15 Best Cloud Storage CCTV Camera List In The World

Here we are showcasing the 15 best cameras having the best cloud server storage facility.

Cloud storage CCTV cameras are a type of security camera that store their recorded footage on cloud servers. They are not restricted to DVRs/ NVRs or SD cards for recording. 

The main advantage of using cloud storage for CCTV footage is that the location can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. 

It makes the monitoring process easier. You can easily monitor your people and property from any place. Additionally, cloud storage provides a more secure and reliable method of storing footage compared to local storage devices. The data is stored on remote servers that are protected by multiple layers of security. 

Another advantage is that cloud storage often offers scalable storage options. This way we are free to store as much footage as needed without worrying about running out of space. 

We require a high-speed internet connection and a subscription to a cloud-storage service to use a cloud-storage CCTV camera, we require a high-speed internet connection and a subscription to a cloud-storage service. 

Some cameras come with built-in cloud storage options also. While many others may require to set up an account with a third-party cloud storage provider.

How Is The Best Cloud Storage CCTV Camera Useful?

Cloud storage CCTV cameras are a useful tool in modern surveillance systems. These cams store recorded footage directly on remote servers in the cloud. There is no use of any hard drive.

One of the main advantages of cloud storage cameras is increased security for the recorded footage. The surveillance process becomes easier. Because the location is no more issue. 

We can watch the live video, check the backup from any place, and instruct from any place.

Accessing the device from any place gives command and authority to the user. This can be particularly useful for businesses or homeowners who want to monitor their property while they are not in their locations.

Cloud storage cams are more advanced and flexible than traditional surveillance systems. 

You can increase the server capacity whenever you require to keep more data on it.

Cloud-recorded CCTV cameras are a valuable addition to modern surveillance systems. 

With improved security, remote access, and scalability, these cameras offer many benefits over traditional surveillance systems.

Buying Guide For The Best Cloud Storage CCTV Camera

Here, we are mentioning a few points. These are the checkup points before purchasing any CCTV cam. 

When choosing a cloud-storage CCTV camera, consider the following factors.

Video Resolution 

The higher the resolution, the clearer the video quality. Choose a camera that offers at least 1080p resolution. You will get clean images and monitoring will become useful.


Make sure the camera comes with adequate cloud storage. We can also use the option to add additional storage. We have to check the cost of cloud storage, as some cameras offer a free limited amount, while others charge a monthly fee.

Night Vision 

If you need to monitor the camera in low light or dark conditions, look for a camera that has a good night vision function. The night vision quality of the device is important. When the vision is not clear, then it is a security threat.

Motion Detection 

Motion detection allows you to receive alerts when movement is detected in the cam’s field of view. Some devices also offer advanced features such as person detection, which can help reduce false alerts.

Two-Way Audio 

Some cameras come with built-in microphones and speakers. It allows you to communicate through the cam. This can be useful if you need to talk to someone in the camera’s field of view or range.


Ensure that the camera is compatible with the platform you want to use to access the video feed, such as a smartphone app or web browser. Also, ensure that the device is compatible with most of the DVRs/ NVRs.


Consider the cost of the camera, as well as any recurring costs for cloud storage. In some brands, cloud server recording is free; in others, it is chargeable.

A good cloud server storage CCTV camera should have high video resolution, adequate storage, good night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, compatibility with almost every platform of choice, and be available at a reasonable cost.

The 15 Best Cloud Storage CCTV Camera List

Following are the CCTV cams which are the best in cloud storage. They are given here. They don’t follow any preferential order. All are equally useful.

Some features are more prominent in some cameras and some other features are more highlighted in some other cams.

1- ZUMIMALL 2K Security Battery Operated Camera

Zumimall cam 1

Zumimall 2k security camera is a very famous CCTV device. Its design and performance are praiseworthy. The strong battery backup makes the installation process super easier.

You can hang it or install it on any surface. It is waterproof and wifi-enabled.

The company allows cloud storage for the cam. The server storage is free. It keeps the cloud loop recording for 6 seconds, sensing any threat or motion. You can put the data on the cloud server and feel relieved from stealing and theft.

You can refer to the data from anywhere at any time. It also records on the SD Card.

The best cloud storage camera costs $53.99 on the Amazon platform. The dimensions of the device are 2.2 x 2.2 x 3.86 inches and its weight is 7.4 ounces.


  • It’s a 2k full HD cam
  • The outdoor camera is battery operated
  • Very clear images, 4 times better image quality than 1080P
  • After full charge battery runs for more than 3 months
  • WiFi-supported cam. No hassle of wires
  • Supports PoE
  • AI is powerful. Keeps you alert from suspicious activities
  • It can differentiate between humans, pets, and vehicles
  • Free Cloud server storage. Also supports SD cards up to 128GB
  • The cam is weatherproof


  • The camera is not sturdy enough for outdoor use
  • PoE adapter and SD Card are not given with the pack, have to purchase them separately

Features & Functions

best features 1

  • 2K & 3MP lens gives immensely sharp and clean images. The real full high definition cam easily traces faces and activities.  
  • The cam vision clarity is 4 times better than other 2MP cameras. It has sensors. They can easily recognize motion and audio. A thief can be caught easily and any suspicious person can be scared with alarms given.
  • This cam scares away intruders in a jiffy. This outdoor security device alerts users. Whenever they sense any dubious activity, the message, and alarm awaken the user from the impending threat. 
  •  The high-quality sensor saves you from false alerts. The level of accuracy is high.
  • It is a wireless device. The cam is battery-operated. You can install it at any location indoors/ outdoors.
  • Once the battery is fully charged, it can give you support for up to 3 months.
  • You get free cloud storage & live view free of cast. 
  • The cam supports lifetime 7-day cloud loop recording for 6 seconds with no subscription 
  • Also, support a max 128GB Micro SD card which is useful in day-to-day recording.
  • You can access the cam from any place. 
  • The device is waterproof with an IP66 level of certification.

2- Arlo Essential Spotlight Wire-free Camera

Arlo camera 1

Arlo essential spotlight camera is a color day-night device that is compact. The beautiful shape and splendid features make this device very very special. The Arlo brand is used worldwide.

You can connect the cam to WiFi and get access from any remote location. There is no requirement for any hub. It gives color night vision. The smart sensors switch on the spotlight sensing any movement in the dark. The Arlo security surveillance cam captures wide angles up to 130 degrees.

The cloud storage facility is given. You can keep your data on the server. The image quality is up to 4k. The product is available on the Amazon platform with a tag price of $78.21. Its dimensions are 3 x 2 x 3.5 inches and its weight is 12 ounces.


  • The image quality is 4K
  • Extremely clear color night vision
  • The sharp sensors detect motion and audio
  • Give alert messages and alarm signals sensing any threat
  • Two-way audio is given, you can pass any message
  • WiFi supported
  • Easy setup without wires
  • Works with Alexa
  • The capturing area is around 130 degrees
  • The spotlight gives color night vision
  • Cloud storage is initially free
  • Weatherproof cam


  • SD card recording function is not given
  • Cloud storage is not free after an initial 1 month

Features & Functions

cloud storage feature 3

  • It captures clean images. The details of the images are pronounced. Any object or thing is traceable. 
  • Arlo’s Essential security cam records video in 1080p for a clear picture. It gives a wide angle of 130 degrees. The wider angle covers more.
  • It can cover every corner. You get the desired fields of view. 
  • The sensor detects humans and vehicles separately. The motion alert signal supports the device. The spotlight switches on sensing any movement.
  • It seems more at night. The color night vision traces every bit. It reads license plates in full color at night.
  • Smarter alerts and quicker actions are available. It sends notifications to users sensing dubious activities and people.
  • The two-way audio support system helps you in communicating with the person on the device side. 
  • 100% wireless cam. You can install it easily at any desired place. The battery-operated device setup process is simple.
  • Wi-Fi for fast, wire-free installation with no hub required.
  • Cloud-based recording. There is no fear of loss of recording.
  • Weather-resistant outdoor cam. This home cam works as an Amazon Alexa device, Google device, Apple HomeKit device, and Samsung SmartThings device

3- HAOTING Outdoor WiFi Security Camera


HAOTING is a battery-operated camera. It’s sleek design and latest features make it a product worth trying. The 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery is powerful enough to give you more than 3 months of continuous function.

The wireless camera is easy to install. You can hang it or install it on any surface. Gives you a real-time view. Smart sensors record activities whenever it senses any movement. The cloud server storage is given but it is chargeable.

The two-way audio supports transferring messages. IP65 weather-resistant device can be used indoors and outdoors. The dimensions are after packaging 6.46 x 5.35 x 3.15 inches. Its weight is 1.27 pounds. It is sold on Amazon at $34.99.


  • 1080P outdoor security device
  • Battery-operated cam with 12mAh rechargeable battery
  • Lasts for more than 3 months after full charging
  • Weatherproof with IP66 certification
  • Supports 2.4GHz wifi
  • PIR motion detection
  • Detects threats and alerts users with notifications
  • PoE device with no hassle of wires
  • Paid cloud storage facility
  • SD card recording given
  • Two-way communication is given


  • Cloud storage is not free
  • SD card is not given with the camera

Features & Functions

cloud storage 2

  • This cam is a battery-operated device. 12000mAh rechargeable battery lasts for months. The cam is 100% wire-free. The built-in 12000mAh rechargeable lithium battery is used in the device.
  • Te cloud-server recording is possible with this camera. You are secured with the data when this cam records on the cloud server.
  • It uses sensors. The Motion detection and real-time alerts are racked easily. 
  • It sends notifications sensing any threat. It keeps users aware of every suspicious thing.
  • Alert notifications to keep users safe and secure.
  • The security surveillance cam has a 1080P resolution. It gives him clean images.  
  • This device supports 2-way audio. You can communicate easily with the person on the device side. It is a useful function. You can also scare any dubious person by shouting at him.   
  • It is an outdoor security cam with IP65 waterproofing standards. It withstands rainy and foggy weather. This device can be installed at any outdoor location.
  • The cam can be installed easily. You don’t require to be an expert for hanging or fixing the long-life amateur can do it.

4- Zeeporte Security Outdoor Cloud Camera

ZEEPORTE Security Cam 1

This ZEEPORTE security camera is an outdoor device. You can use it at your garage, lawn, front gate, hall or anywhere. Its rechargeable long-life battery makes it easy to use. You can install it at any desired location without any requirement for wiring. The fully charged battery can last for u to 6 months.

The wide-angle coverage is around 130 degrees. The 1080p image and video quality give clean images. You can watch up to 32 feet in complete pitch darkness. It is extremely easy to install and operate.

The two-way audio allows you to convey any message from your end to the person on the camera side. The sensors are smart and sharp. PIR sensors are used. They send messages to your smartphones sensing any threat.

The Adorecam app is used for monitoring. The cloud storage function is given. The device has dimensions of 2.3 x 2.3 x 3.8 inches and weight is 8.7 ounces. It is available on the Amazon platform with a price value of $46.32.


  • Sleek battery-operated camera
  • The battery in the fully charged state runs for more than 5 to 6 months
  • Great images and night vision
  • Can view up to 32 feet in the complete darkness
  • The in-built microphone supports two-way communication
  • Cloud storage and SD card recording given
  • Sensors are smart and sharp. They recognize humans and vehicles
  • Easy to install on any platform
  • Wire-free. Can be accessed from anywhere
  • Waterproof camera


  • The Cloud storage space to purchase. It is not free
  • Not a very strong device for outdoors

Features & Functions

WiFi feature 2

  • This cam enjoys a long-duration rechargeable, long-life battery. It lasts for 6 months after full charging. There is no hassle of wiring. 
  • The installation process is easier. There is no requirement for any expert to set up the device. The wireless cam is best suited outdoors. 
  • 1080P HD picture quality resolution of the device provides clear night vision. Everything is transparent and clear. 
  • It covers a wider angle. You see more areas covered in comparison to areas covered by other similar cameras.
  • It will automatically change to the ambient light level when required. It shifts to night vision mode with a 32ft visible range. 
  • It gives clear vision night or day.
  • The cloud server keeps the recording safe. No need to worry about the data.
  • Any person can set up the device. The instruction manual and easy process to install the device makes the process super easier.
  • Smart sensors detect motion, and audio, and differentiate humans & vehicles. 
  • Any suspicious activity is traced, and users get alert messages and alarm signals sensing any threat
  • Two-Way Audio is supported. You can pass any message to and fro. It is a waterproof device.
  • You can access the device from any location.

5- Lorex 4K Ultra HD Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Lorex Camera 1

Lorex security surveillance cam is 4K. It’s the image and video quality is superb. The cam is metallic and strong and its performance is excellent.

It gives a color night vision. You can see far and wide in the darkness. It allows you to view up to 150 feet. The spotlight switches on automatically in the darkness sensing any suspicious movement. The sensors keep the device active and users alert.

It can read faces and recognize them. The cam differentiates, humans from pets and vehicles. The TThetwo-way audio is like the cherry on the cake. It is available on Amazon. The dimension of the cam is 7.2 x 2.9 x 2.9 inches and its weight is 1.1 pounds. Its price is $66.59.


  • Cloud storage s free initially
  • Color night vision camera
  • Can view up to 150 feet in the dark
  • The 4K resolution is superb. 8MP provides good vision
  • Smart sensors support security
  • Recognizes faces and detects humans from pets and vehicles
  • Two-way audio inbuilt microphone
  • Sends alert messages from anywhere
  • Remote-triggered alarm
  • Wide angle coverage, more than 140 degrees
  • WiFi supported
  • Waterproof metallic camera with IK10 certification


  • Doesn’t support 5Ghz WiFi
  • PoE adapter and switch have to purchase separately

Features & Functions

camera Lorex feature 2

  • 4K & 8MP camera gives the best vision 
  • 8MP image sensors give bright and detailed images. Anything can be easily traced in the image
  • The WDR and DNR functions give good images in low light
  • Smart motion & audio detection facility is given in the device. It can determine the face and audio. It can also differentiate between humans and vehicles.
  • The spotlight studded in the device switches on with every motion. It works as a deterrence also. Any activity in the dark is tracked with the glaring spotlight. It has a motion-induced warning.
  • There is a remote-triggered siren that can be controlled from the Lorex Home app
  • Two-way talk supported cam. A built-in speaker and microphone allow for crystal-clear audio voice. It supports the user. You can both listen in and record audio as well as speak with anyone in the vicinity of the camera
  • Cloud server recording is an added advantage. There is no threat of recording loss.

6- Eufy Security Solo Cam S40

eufy security cam 1

It’s a solo cam S230 outdoor solar security CCTV. The product is big in shape and aptly designed to perform outdoors. The cam is solar-powered. The rechargeable battery lasts for months.

The 2K 4MP resolution of this device gives super clear images. Any person, image, or activity is traceable in the darkness. The cam is waterproff and vandalproof.

It gives us color night vision. The studded spotlight 600-lumen automatically switches on in the dark when its PIR senses any movement. It supports 2.4GHz WiFi. The wireless system is easy to install.

There is no hidden cost or monthly fee. It records when any human movement is tracked. You can keep the recording on a cloud server. It provides a cloud storage device.

The dimensions of the device are 3.35 x 4.49 x 1.97 inches. The product weight is 1.1 pounds. It is sold on Amazon at $185.12.


  • The solar panel supported cam’
  • 2K 4MP excellent vision camera
  • Gives color night vision
  • The 600-lumen spotlight camera
  • The device is vandal-proof and waterproof
  • Sensors enabled. Detects motion and audio
  • It records only when senses any motion
  • WiFi enabled with no hidden cost
  • Two-way in-built microphone


  • The device is costly
  • It is bigger in shape and size. You can use it outdoors only

Features & Functions

cloud recording 2

  • Eufy Cam is solar-powered. The S230 model battery-powered device has all the latest features.
  • The battery lasts for 4 months when fully charge. You can recharge it from time to time.
  • The 2K 4MP resolution device gives clear night vision
  • Picture quality and image quality are top-rated. The image in the darkness is traceable and any suspicious activity or person can be easily recognized
  • It’s a color night vision camera. The spotlight switches on when the cam senses any dubious movement. When there is no movement, it doesn’t record, thus saving data and recording space.
  • The cloud storage facility is given by the company. You have to purchase a plan for that.
  • There is no hidden cost. This cam is a one-time purchase.
  • The sensors support motion and audio. You can set danger zones and become mentally free. When any interloper transgresses, you get alarm messages and notifications. It keeps you alert from threats.
  • The two-way audio is an added advantage. You can communicate and receive information from the fellow on the other end
  • The vast fields of view are up to 130 degrees. It means it covers wider areas.

7. Winees 2K 4MP Outdoor WiFi Camera

Winees 2k 4MP camera 1

Winees is a modern camera. It has all the remarkable features. This CCTV security camera has high resolution. The 2k 4MP resolution is good enough to produce quality images and scintillating footage.

The ultra-bright Max 6000K, 300-lumen spotlight studded cam gives color night vision. Anything is easily trackable in the darkness.

It is an outdoor cam. The metallic device is strongly built for facing any kind of outdoor condition. The Ingress Protection (IP) type is IP66. It is a weatherproof and vandal-proof camera with IK10 certification. It is a WiFi cam that supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

The sensors are very smart. They can easily differentiate between humans, animals, and pets. The camera triggers the recording sensing motions and actions. The cloud storage supported the camera. You can take a plan and keep your data safe from any pilferage.

The package dimensions are 9.92 x 4.53 x 4.49 inches. Its weight is 1.37 pounds. The Amazon platform price for this camera is $39.89.


  • It is a 2k 4MP cam that reflects crystal-clear images
  • The ultra-bright Max 6000K, 300-lumen spotlight. It switches on sensing any movement
  • The night vision is extremely clear
  • Any face or activity can be recognized in the darkness
  • The sensors are so smart that any dubious sound like the breaking of glass, smashing of windows, etc. triggers alert alarms
  • You can set dangerous zones for intercepting intruders
  • It is a metallic cam with IP66 certification. The vandal-proof type is IK10.
  • Two-way audio keeps you connected with your family members and employees
  • WiFi supported


  • The PoE adapter and PoE switch are not available. Have to purchase separately
  • The cam design is traditional

Features & Functions

  • winees cam features 2It is a 2k 4MP outdoor device. There is a clear image in the daytime and nighttime.
  • The resolution is high. The WDR and DNR technologies give good images in low light and against a dark background
  • Cloud server recording and SD card recording is possible
  • The cam differentiates humans and vehicles.
  • The sensors alert users of any suspicious activity. The motion and audio alert you.
  • The tw0-way audio is a useful feature of the device. You can convey any message. You can also alert the user of any impending threat.
  • Waterproof outdoor device
  • This cam is a WiFi device. You can access the device from any place.

8- NETVUE Security Camera Wireless

NETVUE camera 1

NETVUE is a CCTV camera that can be used outdoors and indoors. This cam has both cloud and SD storage facilities. It is a 1080P wireless security cam. Since it is a wireless device, there is no hassle of wire, etc. It can be installed at any place and surface. It is easy to install.

This camera is operated by a solar panel. The battery-recharged cam functions for months when the battery is fully charged. The camera device is equipped with a 9600 mAh battery and a solar panel.

The night vision quality is good. It is a color night vision device that tracks things in color. When it is pitch dark outside, its PIR technology switches on the spotlight from the least motion. The AI detects motion and audio. It can differentiate between humans, pets, and vehicles.

The camera is available on Amazon with a price tag of $49.99. The dimensions are 7.08 x 5.9 x 3.54 inches and the weight is 14.4 ounces.


  • Solar-powered camera equipped with a 9600 mAh battery and a solar panel
  • The battery runs for months
  • Smart device with the support of PIR motion
  • Recognizes humans, pets, and vehicles separately
  • Any motion switches on the recording and data are preserved on the cloud storage or SD card
  • 1080p crystal clear images with spotlight function
  • gives notification sensing anything dubious. The user gets messages and alarms
  • IP65 weatherproof cam
  • cloud storage and SD card storage, both modes are available
  • Wireless wifi cam
  • Supports PoE technology
  • Cloud video recording is free for one month


  • Device housing is not strongly built. Sometimes in harsh weather conditions, it breaks
  • SD card is not available with the package. The user has to purchase separately

Features & Functions

NETVUE wireless camera cloud storage

  • This device is equipped with a 9600 mAh battery. It is also attached to a solar panel.
  • You can switch between the two power modes as per your comfort.
  • When the battery is fully charged you can use it for more than 8 months.
  • The best part of this cam is that there is no wiring needed.
  • Built-in PIR sensor. It alarms and alerts users sensing any thereat. The smart sensors detect things from motion and audio.
  • The device can be accessed from any remote area. Netvue App is the official application to add CCTV Cam.
  • The smart AI differentiates between humans, animals, and vehicles.
  • Two-way audio is useful in communicating ideas and talking with people. It is also useful in scaring transgressors. You can shout at them and chase them away from remote locations.
  • The cam gives color night vision. The spotlight switches on and off from the least motion.
  • The night vision is clear. It also covers a wide area. The cam gives you color night vision and you can see in pitch-dark conditions up to 40 feet.
  • Waterproof durable design with IP65 level of certification.
  • Privacy Protection & SD/Cloud Storage Facility.
  • It records on the SD card and Cloud server. You get the cloud service EVR(event video recording) for one month for free from NETVUE. After that it is chargeable.
  • Cloud servers keep your recordings safe for any duration.

9- REOLINK Solar WiFi Security Camera

Reolink cams 1

It’s a world-famous device from Reolink. This Argus series camera is fantastic. It is solar-powered. The battery when fully charged supports more than 6 months. There is no hassle of wires. This WiFi device supports a 2.4GHz connection.

The 1080p resolution cam gives pellucid images. It can be zoomed in without blurring the vision. The 6x digital zooming gives detailed images. The spotlight gives color night vision. You can see anything up to 33 feet.

The cloud storage and SD card storage, both modes are on. You can record anywhere.

The PIR sensors cover 100-degree angles. It senses any sound and movement. The cam can also differentiate humans from other projects. You can set a dangerous zone and safeguard your premises from transgressors. Any suspicious activity triggered security alarms. You get notifications on smartphones.

The device is weatherproof. The product is available on Amazon for a bundle prize is $159.98. Its dimensions are


  • A solar-powered camera
  • The battery runs for 6 months when fully charged
  • Wireless device & easy to install
  • 1080P clear images and color night vision
  • Spotlight is powerful and illuminates the entire range
  • PIR motion detection
  • Senses motions and sounds
  • Sends notifications on smartphones sensing threat signals
  • Differentiates humans from other objects
  •  Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Weatherproof cam which is suitable for any environment and any place
  • Cloud storage and SD card recording modes given


  • Doesn’t support 5GHz WiFi
  • A little costly device compared to other similar devices

Features & Functions

Rolling Cloud Storage 2

  • A solar-powered cam. It can be placed at any place since it is operated by batteries The battery when fully charged can run up to 8 months
  • There is no need for wiring. A wireless Wi-Fi cam. You can install it easily at any place without any difficulty. It is easy to install and operate. You can access the cam from any remote location and operate it
  • It supports a 2.4GHz wifi connection.  Argus Eco is an environmentally friendly device.
  • The 1080P resolution gives great images. The spotlight gives color night vision. All activities are easily traceable. The quality image and footage give a detailed version of any incident.
  • It differentiates humans from pets and animals. The sensors switch on the spotlight and the recording begins in the darkness. The user s always safe
  • It sends notifications and alert signals when it senses dubious people and activities. The signal alarms and alert the owner of the impending threat.
  • The tw0-way audio is very useful. You can communicate in a two-way and exchange ideas and messages.
  • A CMOS sensor gives you crisp and sharp images. The 6x digitally zoomed images represent a detailed scenario.
  • It works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

10- LaView Outdoor AI Security Camera

Camera LaView 1

It is a 1080P security camera. LaView Cam is from a famous brand- LaView. It has all the latest features required for maximum protection and security. The product is available in most of the world.

It is a smart sensor-enabled cam. The sensors allow the device to detect humans from other objects. It detects audio and motion. The AI alerts users from any threat. It senses motion and tracks every movement.  The transgressors are met with threatening alarms and notifications.

Two-way audio is inbuilt which is useful in transferring messages. Supports Alexa and Google Assistant. The cam captures up to 130 degrees thus covering a very vast area.

The cloud storage on a server and SD card recording, both are compatible with this device. It is a weatherproof camera with IP65 standard.

The product dimensions are 9 x 7 x 7 inches and its weight is 2.16 pounds. It is available on the Amazon platform. Its cost is $22.82.


  • 1080P crystal clear images and footage
  • Gives detailed night-vision images
  • Covers a wide angle up to 130 degrees
  • Extreme low light coverage up to 39 feet
  • Smart sensors supported
  • Detects movements and sounds
  • Give alert messages and alarm beeps realizing anything doubtful
  • The two-way audio feature is inbuilt. You can communicate with the person on the device side
  • Weatherproof with IP65 standard
  • Supports cloud storage and built-in micro SD slot
  • 2.4GHz Wifi supported
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant


  • The cam is not Vandal-proof
  • The SD card is not given with the camera

Features & Functions

Cloud storage 2

  • This cam has a resolution of 1080P HD. It can cover up to 130° Wide Angle.
  • The night vision is clean. This 2.1 Megapixel HD lens device delivers crystal clear & smooth video day & night. It protects your home from any kind of threat. You also access your device online from any remote area. 
  • Smart sensors give freedom to detect motion & audio. You get alert messages from any suspicion. The transgressors get scared by hooting alarms.
  • The Two-way audio is a superb feature. This security camera will send real-time alerts when it senses dubious motions.
  • IP65 Waterproof device. It is suitable for any location and weather. 
  • Easy to control different security cameras. Compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. 5Ghz is not supported.
  • It is compatible with Alexa. Records on Cloud server and SD card. It also supports recording on third-party NVRs. 

11- GW Security 4K 8MP PoE IP Camera

GW Security camera 1

The GW security is an 8MP 4k security camera. This device has a high resolution of 3840×2160. It gives a very detailed image. You can determine every texture and color. The WDR and DNR technologies make the image and footage quality even better.

The advanced high-resolution 2160P in combination is a guarantee for excellent night vision. It has 18 LEDs studded in the device. They illuminate in the low light and capture in the dark. The night vision is black & white and very clear. It shows you up to 100 feet at night.

It has a built-in 3.6mm lens which covers a wide-angle view of up to 140 degrees. This PoE device is completely powered by ethernet technology. The setup process is not difficult. The camera is weatherproof and suitable for outdoors.

You have to purchase a cloud storage plan for keeping the data on the server. Simultaneously, you can also keep the recording on SD cards.

The dimensions of this camera are 6.38 x 3.39 x 3.39 inches and its weight is 1.08 pounds. The Amazon platform price for this item is $149.00.


  • 4k 8MP high-resolution camera
  • Very clear image with 3840 x 2160P resolution
  • The device is PoE supported
  • Sharp and crisp motion and audio sensors
  • Differentiates humans, animals, and vehicles
  • Two-way audio for transferring any message
  • Weatherproof with IP66 standard
  • Clear night vision up to 100 feets
  • 100 feet of visibility in the darkness
  • Supports cloud storage and SD card recording


  • No color night vision feature
  • Not a wireless device

Features & Functions

Built in Microphone cam 2

  • An 8MP device. It can be used anywhere indoors/ outdoors. The resolution is high and the user gets extremely clean images
  • The DNR and WDR technology gives clear images in low light and dark light.
  • The Night vision is pellucid. 4K resolution allows seeing see far and wide in the darkness.
  • There are 18 LEDs studded in it. It illuminates the darkness.
  • The 2-way audio is useful in communicating with the person on the other side. The feature also allows users to chase away threats by yelling at them.
  • The smart sensors detect audio and motion. You get motion and audio alert messages.
  • The cam records activities and events in the SD card and on cloud servers.
  • Cloud server recordings are useful and safe against any mishandling or device stealing

12- Swann WiFi IP Digital Camera

Swann cam 1

Swann is a 4k digital camera. The high-resolution device is extremely trustworthy. It is rated highly in the CCTV industry. The resolution is good, and the device is great. This camera is so sharp that it can even install for reading license plates.

The device provides color at night. The spotlight switches on with every motion. The sensors determine motion and audio. It gives you alert notifications realizing any threat from outside. You can also communicate with the two-way audio feature.

You can install it at any outdoor location. It is available in wired and wireless categories both. Supports WiFi 2.4GHz.

The dimensions are ‎2.56 x 2.56 x 7.8 inches and the weight is 1.58 pounds. The product is available on the Amazon platform. It’s tagged at $119.99.


  • 4k high-resolution device
  • Still image cam
  • Can read license plates
  • Color night vision is given
  • Sharp and crisp sensors. Sends notifications sensing doubtful things
  • Easy to install
  • WiFi supports, 2.4 GHz
  • Two-way audio is available for any message transfer
  • Supports Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Spotlight-studded
  • Weatherproof outdoor device
  • Cloud storage and SD card recording options open


  • Service centers are not available in part of the globe. Have to ship back to specific locations for services. It takes time

Features & Functions

  • Swann Security 2This is a unique security surveillance camera. You can use it as a standalone device or connect it with an NVR as well.
  • It is a high-megapixel camera device. You get the best images and video clips
  • The spotlight gives the color night vision.
  • The smart sensor switches on the cam sensing any movement. In the murkiness every movement is trackable
  • The two-way audio feature is useful in transferring ideas. You can communicate with any family member or employee from any remote location.
  • The smart sensor helps you in keeping alert from doubtful people and activities. It gives you alert notifications and alarm signals. You get these alerts through messages and alarm signals.
  • WiFi-supported device saves users from wire hassles. It is compatible with 2.4GHz wifi.
  • The device records on a cloud server. The first-month recording is free and after that, it is chargeable with a minimum charge.

13- Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom IP Camera

Amcrest bullet camera 1

Amcrest is an optical zoom camera. Its resolution is 4k or 8MP. The high-resolution cam produces clean and quality images and footage. This cam is varifocal so you can adjust the focal length of the device. You can zoom in and out at will. The focal length can be adjusted between 2.7mm & 13.5mm.

It is an outdoor metallic PoE camera. A single wire is enough to connect the device. The outdoor cam is weatherproof with IP67 certification. It has 4 built-in LEDs which allows it to capture up to 197 feet.

The device covers between 13 to 132 degrees. You can focus it on any object and cover a wider angle. The smart sensors of the device detect motion and audio. Senses threats and notifies you. Allows you to set danger zones and monitor them from trespassers.

The optional Amcrest Cloud remote video storage subscription service allows you to automatically view and store recordings. It is an off-site recording in a third-party location hosted and secured by Amazon AWS.

The two-way audio gives you the option to communicate with the person on the other side. The Amcrest View app supports these features. Cloud storage is supported. You can also keep the data on the SD card. Supports WiFi.

The dimensions of the product are 9.5 x 3.3 x 3 inches. Its weight is 1.8 pounds. The product is available on Amazon. Its cost is $173.24.


  • Ultra HD 4k resolution
  • Clean images at night
  • Night vision is illuminated by 4 powerful LEDs
  • It can cover up to 197 feets
  • The varifocal device view between 13 degrees and 132 degrees
  • The varifocal lens is between 2.7mm and 13.5 mm.
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof
  • Cloud storage-supported device
  • Also supports SD card recording
  • WiFi 2.4GHz supports


  • A costly device
  • It is not a wireless camera. Connects only with a PoE.

Features & Functions

Features of the procduct 2

  • It has a unique high stunning megapixel image. The clarity is top-rated. The resolution is 3840×2160. The latest CMOS sensors and chipsets are used in the making.
  • The adjustable lens provides wider angles. It captures between 13 degrees and 131 degrees.
  • The PoE cam is easy to install. The optical zoom camera can zoom in on any object.
  • The smart sensor cam detects humans and vehicles. It can differentiate them.
  • It alerts you against intrusion and suspicious activity
  • The cloud server recording and SD card recording supported the camera. The clips are safe on servers.
  • The high-resolution device is vandal-proof and weatherproof. The IK10-certified cam is metallic. The IP67-level waterproof device is useful
  • This cam’s  H.265/H.264 compression allows for maximum encryption. The 1/2.7” 8MP progressive CMOS image sensor captures in the dark. The range is 197 feet.
  • The optional Amcrest Cloud remote video storage subscription service allows you to automatically view and record data

14- ROMIX 2 MP 4G LTE SIM Card Supported Outdoor Wireless Solar Battery Cam

ROMIX camera 1

ROMIX 2.0 is a solar power battery-operated security camera. The uniqueness of this device is that it supports 4G LTE SIM cards. You can make the camera online and access it from any place.

It has a 2MP 1080P resolution. The battery is strong and lasts for 3 months. It is a 3.7v 18650mAh lithium battery. You can place this outdoor camera at any place. The body is metallic and it is vandal-proof and weatherproof. This wire-free cam is easy to install. You can install it at any outdoor location.

The best thing is that it gives you a free cloud storage facility. You do have not to buy a server for that. You can also record the data on the SD card. The sensors switch on the recording from sensing movement.

The dimensions of the device are 7.09 x 2.6 x 3.03 inches. Its weight is 1.1 pounds. It is sold on Amazon at $198.


  • 2MP 1080P resolution of the cam
  • 4G LTE SIM Card Supported
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof outdoor camera
  • Free Cloud storage. You do have not to buy it
  • Solar battery-operated cam
  • Wireless and WiFi
  • Almost no data was consumed. 150 MB/hour when you are watching videos, 2MB/day when you are not watching
  • Recording on a cloud server and SD card.
  • PIR motion sensor. Sends notifications sensing threats.


  • The shape of the cam is a big and old traditional look
  • The low resolution only 2MP cameras

Features & Functions

Cloud storage recording & features of the device 2

  • 4G LTE SIM Card-supported device.  
  • This cam is solar panel supported. It can be installed at any outdoor or indoor location.
  • 4G frequency is maintained by a solar plate and 3.7V 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries
  • It doesn’t take enough data to transfer videos and images. You can connect it to any WiFi and access your locations from remote areas.
  • The cam records in loops. The cam allows recording on the cloud server. You can also store data on the TF Card.
  • Free cloud space is available. You do not have to purchase the cloud server space.
  • It supports loop recording. You do not require to manually delete the oldest videos and create space for the new videos.
  • Two-Way Audio supported cam. You can communicate with any person who is on the device end with the help of the application.
  • Built-in MIC, speakers. Users enjoy audio recording. 
  • The motion and sensor are strong. The cam easily captures movements. It begins recording when any movement is sensed.

15- Loryta 4MP Full Color Starlight AI IP Camera

Loryta camera 1

Loryta CCTV cam is a turret device. The high-resolution cam has a 4MP lens and it supports PoE. The installation process is easy. Just one wire is required to send power and data. You can also use this device as a standalone device.

It has starlights. they illuminate in the darkness. The cam gives us color night vision. They are connected to the sensors and switch on from the movements. The recording is automatically on when sensing movement or threat. The inbuilt microphone is two-way. You can communicate and transfer messages.

AI device helps you in face detection and human differentiation. Cloud storage is free. It has 6.14 x 6.14 x 5.83 inches dimensions and weight is 1.21 pounds. The cost of the device at the Amazon store is $149.


  • 4MP & 2688 * 1520 cam resolution
  • Color night vision cam
  • 2 starlights are studded
  • PIR motion detection which alerts and saves you
  • 2-way inbuilt audio facility for communicating
  • WDR and DNR technology supported
  • WiFi supports 2.4GHz
  • 1/1.8” 4Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
  • Cloud storage supported and loop recording on SD card as well
  • 256GB SD card supported cam


  • A little costly cam
  • Service centres are not available everywhere

Features & Functions

AI features 2

  • It is a low-illuminance camera.
  • The cam has high image definition- 1/1.8” progressive scan CMOS
  • The cam has a 4MP resolution.
  • 0.0005 [email protected] (Color, 30IRE)
  • Minimum Illumination Update
  • Smart AI-supported device with features like face detection, perimeter protection, people counting, event trigger, general intelligence, and heat map
  • Built-in IR LED camera- The LED can watch a distance of up to 40m (131.2ft)
  • WDR (140 dB), Day/Night (Electronic), 3D DNR, AWB, AGC, BLC


The 15 very best Cloud storage CCTV camera is shared here. The comprehensive features and demerits are also mentioned. The purpose to give these details is to make the purchase easier for users.

The link is appropriately mentioned to purchase them. These cams are specialized in cloud storage recording. You can keep your data on a cloud server and be mentally free. 

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