Download Free Wyze App For PC For Windows 10/Mac OS

21st Century has proven to be the era of technological advancement. With this technological advancement, the surveillance industry is also changing and developing with a rapid change in the arena of technology for security solutions and products.

The invention of AI technology has contributed a lot to the market segment of security and surveillance as well.

One such company has developed and rendered a CMS known as Wyze App for PC for the Wyze CCTV cameras in the market.

This software provided methods for the user to connect their camera not with just the smartphone but also with the PC as well. The article will elaborate and highlight every aspect of this application in detail besides the download links.

What is Wyze App?

CMS Logo
CMS Logo

It is CMS software developed by Wyze Labs Inc. This program assists the Wyze CCTV camera users to connect and control their security camera on Windows or Mac PC. The company regularly updates the app with the latest functions and features. With the new upgrade, the organization is providing RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) technology.

Features and Characteristics In The Program

Here we have elaborated in detail the knowledge related to the CMS’s features and characteristics. Our readers and clients will learn about the functions and commands that can be performed through PC. Below we have provided the list of features and characteristics available in this application:

  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Motion detection technology.
  • Alarm push notification.
  • Record videos manually on cloud storage.
  • Playback recorded videos on the program.
  • Sort the recorded video according to the date of the events.
  • Provides a search facility to find recording videos.

Learn More About The Wyze App for PC

We are here to explain in detail the information related to the CMS application. The app is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. We have also provided the download links for every operating system in this article. The article’s main aim is to discuss the Wyze CMS in detail for our readers and clients.

We have also provided the installation guide for the Wyze CCTV camera user clients and prove to be beneficial for the security camera users. With this study, our readers and clients will learn about the device and program associated with it. The study has described the features and characteristics of the program in detail as well.

Products Rendered By The Company

The company has a wide range of products like LED lighting, weighting scales and audio equipment and surveillance products. But we intend to present the details about the surveillance products only. The details are provided for helping our clients to provide the option to select the best type of device for better surveillance and security. Therefore, read the details below about the products carefully.

Wyze Cam

This is an indoor and outdoor CCTV camera for the security of the family and house. The device is equipped with a PIR motion detection sensor for connecting and linking the surveillance camera on the application. 1080P Ultra HD video quality in the day as well as night mode along with weather resistance.

Wyze Cam v2 / v3
Wyze Cam v2 / v3

Wyze Pan Cam

It is an indoor security camera for the security of the family and house. With a PIR motion detection sensor record and analyse the movement detected by the camera. Apart from this get 1080P Ultra HD video quality in the day and night mode. The user clients can assign multiple surveillance zone areas along with 110-degree wide angle view.

Wyze Pan Security Cam
Wyze Pan Security Cam

Wyze Outdoor Cam And DoorBell

This outdoor camera and doorbell are the latest product introduced by Wyze Labs Inc. for the surveillance and security of the house and family members. The doorbell is also equipped with a chime to provide a communication medium between the visitor and clients. The outdoor camera is also weatherproof and provides 1080P video quality for surveillance and security.

Wyze Outdoor Cam and Doorbell
Wyze Outdoor Cam and Doorbell

Recommend Requirements To Install & Run The CMS on Operating Systems

This section provides details about the system requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the PC or smartphone to run the app. Every program has system requirements to run the operating system. The system requirements of every operating system of PC and smartphone to run Wyze CMS is listed below in this section of the article:

System Requirement for Windows OS

  • Operating system requirement – Windows 8 or later is required.
  • RAM – 3GB or above is required.
  • CPU Processor – Intel Core i3 / AMD Ryzen R3 or later is needed.
  • Space – 63 MB of free space is required.

System Requirement for Mac OS

  • Supported OS – MacOS 10.0
  • CPU Required – Apple M1 Chip.
  • RAM – 3 GB or above is required.
  • Space – 63 MB of free space is required.

System Requirement for Android OS

  • Operating system requirement for Android – Android 5.0 or later is required.
  • Space – 84 MB of free space is required.
  • App’s Version – 2.15.51.

System Requirements for iPhone & iPad (iOS)

  • Operating system requirement for iOS – iOS 9.0 or later is required.
  • Processor Requirement – Apple A13 Bionic
  • Space – 250 MB of free space is required.
  • App’s Version – 2.16.23.

The information about the system requires the user can employ the method to access live video surveillance on the PC and smartphone with the suitable device and operating system specifications. This information remains the most important as well as vital for the user to operate the software on a PC or smartphone.

Download The CMS for Windows & Mac OS

There is no program to run the CCTV camera on PC. Instead, the company provides a download of firmware that enables the clients’ PC to connect and view the camera online on PC a URL generated by the mobile app. Below we have provided the link to download the firmware file.

And read the process described below in the installation guidelines clearly to connect the CCTV camera on PC. Download the firmware file provided below in the link to enable the PC to connect to the CCTV camera. Read the complete article for a better understanding of the products and methods to access the live video streaming from the security camera on the PC.

App for Android

The organization has provided only apps for smartphones. The download link for the app given below for the clients and readers. Download and install the app from the link provided below. With this CMS users can connect their security camera on their smartphones. The company has provided the application for iOS user clients as well. The download link provided below to install the software on iOS smartphones.

With help of the CMS client software for mobile phones, it is easier to get remote access to the device and view the condition of the premises and loved ones without any worry. The application provides better surveillance as well for the safety of the house and loved ones.

Installation Procedure & Guidelines For The App

We have discussed in detail the procedure to install and connect the security camera on the CMS application. Download the app on the smartphone from the links mentioned above. Read the information provided below for the installation and linking of the security camera with the app.

1. Sign up & login to the app

When the app opens an alert notification will appear on the screen asking the user to allow access to their location. Click on the option “Allow” to proceed.

Allow access to location
Allow access to location

Now another alert notification will appear on the screen asking the user clients to allow the app notification, click on the option “Allow”.

Allow the app's notifications
Allow the app’s notifications

Now create an account using the “Sign Up” option, then use the same email address to login.

Create an account and login with it
Create an account and login with it
2. Add devices on the program

Now the app will open, click on the option “Add device” as shown in the image below.

Add device on the mobile app
Add device on the mobile app

The press and hold the setup button behind the security camera, wait for the voice prompt “Ready To Connect”. Then click on the option on the app “I heard, ready to connect“.

Press the setup button on the Cam
Press the setup button on the Cam

Enter the password to connect the Wyze Cam to Wifi internet. Click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Connect the Wyze Cam to the WiFi
Connect the Wyze Cam to the WiFi

Now the scan the barcode appearing on the mobile app using a security camera as shown below.

Scan the QR code
Scan the QR code

When the QR code is scanned successfully, a voice prompt from the camera will be heard “QR Code Scan Successfully, Please wait”. Then click on the app “I heard, QR Code Scan Successfully, Please wait” option.

Configure scanning of QR code on the CMS
Configure scanning of QR code on the CMS

The device will start connecting to the app wait for few minutes to complete the process.

Wait for the device to connect on the mobile program
Wait for the device to connect to the mobile program

Now the user can create the name of the device and click on the “Update” option. Then click on the “Start the device” option.

Create a name for the device
Create a name for the device

Then click on the button below the camera lens to start the streaming of the live view.

Start the live view on the software
Start the live view on the software

Here the live view will start on the app shown below in the image.

Wyze App for Android
Sample live view on Wyze App for Android & iOS

Process To Run Camera on PC

We have here discussed in detail the information related to the installation of the firmware for the CCTV camera. This firmware will help us to run the security camera on a PC. Follow the steps carefully to connect and operate the surveillance device on the PC.

1. Download & rename the file.

Download the Firmware file from the link provided above for Windows and Mac OS. The download file will be in compressed format, use WinRAR to extract the file.

Rename the file with BIN extension as “demo.bin” and copy it to a Micro SD card’s root directory.

Now unplug your Wyze Cam and insert the MicroSD card in it.

Insert the Micro SD card in the device
Insert the Micro SD card in the device

After that hold the “Setup” button on the security camera while plugging it into charging and wait for the solid blue light to appear in the USB port.

Press and hold setup button while plugging the device
Press and hold the setup button while plugging the device
2. Generate an RTSP URL

Now open the app on the smartphone go to the setting. 

Open the mobile app
Open the mobile app

The proceed to the advance setting section in the mobile software.

Go to the setting section
Go to the setting section

Then click on the option “RTSP” as shown in the image below.

Turn the RTSP program on
Turn the RTSP program on

The users are requested to enter the username and password (email and password) then click on the option “Generate URL”.

Enter the username and password
Enter the username and password

RTSP URL now generated on the mobile app. The user must copy it and save somewhere this URL.

RTSP URL is generated successfully
RTSP URL is generated successfully
3. Live view on the Wyze App for Windows and Mac OS

To get the live view now use RTSP URL, but remember the URL will not work on the web browsers, therefore in my case, I employed the VLC Media Player. Open the VLC Media Player, click on the option “Media” then select the option “Open Network Stream”.

Open the network streaming function on VLC media player
Open the network streaming function on the VLC media player

Now a dialogue box will appear on the screen of PC, enter the generated RTSP URL and click the “Play” button.

Enter the URL to start the live streaming of Wyze Cam
Enter the URL to start the live streaming of Wyze Cam

The camera will live on the Wyze App for Mac and Windows OS.

Wyze App for Mac
sample live view on Wyze App for Mac and Windows OS

Details Related To The Wyze Labs Inc.

The organization was established in the year 2017 in Seattle, WashingtonUSA. The company is a leading manufacturer of surveillance and security solution in the surveillance industry. The company has dedicated its research and development team to innovate new products as well as the organisation has started dealing in new products as well.


This topic of Download Free Wyze App For PC For Windows 10/Mac OS elaborates the detail about this program’s functions. The article is prepared to help the Wyze Cam user client connect their devices on a PC. This article has described every necessary and vital information related to the CMS software in detail.

The Wyze Labs Company has brought new technology, the RTSP technology to help their clients connect their device on the PC using a URL. We have provided detailed installation steps to connect the camera to the PC. The companies in this field of industry are innovating and developing new products along with the latest features and functions.

We have also provided detailed information about the products rendered by the company as well to help and assist our readers and buyers of security cameras to help them in selecting the best suitable product for home security and safety. The details are rendered for the benefit of the clients and potential buyers of the brand.

For any issue or queries related to the Wyze Cam or firmware readers and clients can comment in the comment section of this article and we will reply with the solutions as soon as possible. We hope this article will be helpful for Wyze security camera users.

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  1. This is garbage app and why should they charge for it. I’m a camera installer, and Im telling everyone not to buy wyze cam anymore.
    Also I had them and they tried to get money from account every month.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a negative experience with the Wyze app and their attempts to charge your account. However, as an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to directly communicate with Wyze app developers or convey messages to specific companies. I can only provide general information and suggestions.

      If you’re dissatisfied with the Wyze app or any other product, it’s best to reach out to the company directly to express your concerns. You can typically find contact information on their official website or through customer support channels. By directly informing the Wyze app’s company about the problems you encountered, you give them an opportunity to address the issues and potentially improve their product.

      Additionally, if you’re looking for alternative camera apps or information on how to configure and download apps for your CCTV needs, you can visit websites like, which provide resources and guidance related to CCTV cameras and related applications.

      Remember, it’s important to provide specific feedback and details about the issues you encountered to help companies improve their products and service.

      1. Rather, Hubert can just continue what he said he will do, and never recommend their product to anyone, as a Professional Camera Installer (or similar title). It won’t really bother the company, directly, immediately; but, it will mean people will see his post and give their camera purchase(s) more careful consideration before purchasing a product some company does not fully support (or overcharge for services they would or had previously offered [ratchet-effect, in Economic’s terms]).

        The company, Wyze, could improve their services and products without having customers having to provide them feedback. The company could simply do a market survey, in order to find out if people like their product and find it a good value, comparatively-speaking with other company’s products.

        Now, I have to consider changing out the five Wyze cams I own since I am unable to get simple App for my computer, in order to do what I can do with the iOS or Android phone. Thanks for nuthin’ Wyze; not so “wise” now are they?

        1. It sounds like you’re frustrated with your experience using Wyze products and their customer support. It’s important to remember that sharing your feedback and experiences, whether positive or negative, can have an impact on a company’s reputation and future decisions. However, I’d like to offer some insights and suggestions:

          Feedback Channels: Providing feedback to a company can indeed be helpful in driving improvements. Companies often rely on customer feedback to identify areas where they can enhance their products and services. While you mentioned that Wyze could conduct market surveys, direct feedback from customers can offer specific insights that surveys might miss.

          Influence of Reviews: Your decision not to recommend a product based on your personal experience can influence others who are considering purchasing that product. Many potential customers rely on reviews and personal recommendations when making buying decisions.

          Alternatives: If you’re not satisfied with the Wyze cameras and their associated services, you might consider researching and exploring alternative products that better meet your needs. There are many options available in the market, and reading reviews and comparing features can help you make an informed decision.

          Community Forums: Many companies have active user forums or communities where you can share your experiences, suggestions, and frustrations. Engaging in these communities can sometimes lead to solutions or improvements, as well as connect you with other users who might have similar concerns.

          Contacting Customer Support: If you’re having technical issues or limitations with the Wyze app, it’s worth reaching out to their customer support for assistance. Sometimes, there might be solutions or workarounds that can address your concerns.

          Patience for Improvement: Companies do take time to adapt and improve their products and services based on customer feedback. While immediate changes might not occur, your feedback could contribute to their long-term strategy.

          Economic Impact: While one individual’s decision not to recommend a product might not have an immediate direct impact, the accumulation of such feedback can influence a company’s reputation and eventually affect their bottom line.

          Remember that constructive feedback has the potential to lead to positive changes over time. If you choose to share your experiences and concerns, doing so in a respectful and constructive manner can often yield more productive outcomes.

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