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With the advent of AI and other new technology, the security and surveillance industry has been changing at a rapid rate for the past few years. And there has been an evolution in the technology of doorbells as well in the past few years.

The industry has created a lot of advanced doorbells along with security solutions and products. This article is also here to render detailed information related to one such product and its application known as Ring App for Windows.

This application is used to connect and provide a view of the visitor on your PC. We elaborated here on every piece of information related to the CMS for our clients and readers.

Ring CMS App (Windows 11/10/8/7)

Here we have provided the details that are essential as well as vital for the user clients of Ring video doorbells.

The article has described the features, installation procedure, as well as download link provided for Windows, Android, and iOS.

The organization is dedicated to providing the best services and products for its clients.

App Logo
App Logo

The Company has developed and rendered the application of their product for operating systems in the market to connect their products with their PCs or smartphones.

The organization is very keen to develop as well as innovate their the product with latest and advanced technology available in the market.

What is Ring App?

The CMS software is designed and developed by the Ring Company. The application is designed to provide a real-time live view of the person who has rang the doorbell device.

The app is an amazing security application available in the security and surveillance industry.

Features as well as Characteristics of the Software

Here we have provided detailed information about the characteristics, functions, and features that are provided by the application to its user clients.

With this information, our readers and clients will learn and know more about the operations that can be performed by the app on PCs or smartphones.

Here we have provided the list of the features and functions that are present in the CMS. The features as well as characteristics of the application are as follows:

  • Two-way communication capability.
  • Live view from the in-built security camera.
  • Zoom and range adjustment.
  • The 360-degree view is provided by the security camera.
  • An alarm push notification service is provided as well.
  • Motion detection alerts are also available.
  • Record manual videos.
  • Playback the recorded videos from remote areas.
  • Provide infrared night vision as well.

Details And Information Related To The Ring Company

The Ring Company is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) owned by the famous eCommerce retailer; Amazon. Ring Company was established by Jamie Siminoff in the year 2013 in California, USA.

In February 2018, the company was acquired by Amazon for approximately an estimated USD 1.8 Billion. The organization isdedicated to manufacturing security cameras and other devices.

Recommended System Requirements for Installation of App

Here we have provided vital information related to the system requirements. With this valuable intel, our readers and clients will download the application for their operating system which is more suitable to run the software.

A detailed description of the CMS requirements is provided below in this section.

We have listed out the knowledge about the requirements of the operating system in detail below as follows:

Windows System Requirements

  • Required OS – Windows 10 Home or later is required.
  • Architecture – x64 and x86 are required.
  • Space – 80 MB of free space is required to install the app.

Mac OS System Requirements

  • Required OS – OS X 10.11 or later is required.
  • Processor – 64-bit is required.
  • Space – 48 MB of free space is needed.

Android System Requirements

  • OS requirement – Requires 5.0 or above OS.
  • Free space on the device – 110 MB of free space.
  • The version of the App – 3.33.0

iPhone & iPad System Requirements

  • OS requirement – iOS 11 or later is needed.
  • Free space requirement – 614 MB of free space is needed.
  • The version of the application – 5.33.0

Ring CMS App (Windows 11/10/8/7)

Here we have provided the link to download and install the application on the Windows operating system.

The organization has provided the application to help and assist their clients in connecting their Ring Video Doorbell product to this CMS.

The download link is ready and provided below, click the link to start the downloading of the software.

Ring CMS App (Mac OS)

The company has also taken good care of Mac OS user clients. The CMS application free download link is provided below for Mac OS clients. Get the CMS now to connect the doorbell device to the Mac PC.

Ring App (Android OS)

We are glad to provide an Android app that will help and assist the clients and readers to download, install, and connect their security devices on this Android software.

The company has also provided technical support for its app users. The download link for Android smartphones is provided below in this section of the article. Click the download button to start the download of the app.

Ring Application (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, iOS)

As we have mentioned earlier, the organization has taken special care of smartphone users, by providing an application for every smartphone OS platform.

The apple product user clients can also download the app on their iPad, iPhone as well as iPod Touch to connect with the Ring Video Doorbells. The link is provided below under this section.

Installation Method of Ring App

Here in this section, we have described the installation method of the CMS in detail for our clients and readers.

First, download the application for the respective operating systems from the link provided above.

After clicking on the launch button to start the application on the respective operating system.

1.Sign Up & Login on the App, Using a PC or Smartphone.

When the CMS open on the PC, the following window will appear on the screen. Click on the button “Sign Up” or if the user already has the account then can click on the “Login” button.

Sign up and Login screen
Sign up and Login screen

The same login credentials also help in accessing devices on a smartphone as well.

Login on the Ring CMS
Login on the Ring CMS

The following home page of the Ring system will appear on the screen.

Home page of the software
Home page of the software

2.Add device on the Application

The users are required first to install the CMS on their smartphone. Now login on to the account using the same account on your smartphone.

Then click on the option “Setup Device” then scan the QR code (for Android users) or Mac ID barcode (for iOS user clients). When the scan is successful green square or line will appear on the screen.

Scan QR code or Mac ID barcode
Scan QR code or Mac ID barcode

Now The app will ask for the current location of the user allow it to click on the “Continue” option.

Assign user's location on the mobile
Assign user’s location on the mobile

Then click on the “Orange Button”  provided at the back of the devices and now a white light will start spinning on front of the device.

Press the orange button on the device
Press the orange button on the device

Then wait for the white light to spin on the front of the device.

White light spinning on the device
White light spinning on the device

Click on the “Continue” option on the application to proceed further.

Proceed to the next step
Proceed to the next step

Here click on the “Yes” option to start connecting the Video doorbell with a smartphone.

Click "Yes" to proceed
Click “Yes” to proceed

Then connect the device to the smartphone using WiFi as shown in the image below. When the Video Doorbell gets connected to the smartphone the app.

Connect smartphone with the doorbell device
Connect smartphone with the doorbell device

A notification will appear on the screen click on the notification and the app will open asking the user to select a WiFi to connect the Doorbell with WiFi internet.

Enter the password then click on the “Connect” button. 

Select the WiFi to which the doorbell device should be connected
Select the WiFi to which the doorbell device should be connected

When the device is connected, a light will blink on the Ring Doorbell.

Device is connected to WiFi
The device is connected to WiFi

3.Live view on Ring App to monitor on Windows

Here we have provided the screenshot of the live view on Ring App on a Windows PC.

To access the device just login to the Ring App with the same login credentials.

Watch the live events on Windows PC from anywhere
Screenshot of live view


We have elaborated details and explained every information related to the topic .

The article provides keeping in view the reader’s and clients’ needs.

This article rendered every intel about the application. The information we have provided is essential as well as vital for the Ring Video Doorbells users.

We have explained in detail the features, installation and setup features along with the system requirements.

The CMS is the best application in the market. The app helps the user to connect their Ring Video Doorbells on PC and smartphone.

For more information or any problem and issues related to the device and application, the readers and clients can comment on the comment section below.

We hope this article is helpful and assisting the user in connecting the device with the CMS software. 

Thank You.


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