Best CCTV Camera for Cash Counter- 9 Top Devices

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This post helps you select the Best CCTV Camera for Cash Counter. Cash counters are among the most sensitive areas of banks, business units, malls, shops, institutions etc. 

We often watch the news and read stories the world over about theft, robbery, snatching, bungling and embezzlement at cash counters. We need to be extremely vigilant at cash counters.

Cash handling is a sensitive issue and it becomes more so when they are dealing in public places. These areas must be covered with high-resolution cameras. It is even better if they are varifocal CCTV cameras with clean images even in the dark.

In this post, we will discuss the Best CCTV Cameras for Cash Counters.

How Does the Best CCTV Camera for Cash Counter Help?

The cash counter CCTV cameras protect you and monitor the location. It is beneficial in many ways.

  • They can minimize the chances of theft or stealing by employees, clients or anyone else.
  • These cams produce evidence against any crime.
  • Through recordings, you can check suspects or actual culprits.
  • These cameras discourage the chances of mismanagement and mishandling.
  • These cams monitor every business transaction. Any discrepancy can be traced and tracked. 
  • It can handle disputes and satisfy clients and employees.

How to Select the Best CCTV Camera for Cash Counter

To get the best CCTV cameras for cash counters and cash registers, we must look for the following features in the CCTV devices.

1- Resolution

The resolution is the single most important factor of the device. It determines the image and video quality. For a cash counter, a camera with 4MP or more resolution is necessary. It can capture crystal-clear images. It can even recognize the currency type. 

2- Varifocal Lens

For cash counters, this varifocal feature of the device is very important. It can focus on varied objects near and far. This type of camera has a motorized lens. With its help, we can focus on individual objects as well.

3-6MM or 8MM Lens Camera

For cash registers or cash counters, we require big lens cameras like 6mm or 8mm. These lens cams focus more clearly on objects. They also take closer images for clarity. We require this standard of cameras for proper coverage and protection. However, lenses like 3.6mm also come in handy if they are properly installed to capture cash counters. 

4- Low Light Performance

It means the night vision of the camera and its image quality in low light. Cameras are installed for safety and security. Mostly, in the darkness, threat happens easily, so the night vision of the device must be good.

5- Motion Detection and Alerts

To install a good camera at the cash counter, you have to select a device which has powerful AI features. It can detect motion and audio. When it is sensitive enough, any suspicious move gives you alert signals. It is a great security measure.  

6- Remote Access and Monitoring

If the camera gives you remote access, you can get live views from any place. It is a huge advantage to access devices from remote locations. 

7- Field of View (FOV)

The FoV represents the area it covers for monitoring. CCTV cameras for cash counters need to have a focused field of view. So that, they can easily monitor cash, cashier, and people making the transaction.

8- Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

The Wide Dynamic Range of any camera means the quality of image in the high or low contrasting light. When the environment is dim how is the image quality and when it is bright how is the image quality? 

9- Storage Mode 

A cash counter camera must store data. See the storage modes and their quality. If the device is compatible with NVRs, it is better for protection. Additionally, it can store data on SD cards and on cloud servers or not.

10- Brand Reputation and Support

The brand reputation tells a lot about the perception of the company and acceptance of its products. Check it for a reputed product. Also, look for the company support system. If the support system is good, you will have product solutions for most of the problems. 

11- Weatherproof and Vandal-Resistant

If the cameras are weatherproof and vandal-proof they can be installed at any place and under any weather conditions. These devices are sturdy and durable.

Whenever we have to choose the Best CCTV Camera for Cash Counter, we have to look for these above qualities. The more features they possess, the better it is for the quality of the product.

Best System for Cash Counter

Here, we will take into consideration the best security system measures to cover cash registers and counters. To make the system fully protected against any threat, we require an NVR to record and store events and CCTV cameras.

We will take here 4K 8 channel NVRs for display. We will connect with them the best cash counter cameras to give you a better perspective for your case.

We will basically prefer cameras which have a 4MP or above resolution. These devices preferably have motorized lenses and the best night vision. Along with them, they are AI-powered to sense motions and push alert signals. 

Of course, they must come from reputed CCTV Industry Brands. We have taken big brands like Hikvision, Dahua, and Amcrest.

Best 4K NVRs for Building a Proper Cash Counter Monitoring System

We have used here the high resolution 4K NVR for best image quality and recording. Since these cash register points are sensitive locations, we need crystal clear pictures in the daytime and at night. We also need the best images and footage against evidence in case of any mismanagement. 

Best CCTV Camera for Cash Counter/ Cash Register

Product NameEditor’s RatingsResolutionLens TypeBest PerformancePriceGet the Product
Hikvision Bullet IR Varifocal5.0/58MPVarifocal2.8 to 12 mm Motorized Varifocal Lens$368.98View
Hikvision Dome Outdoor Motorized Lens4.5/58MPMotorized Lens2.8-12mm Motorized Lens, WDR$379.00View
Dahua Bullet 4KIR PoE Cam4.6/54K, 8MP4MM Fixed LensExtremely clean nigh vision up to 131 feet$370.78View
Dahua Dome Lite ePoE Cam4.8/54MPMotorized lens2.7mm to 13.5mm Motorized Lens$478.51View
Amcrest AI 4k PoE Bullet Camera4.5/54K, 8MPMotorized Lens2.7MM to 13.5MM Lens; 25X Optical Zoom$289.99View
Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ cam4.6/54MPVarifocal360° Pan, 90° Tilt; 34.6°-112.3° FOV; 25x Optical Zoom; 16x Digital Zoom.$269.99View

Here, we will deal with the best CCTV Cameras for Cash Counters. These cameras have all the features which make them suitable for this location. They can see clearly even in low light conditions, record audio, detect motion, send you alert signals, take close images, etc.

Hikvision Cash Counter Monitoring System

Here, we will demonstrate the system for Hikvision NVR and CCTV cameras for cash areas. How this system can be developed for the best monitoring.

Hikvision 4K 8 Channel NVR

Hikvision 4K 8Channel NVR

The model number of this NVR is HIKVISION DS-7608NI-Q2/8P. Hikvision is a Chinese Company with a global presence. It is the most trusted and famous CCTV company in the world. Its products are durable, trustworthy, smart and latest. They are available in almost every country and their services and their performances are extremely good.  

It is a 4K independent PoE Plug and Play NVR. It has an 80 Mbps incoming bandwidth. This NVR is fast and functions seamlessly without any blur.

It supports 8 IP cameras. The Hikvision 4K NVR supports 4K, 3840 × 2160 resolution HDMI for the best transmission with an 8Ch PoE interface. It gives you live access from any remote place with the help of the Hik-Connect App.

This smart NVR can make human and vehicle analyses separately. It can differentiate between them. This device is available on Amazon with a price value of $223.00. You can order it from there.

1- Hikvision DS-2CD2683G1-IZS 8MP Outdoor IR Varifocal Bullet Camera

Hikvision 8MP Varifocal Bullet Camera

This Hikvision Bullet 8 MP IR varifocal camera is good for all locations. It is especially useful in locations where we require focusing on objects. It has a varifocal lens which can adjust focal lengths between 2.8 to 12 mm. 

Hikvision 4K outdoor camera provides high-quality imaging with 8MP imaging. The camera has an efficient H.265+ compression technology. It gives clean images with a strong backlight due to 120 dB true WDR. 

It gives clean night vision images and its field of view is horizontal field of view 105° to 34.5°, vertical field of view 55° to 19°, and diagonal field of view: 125° to 40°. 

This camera has product dimensions of ‎11.7 x 8 x 16 inches and its weight is ‎2.9 pounds. The product is sold on Amazon at $368.98.


  • 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera
  • High quality with 8 MP resolution
  • 120 dB true WDR technology
  • Water and dust resistant (IP67)
  • Motorized varifocal lens between 2.8 and 12 mm
  • The horizontal field of view is 105 degrees to 34.5 degrees
  • It can view up to 50 meters in the dark
  • 2-way audio
  • Smart sensors: give push messages and alarm signals
  • Can detect face
  • Compatible with Hikvision NVRs and some third-party NVRs
  • Can support 128GB SD Card
  • Metallic Housing


  • A costly camera
  • Supports only limited third-party NVRs
  • Black and white night vision

Features & Functions of Hikvision 4k 8MP Bullet Motorized Camera

  • This camera is a 4K resolution device. This 8MP camera gives clean images. The night vision is clean and clear.
  • The 3D DNR feature provides sharp images in low light and dark backgrounds. It can see up to 50 meters in the darkness.
  • It has an efficient H.265+ compression technology. It is the latest feature which compresses data without compromising the image quality.
  • The speciality of this camera is that it has a motorized varifocal lens. The focal lens can vary between 2.8mm and 12mm. 
  • It can adjust focus on objects as per the requirement. So you can easily focus on the cash counter to monitor the transaction and people. You can shift the lens to 6mm or more as per the location.
  • It is a full metal camera with a weatherproof IP67 type. 
  • The smart sensor can sense the dubious movement and send alert signals without any delay.
  • The two-way audio feature is highly useful. You can communicate bidirectional. 
  • You can access the camera from any remote area. You can even check the recording.
  • This camera is compatible with NVR and you can use it as a standalone camera also.  

2- Hikvision CM DS-2CD2785FWD-IZS DM 4K Outdoor Motorized 2.8-12Mz WDR Dome Camera

Hikvision 4K motorized lens dome outdoor camera

It is a dome-shaped outdoor 4K 8MP resolution very high-quality camera. It is suitable for places where we require intense focus and don’t want to miss any action. The motorized lens between 2.8mm and 12mm makes it super user-friendly. 

It is compatible with NVRs and you can also use it as a wireless camera. It connects with WiFi easily. The device can see far in the darkness. It can easily monitor up to 150 feet in the night. The 120dB DNR feature gives a good image in contrasting light conditions.

The sensor can detect motion and alert users to threats. You can communicate in two ways and easily pass images. If you install this device on the cash register centre, it can clearly record and relay extremely crystal clear images due to its high resolution. You can vary lenses to get closer images. It can trace currency and hand movements clearly.

The cam is available on Amazon and its cost is $379.00.


  • High-quality 4K imaging with 8 MP resolution
  • 3D DNR for clean images in low and contrasting light
  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology
  • Vandal-proof and waterproof
  • Clean night vision, can see up to 150 feet in the dark
  • Two-way audio. You can communicate bidirectional
  • Smart and sharp sensors detect motion and send alert signals sensing threats
  • Motorized lens between 2.8mm and 12mm
  • You can adjust the focus accordingly
  • Compatible with NVRs and works well as a single camera as well


  • Compared to its features, its cost is high
  • Not available in every country where Hikvision products are sold

Features & Functions of Hikvision Outdoor Motorized Dome Camera

  • This 4K and 8MP camera emits very clean pictures and videos. We get advanced and detailed images because of high-resolution
  • The 3D DNR provides clean images in contrasting light conditions. In low light and dark backgrounds, we get clear pictures
  • The night vision is good. It can view up to 150 feet on the IR light.
  • The two-way audio is a great feature. You can give any message and listen to people on the device side. 
  • The motorized lens of the camera is from 2.8m to 12mm. You can adjust the focal length as per the need of the hour and capture images. You can minutely focus on objects and get the complete details of the incident. 
  • The smart sensor detects movement and sound. It senses motion and alerts you from any suspicious object or people. It even bells alarm and pushes messages to alert people of any impending danger.
  • The device is okay for outdoor use. The IP67 and IK10 certification type respectively makes it useful for tough weather conditions and breakage-free.
  • It is compatible with Hikvision NVR and some other big brand NVRs only. 

Dahua Cash Counter Monitoring System

Dahua 4K 8Ch NVR is picked for the system. There are two cameras picked from so many other Dahua cameras. We have selected them by keeping in mind the sensitivity of the location. Both devices are highly useful for cash zones.

Dahua 4K 8 Channel NVR

Dahua 4K 8Channel NVR

This Dahua NVR has a model number N42C2P Lite-Series 4K 8-Channel. It is a smart 4K NVR which emits the best quality images and a seamless flow of the data. This way, you get clean and fine pictures and footage. 

Dahua is the second-largest Chinese CCTV company in the world. Its products are available in more than 170 countries. Its service centres are also in every part of the globe. The devices are affordable, smart, trendy and trustworthy.

It is a double SATA device which has a pre-installed 4TB Hard drive. You can also install one more hard drive to it with a capacity of your choice. This Dahua 4K NVR is ONVIF Profiles S, T, and G Compatible. It has a 4K recording resolution on 8 PoE ports. 

It provides HDMI and VGA video output and you can watch them simultaneously. You can connect the recorder with the DMSS Mobile App and witness all the cameras from any remote area.

This 4K Dahua NVR is available on Amazon and it has a price tag of $499.95. It is a little costly because it has a 4K pre-installed hard drive.

1- Dahua N84CB34 8MP 4K IR ePoE Outdoor Bullet IP 4MM Camera

Dahua 4MM Bullet 4K camera

This Dahua 4K camera has a 4mm lens. The 4mm lens provides us with relatively bigger and clearer images. On top of it, it has a 4K resolution which gives crystal clean and detailed images. The fixed lens device is suitable for cash counters.

It is an outdoor camera with 15 frames per second images at 3840 x 2160 resolution. It can capture between 48 degrees and 88 degrees field of view. It has a clean night vision.

The 120dB true WDR gives clean images in low light or no light. It also absorbs background light. It can see up to 131 feet in the pitch-dark situation. It is a smart device with motion and sensor. The two-way audio feature is remarkable.

This camera is available on the A1 Security Cameras Website with a tag of $370.78.


  • This bullet cam has a 4K resolution
  • 4MM Fixed lens for bigger images
  • The night vision is clear
  • 120dB WDR for detailed images
  • You can see up to 131 meters in the night
  • 2-way audio feature to communicate bidirectional
  • Smart sensors to detect motion and audio
  • Weatherproof with IP67 type certification
  •  48 field of view 88-degree field of view
  • Compatible with NVR


  • This camera is a limited-edition
  • Black and white night images
  • The camera is not available in every country

Features & Functions of 4K Bullet 4MM Camera

  • The 4K, 8MP resolution camera is good in quality. It gives clean images.
  • The 4MM lens is very handy for closely monitoring any object. It concentrates on any particular thing and takes clear images. It is very useful for cash counters as it is a 4MM device with 4k resolution.
  • The 120dB WDR gives detailed images. It absorbs the backlight and the contrast of the light. The night image is clean. It can view up to 131 meters.
  • The field of the view of the bullet cam is between 48 degrees and 88 degrees field of view
  • The two-way audio is useful in listening to the talk or awarding any warning signal. It alerts culprits and discourages them from committing crimes.
  • The motion and audio are detected. If anything suspicious is ascertained, it pushes alert signals and messages.
  • The camera is compatible with NVRs. It is compatible with most of the NVRs.
  • The weatherproof standard of the device is IP67. 

2- Dahua Lite N45CL5Z ePoE 4MP IP Dome 2.7-13.5mm IR Camera

Dahua Varifocal 4MP Dome camera

This is an effective dome camera with outdoor features. The best feature of the device is that it can motorize lenses between 2.7mm and 13.5mm. It means from smaller objects to bigger objects, it can capture equally well. This camera is selected for the cash counter because of this feature. It is also a 4MP camera with explicit image quality.

The WDR and DNR features give clean images in a dark background and light contrast. The clean images in the dark are supported with the powerful IRs. You can witness up to 164 feet in the dark environment. 

The smart sensor features and bidirectional talk options make the device more apt for security surveillance. It is sold on Amazon. Its product dimensions are 7.49″ X 7.88″ X 7.41″. Its product cost is $478.38.


  • It is a 4MP dome cam
  • It provides clean images
  • DNR and WDR functions
  • Motorized lens between 2.7mm and 13.5mm
  • Can focus easily on objects far and wide
  • Night vision is clean
  • Can view up to 164 feet
  • Smart sensors can detect motion
  • Two-way audio can communicate
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof camera
  • Compatible with Dahua and most of the NVRs


  • Very costly dome camera
  • An expert can install it, not a plug-and-play device

Features & Functions of Dome Motorized Camera

  • This device has a 4MP resolution. It is a good camera with fine image quality. 
  • The varifocal device can shift its focal length between 2.7mm and 13.5mm. This camera is suitable for cash counters as it can be focused on the counter as per the need. You can even adjust the focal length for more clarity. Every activity and frame is traceable.
  • This device is smart. It also auto-tracks activity. It senses motion and keeps you alert from suspicious things.
  • The 2-way audio feature keeps you connected with people on the other side. You can express any message or receive them. You can talk and hear them.
  • The dome camera is compatible with NVRs. It can be added with most of the third-party NVRs.
  • The WDR and DNR functions give great image quality. It captures clean images in the darkness, low light and dark backgrounds. It even absorbs contrasting lights from the background.
  • It can view up to 164 feet in the IR light. 
  • The IP 67 and IK 10 features are respectively weatherproof and vandal-proof types.

Amcrest Cash Counter Monitoring System

Amcrest 4K 8Ch NVR is picked for the cash zone surveillance. Along with it, the two best cameras are selected. Amcrest is an American company. It is a popular company famous for the latest, durable and affordable CCTV Products. here, we will discuss two special cameras. These are suitable for covering the cash counter.

Amcrest 4K 8 Channel NVR

Amcrest 4K 8Channel NVR

Amcrest 4K NVR model number is Amcrest Model NV5208E. It is an American company. Its products are available in hundreds of countries. These CCTV Security devices have NVRs, DVRs, IP Cameras, HD Cameras, PTZ Cameras and accessories. They are trusted and durable. Its products are also affordable with good services.

This 4K NVR wire connects to the router to operate. It works with all the Amcrest IP cameras. It is compatible with some of the third-party products, though it is not compatible with most of the third-party devices. It is its small shortcoming.

It gives 4K UHD image quality which is second to none in the CCTV world. It connects 8 PoE cameras at a time and gives you remote access to the Amcrest View App. It provides a live view without any time lag. The NVR has all the latest features to monitor and operate at will. You can record talks and sense motion and audio.

It supports double SATA and you can install up to 10TB hard disk each for a maximum of 20TB bandwidth. This device is sold on the Amcrest company website at a competitive price of $269.99.

1- Amcrest 4K AI IP PoE Bullet 5x Optical Zoom Camera

Amcrest 4K 5X optical zoom bullet camera

This camera is 4k. It means it has a high resolution with 8MP images. Its images are clean and detailed. You can see everything in the object. 

Since it can be zoomed up to 5X times optically, it is among the list of the best bullet cameras for cash counters. Additionally, it is a 4K device with WDR and DNR features. It can trace the currency denomination and its handling. It can easily find any misappropriation in the cash dealing. 

It can capture between 31 degrees and 113 degrees. It can see crystal clear in the darkness. You can watch up to 197 feet in the IR light. 

It has strong features. It can detect faces and sense motion. It can even count heads. You can check playbacks from remote and talk two-way.

The camera is availalbe onthe official Amcrest Website. It has a price tag of $289.99. 


  • Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Best low light capability
  • Wide angle 31°~113° coverage
  • WDR up to 120dB
  • Clean night vision
  • Cab view up to197 feet in the night
  • IP 67 weatherproof
  • Detects motion recognizes face and counts heads
  • 2-way audio 
  • Compatible with NVR and can be used as a standalone cam


  • The cam is less available in African countries
  • It is not a varifocal camera

Features & Functions of 4K Optical Bullet Camera

  • This device has a 4K resolution camera which gives clear pictures. You can see anything clearly be it a day or night.
  • It can be optically zoomed up to 5 times. It makes the image bigger and more focused. If you zoom in on the cash counter, it will take clean images with accurate details. 
  • The WDR feature gives clean images in low light and dark backgrounds. The night vision is sharp and clear. It can view up to 197 feet at night in IR lights.
  • This Amcrest camera covers a good angle between 31 degrees and 113 degrees.
  • The AI features of this device are exemplary. It can detect motion and send you alert signals. This cam can detect faces and recognize people. It can even count them.
  • You can also set zones for precaution. If anyone enters those areas, you get alert signals. 
  • This cam is compatible with NVRs. You can also use it as a standalone camera. It can record on hard drives, SD cards and cloud servers.
  • It is a weatherproof cam with IP67 standard type.

2- Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ POE+ IP PTZ Optical 25X 4M-1098EW-AI Camera

Amcrest 4MP 25X optical zoom PTZ Camera

This Amcrest PTZ camera has a 4MP resolution. It is an outdoor PoE IP cam with a 25X optical feature. It provides ultra-high-definition images. It has 2 infrared LEDs which give 164 feet of vision in black and white and 98 feet of vision in colour night vision.

The cam can pan, tilt and zoom. It can pan up to 360 degrees and tilt up to Pan, 90 degrees. It is not a very heavy or big-shaped device. When you install it for monitoring a cash counter, it can cover the location from every corner. 

It is an intelligent device. It gives you alert signals from threats. The device recognizes motion and alerts you of any suspicious movement. It recognizes faces and differentiates between humans and vehicles. 

The cam is available on Amcrest’s official website with a price value of $269.99.


  • The cam is a 4MP gadget
  • It is a PTZ cam
  • It can zoom up to 25X optically and 16X digitally
  • The cam can view up to 164 feet in black and white and 98 feet in colour at night 
  • It is compatible with NVRs
  • You can use the device as a Standalone cam as well, with 512GB micro SD Card support and cloud server recording support
  • Smart motion alert, face detection and human-animal differentiation
  • Varied angle coverage between 34.6 and 112.3 degrees
  • The Ingress Protection type is IP66 for tough weather conditions. The vandal-resistant IK10-certified cam


  • A small size PTZ camera
  • Colour night vision is only 98 feet which is low compared to a PTZ device
  • Only supports maximum H.265 video compression standard

Features & Functions of Amcrest 4MP PTZ Camera

  • The 4MP PTZ camera is a good solution for a cash register point. It can pan, tilt and zoom devices. 
  • The cam can pan up to 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees.
  • The device can be optically zoomed up to 25X times and digitally zoomed up to 16X times.
  • The coverage angle of the device at any point in time is between 34.6 and 112.3 degrees.
  • It can view up to 98 feet in the night and give colour night vision. It can see up to 164 feet in the dark with black-and-white vision.
  • It is not a big-shaped device, so it can be easily installed at any location. You can monitor the cash zone with much success because of its above-mentioned features.
  • The cam is weatherproof and vandal-proof with certification standards respectively IP66 and IK 10
  • It is compatible with NVR. 
  • It is a highly intelligent device. It can detect motion, recognize faces and differentiate humans and non-humans. 


The Best CCTV Camera for the Cash Counter is illustrated here. Three different surveillance systems are demonstrated for comparison and better options. The best features of the devices are described for better usability of them.

Kindly mention your remarks and suggestions in the comment box. You can also ask queries regarding the post. Your comments, suggestions and queries are important to us. You are valuable to us. We will respond. 

Thank You.

What camera is best for the cash register?

A camera with 2k or 4MP resolution and above with a varifocal or motorized lens is good for cash register

What cameras do banks use?

Banks are extremely sensitive places. They use advanced CCTV cameras with features like motion detection, alarm signals, zoom-in, motorized lenses, high resolution, etc.

Are there cameras in cash registers?

Yes, there are CCTV cameras. These are installed in such a way as to monitor transactions between customers and employees.

Do all cash machines have CCTV?

Yes, all cash machines, ATMs, and banks have CCTVs installed. These places are sensitive for monitoring.

How long do banks keep CCTV?

Banks keep CCTV recordings for at least six months. In special circumstances, they have even more or less recordings.

What is cash register security?

The security device consists of a chain of cash transactions with the aid of the electronic signature of the signature creation unit. The chain is formed by including elements of the last assigned signature stored in the data collection protocol in the current signature to be created.

Can I integrate my CCTV camera system with other security systems, such as alarms or access control?

Yes many CCTV Surveillance Systems offer integration capabilities with other security systems like alarms, access control, etc. There are many CCTV Apps, that also connect multiple security gadgets.

Do I need to regularly maintain CCTV cameras at the cash counter?

Yes sure. Regular monitoring is essential for proper surveillance. When you go for regular monitoring, you keep your system healthy by maintaining its functioning, cleaning the lenses, updating the system, etc.

Can CCTV cameras help prevent theft at the cash counter?

Yes, that is why they are installed. They work as a deterrent and discourage theft. They record activities, so they are also evidence against any crime.

How many cameras do I need for my cash counter?

It depends on the layout and size of the location. Make sure to cover the complete cash zone. It may take one camera or more cameras.

What type of CCTV camera is best for monitoring a cash counter?

A camera with high resolution, good night vision, accurate focus, zoom-in feature, etc is good for cash counters.

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