Yoosee For PC Free Download CMS For Windows 10/8/7 and MAC

Yoosee for pc free download: right here you can download the Yoosee for pc for windows 7/8/10 and in your MAC laptop.

Stepwise configuration of Yoosee for windows. Yoosee for pc is the software program supplied via the Yoosee camera enterprise that is an excellent manufacturer of stand-alone CCTV cameras, for stay tracking the CCTV cameras on the pc.

The download hyperlink is to be had for Yoosee for pc for home windows users and for the MAC customers you may run the mobile application on your laptop the usage of the emulator.

This Yoosee for pc is not best for tracking the CCTV cameras but using this CMS you furthermore may control the CCTV cameras in your pc.

So fo you have a CCTV camera setup of Yoosee and also you want to run it to your computer then download the CMS of Yoosee for pc.

For windows, customers download Yoosee for windows and in case you are searching out Yoosee for MAC then go for the second method of Yoosee for pc.

Yoosee for PC Free Download for Windows 7/8/10 and MAC

Yoosee for pc is a superb solution for looking the CCTV cameras in your pc. that is the CMS software for having Yoosee cameras at the pc. here you could download the entire setup of Yoosee for pc for free. This CMS software is available for the Windows 7/8/10 users and for the MAC customers you need to use the emulator for having the CCTV cameras at the pc.

Right here we are going to talk about the two methods for Yoosee for PC within the first method, we will use the CMS software program for home windows users and within the second one, we are able to use the emulator software for pc. for your windows laptop, you can use any given method for your CCTV device but Yoosee for pc you need to use the second approach of Yoosee for pc.

Yoosee for PC
Yoosee for PC Free Download

Download Yoosee for Windows 10, 8, 7

here is the download link is to be had for Yoosee app for windows. Click the download hyperlink underneath to download the setup record of CMS Yoosee for laptop. This hyperlink is completely secured and continually check for the viruses earlier than each download.

The downloaded record of Yoosee for a computer can be within the compressed format and also you want to extract the file earlier than using it. you can use the Winrar or Winzip for the extraction of Yoosee for windows. So click the hyperlink available of CMS software program of Yoosee app for laptop.

Download Yoosee for MAC

There is no CMS software available for the Yoosee app for MAC but if you want to run your CCTV cameras on your MAC PC then there is a solution for Yoosee for MAC. For having your CCTV cameras on your MAC PC you need to use an emulator program that allows you to run any mobile application on your MAC PC. Here we describe how can you install and use the emulator program on your PC. For Yoosee for MAC, you need to read the second method of the Yoosee app for PC.

Before starting the discussion of how to install Yoosee for PC, let’s know about the Yoosee for PC.

What is Yoosee For PC?

As we mentioned earlier, Yoosee for laptop is the CMS software furnished through the Yoosee and its miles used for tracking the CCTV cameras for your computer. if you have a CCTV machine manufactured by the Yoosee and you need to run your cameras for your laptop then Yoosee for pc is the first-rate solution for that. with the aid of the use of this CMS software, you are not most effective run your cameras in your laptop but additionally, you could manage your CCTV cameras in your pc. This software program has a few excellent options for dealing with the CCTV machine in your laptop, like digital camera image management, digicam institution control, consumer control, custom-designed stay view, etc.

Features available in Yoosee for PC

There are such a lot of correct features are available in this CMS software program of Yoosee for pc. you can use them for connecting your CCTV cameras in your computer and also you could manipulate them effortlessly. you can connect cameras on this software by means of the cloud identification. in case your cameras running in your mobile application then you do not want to configure again. just log in to the Yoosee for pc by means of using the same username and the password and you may get your cameras in your laptop. here are a few main capabilities of Yoosee for pc.

  • You can customize the view as per your needs.
  • Yoosee for Windows is multi-language software.
  • You can see the recording of your cameras on your PC.
  • Users can also take back-up into the PC.
  • Camera recording on the PC.
  • You can take the screenshots of any camera.
  • PTZ controlling.
  • Also, connect the joystick for PTZ.
  • Two-way audio streaming.
  • Main-stream and sub-stream connection.
  • You can create a group of the camera.
  • Customized View according to the group.
  • Multi-channel View.
  • IP Device management.

What is the use of Yoosee for PC

Yoosee for pc is a CMS software program and especially useful for connecting and monitoring the CCTV cameras on the computer. This software is broadly used with Yoosee stand-alone cameras.. in case you CCTV cameras strolling to your pc and you need to run them on your laptop then this CMS for windows is for you. The number one use of the software is to monitor the CCTV cameras to your computer. the second one use of this CMS Yoosee for the computer is to preserving and managing the camera gadget to your pc.

Configuration of Yoosee for PC For Windows 7/8/10

earlier than taking any step of the configuration of Yoosee for pc you want to download the setup file from the given link above. After downloading the setup of Yoosee for laptop comply with the coaching of installation and connecting the cameras at the laptop. right here are the 2 methods for Yoosee for windows. inside the first technique, we use the downloaded file of Yoosee for windows however the second approach is for Yoosee for MAC in addition to for windows and we use the emulator software for connecting the Yoosee camera on the computer.

1. Method 1 # Yoosee for PC Without Bluestacks

For the usage of this techniquefirst off download the Yoosee for windows from the given link above and save the downloaded file to your pc then comply with the easy steps for the installation and configuration of the Yoosee for pc.

1. Step # Installation of Yoosee for Windows

when you have been downloaded the CMS of Yoosee for pc then visit the stored file to your laptoppower to your camera and join it to the pcrightclick at the stored file after which you will discover an option named “Run as administrator“. After clicking on this selection, the system will ask for permission for the set up of Yoosee for pcclick at the yes button and the installation method will about to begin and you will get the primary display screen of the installation process of Yoosee for windows.

Yoosee for PC
Installation Wizard of Yoosee for PC

This is the welcome screen for the installation wizard. You need to just press the next button.

Yoosee for PC
Installation directory of Yoosee for PC

On this screen, you may choose the installation directory for the installation of Yoosee for PC. Click on the Browse button and then select a folder where you want to install the CMS of Yoosee for Windows. After choosing the folder of installation, press the “Next” button.

Yoosee for PC
Creating shortcut name of Yoosee for PC

Now you can install the software. Here you need to just press the Install button and the installation process will begin.

Yoosee for PC
Installation of Yoosee for PC

Wait for some time until this process will finish.

Yoosee for PC
Finish the installation of Yoosee for PC

After that, check the box to run the software on your PC and then click on the “Finish” button. Now the installation process finished and you need to move the next step for the configuration of the Yoosee app for PC.

1. Step # Login to the Yoosee for Windows

After installation of the software, run the Yoosee app for PC by clicking the icon present on your desktop.

Yoosee for PC
Log in to the Yoosee for PC

Now it will ask for the login detail. If you have already an account on the Yoosee then log in by your phone number or user-id otherwise click on “admin login“. In the user put admin and in the password leave blank. You may also change the language of the software. Now click on the “OK” button. After login successfully, move to the next step.

3. Step # Add the device into the Yoosee app for PC

After log in to the software, you can see the main software screen in front of you. Here you need to add your camera into the Yoosee for PC.

Yoosee for PC
Adding the device into Yoosee for PC

On the left side, you will find the option named “Device“. Right-click on the “Device” and then you will get some options. Here click on the “Add device” button.

Yoosee for Windows
Device manager of Yoosee for Windows

Now you will get the new screen named “Device Manager“. In the device manager, you can add the device manually or if your device on the same network then you can see your device detail on the left-side. If your device is not on the same network then press the “Manual add device” button.

Yoosee for Windows
Put the device detail into Yoosee for Windows

Here you need to enter your camera device detail into the Yoosee for PC. In the “Device ID” put your device id. In the “Device Password“, you need to put your device password. In the “Device RTSP password“, you need to enter the RTSP password of your device. Now click on the OK button and your device will be added into the Yoosee for Windows.

Yoosee for Windows
Added device detail in Yoosee for Windows

Now you can see your added device detail. Now simply click the “Exit” button. Then move to the next step of Yoosee for PC.

4. Step # Live View on Yoosee for Windows

After adding the device into the Yoosee for Windows, you can see the live view of your camera on your PC.

Yoosee for Windows
Connecting cameras on Yoosee for Windows

Here you could see your added device name beneath the device listing at the left aspect. right-click at the device name and then you can discover the option named “start monitoring”. Now you could see your camera for your laptop using Yoosee for PC.

Yoosee for Windows
Live View on Yoosee for Windows

2. Method # Yoosee for MAC or Windows by using an Emulator

This approach will work for each form of systems means windows and MAC working structures. on this technique of Yoosee for pc, we are going to use an emulator application and with this emulator software, we can try and run the cell application on the computer. essentially, the emulator is a software application that lets in strolling the mobile application on the pc. via this software program, you could run any mobile application in your pc. So with the help of this software program, we are able to run the Yoosee mobile app on the pc.

there are so many emulators available in the market for free. you could download and install any of them. here we will the Bluestacks emulator that is one the first-class unfastened emulator software program. right here is the download link available for Bluestacks. download it from the given link and comply with the stairs given below.

first of all, download the Bluestack from this link.

Now go to the downloaded report and double click on that. Now the software program will begin the setup.
entire all steps of the Bluestacks set up.

  • After finishing the set up of the emulator you could locate the shortcut for this for your desktop.
  • Run the Bluestacks by using double-clicking on that shortcut.
  • Now the system will start the configuration of the emulator in your pc.
  • Now you want to pick your preferred language for Bluestacks.
  • Then the software will ask you for an email account.
  • placed your electronic mail account facts and click on the subsequent.
  • After log in to the Bluestacks, visit the Playstore for windows or Appstore for MAC.
  • look for your favoured mobile utility i.e Yoosee.
  • install and run the application to your pc.
  • Now add your CCTV digital camera on the software.
  • After successfully including the device you may see the live view of your cameras on your computer.


Yoosee is a good CCTV camera producer organization and has such a lot of answers for each sort of user. for his or her laptop users, they provided the CMS software program of Yoosee for windows. The Yoosee for pc is a good CMS for watching your CCTV cameras for your pc. It has such a lot of beneficial options for maintaining and coping with the cameras through using your pc or computer. This CMS software program is also running for other CCTV camera brands the downside of this CMS is, it’s far handiest available for windows customers no longer for the MAC OS. but here we also discuss the method of Yoosee for MAC.

here we mentioned the two methods for having the Yoose CCTV system in your laptop. each technique is examined before discussing and both are operating excellent. the primary technique is simplest for windows platform and the second one is for both users i.e. for windows 7/8/10 in addition to for the MAC customers. if you have windows laptop then we advise, pass for the first technique due to the fact in this method we used the CMS provided the Yoosee.

So that is all about “Yoosee for computer free download”. we are hoping this information will useful to you. if you have any queries or pointers please feel free to write to us inside the comment box. thanks for visiting us. Have a pleasing day.

22 thoughts on “Yoosee For PC Free Download CMS For Windows 10/8/7 and MAC”

  1. Execuse me,
    I need a help. There is no written “Device RTSP password“ in may Yoosee ip cam’s manuel. Because of this reason i couln’t Login to the Yoosee for Windows.
    I will be grateful if you can help with this.

    Best regarsd.

  2. Hello dear admin, I have 2 yoosee cameras. One of it device id number 8 digits, the other one device id number 10 digits. I can not use the same cms client software for both of them. 8 digits > version v , 10 digits > … So I have 2 cms software installed on my pc. Is there any way to use 1 software for both of them ? ( not mentioning the app emulators like bluestacks , nox player .. etc). Thank you very much.

  3. sudah ditambahkan perangkat tetapi di layarnya ada gambar kunci… sehingga tidak ada gambarnya…mohon bantuannya

  4. Hello, I have 36 cameras installed, they are 10 bit, Yoosee on the pc is always freezing. Any tips to help me solve the problem? Thank you very much

    1. To resolve freezing issues with the Yoosee application on your PC when using multiple 10-bit cameras, follow these steps:

      Ensure your PC meets the system requirements for running Yoosee with multiple cameras.
      Update the Yoosee application to the latest version.
      Reduce the number of cameras being displayed simultaneously to alleviate strain on system resources.
      Adjust camera settings, such as video quality and frame rate, to lessen the processing load.
      Optimize network bandwidth by reducing camera streaming quality or using a dedicated network for the cameras.
      Close unnecessary applications running in the background to free up system resources.
      Contact Yoosee support if the freezing issues persist for further assistance.
      By following these steps, you can optimize performance and address freezing problems when using the Yoosee application with multiple 10-bit cameras on your PC. Please Like, Share and Subscribe.

    1. Using CMS software with 10-bit CCTV for Yoosee on a PC might be challenging due to compatibility issues. Check if your CMS supports 10-bit video, update the software, and contact Yoosee support. If compatibility remains a problem, consider alternative software.

  5. i have 22 yoosee camera come with 8 digit. I am using CMS Client to view on PC, but the problem is i only can view 6 cctv, the remains is blank..how to fix it

    1. It seems you’re facing an issue with the Yoosee software for PC when trying to view your 22 Yoosee cameras. Here’s a concise solution:

      Camera Limit: Yoosee software might have a limit on simultaneous camera views. Check software documentation or settings to confirm.

      Software Update: Make sure you’re using the latest version of Yoosee software. Updates might resolve compatibility or viewing issues.

      Camera Grouping: If available, try grouping cameras in sets of 6 or fewer. This might help you view more cameras at once.

      PC Performance: Ensure your PC meets requirements and has enough resources (CPU, RAM) to handle multiple camera streams.

      Contact Support: If issue persists, contact Yoosee support for specific guidance on optimizing camera viewing on PC.

  6. Arsh,

    I use yoosee in a virtual machine (VM) in the cloud. I use the 10-bit one because it records in MP4 and I already make backups to OneDrive.
    The recordings are made, but it is not possible to see them in real time. Another detail of the 10bits software is that it doesn’t have any configurations of the 8bits version, like recording time for each file! Is there a solution for this?

    1. If you are using the Yoosee software in a virtual machine (VM) in the cloud, and you are facing issues with real-time viewing and missing configuration options like recording time for each file in the 10-bit version, here are some steps you can take to address these concerns:

      Real-Time Viewing Issue:

      Check your internet connection: Ensure that your VM has a stable and high-speed internet connection to allow for real-time streaming.
      VM resources: Verify that your VM has enough resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) allocated to it. Insufficient resources can lead to lag and buffering during real-time viewing.
      Firewall and network settings: Review your VM’s firewall and network settings to make sure they are not blocking the real-time video stream. You may need to configure the firewall to allow Yoosee’s traffic.
      Recording Time for Each File (Configuration Issue):

      Limited settings in the 10-bit version: If the 10-bit version of Yoosee does not provide the configuration options you need, it’s possible that this version has limited settings compared to the 8-bit version. Unfortunately, if the software lacks these settings, there may not be a direct solution within the software itself.
      Consider the 8-bit version: If you require specific configuration options, you might consider using the 8-bit version of Yoosee if it meets your needs, even if it records in a different format. This version may offer more flexibility in settings.
      Contact Yoosee Support:

      Reach out to Yoosee’s customer support or technical support for assistance. They may be able to provide guidance on any available updates or alternative solutions for your specific use case.
      Ask if there are any plans to enhance the configuration options in the 10-bit version in future updates.
      Alternative Recording Solutions:

      If Yoosee does not meet your requirements, you might explore alternative video recording and surveillance software that offers the specific settings and features you need. There are many third-party options available that can be tailored to your requirements.
      Remember that using cloud-based VMs for video surveillance may have its limitations, including network latency and resource availability, which can impact real-time viewing. It’s essential to choose software and settings that best suit your surveillance needs and the capabilities of your VM.

  7. I have a yoosee smart camera. I can connect it by my mobile, after registering. However, I would like to use it on my PC just in home LAN. I tried the CMS software, however it does not see the camera (with email login). I also tried to login as admin without password. The software seems to work but no camera appears. I tried manual setting of the camera, but even then it does not connect.
    What could be the problem?
    Hi Gyula

    1. If you’re having trouble connecting your Yoosee smart camera to your PC using the CMS (Central Management Software), here are some steps you can follow to troubleshoot the issue:

      1. Ensure both PC and camera are on the same LAN.
      2. Check IP address and subnet.
      3. Temporarily disable firewall and antivirus.
      4. Configure camera for LAN access.
      5. Add the camera manually using its IP address.
      6. Use correct camera login credentials.
      7. Consider a factory reset if the issue persists.
      8. Contact Yoosee support if needed.

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