15 Best Varifocal Camera In The World | Top Varifocal Camera

The Best Varifocal Camera list is given here. A varifocal device is used to monitor objects are areas as per will. 

The Best varifocal camera has a varied focal length. At the time of the installation, the user can adjust the field of view as per his desire. 

He is not forced to accept the views shown by the device.

The best varifocal camera can also be focused on any object near or far. There is an upper and lower limit for lens adjustment. You must set the lens focus on a desired object at the installation’s time. If you want to change the field view, you can easily do it by readjusting the focal length of the CCTV camera. 

What Is A Varifocal Camera?

A varifocal camera has a variable focus lens. A fixed camera comes with a fixed focal lens. You cannot get the desired image when you install a fixed lens cam. The fixed lens camera shows you the fixed field view. 

But when you install a variable focal lens device, you can change the field views. The varifocal CCTV camera gives you the flexibility of changing views. You have to operate these cameras manually. 

Common lenses for CCTV security cameras are 6 mm for “standard” viewing, 3.6 mm for “wide-angle” images, and 12 or 16 mm for “telephoto” images or distance viewing.

What Is The Benefit Of Using The Best Varifocal Camera?

Varifocal cameras are used for certain important purposes. They are also used at crunch locations. 

  • When you are not sure of your field of view, you require a varifocal camera. You have the opportunity to adjust the lens and get the desired coverage area.   
  • When the varifocal cam is mounted at a height, it covers a lot of areas. Maybe you don’t require those areas. Then you can adjust the required detailing by adjusting the focal lens.
  • You can adjust your field view from far to wide and vice versa.
  • The image quality you get from a varifocal device is much better than a normal fixed lens device. The basic reason behind it is that you can manually set the viewing angle and depth of field.

Buying Guide For The Best Varifocal Cameras

When you go to buy a varifocal surveillance camera, keep for the following factors. Always remember these points to get the best home security system. 

1- Lens Adjustability

Check the lower and upper limits of the lens adjustable state. They can be from 2.8 mm to 50 mm. Purchase a cam which fulfills your requirement. Mainly these varifocal cameras focus on any object very minutely.

2- Night Vision

The night vision quality of any CCTV camera is a must to check. These surveillance devices are installed for security. When the vision is unclear, neither the person perpetrating any dubious activity nor the activity is traceable. It is a threat to security.

Check the IR lights, spotlight, or flood light quality for better night vision images.

3- Sensors

All good cams are equipped with sensors. These sensors are powerful. They can track and trace any suspicious person and activity. They can also sense sounds. Sensors alert users of any kind of threat. 

4- Resolution of the Camera 

The resolution is directly related to the quality of the images. The higher the resolution means, you are getting better quality images. When the resolution is low, it means the picture quality is not good. Select any cam which has more than 2MP resolution. Use best resolution cameras.

5- Two-way audio

The two-way audio quality keeps you connected with your property and people. You can communicate with them and pass any message to them. 

You can’t only pass messages, you can also alert people by using this feature. Suppose you see any doubtful activity or person, you can raise alarms and alert people by yelling at the threat. 

6- Weatherproof & Vandal-proof

Look at the Ingress Protection(IP) type and IK type of the cam. These devices can be installed at any place, outdoors and indoors. But they can be used indoors only when they are not IP certified

7- Warranty & After Sales & Services

Look at the warranty of the device. It is better for the user if it is for 2 years or more. Also, query the after-sales & services policies of the company. You need to get a solution if your cam goes out of order.  

Best Varifocal Camera- 1

1- Hikvision 8MP Outdoor IR Varifocal Bullet Camera

Hikvision Varifocal Camera

The hikvision bullet camera is an 8MP cam. The cam is varifocal. It is very useful for focusing the device on any object. The fields of view it covers are large and both. It can cover the focal length between 2.8mm and 12mm.

The high resolution provides good images. It is a metallic cam that has smart features. It can be worked indoors and outdoors. The dimensions of the device are ‎11.7 x 8 x 16 inches. It is sold on the Amazon platform at $124.99.


  • It’s an 8MP device
  • The sensors work magnificently well
  • The varifocal lens adjusts between 2.8 and 12 mm
  • 12 VDC and PoE+ (802.3at)
  • The two-way audio
  • Metallic body
  • Weatherproof with IP67 certification
  • IK10 Vandal-proof cam
  • 3840 x 2160 Resolution @ 15 fps
  • Clear night vision


  • PoE adapter is not given. Have to purchase separately

Features & Functions

  • The image sensor we use is Image Sensor 1/3″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • It can view faraway things and near things without any difficulty
  • Sensors used in this device can easily sense audio and motion. Any motion and audio are assessed and those movements which are suspicious are checked through alert messages and alarms.
  • The two-way audio is a useful feature of the cam. You can listen to a person or group. You can pass any instruction and message. This function is also used to alert users of suspicious people and activity.
  • You can raise an alarm by sensing anything dubious thus saving the dwellers.
  • It is a PoE-supported cam. 12 VDC and PoE+ (802.3at)
  • The 4K 8MP device has a high 3840 x 2160 Resolution @ 15 frames per seconds
  • H.265+ is the video compression quality. Transmits clear videos.
  • This drive is equipped with WDR and DNR technologies. It provides greatly detailed images in low light
  • The cam can view up to 30 meters in the darkness of the night.

Best Varifocal Camera- 2

2- Loryta 4K 8MP Dome Varifocal Camera

Loryta dome camera 1

Loryta varifocal camera is a smart device. The cam is also having starlights. The night vision is sharp. It illuminates the darkness and gives clean images. The focal length it covers is from 2.7mm to 13.5mm. It means its coverage range is wide.

The cam is equipped with WDR and DNR features. It is available on Amazon. The tag price of this product is $159.99. The dimensions and weight of the product are respectively 4.49 x 4.41 x 5.51 inches and 1.5 pounds.


  • 4K 8MP camera
  • The varifocal device.
  • 2.7mm to 13.5mm focal length
  • WDR and 3D DNR
  • Clear night vision
  • Low light capturing clean images
  • IP 67 weatherproof
  • Supports PoE
  • H.265+ supports
  • Powerful sensors and AI
  • 2-way audio


  • Not a vandal-proof device
  • No PoE adapter with the cam

Features & Functions

  • This cam can be connected with the help of a wire. You can connect it with an NVR
  • The varifocal camera lens adjustable between 2.7mm and 13.5 mm
  • Smart events are recorded in NVR. It recognizes the person and vehicle
  • Intelligent motion detection with the help of sensors. It can track any activity and saves you from intruders. 
  • Abnormality detected if there is any. It traces motion detection, video tampering, no SD card, SD card full, SD card error, network disconnection, etc.
  • It can also alert you from IP conflict, illegal access, voltage detection 
  • This cam is a 4K Starlight device. The night vision ability of the device is up to 132 feet. 
  • This 8MP cam has a 1/2.7″ CMOS image sensor, low illuminance 
  • The high image definition, 0.008 Lux @ F1.5 Min. Illumination
  • The device has an outputs maximum 8MP that is resolution 3840 × 2160 @15 fps 
  • It also supports 2688×1520 @25/30 fps
  • H.265 codec, high compression rate, ultra-low bit rate
  • ROI, SMART H.264+/H.265+, Built-in IR LED: 
  • 40 meters illumination Distance 
  • Equipped with WDR, 3D NR, HLC, BLC, and digital watermarking, applicable to various monitoring scenes


Best Varifocal Camera- 3

3- GW Security 8 MP Dome Varifocal Camera

GW Security cam 1

GW Security is a dome camera. It is mainly used outdoors though you can use it indoors. The product has an 8MP high resolution. You can manually zoom the object. This device supports the PoE technique. The data and power can be flown through the same cable.

It is a varifocal cam and its focal length can be adjusted between 2.8mm and 12mm. The resolutions of the product are 4.6 x 4.6 x 4.6 inches. It is available on Amazon. It has a price tag of $169.


  • GW Security is an 8MP Dome camera
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors
  • 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • Manual zoom
  • Motion detection
  • Two-way audio
  • Sound alerts
  • 24 IR LEDs
  • Waterproof and vandal-proof


  • The size of the device is big
  • The PoE switch is not available

Features & Functions

Varifocal 2.8mm to 12mm 2

  • The GW Security cam has a resolution of 8 Megapixel with 3840×2160 Ultra High Resolution 4K Video
  • It has a built-in 2.8~12mm adjustable lens 
  • You can manually zoom the varifocal lens 
  • It easily allows you to adjust the angle of view. You can adjust the lens as per the requirement to an object far or near
  • 8MP 2160p @ 15 fps resolution
  • The cam is AI equipped. It senses motion detection & sends users email alerts, messages, etc. 
  • Power over Ethernet, Remote Mobile or PC view featured.
  • Supports universal agreement and P2P network platform.
  • Outdoor/Indoor security and surveillance. 
  • The cam is waterproof & vandal proof 
  • It has 24 IR LEDs. You can view up to 120FT IR Distance

Best Varifocal Camera- 4

4- AXIS Dome Varifocal Network Camera

AXIS cam 1

This AXIS device is world-famous. It is used indoors and outdoors. The company has a high reputation in the CCTV world. It has many top-featured products. The cam is varifocal and it has adjustable lenses.

The cam has a high-resolution image. It gives clean images at night. It shows our color images. You get alert messages and alarm signals. It is available on the Amazon platform. It is a costly camera.

The value of the product is $2798.


  • It is a 5MP camera
  • The IR LEDs and spotlight-studded cam
  • Provides color night vision
  • Sensor-enabled device
  • Can track suspicious activities and people
  • Alert messages and alarm signals
  • Varifocal lens between 2.8mm and 12mm
  • Can function outdoors and indoors
  • Weatherproof device


  • The cost of the product is high
  • No PoE adapter available with the device

Features & Functions

Track the object 2

  • Humans and Vehicles can be differentiated by the cam.
  • The AXIS IP camera is equipped with on-device detection technology to identify humans and vehicles from other objects.
  • With accurate detection, you can keep a sharper eye on the true threats. You don’t have to worry about anything and live in peace.
  • PoE Installation is easy. The PoE technology allows users to use this indoor/outdoor camera. It can transmit videos and get power simultaneously via only one network cable.
  • Easy plug-and-play for a reliable connection.
  • You can set the device to record 24 hours or when detected any motion.
  • Real-time movement alerts received. The sensors used in the cam are powerful
  • The movement and audio can be easily traced and tracked.
  • The cam sends a notification to users sensing any dubious activity.
  • The trigger of emails and messages keeps you alert

Best Varifocal Camera- 5

5- DiySecurity Array Varifocal Bullet Camera

DIY Security Bullet Cam 1

A DIY security camera is a bullet in shape. Its focal length can be varied between 5mm and 50mm. The cam is highly useful in capturing far-flung objects. It can even capture clean images up to 300 feet.

The night vision is accurate. You can recognize faces and activities. The 6 array lights illuminate in the night. The cam is weatherproof and vandal-proof. You can purchase it from the Amazon platform at $180.95.


  • A 2.4MP device with clear images
  • The varifocal length can be adjusted between 5mm & 50mm
  • It can see an object which is 150 feet away in the darkness
  • There are 6 array lights studded
  • The color night vision images
  • Sensors and AI features
  • Two-way audio
  • Weatherproof
  • PoE supported cam


  • The shape of the bullet cam is not very attractive

Features & Functions

night mode of the device 2

  • A 2.4MP 1080p deviice 
  • 300 Feet of IR. It is a high-range camera. In the darkness, we see clean images 
  • The varifocal length is from 5 mm to 50 mm  
  • Indoor/Outdoor weatherproof IP 66 rating. You can use this device at any location.
  • Min Illumination of 0.0 Lux @ F1.2, 0 Lux (IR On)
  • Power input: 12VDC (Power adapter not included)
  • The sensors detect audio and motion. 
  • It sends alarming signals and messages to users sensing any dubious activity
  • You can set alert zones. When anyone enters that zone, you get alert messages
  • The two-way audio helps in communicating any message and idea

Best Varifocal Camera- 6

6- GEOVISION 4 MP Varifocal Bullet Camera  

Geovision bullet 1

Geovision device is a 4MP bullet camera that has variable focal lengths. It low-lux cam. It gives clean and detailed images in low light because of WDR and DNR features.

You can focus the cam on near and far both kinds of objects. The PoE device is the latest inversion. It can detect motion and audio and alert users to suspicious things. It is available on Amazon. It costs you $89.00.


  •  IP Camera, 4 MP resolution
  • Varifocal 2.8~12mm focal length
  • IR distance up to 30 m (100 ft)
  • WDR and DNR-supported technology
  • Clear night vision
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof
  • IP 67 certified and IK 10 rated
  • PoE device


  • Doesn’t give color night images
  • The PoE switch is not with the pack

Features & Functions

best sensors 2

  • Bullet GeoVison IP Camera is a varifocal device
  • The resolution of the lens is 4 MP. 
  • This varifocal camera focal length can be adjusted between 2.8mm & 12mm 
  • The illumination at 0.01 lux. Triple streams from H.265, H.264 or MJPEG
  • The capturing of the images up to 20 frames per second at 2592 x 1520. 
  • Intelligent IR is used in the device. IR distances up to 30 m (100 ft) can be captured 
  • Day and Night function with removable IR-cut filter laced cam 
  • Vandal-resistance cam with IK10 rating with metal casing.
  • Ingress protection IP67. It can withstand any weather condition. 
  • A Built-in micro SD card slot is also given in the device.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). It gives neat and clean images in the darkness or low light
  • 3D noise reduction technique supported. 
  • Motion detection and audio detection are given.

Best Varifocal Camera- 7

7- Hi Look 4K IP Varifocal Bullet Camera

Hi Look camera 1

The HiLook device is a 4K 8MP camera. It is a weatherproof and vandal-proof device. The bullet cam is varifocal. It has adjustable lenses used. You can cover a range between 2.8mm and 12mm. The clean images have a detailed version. You can capture it from any place.

The 3D DNR and WDR technologies are effective in providing the best images in low light. The IP bullet camera has clear night vision. The dimensions of the device are 9.61 x 6.85 x 6.81 inches and its price on Amazon is $156.00


  • 1/2.5″ progressive scan CMOS
  • 4K 8MP device
  • Night vision clean
  • 3D DNR
  • Varifocal 2.8mm to 12 mm
  • IR range 30 meters
  • PoE supported
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof


  • Night vision is black and white
  • The PoE adapter is missing

Features & Functions

image quality 2

  • 1/2.5″ progressive scan CMOS 
  • The resolution is 3840 × 2160@15fps 
  • 2.8 mm to 12 mm varifocal lens of the device. Adjust the angle as per the requirement
  • H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264 Dual stream, video compression 
  • 120dB WDR, 3D DNR technology. It can provide you with clean images in low light. 
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) supported cam 
  • Up to 30 m IR range in the darkness 
  • IP67 certified and vandal-proof with IK 10 level
  • The HiLook IPC-B680H-Z is an 8MP 4K IP network Bullet camera 
  • The motorized 2.8-12mm varifocal lens 
  • It only requires a single cable for both the power and the images, making installation quick and convenient

Best Varifocal Camera- 8

8- OwlTech IP License Plate Reader Varifocal Bullet Camera

OwlTec bullet camera 1

OwlTech device is a license plate reader camera. The 2.4MP product is available on Amazon. The varifocal device has a focal length between 5mm and 50mm. It has DNR and WDR technologies. It gives detailed images in low lights.

The weatherproof certification rate is IP66 and the vandal-proof certification rate is Ik10. It is available on the Amazon platform. It costs us around $199.99.


  • 1/2.8″ SONY Exmor Progressive Scan CMOS Sensor
  • 3D-DNR, Antifogging, image stabilizer
  • Varifocal  5-50mm lens
  • 2.4 MP device
  • PoE-supported device
  • Good night vision
  • 150-210 feet visibility in low light
  • A waterproof device with IP 66 certification


  • No vandal-proof cam
  • The resolution is a little low

Features & Functions

License plate reading 2

  • The image Sensor of this OwlTech IP cam is a 1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS Sensor. It gives the device clean images
  • The Pixels of the cam is 1920×1080
  • Min. Illumination : 0.01Lux/F1.2 (Color), 0.001Lux/F1.2(B/W), 0Lux (IR ON
  • IR LEDs studded camera can take black and white images in the darkness. It is equipped with 84 pcs F5 IR 850nm LED
  • Max. IR Distance which this varifocal camera can cover is 150-210ft
  • Lens : 5-50mm megapixel lens
  • Compression  H.264 Baseline / Main Profile / MJPEG
  • You can set the recording mode manually or auto.
  • The device is sensor powered. You can get alert messages sensing any kind of threat
  • The two-way audio is supported by the cam. You can communicate and instruct people on the device side.

Best Varifocal Camera- 9

9- Lorex 8MP Bullet Varifocal Camera

Lorex bullet cam 1

Lorex bullet device is a 4k 8MP camera. It gives you the best images in the day mode and night mode. The varifocal bullet camera has 4X optical zoomed images. Smart motion and audio detection will give you freedom from threats. The color night vision is best for security and safety.

It has weight and dimensions respectively are 3.83 pounds and 20 x 18 x 14 inches. Get the device on Amazon at $169.99.


  • 113° field of view
  • 4K 8MP device
  • Varifocal bullet camera
  •  4× Optical zoom
  • A record at a real-time 30 frames-per-second
  •  Smart Motion Detection
  • Color Night Vision
  • Can view 150 ft in the darkness
  • IP 67 certified weatherproof device


  • PoE adapter is not given with the product
  • Not a vandal-proof cam

Features & Functions

zoom in & zoom out 2

  • It covers a wide angle. You can view up to 113° field of view, depending on the level of zoom desired
  • The varifocal lens can be adjusted between 2.8mm and 12mm. The motorized varifocal lens provides 4× Optical zoom. It enables remote customization of your viewing area. You can adjust as per the requirement.
  • A record at a real-time 30 frames-per-second.
  • The camera has a resolution of 4K (8MP) Ultra HD. It ensures clear and detailed footage.
  • It reduces unnecessary alerts and false alarms with smart motion detection. 
  • It alerts users of any suspicious activity. The device sends notifications when any person or vehicle is detected on your property from your Lorex App
  • Enhanced nighttime clarity with Color Night Vision. You can see wide and even in low lights.
  • Up to 150 ft IR night vision in low light and 98 ft in total darkness
  • A weatherproof device with a rating of IP67. 

Best Varifocal Camera- 10

10- Samsung/Hanwha Techwin 4MP Varifocal Bu Camera

Bullet cam 1

Samsung camera is a 4MP device. It is used for indoors and outdoors. It has smart sensors. The device senRemoteds alert messages and Remotehe user can get the device from any place. Remote access is made possible with the help of the iPOLiSmobile App.

The Amazon platform price of this product is $456.32. The resolutions are good and the night vision is clean. The dimensions of the product and its weight are respectively 9.69 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches and 1.65 pounds.


  • The camera has a 4MP resolution
  • The varifocal lens is from 2.8 mm to 12 mm
  • The two-way audio supported
  • Smart sensors
  • It can sense audio and motion
  • The device sends alert messages sensing any threat
  • WDR and DNR technologies supported
  • PoE device


  • A costly device.
  • No PoE switch and adapter cost is covered by the cam

Features & Functions

best vision 2

  • This camera has a resolution of 4MP.
  • It gives clear images in daylight and low light.
  • The night vision is clear and clean
  • The two-way audio supports communication and transfer of messages
  • The cam is AI supported. The device senses motion and audio
  • You can alert people of the threat on the device side with the two-way audio feature
  • The sensors alert you and send you alert messages about suspicious activities
  • It is a varifocal cam with an adjustable lens between 2.8mm and 12mm
  • 4.3X motorized varifocal lens
  • WDR and DNR suported device. the clean images in the darkness are the testimony.

Best Varifocal Camera- 11

11- ACTi E46A IP Bullet Varifocal Camera

ACTi device 1

This ACTi bullet cam is designed to be operated in open environments. The resolutions of the device are 1920×1080. The 3MP lens is designed to give clean images. The product has WDR features. The clean images in low lights or against dark backgrounds give certainty for the best quality images.

The product is available on Amazon at $1236.28. It is a varifocal camera with varifocal lengths between 2.8mm and 12mm.


  • The resolution of this cam is 3MP
  • Color monochrome cam
  • Clear night vision
  • Can view up to 98 ft in the darkness
  • 2.8mm to 12mm varifocal camera
  • Motion and audio detection
  • Two-way audio
  • PoE-supported device
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof camera


  • The weatherproof device is heavy in size
  • A very costly device

Features & Functions

clean images 2

  • The 3MP device is varifocal. It has an adjustable lens between 2.8mm and 12mm
  • The varifocal device can view angles from narrow to wide as per the requirement
  • night vision is color night vision. We can view up to 98 meters in the dark.
  • The weatherproof device is IP67 rated and it is also a vandal-proof device with IK10 certification
  • Two-way communication is possible. Any idea or instruction can be transferred easily
  • The sensors provide motion and audio alertness. The device alerts you of suspicious activities and people.

Best Varifocal Camera- 12

12- HDView IP Varifocal Dome Camera 

HDView cam 1

HDView is a dome camera with variable focal lengths. The 2.8mm to 12mm focal lengths is wide enough to capture vast fields and a particular object. It is a 6MP high-resolution device. The night vision is clean. You get spotless images. It can capture 100ft in the darkness.

When we buy it from the Amazon platform it costs us $194. It is a sister concern from Hikvision. The cam supports smart features. You get alert messages from suspicious movements.


  • 1/2.9″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • A 6M camera with  3072 × 2048 resolution
  • A varifocal camera. Can capture between 2.8mm and 12mm
  • Night vision is clear and sharp
  • H.265+ video compression
  • The two-way audio is supported by this device
  • The sensors alert users of threatful people and activities
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof


  • No PoE adapter is given

Features & Functions

every action is captured 2

  • The 6MP device is a bullet camera. It has a clean  3072 × 2048 resolution
  • The night vision and clean. The device has WDR and DNR technologies. In low light, it gives bright images
  • It can view up to 98 meters in the darkness
  • The two two-ways functions is supported by the device. You can transfer any message and convey any instruction
  • The sensors are sharp. The dubious activities are easily trapped with its help. Motion and sound can be detected
  • The weatherproof certification of the cam is IP67 and the vandal-proof standard is IK10.

Best Varifocal Camera- 13

13- AceLevel 3MP HD IP Varifocal Camera

AceLevel dome varifocal camera 2

The vandal-proof dome camera is varifocal. The 3MP device has a 1/3″ 3MP HD CMOS Sensor. The minimum illumination of the device is 0.05 lux @ F1.2, AGC ON; 0 Lux with IR0.05 lux @ F1.2, AGC ON; 0 Lux with IR.

It has motion and audio sensors. It can send alert messages and alarms to its users sensing any threat. Get this device on the eBay platform at $249.99.


  • 3MP camera
  • sharp night vision
  • Up to 98 ft vision
  • Weatherproof IK66
  • Vandal-proof IK10
  • Two-way audio
  • Sensors equipped


  • Very heavy dome camera.
  • The PoE adapter is missing

Features & Functions

  • The 3MP device is powerful. It can be used outdoors with full authority
  • The night vision is clean. The WDR technology gives detailed images
  • There are 30 LEDs studded in the device.
  • It functions with PoE technology. The single cable can transfer data and power
  • The two-way audio-supported camera. You can converse or send messages.
  • The sensors protect users from suspicious people and activities. You can track a person.
  • The weatherproof and vandal-proof device. The certification is respectively IP66 and IK 10 respectively

Best Varifocal Camera- 14

14- PELCO Dome IP Varifocal Camera

Pelco camera 1

This is a cam closure device. It gives clear images in low light and captures narrow-angle and wide angles with equal authority. The varifocal feature gives the device an advantage for zooming in at will. It has a 2-way audio feature and motion, audio detection feature. It can sense dubious activities and people. The user gets alert messages whenever the device senses fishy things.

It is available on the  Amazon platform. The price tag of the device is $159.55.


  • This device has a resolution of 4MP
  • IR LEDs studded
  • Clear night vision
  • PoE device
  • WDR and DNR equipped
  • Varifocal camera with 2.8mm to 12mm lens
  • Super low-light performance
  • Powerful sensors
  • Bi-directional talk


  • No PoE switch and adapter

Features & Functions

Multi features 2

  • Minimum Illumination is 0.005 Lux @ F1.6 
  • 1/2.7” 5 MP progressive scan CMOS
  • Smart AI equipped. perimeter protection, people counting,  event trigger, general intelligence 
  • ROI, SMART H.264+/H.265+ video compression
  • Flexible coding, applicable to various bandwidth and storage environments
  • WDR (120 dB), Day/Night (ICR), 3D DNR, AWB, AGC, BLC, Illumination Distance up to 50 m (164ft)
  • It can see far and wide
  • Sensors give motion alerts
  • Can communicate with 2-way audio

Best Varifocal Camera- 15

15- Hikvision 8MP Outdoor IR Varifocal Dome Camera

Hikvision dome 1

This robust dome camera is available on Amazon with a price value of $399.00. It is a highly rich featured device which keeps us safe from all kinds of threats and dangers. The AI-enabled camera senses every dubious person and activity.

It is useful in all kinds of places and circumstances. You can use it outdoors and indoors. The resolution of this camera is 8MP. It gives color night vision images.


  • An 8MP high-end device
  • Night vision is colorful and clear
  • It is an IR varifocal dome camera
  • The adjustable varifocal length is between 2.8mm and 12mm
  • 3840 x 2160 Resolution @ 20 fps
  • PoE-supported camera
  • 2-way audio
  • AI smart device
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof


  • A little costly device
  • PoE adapter and switch to purchasing separately

Features & Functions


  • This 8MP camera is a high-resolution device.
  • You get clean views in day mode and night mode.
  • The 4K camera gives night color vision. The night vision is clear
  • You can get a view up to 150 ft.
  • The 2-way audio gives you the opportunity to view clean images.
  • The sensors are sharp and you can access alert messages. Any intrusion will raise an alarm.
  • The weatherproof device with IP 67 standard. The vandal-proof level is IK 10.
  • WDR and DNR equipped camera.


There is 15 Best varifocal camera List given here. These cameras have adjustable view angles. Their fields of view give them wider coverage and close focus. Their performances are tested and company support are trusted.

Various latest features are mentioned. These devices can be used indoors/ outdoors as per requirement. The devices can be accessed from far-flung areas. They all can be added with an App. The applications are given in the chart. You can connect these cameras and view them remotely.

Please share your comments regarding the post. Your comments and suggestions are valuable to us. If you have any difficulty finding the devices you can refer to the given links for purchasing them.

Thank you.

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