Hikvision DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-T2 Camera PanoVu 32MP Review is a modern camera with a total of 32MP resolution. This cam has 8 lenses stitched together with a 4MP resolution. The cam functions as a PTZ device that can pan, tilt, and zoom to provide us with panoramic views. It covers up to 360 degrees. 

The very wide angle coverage makes this gadget suitable for sensitive areas. There are 8 sensors used in this product. It means that any bigger area can be easily covered by the integration of 2-3 cameras. This cam is intelligent and advanced. It has advanced video analysis and multiple activity tracking. It makes it a special device for security surveillance.

This cam is from Hikvision Ltd. It has a series of top-class cameras. It is a company situated in Shenzhen, China. This company generates the highest sales in the security surveillance business. It has showrooms, service centers, and offices all around the globe.

The brand value of this company’s products is highly appreciable.   

This device has intelligent sensors and they are 8 in numbers. It can sense many activities in advance. You have to set the desired functions in advance in the settings. It behaves accordingly.

It can track someone, stop someone from intruding in the sensitive zone, and monitor unattended baggage.

The night vision is gorgeous. It can optically zoom up to 40x and digitally zoom up to 16x. It is used for high footfall areas, sensitive zones, stadiums, airports, stadiums, roads, etc.

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The Buying Guide For The CCTV Camera     

This buying guide is given to make you understand the basic qualities of any CCTV Camera. It will help you in selecting a surveillance camera.

Colour Night Vision- The new color night vision function is good for security and transparency. It yields astounding quality pictures. Where there is darkness around the cam, the IRs of the device illuminates and give color night vision.

Devices are additionally equipped with spotlights, floodlights, etc. Further, there are technologies like DarkFighter, EXIR, WDR, etc. that help in getting color night vision. 

Resolution- It is the most critical and fundamental part to check before buying a CCTV camera. The better the resolution, the better is the picture quality. Whenever the resolution is poor, you see barrel distorted pictures or accounts on the screen and they pixelate.

The higher the number of pixels, the better is the picture quality. The lower is the number of pixels, the poorer is the picture quality.

Night Vision– Night vision is an obvious prerequisite for any CCTV camera. If you have integrated a CCTV camera, it is for 24*7 assistance. Whenever night vision isn’t clear then you could miss a couple of essential clippings and activities that could cost you, dear, security-wise.

An enormous part of the cameras is with IR support. These IRs turn on and off taking into account the typical light conditions around the device.

Internet Protocol Device– An IP camera is a high-level camera that follows the laws of Internet Protocol (IP) and not the laws of electronic signals. IP cameras preserve images in megapixels which are better structures for higher picture quality.

It also gives every device a unique IP address. Because of their unique addresses they can be recognized and accessed from remote locations.

Power-over-Ethernet– In PoE development, you needn’t bother with an alternate power connection and ethernet interface for each camera. It keeps the setup smoother as there is a lesser number of wires. You can transfer power and data through the same cable.

Passive Infrared Sensors(PIR) – It is an electronic sensor that activities infrared (IR) light communicating from objects in its field of view. Therefore, an imaging IR sensor is required. A PIR-based development locater is used to identify the advancement of people, animals, or various other things. It gives us the power to detect suspicious activities. 

Hikvision DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-T2 Camera 2Two-Way Audio– Two-way audio makes you even more powerful. It assists you in conveying any message to the person on the camera side. This technology is also used to horrify someone doing some suspicious activity on the device end.

Waterproofing– Check if the camera is outdoor. Outdoor cameras can be installed anywhere. It happens consistently that cameras are exposed to hard weather conditions. If they are not outdoors then they can be used for limited purposes.

Remote and WiFi– When cameras are remote and wifi accessible then, no clusters of wires around the device. IP cameras have a unique IP, that helps in getting them online easily.   

Recording– Check if cameras have a space for an SD Card. Also, see whether the device supports cloud-based recording or not.

Warranty- The warranty and after-sales service of the gadget are important. If products have a long-period warranty and better after-sales service, it would produce a better user experience. After-sales service is important for electronic products. As repairing is required on regular basis.

Advantages Of 360° Stitched 32 MP PanoVu Camera

Following are some of the advantages of the gadget.

Panoramic Camera

  • Eight 1/1.8″ 4 MP Progressive Scan CMOS this gadget has
  • Up to 2 x 5520 x 2400 resolution @ 30 fps is the maximum resolution
  • Horizontal Field of View: 2 x 180° 
  • Vertical Field of View: 85° 
  • Minimum Illumination ­ Color: 0.0005 Lux @ (ƒ/1.6, AGC On) ­ B/W: 0.0001 Lux @ (ƒ/1.6, AGC On) 
  • Supports People Density Detection in Panoramic Channel

Tracking PTZ Camera

  • 1/1.8″ 4 MP progressive scan CMOS of the product
  • Up to 2560 × 1440 resolution @ 30 frames per second
  • Pan and tilt range: 360° (Pan), -15° to 90° (Tilt) 
  • Minimum Illumination ­ Color: 0.0005 Lux @ (ƒ/1.2, AGC On) ­ B/W: 0.0001 Lux @ (ƒ/1.2, AGC On) 
  • 0 Lux with IR 
  • 40x Optical Zoom of the cam, 16x Digital Zoom of the camera 
  • IR distance: 820 feet or 250 meters


There are a few slight disadvantages as well

  • The PoE switch & PoE adapter are not given with the pack
  • The SD Card is not given with the pack
  • The device has to wire connect

Design Of 360° Stitched 32 MP PanoVu Camera w/PTZ

This product is sturdy and heavy. It has a metal body. The color of the camera base is white and the color of the cap that covers the lenses and machinery part is black. The dimensions of the product are 391.8 mm x 400.5 mm and 18 kilograms.

Hikvision DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-T2 Camera 4The body has a unique shape. It has 8 lenses and eight sensors that make it suitable for high footfalls areas. 

The metal device has many interfaces. It has an audio-in interface, an audio-out interface, an alarm interface, a debug interface, and a CVBS interface. It has also a network interface, and an ethernet cable attached to it.

Hikvision DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-T2 Camera 5 There is a sensor point and a reset button given for setting functions of the cam. You can install it at any location. The weather and vandalism do not destroy the gadget. 

Features Of Hikvision DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-T2 Camera    

This cam is special. It is built to serve sensitive locations, like Airports, Stations, Malls, Busy Roads, Stadiums, etc. So the features and functions are designed that way. Prominent features are given below.

  • The device is equipped with eight 1/1.8″ 4 MP Progressive Scan CMOS. These 8 lenses do not leave a single activity missed. They cover 360 degrees. The resolution is good enough to transmit quality images.
  • Up to 2 x 5520 x 2400 resolution @ 3o frames per second It is the highest resolution of the product. It gives pellucid images
  • The Fields Of View This Device Covers- Horizontal View 2 * 180 degrees. Vertical Field of View: 85°
  • The cam has a 2.8mm focal length for the panoramic view and a 6mm to 240 mm focal length for a PTZ view
  • Hikvision DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-T2 Camera 9The Field Of View for the PTZ camera is- Horizontal 56.6° to 1.8° (wide−tele) 33.7° to 1.0° (wide−tele) 63.4° to 2.0° (wide−tele) Vertical Diagonal. tele- telephoto
  • It has an auto day/night switch for better night vision
  • Digital zoom for PTZ view is 16x and optical zoom is 40x
  • It can pan up to 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees
  • The IR range is 850 feet or 250 meters.
  • You can preset sensitive areas in the device. It will alert you when someone enters that zone.
  • You can also set patrol scan with this product
  • The device can sense movement and audio
  • Hikvision DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-T2 Camera 10You can set the product for the following tasks- Preset / Pattern Scan / Patrol Scan / Auto Scan / Tilt Scan / Random Scan / Frame Scan / Panorama Scan / Dome Reboot / Dome Adjust / Aux Output 
  • The Panoramic / PTZ has many smart features– Intrusion detection, line crossing detection, region entrance detection.  
  • Apart from it, the device also has the following smart functions- region exiting detection, PTZ Channel detection, line crossing detection, region entrance detection, region exiting detection, unattended baggage detection, Object removal detection, etc.
  • The cam is waterproof. The level is IP66
  • It is a vandal-proof cam with IK-10 standard
  • This product supports people density detection in Panoramic Channel. With its support, it can count people

Download User Manual, Quick Start Guide, & Data Sheet 

Here, you will find manuals of this camera. These manuals give all the relevant information regarding this device. The User manual tells the features and settings of the cam.

It tells about networking and various other functional settings. The Quick Start Guide is about camera parts and the installation process. The Data Sheet has all the technical details. The link is given below. It is given in the form of a download button.

Download For Quick Smart Guide

Download User Manual

Download Data Sheet

How To Install?

Hikvision DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-T2 Camera 6If you want to install this cam then it is easy to set up. The thing which you have to keep in mind is that it is a heavy and sturdy camera. It weighs around 18kg. So you can not install it on any surface. Since the device is mainly used for high footfall areas like stadiums, etc, you can install it against strong surfaces.

Hikvision DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-T2 Camera 7You can also integrate it on heavy polls. The first step to installing the device is to mark your location. After marking it, fix the camera base by drilling holes for screws and fasteners. Then set the cam on that camera stand. Align the angle which you want to cover, wire connect it, give power to the device, and the camera view will come on your screen. 

Hikvision DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-T2 Camera 8To view the camera on the Android OS, you have to download the application for it. The application that supports this device is iVMS 4500 HD App. You can get it on the google play store. To add the device with the mobile scan the QR Code. This way you will be able to view this cam on your mobile.

Should I Buy It?

It has numerous features and functions. If you have to cover a very vast area, and want to cover every angle of the area, then you can opt for this device. There is no camera better than it feature-wise for big sensitive areas.


Hikvision DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-T2 Camera is the camera to install on roads, stadiums, malls, supermarkets, jails, etc. You can not think of any other device that is more sturdy and strong than it. The features are so dominating that you can never neglect them.

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