ANPR Camera – Best 5 ANRP Camera of 2019 (UPDATED)

Here we are discussing the ANPR camera. This camera is used to recognise the vehicle number plate. This is also called LPR camera. ANPR technology is used to detect and determine the vehicle licence number and register it into the database. This kind of camera generally comes with a software which is used to control the database and manage it throw the ANPR camera. ANPR  generally stores the image of the number plate and throw the software the number can get by the image and may be used for the further processing like the passing time or passing speed.

anpr camera

The Technology of ANPR camera

The technology uses in the ANPR camera is called OCR (optical character recognition). ANPR camera is designed to capture the number plate image in daylight as well in the night. Its design is such a way that it can capture the numbers when the vehicle is moving or is in the still situation. Some  ANPR cameras can also the measure the speed of the vehicle. The ANPR camera technology uses in so many countries like the UK and US by the police department.

Firstly it takes the picture of the number plate and then recognises the size of the plate. After that, the character segmentation process comes and finally optical character recognition algorithm runs. The output comes in the form of numbers and characters.

Sometimes numbers plates are different and it is difficult to recognise them by the ANPR camera. So in some cases vehicles are restricted to use the number plates according to the algorithm of ANPR. For example, if ANPR uses by police department then department allows only a few fonts sizes and fonts style on the number plates of the vehicles. So ANPR is the type of the CCTV camera which is customised for a special task.

Uses of ANPR Camera

  1. In the police department to prevent the crime
  2. By a factory to filter the authorised vehicles
  3. In a housing society for the security purpose
  4. A mall parking system
  5. The bulk entry area of vehicles
  6. In speed tracking systems
  7. Auto open gate systems
  8. To prevent unauthorised access
  9. In a secured LAB
  10. For bulk data processing of vehicles, etc.

ANPR Camera in India

Indian’s lanes have old roadways with toll stations where drivers can pay with cards and moreover ways where there are electronic combination systems. At any rate most new roads simply have the decision of electronic toll combination structure.

The toll square’s framework uses three distinct structures:

  • Automatic camera catches the number plates with the assistance of some others infrared cameras and peruses the number plates from every vehicle
  • The data send to the product where the anpr camera associated then the product peruses the data and coordinated with its very own database.
  • Then the obstruction opens when an individual previously paid or pay for it with the assistance of RF ID cards.

At the point when the shrewd tag is introduced in the vehicle, the vehicle is immediately distinguished and proprietor’s financial balance is consequently deducted. This procedure is acknowledged at any accelerate to over speed limit.

Best ANPR Cameras.

This is the list of the best ANPR camera available in the market. You can choose one of them according to your needs. These cameras have their own software to manage the recognised number of plates.

  1. Hikvision ANPR camera
  2. Bosch ANPR 
  3. Dahua ANPR Camera
  4. Axis Communications ANPR 
  5. Honeywell fusion ANPR camera

1. Hikvision ANPR camera

Hikvision ANPR Camera

Hikvision have an ANPR camera for their customers and this camera has some unique features in its kind of camera.

anpr camera


  • Support countries and regions of Mid-East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, America, Europe, Russian-speaking Countries.
  • In European and Russian-speaking regions, capture rate exceeds 99%, recognition rate exceeds 98%.
  • Smart recording: support edge recording and dual-VCA
  • Smart encoding: support low bit rate, low latency, ROI enhance encoding
  • Quality 1920 × 1080 @60fps
  • Support auto iris, DC-drive
  • It Support rotate mode, suitable for the environment as the corridor
  • Support target cropping, details can be seen with low bandwidth
  • Streaming smoothness setting for different requirements of image quality and fluency
  • Support H.264+/H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG video compression, multi-level video quality configuration.
  • IR LEDs for Night Vision Up to 328′
  • Captures Images of Moving Vehicles
  • 8-32mm Motorized Varifocal Lens
  • 42-13.5° Horizontal Field of View
  • Input and Output for 2-Way Audio
  • Supports MicroSD Cards Up to 128GB
  • RJ45 Ethernet with PoE Technology
  • ONVIF-Compliant for Profiles S & G
  • IP67-Rated for Outdoor Use

2. Bosch ANPR Camera

anpr camera


  • DINION 2X technology produces clear, consistent, accurate license plate images
  • Night Capture Imaging System ensures 24/7 performance and eliminates headlight glare
  • Advanced Ambient Compensation minimizes overexposed plates for improved ALPR accuracy
  • Adjustable imaging modes allow configuration for regional plate characteristics
  • Features a 1/3� CCD with progressive scan technology
  • Capable of quad-streaming video simultaneously � on two H.264 streams, an I-frame recording stream, and an M-JPEG stream
  • Features a 20-bit DSP for capturing every detail of the image in both the high- and low-light areas of the scene simultaneously
  • Uses H.264 (Main Profile) compression and bandwidth throttling
  • Three power options, PoE+ (Power-over-Ethernet+), 11�30 VDC, and 24 VAC
  • Conforms to the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) specification
  • Capable of transferring live video, audio, metadata and control information between ONVIF conformant devices
  • Bosch white colour with the all-weather coating

3. Dahua ANPR Camera

anpr camera

Dahua has three model of its ANPR camera.

  • ITC237-PW1B-IRZ
  • ITC237-PU1B-L
  • ITC237-PU1B-IR


  • Embedded with LPR algorithm inside the camera
  • Support plate cutout, overview picture snapshot and video recording
  • Embedded with Whitelist database, control the barrier
  • Powerful 5-50mm manual lens and white light, ideal for monitor ANPR distance as 40m
  • Wide working temperature, IP66 and superior performance for outdoor applications
  • True WDR technology
  • Suitable for the ANPR detection and recognition in the low-speed environment (<80Km/H), such as parking, access control and urban street.

4. Axis Communications ANPR Camera

anpr camera

Axis ANPR camera arrangements depend on an Axis camera and accomplice programming that runs either on the camera or on a server. It naturally catches the tag progressively, looks at or adds it to a pre-characterized rundown afterwards makes the proper move, for example, opening a door, including a cost, or creating an alarm.

Contingent upon encompassing light, the arrangement may require cameras with worked in IR-light or extra light hotspots for ideal execution.


5. Honeywell Fusion ANPR camera


• Log vehicles with multiple images
• Alert staff to vehicles of interest
• Provide car park access control
• Control unauthorised commuter parking
• Increase gatehouse efficiency
• Open barriers/gates
• Control traffic lights
• Optional multiplexed or switched spot
• Car park auditing / ticketing / management
• Allow sophisticated database searching
• Advanced traffic analysis
• Communicate with remote sites over LAN /
• Reads number plates within 53 countries
• Simultaneously reads different countries’
number plates

So this is all about the ANPR system. We hope this information is helpful to yours. If you have any kind of query or suggestions please write to us in the comment box below.

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