List of 12 Best Day Night CCTV Cameras in the World

This post deals with the Best Day Night CCTV Cameras. A daytime CCTV camera is also known as IR (Infrared) Camera. The speciality of this CCTV Device is that it gives neat and clean images during the daytime and colour or black and white images in the darkness of the night.

All the Best Day Night CCTV Cameras capture colour images in the natural night. But in the low light or no light, they catch colour pictures or black and white pictures based on their IRs, Spotlights or Floodlights.

These features of capturing in every light condition, make the night vision CCTV cameras extremely useful for surveillance. These cameras are highly useful outdoors and indoors. They are a must for front gates, halls, parking areas, fields, passages, rooftops, etc.

Why We Require Best Day Night CCTV Cameras    

The Day Night CCTV Cameras are our guard. They alert us and protect us from threats. These night vision cameras are important to us because of some key factors.

1- Continuous Surveillance

Threatful and suspicious activities can take place at any time. Many criminal activities take place in the darkness. These night vision cameras vigil us day in and day out thus awarding us from all dubious things.

2- Night Surveillance

Most of the thefts and dreadful things happen in the dark hours. Culprits escape in the dark and they are unrecognizable. But day-night cameras solve this issue of capturing in every light condition. They enhance our safety and make the society more secure.

3- Cost Effective

We don’t require separate cameras for daytime and nighttime. One camera serves effectively both purposes. These cameras prove to be cost-effective for us.

4- Peace of Mind

Whatever locations we are surveillancing, round-the-clock monitoring gives us mental peace. We are assured of full protection and monitoring of the surroundings 24 * 7.

Buying Guide for the Best Night Vision CCTV Cameras

How will we pick the best night vision CCTV camera? We know our requirements and we have a vague idea about the kind of product we want. Below are some key parameters to select your CCTV Camera.

1- High Resolution

High-resolution products give good image quality. A camera with 1080P and above resolution is considered a good high-resolution device. It is measured in megapixels. The higher the megapixel the better the resolution of the camera.

2- Low Light/No Light Performance

Best Night Vision Cameras provide good footage and images in dark and low lights. Check the lights studded in the device to ascertain the quality of the device.

3- IR/Spotlight/Floodlight

Infrared Lights, Spotlights or Floodlights determine the quality of the camera. Spotlights and floodlights give colour night vision. We can see things far and wide.

4- Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

The WDR effect makes the image quality supreme. It absorbs the contrast and brightness from the background light and provides clean images and footage.

5- Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)

The digital noise reduction feature is for providing detailed images. It reduces noise from the image and footage by applying a digital comb filter.   

6- Sensor Feature

Sensors make your devices smart. They detect motion and audio and understand suspicious behaviour. They send alert signals sensing threats and awarding users. It is a great feature.

7- Two-way Audio

The two-way audio means, you can communicate two-way. You can send any message and listen to people who are on the other side of the camera.

8- PoE Supported

PoE means power-over-ethernet. It is a technology in which power and data supply pass through the same cable. It makes the installation easier, gives better views, and makes the system error-free.

9- Warranty & Services

Know the warranty and terms & conditions of the company. If the product warranty duration is more, say more than one year, 2 years or so, it is better for users. The service centres are the places where you get the solution to your device problems. More centres mean you can easily repair your devices at the company’s expense in case a problem occurs. 

Best Day Night CCTV Cameras

Product NameEditor’s RatingResolutionDay Night VisionBest PerformancePriceGet the CCTV Camera
Arlo Pro 5S 2K Camera4.4/52KColor Night VisionColour night vision$179.99View
Google Nest Outdoor Cam3.7/51080P HDBlack & White Night VisionDifferentiates humans, animals, vehicles149.26View
Reolink 2K Outdoor Camera4.5/52K, 4MPColor Night VisionSolar Powered$110.00View
TP-Link Tapo 2K Camera4.5/52KBlack & White Night VisionPan 360 degrees, Tilt 114 degrees$19.31View
Wyze Camera V34.4/51080PColor Night VisionMotion & Sound Detection$49.98View
YI Dome 2K Camera4.2/52KEnhanced Night VisionSmart AI Camera$27.84View
Zumimall 2k 3MP Outdoor Camera4.2/52k, 3MPColor Night Vision100% Wireless$49.99View
Noorio 2K Wireless Camera4.2/52KColor Night VisionMagnetic Moun; Intelligent Device$159.99View
Amcrest 5MP Bullet Camera4.4/55MPColor Night VisionWide Angle 129-degree Coverage$74.99View
Pinfocal 2K wireless Camera3.0/52KColor night visionWireless Camera$33.99View
Blink Outdoor 4th Generation4.2/51080PColor night visionBattery-operated, Wireless$339.99 (4 pieces)View
WUUK Wireless 2K Outdoor Camera4.5/52KColour Night VisionUp to 365 days local data storage free$169.99 (Bundle Price)View

Here is a list of the 12 best cameras mentioned. They are selected because of their features, especially their night vision function. They can be used indoors and outdoors. 

They have clean night vision, smart sensors, two-way audio, durability, and remote access. These cameras are fit for working as standalone cameras. Some of them are wireless and also with good market reputations. Some of these cameras are compatible with NVRs as well.

The numbers of these cameras only denote the sequence of the device. It has no connection with product rank.

1- Arlo Pro 5S 2K Outdoor Camera

Arlo 5S Pro 2K CCTV camera

Arlo 5S Pro is a 2K resolution device. It is a wireless CCTV camera. It has a clean color night vision with a 160-degree field of view. It captures wide and provides extremely detailed images. The device can easily be zoomed up to 12X. You can focus on far-away objects without any issues.

This Arlo 5S 2K resolution camera is suitable for outdoors and indoors. It can be installed at any place without any difficulty. It is a battery-operated camera which runs for months after recharging the battery.

It is functional on 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands. It is available on Arlo’s official website with a price tag of $179.99.  


  • Arlo 5S Pro Wireless camera
  • 2K resolution neat and clean
  • Color night vision
  • Smart Sensors can detect motion
  • Battery operated cam
  • Two-way audio is possible, can talk and listen
  • Wide angle 160 degrees FoV
  • Can zoom 12X
  • Dual-band Wifi supported
  • Suitable for outdoors and indoors


  • Cloud storage is free for only limited days, then you have to purchase a plan
  • The device is not vandal-proof

Features & Functions of Arlo 5S Pro 2K Outdoor Device

  • Arlo is a reputed CCTV brand. Its security devices are the best in the industry. This Arlo 2K 5S model camera is suitable for outdoors and indoors.
  • The 2K resolution gives clean images day in and day out. The IR studded camera gives color night vision. You can see everything crystal clear in the darkness of the night. The cam covers a very wide angle of 160 degrees. It can see more than other similar devices, thus giving users extra protection. 
  • It supports dual-band Wifi. The 2.4GHz and 5GHz supported devices automatically connect to the stronger network.
  • The 5S Arlo Pro camera can be digitally zoomed up to 12X times. The cam supports WDR and DNR technologies. It means you can see detailed images in contrasting light and a dark background.
  • It is an outdoor device with IP67 certification. You can install it anywhere and in any environment.
  • This wireless Arlo Pro 5S 2K camera is operated with batteries. The batteries last for months. There is a hassle of wires. 

2- Google Nest 1080P HD Outdoor/Indoor Wireless Camera

Google Nest Outdoor 1080P Camera

This Google Nest 1080P camera is a dome-shaped special device that makes surveillance easier and much more impactful. The best part is that it is a battery-operated camera, smaller in shape but rich in features. We can use it outdoors and indoors. It is easy to install and operate.

This camera has a 1080P resolution which emits clean images. Its night vision quality is extremely impressive. The wireless camera can be installed or hung on any surface or place with the best results. It is a smart device that can detect motion and differentiate between humans, animals, and vehicles.

The Google Nest 2nd generation camera is available on Amazon. Its price tag value is $149.28. It is also sold in a bundle of 3 cameras which costs $447.83. The dimensions of the camera are 3 x 4 x 5 inches and its weight is 6.27 pounds.


  • The Google Nest cam has a 1080P resolution
  • A battery-operated wireless cam
  • Once fully charged, the battery lasts for around 6 months
  • Clean night vision
  • Two-way audio can communicate to and fro
  • Smart motion detection
  • Can differentiate between humans, animals, and vehicles
  • Sends alert signals through the Google Home Application, which is free
  • Records in 1080P HDR 24 * 7
  • Wifi supported
  • The three hours of recording are included in this device


  • There is no color night vision
  • Nest Aware Subscription for video history is chargeable

Features & Functions of Google Nest 1080P 2nd Generation Camera

  • The Google Nest device is a wireless 108P resolution camera. It gives clean and noise-free images.
  • You can see up to 100 feet in the darkness. The WDR effect gives detailed and noise-free images and footage
  • A battery-operated wireless camera that is easy to install outdoors and indoors. The batteries last for months once fully recharged.
  • It is a smart device that detects motion. It can differentiate between humans, animals, and vehicles.
  • It records events and activities through Nest Aware. You can keep track of all the events for months. You have to take a subscription plan for that.
  • It also provides 3 hours of free video history to users to track any event
  • In tough and rough weather, you can install this Google Nest Camera outdoors. It is a weatherproof device.

3- Reolink 2K 4MP Solar Security Camera

Reolink Outdoor 2K CCTV Cam

Reolink 2K or 4MP camera is a high resolution and good night vision device. It is an Argus 3 Pro device which is also a solar device. It has a solar panel. You connect the camera to the solar panel and use it at any location outdoors or indoors without any issue. 

It is a wireless and wifi device that supports dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It provides color night vision. There is a spotlight studded to the camera which switches on from the least motion and suspicious activity. It supports a 128GB micro SD card.

The camera is available on Amazon for $110. Its dimensions are 121 x 90 x 56 mm and its weight is 11.6 oz. 


  • Reolink 2k and 4MP camera
  • Clean images with high-resolution
  • Solar panel and battery operated camera, wireless device
  • Color night vision
  • Spotlight studded
  • Smar cam can differentiate between humans, animals, and vehicles
  • Wifi dual band supported
  • SD card supported up to 128GB
  • Bidirectional talk feature given
  • Stunning timelapse option


  • Gives color night vision up to 10 meters only
  • Not a vandal-proof camera

Features & Functions of Argus 3 Pro Camera

  • The Reolink Argus 3 camera has a 4MP, 2K resolution. It gives crystal-clear images 
  • The spotlight is sensor-enabled. It switches on with the slightest motion. It senses motion and suspicious behavior. 
  • The device gives color night vision. You can see up to 10 meters in the darkness with color images and footage
  • The solar panel camera is wireless. There are no hassles of wire. It operates with a solar panel or battery. battery fully charged lasts for more than 3 months
  • Supports dual band wifi, 2.4GHz and 5GHz supported.
  • It has an inbuilt microphone and speaker. It supports the two-way talk. You can communicate and listen to the person on the device side.
  • The device is smart. It sends alert signals detecting any threat. You receive messages and alarm bells whenever the device senses anything dubious
  • It has a built-in SD Card slot. Supports up to 128GB card.
  • It covers a wide field of view up to 122 degrees.
  • The Argus Pro camera can zoom in on objects up to 16X.

4- TP-Link Tapo 2K Pan, Tilt Security Camera

TP-Link Tapo CCTV Cam

TP-Link Tapo is a 2K resolution camera. It gives great images in the daytime and the darkness. It gives a very clean night vision. You can install it anywhere indoors. This camera is very popular in the USA and Asian countries. It tells a lot about the universal appeal of the 2K Tapo TP-Link Camera.

It is a pan and tilt device. This Tapo cam can be revolved around 360 degrees and vertically it can be tilted up and down up to 114 degrees. It is a highly sensitive and smart camera that can communicate two-way and sense suspicious activities. 

This camera is used indoors for monitoring homes, pets, babies, nannies, gates, parking, shops, offices, etc.

You can get this product from Amazon. It has a price tag of $18.62. Its weight is 6.7 ounces and its dimensions are 3.36 x 3.42 x 4.61 inches. 


  • TP-Link Tapo 2K resolution camera
  • Clean Night Vision, can see up to 30 feet in the darkness
  • Pan and tilt camera
  • Motion detection and alert signals equipped
  • It can communicate two-way
  • Auto track dubious people and their activities
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • SD card-supported wireless wifi camera


  • It doesn’t provide color night vision
  • Can’t use this device outdoors in tough weather conditions

Features & Functions of 2K TP-Link Tapo Camera

  • The TP-Link Tapo is a 2K resolution camera. It gives clean night vision. Things and events are absolutely clear in the darkness up to 30 feet.
  • It is a smart camera with motion detection. It can tell you anything suspicious and make you alert through messages and alarm bells.
  • The Device can pan across 360 degrees and tilt up to 114 degrees. You can see a very wide vision. 
  • The smart sensor detects behaviour and suspicious people. It auto-tracks activities. It can even track baby cries, pet barking, and other noises and alert users of threats.
  • The device has a built-in SD card slot given. It supports up to 256GB card. You can subscribe to Tapo Care for cloud server recording to store data for the last 30 days
  • The small and smart device allows two-way talk. You can communicate with the person on the device end and hear him as well. It is a very effective feature. 
  • The product is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can use your voice command to view the Tapo indoor security camera live stream on Echo Show or Google Chrome.
  • Since it is a wifi and wireless camera, you can easily place it and install it. It makes the installation and monitoring easier. You access your people and property from remote areas.

5- Wyze V3 1080P FHD Colour Night Vision Camera

Wyze V3 1080P Cam

The Wyze camera is a very popular CCTV device for indoors. It is a widely used camera in homes, shops, offices, etc. You can also use it for baby, pet and granny monitoring. Its picture quality is up to 1080P full HD standard. It gives a very clean colour night vision with extremely clear things in the darkness. You can recognize faces and actions in the dark.

This camera is small in size but its functions are bigger. It covers a very wide angle of 130 degrees. You can see more by sitting at your place. The device can be zoomed up to 8 times. You can view a detailed image. 

The smart sensors keep you alert from threats and suspicious people. The bidirectional talks help in communication to and fro. It is available on Amazon with $49.98 cost. The dimensions and weight of the product are respectively 2.05 x 2.01 x 2.3 inches and 7.8 ounces.


  • 1080P device with colour night vision
  • Alert motion signals
  • A popular indoor device
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Two-way audio
  • SD card supported
  • Wifi and wireless camera
  • Dual IR light system for extra improved night vision
  • Remote access to the device


  • Not a weatherproof and vandal-proof camera
  • Color night vision in the dark only up to 20 feet

Features & Functions of Wyze V3 Colour Night Vision Camera

  • Wyze V3 Camera is an effective day-night vision device. It has a 1080P resolution which emits super clean images. It also gives color night vision pictures and footage. We can see up to 30 feet in the dark and 20 feet in color night vision.
  • The Wyze cam is suitable for indoors with smart motion alerts. It protects you from threats and alerts users from suspicious things. It pushes messages and bells alarm signals. It also detects sound.
  • The two-way talk option is another handy security feature. You can say something and hear to people. This way you can pass messages, listen to them on the other side, and alert them of any untoward activity or thing.
  • You can set alert zones for perimeter protection.
  • It covers a very wide angle with over 130 degrees of coverage. 
  • It has a dual IR light system. You can use them as per the required option. One option is to see the nearer things in the darkness. Suppose your baby is sleeping and you want to check them without disturbing them in their sleep, you use the nearer IR option in such instances. 
  • In the farther IR light system, you can check any activity clearly in the dark which is happening farther than 10 feet.
  • It supports SD card recording and 2.4GHz wifi frequency.

6- YI 2K Dome Security Camera

YI 2K Dome Security Camera

YI Pro 2K is a small size effective CCTV camera with clean night vision. It is a motion-detection smart device with all the latest features and functions. It can communicate two-way. 

This product is studded with 850-nm infrared lights. It has WDR and DNR additional features that give very detailed images.

The device can rotate up to 355 degrees and tilt up to 41 degrees. The cam is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. It is available on Amazon with a price tag of $30.55. 


  • YI 2K indoor security camera
  • Clean night vision with detailed images
  • WDR and 3D DNR technology
  • Smart camera with motion detection
  • Can communicate two-way
  • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Wifi cam supports 2.4GHz
  • SD Card Supported Cam


  • This device is not wireless
  • Only works in indoor locations
  • Provides black-and-white images in the darkness

Features & Functions of YI 2K Camera

  • This 2K resolution camera is good for pet, baby, and indoor monitoring. It is easy to install. 
  • The camera gives clear night vision. You can see clear and detailed images with the help of WDR and 3D DNR functions.
  • The camera is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. You can voice command many functions.
  • The device provides you with two-way audio. You can communicate and listen. You can also instruct and alert people from your smartphone.
  • It detects motion and audio. The device alerts you sensing any threat. It pushes alert messages and rings alarm bells. 

7- Zumimall 2K Wireless Battery Operated Outdoor Camera

Zumimall Outdoor 2K cam

Zumimall Bullet is a 2K resolution battery-powered camera. It is a lightweight and powerful camera that gives you crystal-clear night-vision images. It has a spotlight studded in it which gives colour night vision up to 55 feet.

The 2K 3MP device can detect motion and alert you of suspicious things. The camera has an inbuilt speaker and a microphone. You can communicate two-way. 

It covers a wide angle of 130 degrees. You can place the camera outdoors or indoors. It is good for front doors, garages, halls, and passages. It gives you perimeter protection. The device has an inbuilt slot for SD cards. It stores data up to 128GB.

The weight and dimensions of the device are respectively 1.04 pounds and 6.57 x 6.3 x 3.58 inches. You can get it from Amazon for $33.33. It is also sold as a bundle with a small but powerful PTZ camera at a bundle price of $79.99.


  • 2K 3MP resolution camera
  • Color night vision
  • Spotlight and IR light-studded
  • Motion detection and alert notification
  • Can communicate two-way
  • 130 degrees FoV
  • Outdoor device, suitable for all indoor locations as well
  • Works with Alexa
  • 100% wireless and battery-operated device
  • IP66 is weatherproof and vandal-proof
  • Supports 2.4GHz Wifi


  • If the object is moving, then face recognition is a bit blurry
  • Doesn’t support 5GHz wifi frequency
  • SD card is not given with the camera

Features & Functions of Zumimall Bullet 2K Camera

  • The Zumimall 2K 3MP camera is an outdoor device with the best quality images. 
  • It has 4 IRs and a spotlight studded. It gives very clean images in the dark. The color night vision can be viewed up to 55 feet.
  • The Zumimall device can detect motion and audio. It gives you alert signals and messages sensing dubious people and activity.
  • The two-way audio feature is highly useful. You can communicate bidirectional talk. You can converse and listen to them.
  • The camera is weatherproof and vandal-proof. The weatherproof standard of the device is IP66. 
  • The cam covers a very wide area up to 130 degrees. 
  • It is a wireless and battery-operated camera. It has 2 antennas adjusted on the top to make the signal quality better. 

8- Noorio B310 Outdoor 2K Wireless Battery Powered Camera

Noorio 2K CCTV camera

Noorio is a uniquely shaped smart IP camera with a 2K resolution. The best part is that it can be installed outdoors and indoors. It is an intelligent device that senses motion and keeps you alert from suspicious things.  

This camera can differentiate between humans, animals, and vehicles. This camera has a magnetic mount which makes the installation extremely easy. The camera has a two-way audio feature.

It gives color night vision. It is a wireless camera with a battery life of 6 months once fully charged. You can order this product from Amazon for $159.99.


  • A Noorio cam has a 2K resolution
  • Floodlight gives clear images in the darkness
  • Provides detailed color night vision
  • Wireless and battery camera without any hassle of wiring
  • Can install indoors and outdoors
  • Magnetic bracket for easy installation
  • AI features can differentiate humans, animals, and vehicles
  • 16GB inbuilt storage
  • Motion detection and two-way audio features


  • It is not a vandal-proof device
  • Cloud server data storage is chargeable
  • Supports Alexa but doesn’t support Google Assistant

Features & Functions of Noorio Wireless 2K Camera

  • This camera is a wireless battery-operated device with 2K resolution. It is functional in both outdoor and indoor environments. 
  • The camera emits extremely clear night-vision images. It has a 600 lum floodlight associated with the camera which gives colour night vision. It gives exceptionally clean images in low light and no light. 
  • The camera has smart AI features. It can easily differentiate between humans, animals and vehicles. 
  • There is a magnetic bracket given for the installation. It can be easily installed by a layman. 
  • You can set up this Noorio wireless device at any place. If the battery is properly charged, there is no need to replace it for months. It lasts even for 6 months. 
  • It has 16GB of free inbuilt local storage. It also supports cloud server recording.

9- Amcrest 5MP AI IP PoE Bullet Camera

Amcrest Bullet CCTV Camera

This Amcrest AI and IP bullet camera is a very good night vision device. Its resolution is 5MP and it has dual illumination night vision with full night color warm/white LEDs. It is an intelligent device that can differentiate between vehicles and animals. 

It is a metal device with IP67 housing. It has an inbuilt one-way audio. You get a very clean night vision up to 49 feet in complete darkness. It has a field of view of 129 degrees. You can see vertically 58 degrees.

The Amcrest PoE AI 5MP IP Bullet Camera is available on the Amcrest company’s official website. You can purchase the camera from there. It has a price tag of $74.99.


  • Amcrest 5MP IP camera
  • Clean night vision
  • AI-equipped, recognizes human, animal, and vehicle
  • Dual LEDs give color night vision up to 49 meters
  • Supports Alexa for voice command
  • Motion detection can set alert zones
  • Pushes alert messages
  • Standalone cameras with SD card slots can store data on cloud servers as well
  • Sturdy housing and weatherproof device with IP67 certification
  • 129 degrees field of view


  • Can only communicate one way
  • Amazon web services are not free, they are chargeable

Features & Functions of 5MP Amcrest Bullet Cam

  • Amcrest 5MP bullet camera is a strong metallic outdoor device. It is an IP PoE camera with a very clean night vision.
  • It has a dual illumination night vision which gives us colour night vision up to 49 feet. It has features like WDR and 3D DNR which gives detailed noise-free pictures even in low and contrasting lights.
  • This camera covers a long 129-degree field of view. You can see a big area with clear pictures. 
  • This camera supports SD card recording. You can keep the data secure here. It also supports cloud server data storage, though it is chargeable.
  • The Amcrest AI camera is intelligent. It recognizes and differentiates between humans, animals, and vehicles.
  • It supports 2.4GHz wifi frequency.    

10- Pinfocal 2K Outdoor Wireless with Spotlight Battery Powered Security Camera

Pinfocal 2K outdoor cctv camera

Pinfocal Bullet is a 2K resolution camera with a spotlight. It gives color night vision with extremely clean images. The device is battery-powered. It is suitable for any outdoor or indoor location.

It has a special AI chip studded into it which makes the device extra intelligent. It can detect and differentiate humans, animals, parcels, and vehicles. Thus it saves users from false alarm signals.

The spotlight-powered camera gives color night vision. It detects motion and sends you alert signals sensing threats. You can also communicate two-way with this device. 

This Pinfocal camera is available on Amazon with a price tag of $33.99. Its weight and dimensions are respectively 14.1 ounces and 6.1 x 4.88 x 3.9 inches. 


  • Pinfocal 2K outdoor camera
  • Extremely clear color night vision
  • Battery-powered wireless camera
  • Smart action AI chip studded
  • Can detect parcels, humans, animals, and vehicles
  • SD card supported with 128GB 
  • Motion detection and two-way audio
  • 3 days of free cloud storage


  • Cloud server storage is only free for 3 days, after that it is chargeable
  • Pinfocal device service centers are not available in most places
  • It is an outdoor camera but not vandal-

Features & Functions of Pinfocal 2K Battery Camera

  • The Pinfocal camera is a high-resolution 2K device with color night vision.
  • There is a spotlight attached to the device. It switches on with the least amount of motion and keeps you secure in the darkness. You always get color night vision.
  • The device is battery-powered. It is a wireless camera that can be installed at any place.
  • The spotlight is motion-triggered. It switches on when sensing any threatening movements. It keeps you protected in the darkness and gives you color night vision. You can track and trace any person or activity.
  • The device supports two-way audio. You can communicate with people and hear them.
  • It supports SD cards up to 128GB. You can store data on it. You can also keep the recording on a cloud server. It is free for the first three days and after that, it is chargeable with a minimum subscription plan.

11- Blink Outdoor 4th Gen Wire-free Smart Battery Security Camera

Blink outdoor camera

Blink outdoor 4th generation camera is a small but powerful security surveillance device. It has a 1080P full HD resolution. The camera gives clean night vision in the presence of infrared night vision. It supports two-way audio. You can listen to the person on the device side, you can also convey your message. 

This Blink camera is battery-operated. Its battery lasts for 2 years. It is a big advantage. You need not be worried about the hassles of wire. It is a DIY (Do It Yourself) kind of device.

This security camera sells like a hot cake. It is available on Amazon. It is mainly sold in a bundle of 4 cameras. The bundle price of the devices is $339.99.


  • Blink outdoor 4th Gen 1080P HD camera
  • Clear night vision with IR lights
  • Compact and powerful camera with intelligence
  • Motion and audio detection
  • Two-way audio feature
  • Battery camera, AA lithium batteries, lasts for years
  • You can record data on a cloud server, it is initially free for 30 days
  • Covers a field of view of 143 degrees


  • Can’t record on SD cards, have to subscribe to a plan for data storage
  • You can only monitor online
  • It is available in 4 camera bundle, not in individual pieces

Features & Functions of Blink 4th Generation Camera

  • This camera has a 1080P resolution with clean outdoor images up to 25 feet. It gives clean pictures and footage.
  • It has 2 AA lithium batteries. It is a wireless camera completely battery-operated. Its batteries last for 2 years. 
  • You can use this camera outdoors. it is very popular for entrance and exit monitoring. Its night vision is also very clear.
  • The camera is smaller in size but captures a big area. It can monitor 143 degrees horizontally.
  • The cam has motion alert features along with enhanced motion detection. It keeps you alert from dubious people and activity.
  • The two-way audio feature is quite important. You can say something to others and hear them. It also works with Alexa.
  • The cloud server data storage facility. The recording is free for the first 30 days and after that, you have to subscribe to a plan.

12- WUUK 2K Battery Powered for Home Security Outdoor/Indoor Wireless Camera

WUUK 2K battery camera

WUUK is a wireless outdoor security camera with 2K resolution. It is available with a home base that supports 8 such WUUK cameras. 

The camera has a clean night vision which gives detailed pictures and footage. It has an integrated light which gives colour night vision. The camera is battery-operated. It provides continuous power for up to 240 days. You do have not to worry about its installation outside. You can install it anywhere in any environment.

It is a smart intelligent camera that recognizes humans and their faces. The SD card recording is possible. Supports 32GB local storage. 

The camera can be digitally zoomed up to 15X and the FoV is 133 degrees. The WUUK camera supports dual wifi bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 

It is sold on the Amazon website. The bundle price (2 Camera Kit) is $169.99.


  • The 2K resolution device
  • Color night vision camera
  • Clean night vision
  • Motion detection and face recognition
  • can communicate two-way
  • Outdoor device
  • Battery camera, battery lasts for 240 days in one go
  • SD card local storage 32GB
  • 15X digital zoom
  • 133 degrees field of view
  • Dual-band supported, supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz


  • Can only store data up to 32GB for free
  • Company service centers are not available

Features & Functions of WUUK 2k Battery Camera

  • The WUUK camera is a uniquely shaped smart security device that is equally competent outdoors and indoors.
  • It has a 2K resolution and an integrated light system which provides colour night vision.
  • The battery-functional camera can be easily installed at all locations. The battery life is for a minimum of 240 days. 
  • The base station which is sold with the camera has a data storage capacity of 32GB. 
  • The device can detect humans and their movements. It auto-tracks and alerts you of any danger. 
  • The camera digitally zooms any object 15X and covers a wide 133-degree angle for monitoring.
  • The smart device supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi frequency.


The best day-night CCTV cameras are listed here. These 12 cameras are analyzed and detailed here to help you select the most suitable one for your requirements. 

All these devices have a clear night vision and they can auto-track objects. Most of them are wireless with internal and cloud storage facilities.

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What is a day-night CCTV camera?

A day-night CCTV camera is designed to function in the daytime and nighttime. It gives clean images and footage in the darkness and low light. It uses IRs and image sensors to provide quality images in the night.

What are the key features to look for in a day-night CCTV camera?

The key features to look for in a day-night CCTV camera are the IR lights, resolution, WDR feature for capturing detailed images in low lights and DNR for noise-free picture quality. If they are weatherproof and intelligent, it is even better.

What resolution should I look for in a day-night CCTV camera?

We need to look for Day-night CCTV devices which have at least 1080P resolution.

How far can a day-night CCTV camera see at night?

It depends on the IR range of the device. Generally in the normal range, I can see at least 30 feet in the night.

Are day-night CCTV cameras suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, most of the CCTV cameras can also be used outdoors.

What is the difference between day-night and infrared (IR) CCTV cameras?

They are almost the same. Day-night cameras are designed to give quality images during day and night times. IR cameras are used in low light or no lights.

Can day-night CCTV cameras capture colour images at night?

Yes, the more advanced CCTV cameras give colour night vision. But most of them give black-and-white images at night.

What is WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) and why is it important in day-night CCTV cameras?

The WDR feature maintains the quality of images by balancing lights within the field of view of the cameras.

Can day-night CCTV cameras be integrated with existing security systems?

It depends. Some CCTV cameras can be integrated with the existing security systems. Not all the cameras can be integrated with the system.

Can day-night CCTV cameras be powered by batteries?

Some CCTV cameras are powered by batteries. Most the day night CCTV cameras require a constant power source for functioning.

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