Hikvision’s LED Display Product Line Launched in 2020

Hikvision’s LED display product line launched a full range of products, presenting seamless, high-definition and colourful imaging. Developed and manufactured internally, Hikvision’s LED displays to extend indoor fine pitch LED, indoor fixed LED, outdoor LED, and transparent LED technologies to include an extensive variety of customization essentials.


Hikvision has years of experience in providing monitoring screen displays for surveillance centres, and launching the new LED display product line also marks the entry of Hikvision into the global, commercial digital signage business, and yet another breakthrough in the company’s continuous development from the security field into new business areas.

In June 2019, Hikvision was ranked 800th in the 2019 edition of Forbes Global 2000. As of 16 November 2016, Hikvision was also a constituent of the SZSE 100 Index, a blue-chip index of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, as well as the pan-China indexes CSI 300 Index, FTSE China A50 Index and Hang Seng China 50 Index.

Hikvision: Leading Security solution provider
Hikvision: Leading Security solution provider

The latest LED displays from Hikvision are produced especially to satisfy the expanding market demand from enterprise and public safety organizations, advertising companies, and the entertainment industry. The new LED displays were engineered to match the ideal opportunity for monitoring centres, meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor advertising screens, live spectator events, and a host of other scenarios.

With exceptional image rendering technology, Hikvision’s LED displays bring users true-to-life images and video with the excellent, high-definition picture. Equipped with the unique Pix Master image processing technology, the displays offer improved image sharpness, dynamic contrast, saturation, and enhanced clarity from all directions.

Other features of Hikvision’s LED display product line

  • Users can run the displays remotely with an easy-to-use multi-function card.
  • Assistance for one-click switching between various colour-temperature modes adjusts the picture to accommodate essentially any application.
  • Automatic dehumidification characteristic lessens the rate of malfunctioning lights by 30% on average, effectively extending the lifespan of each display;
  • With over 90% of blue light transformed to low-energy light, viewers will avail from effective and reliable eye protection.

Additionally, Hikvision’s LED displays simplify meshing various screens together due to its standardized structure, which enables comfortable installation and maintenance and supports standard 1080p and 4K resolutions with specific proportion.

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