Home Security Systems – Best Home Security Components of 2021

Here we are going to discuss the home security systems and what are the necessary components for your home security. What are the options available when looking for home security systems and what are our requirements? Here we are discussing the entire information and guidance on securing your home and live a smart life. In this instance, we’re talking about home security systems, which are networks of integrated electronic devices working together with a central control panel to protect against burglars and other potential home intruders. Home security systems and home automation are the two sides of a coin. There are so many options that are available in the market for home security but you have to choose the right one for a better experience. Here we are going to highlight some basic features which are a must-have in a home security system. Before starting about home security systems let’s get some information about the security.


A module that is used to secure the home is called a home security system. The module can be a method or a device. The device system used in securing the home is called a home automated system. A security system that has one or more devices is called a home security automated system. In a home security system devices are generally used which are web-enabled and you can operate these devices at a remote location with the help of the internet. This is the most valuable feature in home security systems.

What is Home Security System?

A home security system works on the simple concept of securing entry points into a home with a sensor that communicates with a control panel or command centre installed in a convenient location somewhere in the home. The sensors are typically placed in doors that lead to and from the house as well as easily accessible windows, particularly any that open, especially those at ground level. Open spaces inside of homes can be secured with motion sensors. An automated security system can have more than one component and these components work separately and control by a single control panel. A home security system works on the simple concept of securing entry points into a home with a sensor that communicates with a control panel or command centre installed in a convenient location somewhere in the home. So if you have a home security system then the system must have the following components.


Types of Home Security Systems:-

1. Windows and door sensors

2. Fire Alarm system

3. Motion sensors

4. Door lock

5. Access control

6. CCTV cameras

7. Smart Safe

8. Baby Monitors

9. A Siren or Alarm

10. Gas leak detector

Windows and Door Sensors:-

The sensors which are used to sense that the door is open or close is called door sensors. The sensors are typically placed in doors that lead to and from the house as well as easily accessible windows, particularly any that open, especially those at ground level. Open spaces inside of homes can be secured with motion sensors. It is a very important component and most of the companies who deal in the security system always install door sensors when they have a contract to secure a home. These sensors are very cheap and easily available in the market. You can purchase them and install them on your own and save some bucks in your pocket.

How to choose the right doors and window sensors for your home?

· Selection of right windows and doors to secure your house, for instance, they aren’t accessible to someone on the ground.

· Check the offers on the product and its guarantee and warrantee for good customer service in future.

· Go with the vented window sensors if you like the possibility to arm an open window/door.

· A simple-to-use alarm sensor is the best suitable and convenient for every family member.

 X10 Home Control Door/Window Sensor DS10A:-


home security system 1



· Self-checking for professional reliability.

· Longer range and longer battery life than the standards door/window sensor.

· Great add-on to our protector plus security system.




  • Effortlessly mounted by sticky tape to window or entryway ( included ).                            
  • An attractive sensor switch recognizes section security at your home or office whether you are in or out
  • Ground-breaking alarm 105db sounds when the window or entryway or cabinet is opened. When entryways or windows are opened, the attractive sensor will trigger the caution to go off at 110 DB, which is super boisterous and can be heard all through the house, office and by your neighbours.
  • Secure your entryways, windows, pantries and resources. Simple to introduce, Compact plan, no wiring required.
  • Remotely Operated

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Fire Alarm System:-

A fire alarm system or a smoke detector is a sensor that distinguishes smoke as an essential sign of flame. It gives a flag to a fire alert framework in an expansive building or delivers a discernable and visual flag locally in a room or a home. The fire alarm system is also a key component of the home security systems.

There are so many options available in the market but here we mention the best one which is available in the market.

Blackt Electro-tech Smoke Detector (BT35F):-


home security system 2


  • Optical wireless smoke detector/sensor/alarm unit with 85 dB alarm signal
  • Faster/safer: Continuous monitoring system
  • Fault signal warning (by audio and visual) / no need for any assembly or wiring
  • Discharged battery indicator/ test button/ 9-volt battery can use. (battery life more than the year)
  • Low power consumption CMOS processing/ special anti-humidity

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Motion sensors:-

The sensors which are detected and trigger when a motion occurred is called a motion sensor. Motion sensors are placed in a highly sensitive place. It detects the motion and triggers an alarm.

Blackt motion sensor ceiling mounted (BT 4123):-


home security system 3


  • PIR Motion sensor: works by detecting human motions infrared rays.
  • Light sensor:3LUX ~2000LUX adjustable, can work day and night.
  • Sensitivity adjustable: turn on lights during the day or night. Detection range- 3-7m adjustable accordingly, item fits for big rooms.
  • Using the automatic control product of infrared technology, when people walk into the sensor range, and the sensor can detect the spectral change of the human body infrared ray, during this time, the switch will connect the load automatically until the person leaves the sensor range. 2, through the photosensitive control, it will not turn on the lights in the daytime or light environment, but also can be adjusted in any lighting environment sensing lights
  • It can use with lamps, incandescent lamps (bulbs), old-fashioned fluorescent lamps, electronic fluorescent ring lamps, spotlights, transformers, small electrical appliances, and all other appliance

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Smart Door Lock:-

A Smart Door Lock is an electronic and mechanical locking gadget that opens remotely with an approved clients’ confirmation. In a keen home, shrewd locks enable a mortgage holder to enter their home or give others access without requiring a customary key. It is very easy to install and it can be locked or unlock by your Smartphone.

T Tinxy Door Lock with wifi controller and door sensor (Lock+wifi controller+2 remotes)


home security system 4


  • Remote Password setting to unlock.
  • Enable guest/tenant codes.
  • Bluetooth enabled smart home device.
  • Highly secured.
  • 1year warranty.


CCTV cameras:-

Here, CCTV stands for A CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION. It is the best way for surveillance purposes and private purposes, by producing images and recordings. A CCTV camera is a type of video camera that is used to monitor or capture the defined area with the help of a monitor. A CCTV camera is commonly used for security purposes but it also uses for experimental things like the observation of a plant. Nowadays the CCTV system is globally used and it is a main component of security. In developed countries, CCTV is all over like in a mall, In a hospital, In an industry, In a school everywhere. The main benefit of a CCTV camera is you can record the footage and save it. It is very helpful from an evidence point of view.




home security system 5


· Superior image sensor.

· Shock-proof and damage are resistant.

· Exceptional speed.

· Digital wide dynamic range.

· Equipped with fine IR LEDs for Day and night clear vision.

· Resolution 1080p, 3.6MM lens, IR Range of 20 Meter, Dimension-108mm x 73.5mm.

· Real-time preview without delay.

· 2 years warranty.

See full specification and price at Amazon


Access Control System

Access control system performs approval distinguishing proof, validation, get to the endorsement, and responsibility of substances through login accreditations including passwords, individual recognizable proof numbers (PINs), biometric checks, and physical or electronic keys. It emits radio waves via its antenna. 


  • Item specification voltage 12VDC±10%, current 1.2A lock relay 12VDC/2A card capacity 500 PIN capacity Public pin:1 private.
  • Fast and perfect authentication (less than 1 second).
  • Internal reader frequency ID model: 125KHz IC model: 13.56KHz Proximity card ID model: EM or compatible IC model: Misfire or compatible Card reading distance ID model: 5-15cm IC model: 3-5cm.
  • Lock interface relay output or level output Exit button one interface Bell one interface.
  • Reduces administrative costs.


Smart Safe

A smart safe is simply a secure device that automatically accepts, approves, records and stores all the valuable things. Godrej is a good company who make this kind of safe for your home and offices.


home security system 6


  • Compact, strong 15Litre, Mild Steel safe locker. Dimensions- H*W*D::254*350*250 mm.
  • Locking Mechanism: Opens with 3-6 digit password, Enabled with a Master password for better control, Mechanical override in case password is forgotten.
  • Security features: 2 motorized shooting bolts (solid steel) for extra protection, Multi-bend construction for superior strength and auto-freeze after consecutive wrong attempts, Option for anchoring and grouting.
  • Convenience Features: Non-volatile memory, password retained even if batteries are removed, Compact with attractive aesthetics, Durable finish and interior carpet, enhanced battery life, Low battery indication, Password entry can be hidden, Interior Carpet, 100 audit log trails can be viewed on the safe (shows opening records along with the date, time along with the method of opening).
  • Warranty: 1 year on product.

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Baby Monitors:-

A baby monitor is very necessary if you have kids. A child screen, otherwise called an infant alert, is a radio framework used to remotely tune in to sounds made by a baby. A sound screen comprises a transmitter unit, outfitted with a mouthpiece, set close to the kid. 

 Qubo By Hero Group:-

home security system 7


· Operated by WIFI with full HD smart baby monitor. 

· It consists of Cry alert, Alexa enabled, 2-way talkback audio, Lullaby player.

· Monitor your baby life from anywhere.

· Crystal clarity in the dark.

· A mark to have a virtual cradle for your baby.


A Siren or Alarm

A security alarm or siren is a must for home security. It is a system designed to and for the people and their safety issues. A siren or alarm helps in detecting instructions, especially when someone tries to hinder the security; such as an unauthorized entry in public or private areas. Security alarms or sirens are helpful for residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against theft, property damage, as well as personal protection. Security alarms/sirens certainly connect the neighbourhood with diminishing burglary.


PEPL Siren/ Alarm System :-


home security system 9


. It is made up of mild steel with powder coating, tamper proof and has a long life.

· It works on pencil cells, 1.5V X8 nos. (12 V), so it does not require electricity.

· Sustainable battery life.

· Easy to operate and install.

· Accommodates in a small place due to its compact size.

· One-Way-Key encryption for better safety.


 Gas leak detector

A sensor that senses the leakage of the Gas like LPG/PNG/CNG etc and a triggered alarm called a gas leak detector.

DRONSE 868Mhz Natural Gas Leak Smart Detector:-

home security system 10

· Fast response, zero drift, high precision, and low power consumption.

· Consists of the high reliability-Modular sensor with low maintenance.

· Rapid response and controlled by a microprocessor.

· Suitable for every place when fire and explosion need to be taken care of.

Bottom Line:

If you want to deter crime and allow remote access to your property then you can purchase these kinds of equipment directly from the market instead of giving a contract to a professional company for the home security systems. If you do not have the skills to install it on your own then you can purchase directly from the market and ask a professional to install it at a lesser installation charge. We mention some good products but there are so many different products also available in the market at a very good price so be smart and live secure.

So this was all about the Home Security Systems. If you have any kind of query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box given below.


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