” or “OK.”

      Password Issue:
      a. Ensure correct serial number.
      b. Use correct Hik Connect account info.

      Access Device: Find added device, click to access feeds and settings.

      For more help, contact Hikvision support with device info.
      Please see this video, you are able access

  3. I added the device using the IP/Domain option and device does not come up in the Live view, why?

    I also tried to add device using the Cloud P2P, I log in and it shows me the account number but then to add it needs the serial number and I input the one of the DVR and a verification code which I have no idea what it is.

    1. If you’ve added the device using the IP/Domain option and it doesn’t appear in the Live view, there could be several reasons for this issue:
      Check IP/Domain, port, username, and password.
      Verify network connection and firewall settings.
      Ensure device compatibility.
      For Cloud P2P method:
      Log in with a valid Cloud P2P account.
      Use the correct serial number and verification code.
      Contact support if you lack the verification code or encounter issues.

  4. Now I logged out and in of the account and the verification code got populated automatically, I put in the serial number of the DVR and clicked on add and got this message “Adding Failed, Open Platform exception Open SDK 3500000

    1. The error “Adding Failed, Open Platform exception Open SDK 3500000 for Hik Connect For PC” suggests a problem with the Hik Connect application’s Open SDK. To resolve it:

      1. Double-check the DVR serial number.
      2. Ensure a stable internet connection.
      3. Check firewall and antivirus settings.
      4. Update the Hik Connect app.
      5. Verify DVR network settings.
      6. Reboot DVR and PC.
      7. Contact Hikvision support if the issue persists.

  5. Iraklis Douligeris

    I have already registered for the 1st time from an iOS mobile device and i have now downloaded iVMS-4200. How can i login using the same setup as with my mobile device? When i tried to re-register in the iVMS-4200 it says duplicate mobile number. Please advise.

      1. Iraklis Douligeris

        I downloaded SADP and installed it in my computer. I click refresh but it does not find anything. The cameras are connected in home LAN and the computer in home Wi-Fi. Does it cause the issue?

  6. after entering ptz control, i can see my cameras, my problem is that after a minute or so the screen turns black, and i have to click on the player to get view back
    how do i resolve this

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