12 Best CCTV Camera for School- Location-Wise Analysis

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In this post, the Best CCTV Camera for School is analyzed. We have minutely demonstrated the 12 best CCTV cameras for schools here. 

A school has different areas to cover which require different features of cameras. Areas like classrooms & offices, halls & corridors, entrances & parking, fields & playgrounds, etc need to be covered with full security.

Here, we are giving the best CCTV cameras for schools to cover classes, the principal room, staff room, corridors libraries, front gates, parking, and playgrounds.

A comparative study is done for the suitability and selection of these gadgets.

The best CCTV Cameras for schools are powerful, AI-generated, bidirectional talk-enabled, and remotely accessed gadgets. These devices can be used as standalone cameras or wired with NVRs. 

CCTV Cameras are Important for Schools

CCTV cameras are necessary for schools. It enhances the standard of security and ensures safety in the school compound.

It guards the compound, students and staff alike. Below are some of the important reasons why CCTVs are so crucial for schools and colleges.

  1. Works as a guard against suspicious activities- The presence of CCTVs creates the absence of dubious people and activities. These security devices work as a deterrent against disruptive behaviors.
  2. Crime Prevention and Identification- CCTVs prevent vandalism, theft, and other criminal activities. You can identify a person and their activity and use them as evidence to apprehend them.
  3. Visitor Monitoring- CCTV surveillance devices are installed at key points. They capture and monitor activities and behaviors. They keep you alert against unauthorized visitors on the school campus.
  4. Student and Staff Safety- Since cameras are installed in halls, gateways, classrooms, fields, etc, they keep you alert all the time. In case of any dubious thing or move, we can caution everyone in advance.
  5. Behavior Monitoring and Intervention- CCTVs capture incidents of ragging, bullying, fighting, or misdemeanor. They maintain order on the school premises. 
  6. Parents & Guardians are in Peace- Parents and guardians are in peace when they see their children are secure and safe in schools. CCTVs assure them of proper monitoring.
  7. Emergency Response Coordination- Security systems are critical in emergency responses, especially in high footfall places. In case of fire, threat, or any other hazardous condition, their presence is crucial.

These are some of the main reasons why we should install CCTVs in schools and institutions.

Features to Look for in the Best CCTV Camera for School

Best CCTV cameras are installed in schools. These are essential for the school environment as they maintain the security and safety of students, staff, and property.

Whenever you have to purchase a CCTV camera for school, look for the following characteristics in it.

  1. High Resolution- Look for the high-resolution devices. If a CCTV camera has equal to or more than 1080P resolution, then you can say it is a good device. These devices give detailed and clean images.  
  2. Dim light or Night vision Performance- Prefer those cameras having IRs or spotlights studded in them. The good performance of the camera in low light or darkness is essential. Most of the criminal activities take place in the murkiness. When you have a good quality night vision camera, you are safe and relieved. 
  3. Wide Angle Coverage- In schools, we require cameras for halls, fields, classrooms, or entry points. Mainly spaces are bigger than normal, so a wide-angle camera is preferable. 
  4. WDR Effect- WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is a useful feature. This function decides the amount of light to absorb from the atmosphere. It adjusts low or sharp lights. This feature is essential for places where the effect of light is uneven, like front doors, etc.
  5. PTZ Functionality- If cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom then it is an added advantage. It enhances the monitoring capacity and covers wider ranges.
  6. Remote Accessibility- Support those cameras that can be accessed from remote areas. You can get live footage and images from faraway locations. You can also check recordings.
  7. Cloud Storage & Recordings- The cloud storage option for backups is great. It stores data on off-site locations. Thus recordings are safe from theft and damage.
  8. Ingress Protection Type- The Ingress Protection certification determines the level of weatherproofing of the devices. The durability of the devices is important against all weather conditions.  
  9. AI Features- The sensors are very essential these days. They enhance the level of security and alert us against threats. AI-featured devices sense suspicious people and activities and warn you through messages and alarm signals.
  10. Two-way Audio- The 2-way audio function enables the transferring of ideas and conversations. It allows security personnel to communicate with individuals. They can warn or instruct people.

Best CCTV Camera for School

The best CCTV Cameras for various locations in any school campus is compared and detailed here. These locations include the library, classroom, office, gate, parking, field, etc.

Best CCTV Camera for Classroom, Office & Library

There are three best cameras from the three most reliable and trusted brands are selected. Their features are compared and usability is defined.

Product NameEditor’s RatingResolutionBest PerformanceField-of-ViewBest for LocationsPriceGet on Amazon
Reolink 4K PoE Dome4.5/54K2.8MM Lens Can view more:
Clear imaging against strong back light
Horizontal: 87° Vertical: 44°Classrooms, Principal office, Staff rooms, Libraries$75.00View
Hikvision 4K 2.8mm Cam3.9/54K2.8MM Lens Can view more:
Clear imaging against strong backlight
Horizontal FOV 110.7°, Vertical FOV 59.1°, Diagonal FOV: 131° Best for Classrooms, Offices, Staff rooms, Libraries$156.35View
Amcrest 4K IP Turret Dome Cam4.3/54KPerimeter Protection; Create a virtual fenceSuper-wide 125° viewing angleBest for Classrooms, Offices, Staff rooms, Libraries$99.99View

Each one of them has their positives and negatives. But definitely yes, their advantages are far more than their disadvantages.

1. REOLINK 4K IP PoE, AI Dome Surveillance Camera

Reolink dome 4K camera is useful indoors and outdoors. It is a PoE, IP surveillance device with a strong sensor. It has a 4K resolution. It gives clean images day and night. The Reolink camera can easily detect suspicious activities and people.

It can easily differentiate between humans, vehicles, and animals.
This CCTV camera is compatible with an NVR or as a standalone device. It captures @25 frames per second. The cam supports SD cards up to 256GB.

The Reolink 4K Dome Camera is available on Amazon. It has a price tag of $75.00. The dimensions of the device are 7.87 x 5.11 x 4.33 inches and its weight is 1.49 pounds.


  • The 4K or 3840×2160 resolution cam
  • It gives clean images at night.
  • Visibility up to 30 meters (100ft) in the darkness
  • The field of view of the cam is- Horizontal: 87° Vertical: 44°
  • Smart sensor: Can differentiate between humans, animals, and vehicle
  • Two-way audio-enabled camera. You can convey messages and receive them
  • You can set an alert zone. If any suspicious movements happen, you get alert messages
  • Videos can be saved in the SD Cards, NVR HDD, or on the cloud server
  • A WiFi-enabled cam
  • 5X optical zoom facility


  • The field of vision is 87 degrees. It captures a little less compared to other similar devices
  • A heavy device. Requires a technician to install the camera
  • SD card is not included with the cam.
  • Time-lapse viewing is possible only through the Reolink App

Features & Functions- Reolink 4K Dome Camera

  • The high-resolution 4K Ultra HD images and videos. The actual resolution is 3840×2160, 8.0 Megapixels) and the frame rate is 25 frames/sec. 
  • Its image quality is 4 times better than 1080P resolution and 1.6 times better than 5MP cameras.
  • The device is equipped with on-device detection technology. It can easily be judged between humans, animals, and vehicles.
  • It supports PoE technology. The power and data can be flown through the same cable. It makes the installation hassle-free.
  • This Reolink cam supports motion-triggered recordings.
  • The recording can be kept on FTP servers, SD Cards, and NVRs. You can opt for your option as per the requirement. You can use up to 256GB SD Cards.  
  • The device supports Alexa and Google support. You can voice command the camera.
  • The device is IP66 waterproof. It can withstand tough weather conditions.
  • The image sensor is a 1/2.49″ CMOS Sensor. 
  • The camera gives clear images in the darkness of the night. You can view up to 30 meters or 100ft.
  • It has a Field of View as horizontal: 87° vertical: 44°. 

2. Hikvision 2.8mm 4K Powered-by-Dark-Fighter IR Turret Camera

This Hikvision 4k, 8MP high-resolution camera is suitable for indoors and outdoors. It has a 2.8mm lens that covers a wide range of areas.

The Dark Fighter technology-backed device gives clean images in the dark and against a dark background. Its performance is superb in the low-light zone.

The sensor-enabled device secures you against threats and suspicious people. It detects motion and audio.
The two-way audio keeps you connected with people on the other end. You can convey any instruction or message and receive them. You can also alert people of impending threats.

The device is sold on the Amazon platform with a price tag of $156.35. The dimensions of the device are 4.9 x 4.9 x 5.4 inches. Its weight is 0.634 ounces.


  • 2.8mm lens camera
  • 4K, 8MP high-resolution powerful device
  • Captures a wide range of 110.7 degrees
  • Dark Fighter technology- strong backlight due to 120 dB true WDR technology  
  • 3D DNR Digital noise reduction gives detailed images
  • Clean night-vision
  • Can view up to 100 feet in the darkness
  • Supports 2.4GHz WiFi
  • Supports SD Card backup, Cloud server recording, and NVR HDD recording


  • The camera is costly, compared to other similar featured dome cameras
  • A PoE camera, but a PoE switch or adapter has to be separately purchased
  • Supports only 2.4GHz WiFi frequency, not 5GHz

Features & Functions- Hikvision 4K 2.8mm Dome Camera

  • This 4K dome camera is sharp and clean. It emits neat and clean images.
  • The Hikvision turret 2.8mm lens camera captures a wide angle.
  • The Field of view it captures is- horizontal FOV: 110.7°, vertical FOV: 59.1°, and diagonal FOV: 131°, it is good for places required to cover wide angles.
  • The Dark Fighter Technology supported the camera. It gives clean images in murkiness and low-light areas. Even the dark background does not blur the images.
  • 3D DNR technology gives detailed images. There is no blur in the picture.
  • The 2-way audio is a special function of the Hikvision camera. Any instruction or idea can be exchanged easily. You can talk and listen to them. It is also useful in alerting people against any danger. 
  • The smart sensor makes this Hikvision 4k Dome Camera exceptional. It detects motion. Any suspicious movement alerts users through messages and alarm bells. 
  • Compatible with NVR. A WiFi camera with 2.4GHz frequency. 
  • Can also save data on SD Cards and Cloud servers.

3. Amcrest Ultra-High 4K IP Turret PoE Camera

Amcreat Classroom Camera 1

Amcrest Dome 4K outdoor and indoor camera is a powerful device. It gives great images and footage. The housing of this device is strong and suitable for any environment and any place.

The IP67 type represents the weatherproof standard of this camera. It is appropriate for classrooms, libraries, and offices. Since its field of view is 125 degrees, it captures a very wide angle.

It is a smart device that senses motion and sound. Any suspicious activity or person is tracked through the sensor and it pushes messages and alarm bells to users for alertness.

The 2-way audio keeps you connected with people on the device side. The built-in IR LEDs give clean night images. This camera is compatible with the Amcrest NVRs or third-party NVRs.

It is available on Amcrest’s official website and it costs $99.99. You can keep the data on Cloud servers, HDD, or SD cards.


  • 4K, 8MP clean images, 3840×2160 resolution
  • Dome-shaped metal housing
  • Built-in IR LEDs give clear night vision images: Starlight technology
  • Can see up to 98 meters in the darkness
  • 125-degree wide-angle coverage
  • Motion sensor enabled
  • Push messages and alarm bells for alerts
  • Two-way audio feature device for exchanging messages
  • Amcrest View App is rich in features
  • WiFi enabled, 4K PoE camera, Power, and data pass through the same cable
  • NVR compatible, HDD, SD Card, and Cloud server backup


  • 5GHz band frequency not supported for WiFi
  • Its low-light performance is a bit hazy though the company claims it to be a good low-light camera
  • Only online services of the product are available

Features & Functions- Amcrest 4K Ultra High IP Camera

  • It is a 4k, 8MP, 3840×2160 resolution camera. It gives clean images day in and day out.
  • The vision is okay. The starlight studded this device captures good images in complete darkness, though in the light, the images are a little blurred
  • You can view up to 98 meters in the darkness.
  • The device captures a super wide angle up to 125 degrees. It can see more and deeper. The FoV of the cam is 105 degrees horizontal and 56 degrees vertical. Diagonally it can view up to 125 degrees.
  • The sensor-enabled smart dome camera. It sends alert signals sensing threats. It supports perimeter protection.
  • You can set alert zones through the NVR or Amcres App. Whenever anyone transgresses the area, it pushes messages and howls alarm bells to alert users.
  • The two-way audio facility is given. You can pass messages and listen to people around the camera. 
  • The 4K PoE IP Turret Camera is suitable for indoors and outdoors both
  • The IP67 weatherproof standard makes this device suitable for usage anywhere and everywhere.   
  • Compatible with NVRs and as a standalone device. 
  • You can keep the data on Cloud servers, NVRs, and SD cards.

Best CCTV Camera for Lobby, Hall & Corridor

Best cameras for lobbies, corridors, and halls are selected. These cameras naturally cover long-distance areas. These devices brave rain, sun, and open areas.

Product NameEditor’s RatingResolutionBest PerformanceField-of-ViewBest for LocationsPrice Get on Amazon
Reolink 4K 2.7mm Bullet Camera4.2/54K5X Optical Zoom128° viewing angle (Horizontal: 105°, Diagonal: 128°)Lobby, Hall, Corridor, Passage,$75.60View
Hikvision 4MP IP Camera4.1/54MP4MM Lens; Dark Fighter Technology87 Degrees FoVHall, Corridor$113.47View
Amcrest 4K PoE Bullet Camera4.2/54K: 8MPLow-light capability and night-vision up to 98 feetSuper-wide 125° viewing angleHall, Passage, Corridor, Lobby$94.99View

These cams can cover wide areas, see more, and are weatherproof.

1. REOLINK PoE IP 4K, 128° FoV, 5X Optical Zoom Outdoor Camera

Reolink bullet IP PoE camera is good for outdoors. It has a 4K resolution which gives clean images in the day and night time.

The Reolink 4K bullet camera has a 2.7mm lens. It sees wide and captures up to 127 degrees diagonally. The 5X optical zoom is clear and the object is detailed.

The cam can differentiate between humans, vehicles, and animals. It also nullifies unnecessary alarms and thus doesn’t alert you when strong winds are blowing or leave friction against each other.

The smart sharp sensor and inbuilt Mic make this camera very special. It has dimensions of 11.42 x 4.72 x 5.51 inches and weighs 2.48 pounds. The Amazon price of the product is $119.99.


  • 4K Ultra HD Camera. Good images and footage
  • Clear night vision, color night vision, can see up to 30 meters
  • 5X Optical Zoom is available. You get bigger and more detailed images 
  • 128° Wide Angle, gets more areas to monitor
  • Human/Vehicle Detection.  
  • Can differences between humans and vehicles
  • Smart Alerts pushes. Alert users against intrusion and threat
  • Time-lapse videos available through the Reolink App
  •  Multiple Recording Options are given. HDD, SD card, Cloud server-supported recording
  • In-built Mic in the camera
  • Two-way talk featured device
  • Compatible with Reolink NVR
  • Supports Blue Iris Software


  • PoE camera but PoE switch is not given. Buy separately
  • Cloud server recording is not free, buy a subscription plan
  • No proper tech support is available in case of any issue

Features & Functions- Reolink 4K 5X Optical Zoom Camera

  • This varifocal bullet camera covers every angle. It is a 4K resolution device and doesn’t compromise image quality
  • When 5X zoom in still maintains the 8MP picture quality.
  • Sees deep and far with the 128-degree wide angle. The FoV is- Horizontal: 105°, Diagonal: 128° 
  • It can differentiate between humans and vehicles. No false alarm. 
  • Sends motion alerts sensing any threat. It captures dubious activities in 10 seconds of videos and shoots them to users 
  • 4K outdoor camera gives you color night vision. You can see up to 100 feet or 30 meters
  • A two-way talk facility is given. You can share messages or alert them sensing any threat
  • The camera is compatible with NVRs and as a standalone device

2. Hikvision 4MP IP 4.0MM International English Version Outdoor Camera

This Hikvision camera has a 4MP resolution. The main feature of this device is that it is a 4MM bullet outdoor camera from Hikvision Company.

The company is world-renowned and generates the highest revenue in the world. Its services and product performance are excellent.

This cam supports bi-directional talk. You can exchange ideas and listen to others. The smart 4MP bullet outdoor camera detects motion and audio.

It captures clean images. The night images are clean and visible up to 120 meters in the murkiness.
This device is available on Amazon. Its cost is $113.47. The dimensions of the product are 1.1 x 9.7 x 6.5 inches and its weight is 14.9 ounces.


  • 4MP outdoor bullet camera
  • 4MM lens covers a good range
  • Gives you clean images and footage
  • In-built IR LED
  • International English version of the camera
  • IP67 weatherproof standard
  • The smart sensor sends threat messages
  • Bidirectional talk feature. Communicate two-way


  • Night vision is not that good
  • Complaints of water intrusion and lens getting fogged in cold weather conditions
  • 5GHz WiFi not supported
  • No PoE switch added with the camera, spend extra money to purchase them

Features & Functions- Hikvision 4MP 4MM Bullet Camera

  • The resolution of this camera is 4MP. It is a bullet cam with in-built IR LEDs. The cam can view up to 12 feet in the darkness
  • The 4MM lens feature gives clear and big images. It is a suitable camera for passages and corridors since it can watch more because of its 4MM lens quality
  • The smart sensor detects motion. It also understands the behavior of the mover. Any suspicious activity is thwarted by sending alert messages and ringing alarm bells.
  • The bidirectional talk facility keeps you connected with people and property.
  • The IP67 type certification makes this device suitable in all weather conditions.  

3. Amcrest 4K Smart Outdoor PoE, IP Bullet Camera

Amcrest corridor cam 1

Amcrest 4k 8MP bullet IP camera is highly useful in capturing long-distance areas. This PoE-supported camera is good for the outdoors.

This camera gives clean images in the low-light areas. The latest CMOS image sensor and chipset technology give extremely clean images. It captures a very wide 125-degree angle.

The Amcrest camera gives color night vision images. You can see up to 98 feet in the darkness. This is a smart bullet camera. It can sense motion and audio. It can also differentiate between humans, animals, and vehicles. It saves you from danger and guards your existence.

The camera is available on the Amcrest website with a price tag of $94.99. It is a weatherproof camera with Ingress Protection type IP67.


  • The 4K or 8MP camera 
  • IP67 weatherproof device
  • Smart camera with motion detection
  • Nightvision clean sees up to 98feet in the darkness
  • 125 degrees wide angle, sees more and clean
  • PoE supported
  • In-built IR and Mic
  • WiFi Supported wireless
  • Compatible with Amcrest NVRs
  • Perimeter protection
  • Flexible storage option, HDD, SD card, Cloud server


  • Only sees 98 meters in the darkness
  • Black color housing, not suitable against a white background
  • PoE switch or adapter is not given

Features & Functions- Amcrest 4K Corridor Camera

  • Amcrest Bullet camera has a 4K resolution. The 8Mp/3840×2160 resolution device provides excellent quality images.
  • The night vision is clean. It can view up to 98 feet in the darkness. The latest CMOS image sensor and chipset use ensures top-class images and footage in low-light conditions.
  • The wide-angle coverage is 125 degrees. It is very wide. It is a good option for passages, halls, and corridors.
  • The smart Amcrest bullet device senses motion and triggers alarm signals to find any threat. 
  • It pushes messages and bells the ring seeing any dubioous person or activity. 
  • The two-way talk facility is tremendous. You can communicate to and fro. You can also alert inmates through this feature, sensing threats.
  • It is compatible with NVRs and you can also use this camera as a standalone option. 
  • The flexible recording options are NVRs, SD cards, and Cloud servers.

Best CCTV camera for Entrance, Exit & Parking

There are three suitable CCTV Cameras for the entrance gate, exit, and parking area are given. These cams are of high resolution and capable to recognize and detect faces. Front areas or entrance gates are sensitive places.

Product NameEditor’s RatingResolutionBest PerformanceField-of-ViewBest for LocationsPriceGet on Amazon
Reolink PoE 4K 180 degree Camera4.2/54KInfrared Night vision: Weatherproof & Vandal-proofHorizontal: 180°, Vertical: 60°Main Gate, Entrance & Exit, Parking, Dark Background Locations$141.68View
Hikvision 8MP 2.8mm Outdoor Bullet Camera4.3/54K, 8MP2.8mm Lens Cam; 120dB Wide Dynamic Range, 3D Digital Noise ReductionHorizontal FOV: 102°, Vertical FOV: 55°, Diagonal FOV: 120°Main Gate, Front, Parking, Uneven light areas$138.00View
Amcrest Night Color 4K Bullet Camera4.1/54KColor Night Vision, Vandal-proof, Face detectionWide 131° Viewing AngleEntrance & exit places, Parking areas, Long passages in open$409.99View

Any suspicious person or doubtful activity is recognized and checked here. These devices are selected keeping all these security features in mind.

1. REOLINK 4K PoE, IP, 180 Degree Viewing, Human/Vehicle/Pet Detection, Color Night Vision Outdoor Camera

This Reolink 4K camera is suitable for outdoors and especially for entrance and exit points. It is a highly sensitive and smart camera that recognizes facial images and counts heads.

The 4K or 8MP resolution device captures a very wide-angle area almost 180 degrees. The color night vision camera shows up to 30 meters in the darkness.

The field of view of this device is Horizontal: 180°, Vertical: 60°. It senses the motion and movement. It detects dubious people and things and switches on recordings sensing threats. It also sends alert messages to users for security reasons.

This camera is sold on Amazon with a price tag of $141.68. The weight and dimensions of the product are respectively 2.35 pounds and 7.68 x 4.06 x 2.2 inches.


  • 4K UHD images and Videos
  • Clean night vision, no blur or hazy image
  • Color night vision, In-built IR
  • It views up to 180° Viewing angle
  • Can view deeper and longer
  • Compatible with NVRs
  • Differentiates vehicles, animals, and humans
  • Alerts users from threats
  • You can set alert zones, Perimeter protection
  • IP66 waterproofing standard
  • WiFi-enabled IP, PoE camera


  • Can not see far in a dense or foggy atmosphere
  • The ethernet cable and PoE cable were not given with the pack
  • 5GHz WiFi band not supported
  • Audio isn’t recorded by default

Features & Functions- Reolink 4K 180 Degree Camera

  • The Reolink 4K Bullet Camera is PoE supported.
  • This camera has a very wide view angle because of it the device gives a panoramic view. Its field of view is Horizontal: 180°, Vertical: 60°. It captures detailed images.
  • The color night vision gives clean images. You can view things from a 100-foot distance. 
  • The IP camera is PoE-supported. You can easily install it on walls, attic, ceilings, etc.
  • The motion-sensitive device is suitable for outdoors, front and exit points, gate protection, etc.
  • The device alerts you from threats. You get alert messages and signals sensing suspicious activities. 
  • The two-way audio makes the 2-way communication easier. You can also alert users of any impending threat.
  • This camera is compatible with NVR. It can also be used as a standalone camera.
  • The flexible recording options are HDD, Cloud server, and SD card.
  • It supports Alexa and Google Home.

2. Hikvision 2.8mm 8MP(4K) IP, IR Outdoor Smart Bullet Camera

This 8MP Hikvision bullet camera is suitable for the coverage of front gates, parking areas, exit points, or places with high footfall.

It has a 4K resolution which gives clean pictures and footage. The IR-studded camera views up to 30 meters in the darkness.

It has a 2.8mm lens. It captures more area. The field of view of this device is 120°.

The product gives clean images. This cam supports WDR and 3D DNR technology. You get clean and detailed images in the darkness.

It is available on the Amazon platform with a price tag of $138.00. Its dimensions and weight are respectively 2.8 x 2.7 x 6.7 inches and 1.3 pounds.


  • Image Sensor: 1/2″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Lens:2.8 mm can see more areas
  • The IR Studded camera can view up to 30 meters in the darkness
  • Wide Dynamic Range- 120 dB
  • Digital noise reduction- 3D DNR, gives detailed images
  • It covers horizontal FOV: 102°, vertical FOV: 55°, diagonal FOV: 120°
  • The 4k, 8MP resolution camera
  • The smart camera detects faces and differentiates between humans and animals
  • Two-way audio feature given, communicate to and fro
  • Compatible with NVRs 
  • Recording facility on HDD, Cloud server, and SD cards
  • IP, PoE camera


  • No color night vision
  • PoE adapter and switch not given
  • Can’t read number plates very clearly

Features & Functions- 2.8mm 4K IP, IR Entrance Camera

  • The resolution of this camera is 4K, 8MP. It is an IP, PoE bullet camera which is appropriate for main gates, entrance and exit points, parking areas, etc.
  • The 2.8mm lens is suitable for capturing wide areas. It can capture up to 120 degrees.
  • The smart Hikvision camera gives clear images in the darkness.
  • It supports WDR and DNR technology. It gives neat and clean images. There is no blur or blackness in the image.
  • It even captures clean images in low-light areas.  
  • This camera is compatible with NVRs. you can store recordings on HDD, Cloud servers, or SD cards.

3. Amcrest 4K Night Color AI Bullet IP PoE, Outdoor Bullet Camera

Amcrest is a bullet camera with 4K resolution. It is a great outdoor camera. This bullet camera is strong and suitable for front doors and parking lots.

This Amcrest camera is IP and PoE enabled. It is highly useful in tough weather conditions.
It is an AI-equipped device that can sense motion and audio. It also recognizes faces and detects people.

This device has a built-in Microphone. You can communicate two-way. The color night vision camera can view up to 164 feet in the darkness.

This Amcrest cam is black and available on the Amcrest website. It has a price tag of $409.99.


  • 1/1.2″ Omnivision Image Sensor
  • 4K (8-Megapixel) high-resolution camera
  • 4 White LEDs for NightColor distance
  • It can view up to 164 feet in darkness
  • A strong and sturdy device
  • 2.8mm Lens cam, can view far and wide
  • 131° FOV, wide-angled device
  • 16x Digital Zoom
  • Built-in microphone and Speaker allow for 2-Way Audio
  • Sensor-enabled, Face Detection


  • A costly device
  • Though claimed to have 164 meters of visibility in the darkness, it views up to 130 meters accurately

Features & Functions- Amcrest 4K Front Outdoor Smart Camera

  • It is a 4K resolution camera. The strong housing device is appropriate for outdoor locations. It is a good option for front gates, parking, long passages, etc.
  • There are 4 LEDs studded into it. It reflects color night vision. It can view up to 164 meters
  • The device is weatherproof and vandal-proof. The IP67-certified and IK10-certified devices.
  • The lens of the camera is 2.8mm. It can view up to 131 degrees. 
  • The device can view digitally zoomed images up to 16 times.
  • 2-way audio and built-in microphone. You can communicate and exchange ideas.
  • It is a smart camera. It senses motion and audio. It detects faces and differentiates humans from non-humans.
  • Detailed images, WDR, and DNR technology are supported.
  • Amcrest View Pro App is a super surveillance app. It connects these devices and gives us remote access to them.
  • You can store data on NVRs, SD cards, and Cloud servers.

Best CCTV Camera for School Playground & Field

For the school playgrounds and fields, we require a high-resolution, wide-angle, sensor-enabled camera. These cameras need to cover 360 degrees and give color night vision for tracking people and their activities.

Product NameEditor’s RatingResolutionBest PerformanceField-of-ViewBest for LocationsPriceGet on Amazon
Reolink 4K PTZ Camera4.3/54K8MP, Dual Lens, 6X Hybrid zoom355° Pan, 90° TiltFields, Playgrounds, Lawns$152.22View
Hikvision 4MP PTZ Camera4.0/54MPAuto tracking, 25X Optical Zoom, 16X Digital Zoom360° Pan, 90° TiltFields, Playgrounds, Lawns$499.99View
Amcrest 4MP PTZ Camera4.2/54MP328ft Night Vision; 25x Optical Zoom; 16x Digital Zoom360° Pan, 90° Tilt; 60°Big areas, Playgrounds, Fields, Lawns$529.99View

These cams must be weatherproof and vandal-poof. PTZ cameras are the best option for this long-distance coverage. They can also pan, tilt, and zoom at will to minutely monitor things from remote areas.

1. REOLINK 4K Wired WiFi, 8MP Dual Lens, 360-degree Outdoor PTZ Camera

This is a Reolink WiFi PTZ camera. It is a strongly built 360-degree device. The resolution of this cam is 8MP. The auto-tracking feature keeps the threat a good distance away.

The device can track and zoom in 6X time. It gives crystal-clear images. It is a wired PTZ camera.

This device is specially designed to capture long distances in the open. It is appropriate for school playgrounds and fields.

It is a smart camera with a face-detection feature. It makes the two-way communication possible. It alerts users from threats and warns them through messages and alarm bells.

It can pan up to 360 degrees and 104°-38° horizontal and 60°-21° vertical viewing angles.

This Reolink PTZ camera is available on Amazon with a price value of $155.22. The dimensions are 10.63 x 8.07 x 7.48 inches and the weight is 4.16 pounds.


  • 4k best vision PTZ camera
  • 360 degrees monitoring
  • Auto tracking by the camera
  • It can sense motion
  • 2-way audio can send and receive messages
  • 6X hybrid zoom, 360 degrees pan, 90 degrees tilt, watch more
  • Differentiates human, animal, and vehicle
  • Full-colour vision, Clean night-vision
  • NVR compatible


  • IR LEDs are red in color and very obvious at night, not true IR emitters are used to make them invisible
  • LEDs only light for about 30 feet

Features & Functions- Reolink 4K IP, PTZ Camera

  • The Reolink 4K PTZ camera is a good option for playgrounds, lawns, and fields.
  • The 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt along with 6X hybrid zoom makes this device very special.
  • It auto-tracks people and things. It is a smart device that senses dubious people and activities. It sends alert signals finding any threatful movement. You are safe under its surveillance.
  •  This camera differentiates between pets and humans. You can monitor your pets and property at the same time.
  • The wide-angle lens provides 104°-38° horizontal and 60°-21° vertical viewing. It can pan 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees.
  • The device gives a clean and colorful night vision.
  • This PTZ camera is compatible with NVR. It can store data in NVRs, SD Cards, or Cloud servers.
  • The Reolink camera supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band WiFi bands.

2. HIKVISION 4MP, IP, Auto Tracking, PoE PTZ, 25X Optical Zoom, 16X Digital Zoom, Dark-Fighter, Network Camera

This Hikvision PTZ camera is designed for the outdoors. It is appropriate for the coverage of fields, playgrounds, lawns, etc.

The 4MP strong-built IP camera is PoE supported. It is equipped with the Dark Fighter technology. This technology is responsible for clean and fine images. It gives us the minutest and finest picture details. The WDR and technologies are used for crystal clear pics even in low light areas.

Smart motion detection and auto-tracking a great security features. The 16X digital zoom and 25X optical zoom are great features for focusing on any object. It can revolve around 360 degrees with a 90-degree tilt.

The dark fighter technology ensures clean night vision with 164 feet of visibility in the darkness. This camera wonderfully works on NVRs. It is a smart device.

This camera is available on Amazon with a tag of $499.99. Its dimensions and weight are respectively 6.65 x 6.34 x 4.72 inches and 7.15 pounds.


  • This cam has a 4MP resolution
  • It is a PTZ device with 360-degree pan & 90-degree tilt
  • Supports Dark Fighter technology
  • WDR and 3D DNR supported
  • Auto tracking
  • 4.8mm-120mm motorized lens for adjusting focus
  • Smart cam, Human and pet detection
  • Clean night vision, visible up to 164 meters in the murkiness
  • Compatible with Hikvision PTZ NVR
  • IP66 water and dust-resistant camera


  • With WDR on option, the visibility is up to 130 feet
  • The resolution is low compared to its price
  • No PoE switch and adapter are given

Features & Functions- Hikvision 4MP, Auto Tracking PTZ Camera

  • This 4MP resolution PTZ camera is useful for capturing big areas like fields, lawns, playgrounds, etc.
  • The Hikvision 4MP resolution IP device is PoE supported. 
  • It supports Dark Fighter technology. The WDR and 3D DNR effects provide crystal-clear images. There is no blur or darkness in the image. 
  • This Dark Fighter technology gives clean images and footage in low-light conditions. It can watch 164 meters in the murkiness.
  • The PTZ camera can pan up to 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees. The 16X digital zoom and 25X optical zoom aptly focus on objects.
  • AcuSense technology detects humans and vehicles through real-time video analytics and pushes instant notifications to users’ mobile devices.
  • Compatible with NVRs. Can record activities on NVRs, SD cards, and Cloud servers.

3. Amcrest 4MP, Outdoor POE+ IP, PTZ Optical 25x Zoom PTZ Camera

Amcrest 4MP PTZ camera is an appropriate option for fields and playgrounds. It is suitable for big open areas. The Amcrest IP PTZ camera is PoE-supported.

It supports Amcrest NVRs. The 4MP device gives ultra HD images. It has a varifocal length between 5mm – 125mm which allows users to adjust focus on objects as per requirement. This adjustable focal length gives 25x Optical Zoom and 16x Digital Zoom. The PTZ camera can pan across 360°, tilt up and down 90° and diagonally FoV 60°.

It is a smart camera with two-way audio. It can detect motion and differentiate humans from non-humans.
This IP66 weatherproof PTZ device can see up to 328 feet in the darkness.

The Amcrest camera is available on its website with a price value of $529.99.


  • 4MP @30fp resolution PTZ camera
  • The adjustable focal length is between 5mm – 125mm
  • 25x Optical Zoom; and 16x Digital Zoom allow sharp focus on objects
  • 6 Powerful IR LEDs enable 328ft Night Vision
  • Clean images in the darkness
  • IVS features such as Tripwire, and Intrusion to maximize security
  • Smart camera with motion sensors
  • Two-way audio for exchanging messages
  • The PTZ has 360° Pan, 90° Tilt; 60° FOV
  • Compatible with NVRs
  • Weatherproof IP66
  • HDD, FTP server, and SD card storage


  • Low resolution compared to the price
  • Clean view up to 275 feet, after that hazy images, compared to 328 feet given

Features & Functions- Amcrest 4MP IP, 25X Zoom PTZ Camera

  • It is a 4MP resolution PTZ camera with IP technology. It supports PoE. Thus data and power pass through the same cable. No hassle of so many wires.
  • The camera can pan across 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees. It can zoom on any object. The capacity is 25x Optical Zoom and 16x Digital Zoom.
  • It is a varifocal camera with a focal length of 5mm – 125mm. 
  • The cam is studded with 6 powerful LEDs. It can view up to 328 feet in the darkness.
  • It is a smart camera that can detect motion and recognize faces. The device can also differentiate between humans and animals.
  • The IP66 type strong weatherproof device. It is a solid camera for outdoors. 
  • It is compatible with Amcrest NVRs and records data on FTV, NVR, and SD cards.


The best CCTV cameras for schools are discussed here. There are three different brands, Reolink, Hikvision, and Amcrest cameras are compared for comprehension. All these brands are good with the latest top-rated features.

We can select the best CCTV cameras as per requirements and locations. Kindly share your suggestions in the comment section. Your views are valuable to us. We respond to every query.

Thank You.

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