Best Bullet Camera | A List Of 20 World Best Bullet Cameras

The Best Bullet Camera list is extremely useful for all users. The best bullet camera is often used outdoors.  Though it can also be used indoors. 

This article will empower you with the best bullet cameras. It will help you in using these devices in the best fashion. 

The list defines the qualities a good surveillance camera must have.

You will get the camera’s advantages, disadvantages, and features here.   

What Is A Bullet Camera?

A bullet cam is an outdoor security surveillance device. It has a long outside casing. This difference in housing is so noticeable that a bullet CCTV camera is distinguishable from a dome CCTV camera. 

Mainly bullet cameras are larger with bigger lenses. Since they are installed outside, they are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.     

These bullet cams capture far and wide. They are sturdy and cover an extended area in the darkness. 

Their capture in the darkness is remarkable. Night vision of bullet devices is better than dome cameras.

There are also mini bullet cameras. These mini-cams cover wider viewing angles. They are primarily used for shorter distances. 

Why Are Bullet Cameras So Useful?

These cams are extremely useful in all weather conditions. They are strong and vandal-proof. 

The best Bullet camera is very useful for main gates, parking areas, roadsides, hallways, schools, hospitals, hotels, factories, manufacturing sites, gas stations, etc.

You need not worry about images and footage when installing this cam. A bullet device has larger lenses. It can capture more areas than any other cam. 

Mainly bullet cameras are also high-resolution cams because of their locations and purposes. 

Some of the best bullet cameras can also pan, tilt and zoom. They can pan across almost 360 degrees. They can tilt from 60 degrees up to 360 degrees. Zooming in varies up to 30x times.  

These bullet cams can be accessed from remote locations. You are mentally free in its presence.

For outdoor purposes, bullet cameras have an edge over dome cameras.

How To Select The Best Bullet Camera?   

There are various features. These are important ones. Whenever you go to purchase a bullet device, you have to keep these characteristics into consideration. 

1- Larger Lenses

These cams have big housings. These cams can accommodate large lenses to capture wide areas. These cams are installed outdoors. Telephoto lenses are used in many bullet devices. These telephoto lens cameras can be used in parking lots, front doors, large areas, traffic intersections, etc.    

2- High Resolution

High-resolution cameras are high-pixeled cams. Always consider a high-resolution cam for your setup. It gives clean and detailed images. The footage is traceable. Any device with 2MP or more is a good cam. A 4k camera is an ideal one in today’s marketplace.

3- Night Vision

Bullet cameras are installed outdoors. If their night vision is poor, it will fail to serve its very purpose. Activities will not be traceable or trackable. It may expose users to threats. Always choose a device with good night vision. Check the IRs, spotlightsfloodlights, etc. studded to the gadget.     

4- Weather Proof

An outdoor device must be a weatherproof device. The ingress protection type(IP) should be around IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, etc. Then they can withstand low and high temperatures. They can also bear rainfall.

5- Vandal-Proof

Check the IK(Impact Protection) of the device. A good device has an IK10 rating. It means it can withstand at least 20 joules of pressure. Since these bullet cams are always in the open, they need protection from external breakups. 

6- License Plate Recognition

Many outdoor cams can read number plates. These cams can read License plate recognition(LPR). These cams best perform with software. They have specific focal-length lenses and IR LEDs.   

7- Easy To Install

Select a device that can be installed easily on any surface. Cams must be mounted at any place. Buy those cams which can be mounted anywhere.

8- Remote Access

Every good device has a CCTV Application. This app connects the device and makes it visible from any location. Select a device with a powerful app. gCMOB app, Dlink Smart Plus app, etc. gCMOB app, Dlink Smart Plus app, etc. are world-renowned apps.

9- Sensors & Two-Way Audio

Sensors are always useful for security. They alert us to threats. They can sense motion and audio. The two-way audio feature keeps the user in contact with his family members and workers.

 10- Cloud Storage

It is far more advantageous when the device is recording in cloud storage along with NVR or SD card. A thief can steal the device or destroy them, but can’t destroy the evidence recorded on Cloud servers. 

A List Of 20 Best Bullet Cameras

Here, you will get a list of 20 cameras. They are among the world’s best bullet outdoor cameras. 

These bullet CCTV cameras are the selected ones. Their advantages, disadvantages, and features are detailed. 

This numbering of the best bullet cameras is only for sequencing them. They don’t represent their ranks.    

Best Bullet Camera- 1

1- REOLINK 4K Outdoor Bullet  IP Camera

Reolink images 1

It is a 4K 8MP device. This metallic cam is suitable for outdoors and indoors. It can sense every motion and sound. It can read a face.

This camera is so smart, it can differentiate between a human, a vehicle, and a pet. The Reolink application allows youth to give access to this device from remote areas. You can trace any person or track any activity.

The camera is available on the Amazon platform and its cost is $84.99 per piece. The dimensions of the device are 9.92 x 8.07 x 4.52 inches and its weight is 3.25 pounds.


  • 4K ultra HD visual feast
  • Sharp and crisp image details
  • Smart AI
  • Differentiates human/animal/vehicle
  • Alarm signaling
  • Remote access on mobiles and PCs
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof IP66 Certification
  • Can work with an NVR and also use as a standalone device


  • There is no PoE adapter given with the camera pack
  • Supports cloud recording which is chargeable

Features & Functions

smart IP camera 2

  • An 8MP 4K security cam is far superior to a 5MP CCTV cam
  • This cam is 1.6X clearer than 5MP and 4X clearer than 1080p
  • It captures @25 frames per second. Users receive the most detailed images
  • Human/ vehicle/ pet detection separately
  • Smart AI. It senses movement and audio. It sends you alert messages and signals alarms sensing any suspicious activity or person
  • AI is powerful. It doesn’t give you false alarms
  • Remote access to the device from any location with the help of the Reolink App
  • This cam is PoE supported. The video and data are transferred through the same cable
  • The device is easy to install and use
  • It can connect with an NVR and view cameras on the screen. You can also use this device as a standalone one
  • Cloud recording is an added advantage
  • There is a 2-year warranty on the product. The service centers are available everywhere

Best Bullet Camera- 2

2- ANNKE C800 4K PoE Bullet Camera

ANNKE cam 1


ANNKE C800 is a 4K camera. This product has an in-built microphone which allows its users to convey messages and track employees. The application used in the device gives remote access to the device. You can check playbacks and operate as per will.

The product is available on Amazon. It costs us $79.99.  It supports PoE technology.


  • This security device is 4K
  • Plug & Play device. You can connect the device with an NVR and watch views on the screen
  • Supports the PoE Setup
  • Needs only ONE ethernet cable to connect with NVR for data & power transmission
  • This IP cam has IR LEDs studded in it
  • ANNKE provides the finest smart security solutions
  • Smart sensors are used
  • Motion & audio sensitive device
  • Can alert you against threats
  • Two-way audio supported


  • No PoE adapter is given with the cam
  • Non-metallic camera

Features & Functions

best image quality 2

  • This 4k Poe camera has exceptional 4K UHD pictures 
  • 120dB true WDR, 3D DNR, BLC & HLC tech 
  • Ultra-wide a 2.8mm lens covers a wide range. It captures a 123° angle of view. 
  • It can be installed at any outdoor location like garages, front doors, stores, halls, roadsides, etc.
  • Easy Setup. This cam can be attached with an NVR or you can also use this device as a standalone one 
  • This PoE camera solely wants requires a coaxial cable to acquire power and transmit video signals.
  • Advanced H.265+ supported technology 
  • ANNKE information processing PoE 4k camera provides fast streaming, records a lot of videos and consumes less information measured with the most recent H.265+ video compression technology.
  • The DNR & WDR provide the user with the best quality images and video footage. The detailed images are clean and crisp
  • Supports Up To 256 GB SD Card enabling users to insert cards up to 256 GB for recording videos
  • Users can connect the camera to associate NVR with simply a network cable for each power, video & data transmission and acquire 24/7 recording

Best Bullet Camera- 3

3- Swann 4K Bullet PoE Camera

Swann IP bullet cam 1

Swann Bullet camera is an IP device. The resolution of this cam is 4K. The device is supported by a PoE switch. It is easy to install on any kind of surface.

The high resolution gives clear night vision images. Any person or activity is traceable from 100 feet away.

The sensor sends alert signals. It keeps us protected from any kind of threat. The dimensions of the device are 2.76 x 2.76 x 5.94 inches. The cost of the device at Amazon is $137.43.


  • A 4K 8MP security surveillance device
  • It is used with Swann NVR
  • The cam provides 4X greater clarity than 1080P
  • Color night vision provides video images up to 115ft with LED lights
  • This cam has advanced analytics
  • Get smart alerts and notifications sent to your phone via the SWANN App
  • Human and Vehicle Detection
  • Recognize faces
  • PoE-supported camera
  •  Google Assistant and Alexa compatible
  • Weatherproof device
  • Two-way audio supported


  • The PoE adapter is missing from the camera pack

Features & Functions

swann 4k system 2

  • This security surveillance camera is installed indoors or outdoors.
  • It is an 8MP 4K intelligent cam. It is suitable under all circumstances 
  • The PoE-supported device is easy to install
  • It shows 4X better clarity than 1080P 
  • Color night vision provides video pictures up to 115ft with crystal clear images 
  • The cam is intelligent. It sends you signals of motion and audio
  • It senses the movement and sound and alerts you receiving any security threat
  • The cam is remotely accessed by Swann App 
  • It differentiates between human and vehicle
  • It provides round-the-clock recording
  • With a pre-installed 2TB HDD, you can monitor 24/7. 
  • The sensors alert the user against any threat
  • A reliable weatherproof device 
  • It is a weatherproof device that can be installed under all circumstances
  • Google Assistant and Alexa compatible
  • 2-year warranty on the product

Best Bullet Camera- 4

4- Lorex 4K Ultra HD PoE Bullet Camera

Lorex cam 1

Lorex bullet camera is a 4k device. It is a robust metallic camera that can be installed under any circumstances. The night vision is spick and span. you can watch everything from a good distance away.

The two-way audio and sensors are excellent features of this Amazon. You can get it on Amazon at $99.99. The product dimensions are 15 x 5.5 x 5 inches and the weight of the cam is 2.8 pounds.


  • It is a 4K ultra HD camera device
  • Powerful sensors
  • Face Detection, Person and Vehicle Detection
  • Remote-triggered siren to alert users
  • Two-way audio
  • A metallic device
  • Weatherproof and vandal-proof
  • Color night vision camera
  • Can cover up to 150 feet in the darkness
  • It is a network camera


  • No PoE adapter with the product
  • It is not a wireless device

Features & Functions

Lorex matters most 2

  • 4K 8MP ultra HD device. Provides best images
  • The camera is so powerful with an 8MP image sensor that it provides the best image experience. The footage is clear and sharp.
  • Smart motion and audio detection. The sensors give us face recognition.  
  • This feature offers also the choice of human and vehicle detection
  • The sensors keep us alert to threats
  • We can set separate sensitive zones with the help of the NVR. Whenever any suspicious person or activity is tracked, we get alert messages and siren calls 
  • Two-way audio is an inbuilt feature of the device. It helps you in making conversations and passing instructions. You can also alert people sensing any dubious people and activity
  • It is a metallic device with IK 10 standard. The IP67 certification makes it suitable for outdoor use

Best Bullet Camera- 5

5- Amcrest UltraHD 5MP Bullet IP Camera

Amcrest camera 4k Bullet 1a

This 5MP bullet product is a weatherproof camera. The IP67 rating keeps the device available for every location. The high resolution produce clean images. The footage is very clear.

The cam captures a wide angle. It can see more in less. The camera is available in black and white colours. The Amazon price is $50.06. You can get it. The dimensions of the device are 6.5 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches and its weight is 1.1 pounds.


  • A 5MP ultra HD camera
  • It is an outdoor PoE camera
  • The resolution is high for detailed images
  • 2.8mm lens with wide-angle coverage
  • IP67 waterproof cam
  • Works with Alexa through AmcrestCloud
  • Motion detection zones and sensitivity adjustments
  • Works wonderfully well on  Amcrest NVRs
  •  The Outdoor POE IP camera features a heavy-duty metal weatherproof IP67 housing
  • Automatically store your videos on the Cloud server
  •  Full 1-year US Warranty and Lifetime Support


  • A black color cam doesn’t go along nicely with the background of the wall color
  • PoE Adapter and switch are not available with the product

Features & Functions

5MP bullet cam quality 2

  • It is a 5MP ultra HD camera. It is very useful for the outdoors
  • Beautiful 5 Megapixel 2592 x 1944p video resolution with increased low light performance  
  • Wide 103 degrees viewing angle permits you to cover a lot of ground. 
  • Power Over Ethernet(POE) device. It sends power, and data in the same cable. 
  • Works with Alexa. AmcrestCloud app supports it
  • Smart security regulates motion detection zones and sensitivity 
  • It receives email, and phone alerts and reviews footage via the Amcrest View app. 
  • Playback and record. You can watch the recording from any remote location. The cloud-over-recording option gives security to saved data  
  • Works with Amcrest Cloud remote video storage, Amcrest NVRs, QNAP NAS, FTP, SeaMonkey, and Pale Moon Browsers, IE, Safari, Firefox 49.0, and Chrome with Amcrest web view extension
  • Day or night vision is clear. You can easily track and trace any person o activity 
  • The cam is a heavy metal weatherproof IP67 housing product 
  • It has inbuilt IR LEDs that give clean images
  • Dual H.265/H.264 compression permits for max encoding with the most recent technology 
  • This camera is compatible with Amcrest NVRs and has limited compatibility with third-party NVRs.
  • You can store data on Amazon web services space

Best Bullet Camera- 6

6- Dahua 5 MP Bullet IP Camera

Dahua bullet cam 1

This is a 5MP metallic bullet camera. It can see up to 82 meters in the darkness. The 3.6mm lens shows you a wide angle coverage. The cam is intelligent. It can see far and wide. The mic. in the device gives you the option to share messages and instructions.

The sensors can track every movement and sound. It keeps you protected from threats. Any suspect and suspicious activity is tracked and alerted by the app. The device is available on Amazon.


  • It is a 5MP camera with a clear vision
  • This device is metallic with IK10 vandal-proof certification
  • The focal length is 3.6mm
  • The weatherproof device is IP67 standard certified
  • IR LEDs studded
  • IR coverage range is up to 80 meters
  • This cam supports multiple video formats


  • Old shape camera
  • No PoE adapter is available. The user has to separately purchase it

Features & Functions

5MP Night vision 2

  • The camera has a 5MP full HD video resolution. 
  • The 5MP HDCVI camera offers a prime-quality high-resolution image. 
  • It has a 3.6mm mounted lens with OSD and functions are given in numerous languages. 
  • Its structural flexibility and cost-performance quantitative relation build the camera a perfect selection for SMB solutions.
  • The camera is meant with IR diode LEDs for higher performance in low light. 
  • IR technology guarantees brightness and evenness in black-and-white pictures with low illumination. 
  • Dahua’s exclusive sensible IR adjusts to the intensity of the camera’s infrared LEDs to atone for the gap of the associate object
  • The camera supports multiple video formats, HDCVI, CVBS and different pairs of HD formats common on the market. 
  • The four formats are often modified via the OSD menu. This feature makes the camera compatible with most existing HD/SD DVR instrumentation.

Best Bullet Camera- 7

7- Hikvision 4MP IP Bullet Camera

Hikvision 4MP cam 1

Hikvision bullet cam is a 4MP camera. It is a fixed-lens product. You can install it on any surface, indoors or outdoors. The focal length of the cam is 4Mmm. It sees almost up to 100 degrees.

The high resolution of the device gives users clear images. The WDR effect fetches detailed images. Every aspect of the image and footage is crystal clear. The product is sensor-enabled and two-way audio equipped.

It is available on Amazon at $113.66.


  • A 2K 4MP device
  • Clean images day and night
  • Night vision is visible up to 100 feet easily
  • The lens used is 4mm
  • The sensors are smart
  • It recognizes motion and audio
  • It is an outdoor camera
  • The resolution is 2688 ×1520 and it captures images@ 30fps
  • 1/3″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Compatible with H.265+/ H.265 video format NVRs
  • Strobe light switches on with any movements
  • Two-way audio supported
  • PoE-supported camera
  • Weatherproof with IP67 ratings


  • No PoE adapter with the pack
  • The device shape is old-fashioned

Features & Functions

Hikvision cam features 2

  • This cam is 2K and 4MP. The resolution is high
  • It gives clean images and footage. You get the best image to identify events and faces
  • The high resolution is useful in providing clear night images
  •  This cam has smart AI
  • It can recognize motion and audio
  • The cam alerts users of threats and dangers
  • The user gets alert messages and siren alarms against any suspicious and dubious activities
  • two-way audio is useful in conveying messages.
  • You can also alert users of impending threats by yelling at the suspicious person with the help of this feature
  • The strobe light switches on with any suspicious movement

Best Bullet Camera- 8

8- FOSCAM Bullet 4MP IP Security Camera

Foscam device 1

FOSCAM is 2K 4MP camera. Its resolution is high. The black color cam is weatherproof. It is a metallic device. The IR LEDs give neat and clean images at night.

The cam is equipped with motion and audio sensors. The two-way audio allows for sending messages and instructions.

You can talk to a person and guide him from a remote location. You can also operate this device from a faraway place.  It is available on Amazon at $63.99.


  • 4MP Outdoor WiFi Camera
  • Ultra HD Live Video Day and Night
  • The wide 112-degree angle allows you to see more
  • Smarter AI & Motion Detection
  • Support artificial intelligence detection
  • Alexa & Google Assistant compatible
  • Free Cloud Service
  • Also, support max 128G Micro SD card
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • 100% perfect-delivery guarantee and friendly customer service
  • Two-way audio supported
  • IR LED studded cam


  • No spotlight or flood light was given in the device
  • Gives black & white night vision

Features & Functions

camera features 2

  • Ultra HD Live Video Day and Night 
  • 4MP outdoor wireless local area network Camera delivers high-quality footage with the standard image sensing element. 
  • Covers a large 112-degree angle. It permits you to check a lot of ground 
  • Night vision is easily visible up to 65 meters
  • Smarter AI & Motion Detection 
  • This device has active sensors. They detect motion and audio 
  • You can define human-only, face-only, and animal-only detection on the Foscam app to capture likewise images.
  • Sends users false alarms and signals to alert them of any suspicious activity
  • Alexa Compatible & Two-Way Audio
  • The surveillance camera is Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant  
  • Free Cloud Service to keep recordings safe
  • The device is weatherproof and vandal-proof with IP66 & IK10 certifications respectively

Best Bullet Camera- 9

9- AXIS 4MP Bullet IP Camera

AXIS bullet camera1

AXIS bullet camera is a 4MP device. It is an outdoor device. The device is PoE supported. The DNR and WDR feature give good images even in low light. You can easily track and trace any object or activity in the darkness of the night.

The camera has spotlights. It automatically switches on whenever it senses any motion. It can sense audio also. You can pre-set sensitive zone. When anyone enters those areas, the device sends alert alarms to its users.

It is available on Amazon. It is a costly product. The price tag is $429.99. The dimensions of the device are ‎6.3 x 5.31 x 4.65 inches and its weight is 1.3 pounds.


  • A 2k 4MP security camera
  • The resolution is high
  • Image quality and video footage are clean
  • Night vision  lear
  • Spotlight-equipped cam
  • Smart sensors
  • Can differentiate between human/ animal/ vehicle
  • Two-way communication facility
  • sends alert messages and alarm signals sensing threats
  • WDR and 3D DNR technology
  • PoE-supported camera
  • Recording on NVR, SD Card, & Cloud Server


  • PoE Adapter is not available
  • A costly device

Features & Functions

  • AXIS cam is a 2K 4MP bullet camera. The image quality is good. You can trace any object clearly from 25 meters away
  • The night vision is clean. No problem in capturing in the darkness of the night. The person or object is tracked.
  • The WDR and DNR technologies provide clean images even in low light
  • The high resolution gives neat and clean images. There is no blur in zooming in the images
  • Sharp sensors easily differentiate between animals, vehicles, and humans. It also saves us from false alarms
  • The device has features to send alert messages to users sensing any dubious personal activity
  • Performs extremely well at night. The spotlight automatically switches on and flashes light on the movement
  • It is a PoE camera. The data and power supplies through the same cable

Best Bullet Camera- 10

10- ZOSI 8MP Bullet IP Camera

ZOSI camera Bullet 1

ZOSI bullet camera is advanced. The 4K 8MP cam is a high-resolution device. It can be used in harsh weather conditions. The IP66 certification makes it an all-weather product. The IK10 standard makes it a robust gadget.

It supports PoE. The data and power can be passed through the same cable. It has clear night vision. The image can be zoomed 4xin  times without any blur.

It has a price tag of $85.99 on Amazon.


  • The device is popular for good images
  • A 4K 8MP cam
  • Night vision is extremely clean
  • The device can cover up to 100 feet at night
  • A waterproof device with IP66 certification
  • Supports PoE device
  • Color Night Vision
  • Human & Motion Detection
  • Smart Light Alarm
  • Runs on ZOSI NVRs
  • The device comes with a 10oft Cat6 cable bundle


  • Can’t be used as a standalone device
  • No PoE adapter with the device

Features & Functions

vision of the camera 2

  • 4K (8MP) ultra HD cam is 1.6X clearer than 5MP and 4X clearer than 1080p. 
  • This HD 4K CMOS Image sensing device permits the camera to capture an additional quality image 
  • The color contrast and the low-light performance are superb. 
  • With immoderate HD 4K resolution, this camera supplies better images and footage.
  • This PoE cam functions with a power supply 
  • It also functions with a PoE cable. The power transmission and video transmission pass through the same cable
  • IP66 is Weatherproof and waterproof. It is designed to resist extreme temperatures, mud, and rain.  
  • The two-way audio has an inbuilt mic. The device captures audio. You can speak and listen
  • Human & Animal differentiation. Motion & Audio Detection 
  • Any suspicious activity or person is immediately checked. The device sends alert messages and alarms
  • This cam functions with an NVR. A feet cable comes free with this bullet camera

Best Bullet Camera- 11

11- Loryta 4MP AI IR Bullet IP Camera

Loryta bullet camera 1

Loryta camera is high on the AI list. It has a sharp sensor that can count heads, and recognize and differentiate humans and vehicles. The device can count heads and trace faces. It senses audio and motion. You can set sensitive zones. It will alert you when anyone trespasses in that zone.

The cam is supported by WDR and DNR technologies. These features give

clear images even in low light. The two-way audio function keeps the user connected with their property and people.

The cost of this outdoor camera is $519.99. It is available on Amazon.


  • A 2k 4MP camera
  •  1/1.8″ CMOS image sensor
  • The device has clear night vision
  • The IR lights perform the best in the industry
  • It is an intelligent cam
  • Supports people counting, face detection, perimeter protection
  • You can set alert zones.
  • Sensing threats the cam alerts you
  • 2688×1520 resolution @ 50 frames per second
  • Wide dynamic range and Digital noise reduction technologies
  • It is a network device


  • A very costly cam
  • The PoE switch is not available with the cam

Features & Functions

Day-night vision 2

  • A 4MP camera with a 1/1.8″ CMOS image sensor. It provides the initiating images in the day and nighttime
  • It has a deep learning algorithm. Can read faces, count people, differentiate humans from vehicles and animals
  • The sensor is smart.
  • It alerts users whenever the device senses any dubious person or activity
  • The two-way audio helps in passing expressions
  • The DNR & WDR gives clear images even in the darkness or low light
  • The IRs provide the color night vision

Best Bullet Camera- 12

12- Honeywell 2.4MP Bullet IP Camera

Honeywell bullet camera 1

This Honeywell camera provides 1080ptop-rated80) resolution at a full frame rate. It means the image quality is top-rated Digital noise reduction saves a lot of data. The sensors keep the user protected from threats. The device recognizes faces senses movement and sound.

It is a very trusted device. Service centers and showrooms are available around the globe. It is available on Amazon. Its cost is 199.98.


  • This cam is a 2.4MP device with a resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • The device emits clean images
  •  1/2.7″ CMOS network camera
  •  IP networking technology
  • HCD5HIH true day/night camera
  • Camera tamper detection
  • Video motion detection
  • Variable day & night threshold setting to accommodate shifting to black and white images in low light


  • A costly device
  • Have to purchase separate PoE adapters and switch

Features & Functions

feature Honeywell cam 2

  • The device is HCD5HIH is a high definition
  • It is a true Day-Night network camera that supports the latest network video surveillance.
  • The cam has 1080p or 1920 x1080 resolution at full frame rate.
  • Progressive scan technology and 2D edge enhancement provide outstanding clarity and definition.
  • Digital Noise Reduction(DNR) saves storage without sacrificing image quality in low light.
  • The 1/2.7″ CMOS IP camera combines world-class imaging and camera technology
  • IP network providing streaming H.264 and MJPEG images with frames up to 30 frames per second
  • It performs superbly and adapts to varying lighting conditions to ensure the highest picture quality even in extremely low light conditions.
  • The camera switches on the IR cut filter out of the optical path and then switches to black-and-white video to capture more details of the image
  • This cam can function on most NVR setup utilities.
  • The PoE technology-supported cam is useful for all conditions.
  • It is weatherproof and vandal proof

Best Bullet Camera- 13

13- Geovision 4MP Bullet IP Camera

Geovision cam 1

Geovision is a 4MP bullet device that is sold on Amazon at $129.00. It is a smart device that gives color night vision. The dimensions of the device are 9.6 x 3.8 x 2.9 inches. The weight of this cam is 1.28 pounds.

This product is intelligent. It senses motion and audio. Any motion and audio detected. It saves its users from suspects. The two-with they’re an extremely useful feature. The client can use it to communicate with the person on the device end.


  • A 2K 4MP camera
  • Night vision is clean and captures up to 100 feet at night
  • It has an IR auto-cut filter
  • The IR LEDs provide us with the best images
  • H.265 Video compression technology
  • The weatherproof cam has a standard IP67
  • The device is vandal-proof with IKcertificationion


  • Service centres are not available everywhere
  • Doesn’t support a 5GHz WiFi network

Features & Functions

  • The Bullet IP Camera resolution is 4K
  • It is an outdoor cam with a fixed lens
  • The IP device supports PoE technology. A single cable can supply video and data both
  • This network camera is equipped with an automatic IR-cut filter
  • IR LEDs automatically switch on for day and night surveillance.
  • The camera supports H.265 video codec to achieve a better compression ratio while maintaining high-quality pictures at reduced network bandwidths.
  • The device is enabled with sharp sensors. These sensors can identify motion and audio.
  • They alert users of threats and dangers.
  • You can pre-set danger zones. When anyone trespasses in that zone, the cam sends alert messages and shoots alarms. It bamboozles the intruder and protects the user
  • The tw0-way audio is useful in sharing ideas and citing instructions
  • GV-TBL4710 adheres to IK10 and P67 standards and can be powered through PoE.

Best Bullet Camera- 14

14- TRENDnet Bullet 5MP WDR Camera

TRENDnet bullet cam 1

It is an IP camera with a 5MP resolution. The big-size bullet camera is suitable for outdoors. The night vision is clean. It captures up to 100 meters in the darkness. The TRENDnet cam comes with a PoE injector. The bundle price is $156.33.

The two-way audio and sensors are important features of the device. It is a weatherproof camera. The waterproof certification is IP67 and its vandal-proof standard is IK10. The WDR is 120dB. It captures clean images in low light.


  • TRENDnet Indoor Outdoor 5MP cam
  •  H.265 video compressor
  • The resolution is sparkling
  • With WDR & DNR effects, we receive detailed images
  • Enhanced IR LEDs allow for the 5MP camera to dynamically adjust the Infrared (IR) LEDs
  • Night vision up to 80 meters
  • Adjustable 120dB WDR
  • PoE injector supplies a PoE device with PoE (15.4W) power
  •  IP67 weatherproof cam
  • Easy Cloud P2P QR code installations


  • PoE Adapter is not given with the PoE switch

Features & Functions

TRENDnet cam description 2

  • This device provides day mode and night mode with equal benefits
  • Powerful 5MP & 2944 x 1656 resolution at 20 fps
  • The video compression supported is H.265
  • The device captures very clearly in the darkness up to 80 meters. It can see far and wide
  • The cam has very advanced technology in capturing in the low light environment
  • Advanced enhanced IR LEDs provide long-range night vision. It equally watches objects near & far
  • This bullet cam is an outdoor device. You can watch it from any place 
  • Built for outdoor environments with an IP67 certification. The device functions superbly between  -30 degrees and 60 degrees centigrade
  • Adjustable 120dB WDR setting improves image quality and focuses when a camera is exposed to high-contrast lighting environments  
  • View live video from any place.  It supports remote monitoring. You can connect the device with an NVR or you can separately use it as a standalone cam
  • Cloud P2P QR code installation and supports TRENDnet IP View App
  • Create custom motion detection zones and record videos. It alerts its users by sending messages and hooting alarms whenever any dubious person or activity is tracked

Best Bullet Camera- 15

15- Unifi 4MP Bullet IP Camera

Unifi bulletcam 1

This UNBT system Unifi is a network cam. It is a 4MP high-resolution IP camera. It supports PoE technology. With its help, power and data can be transferred through the same cable. It is easy to install and operate. The durability and services are satisfactory.

It is available on Amazon. The combo 3 pcs price on Amazon is $625.50. The package dimensions of each device are 12.09 x 8.46 x 5.55 inches. The weight is 5.77 pounds.


  • It is a Ubiquity Device
  • The 2k 4MP camera
  • Gives clean images and the best footage
  • Functions well in the murkiness
  • WDR & 3D DNR works as an asset feature
  • This network cam supports PoEIt
  • Sensors are smart
  • Sensors recognize motion and audio
  • The two-way audio-supported cam
  • IR LEDs provide black-and-white images


  • PoE devices are not given with the camera
  • The device is not strong. It is not vandal-proof

Features & Functions

Unifi cam setup 2

  • The device  is 4a MP best resolution high-performance camera
  • It gives us clean black & white images in the darkness of the night
  • We can cover up to 100 feet in the darkness
  • The 2-way audio gives us the facility to communicate with the person on the other end of the device
  • We can pass instructions and alert people to any threat
  • The sensors detect motion and audio. It senses dangerous people and motions.
  • This AI smart cam saves us from false alarms

Best Bullet Camera- 16

16- Northern Video Varifocal 2MP Outdoor Bullet Camera

Northern Bullet Camera 1.

The Northern video bullet camera is a powerful gadget. It is a varifocal device. The varifocal lenses function between a range of 2.8mm and 12mm. It can be adjusted against any object. The device can capture and focus on any object far and near.

The sensor of the device is sharp. You are always at peace when you have this camera on your front door. The IR range of the cam is 120 feet. It is sold on the Amazon platform at $90.65.


  • It is a 2MP Multi-format camera
  • 1/2.9″ Sony CMOS Sensor
  • Up to 100 feet of coverage in the darkness
  • Black & white images at night
  • IR LEDs studded
  • Sensor supported
  • Two-way audio
  • True Day/Night Mechanical IR Cut Filter
  • UTC & Joystick Controllable OSD


  • Resolution is low
  • No PoE adapter is given

Features & Functions

  • This cam is easy to install and the resolution is average
  • You can find clean images day and night
  • The device captures 100 feet.
  • This cam can be shifted to different video formats, like HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD, Analogue
  • The sensors recognize motion and audio
  • The two-way audio feature is useful in transferring messages
  • You can access the cam from fafarawaylaces

Best Bullet Camera- 17

17- Zmodo 1080p Full HD 2MP Bullet Camera

Zmado cam 1

Zmodo is a 2MP camera. It is a simple bullet device which has IR studded to give black-and-white images in the murkiness of the night. It supports PoE technology.

The data and power are transferred through a single cable. The device can be accessed from any place. Remote access to the device makes the surveillance process easier and more powerful.

It is a cheap device that is sold on Amazon. The price tag is $35.00.


  • Zmodo outdoor security camera is metal-made
  • 2MP resolution
  • Black & White night vision
  • Can view 65ft away in the dark
  • Wider Wi-Fi connection
  • Motion Detection equipped
  • Can take a sneak peek of what happened immediately
  • Hands-free Voice Control
  • 2-way audio
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • IP cam supports PoE tech.
  • Weatherproof device


  • Service centres are not available everywhere
  • PoE adapter not given

Features & Functions

colour night vision 2

  • Real 2MP 1080p HD Live Video Day and Night without any hindrance
  • Watch day and night, and see up to 65 feet in the dark.
  • Videos can be viewed anywhere anytime from iOS or Android mobile devices and tablets, or web view on PCs
  • Smarter Motion Detection features are given. It senses audio and movement
  • It alerts you with a key image of an event when the Zmodo outdoor camera detects any movement.
  • You can take an image of what happened immediately. Tap into the app to check the motion video clips. It has more details available
  • This camera works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Zmodo outdoor security camera is metal-made to resist extremely harsh weather
  • Two-way audio to convey messages and signals

Best Bullet Camera- 18

18- LONNKY Wide Angle 8-LEDs IR Flood Light Bullgaragemera

DIY bullet camera 1

LONNKY bullet camera is available at a cheap price. Though it has all the smart features given. The 1080p resolution of the camera is enough for front doors and garage surveillance. The Amazon price tag of this cam is $27.99.

It has 8 LEDs studded in it. The camera can capture up to 100 feet at an angle of 90 degrees. There is also a floodlight given in the device.

The sensors installed in the device sense motion and audio. Any suspicious activity or person in the night is easily caught because the floodlight switches on automatically with suspicious motion.


  • 2MP IP device
  • 8IR LEDs attached to the device
  • 90 degrees wide-angle camera
  • The Flood light device
  • Can cover up to 85 feet
  • Motion and audio sensors
  • Two-way audio
  • PoE supported


  • Low-aluminum
  • The PoE switch and PoE adapter are not given with the pack

Features & Functions

  • Lonnky wireless camera system 2 Use EPISTAR LED light source
  • The cam is strongly built. It is a  heavy-duty aluminum housing device
  • It can be used outdoors and indoors
  • The waterproof level is IP66 and the vandal-proof standard is IK10
  • It can capture far and wide. The night vision is clean and the product can see up to 85 feet in the darkness
  • There are 8LEDs and a floodlight
  • The motion and audio sensors help in protecting the place and people
  • Remote access allows support from any place

Best Bullet Camera- 19

19- XENOCAM 5MP WiFi IP Bullet Camera

XENOCAM device 1

XENOCAM is a 5MP gadget. It is an outdoor IP camera. It can be installed at any location. The device supports a PoE switch. It makes the laying of the weight easier. The device connects with an NVR and functions properly.

You can purchase this device from the Amazon platform. It costs $46.99. The package dimensions are 6.61 x 4.02 x 3.54 inches. Its weight is 1.08 pounds. You can access this device from any place. It can b connected with an NVR or can also be played as a standalone camera.


  • It is a 5MP IP device
  • Sensor enabled
  • Two-way audio
  • Clear images at night
  • WiFi camera
  • Weatherproof
  • PoE supported


  • An adapter for PoE is not given
  • Only 2.4GHz is supported for WiFi

Features & Functions

best images 2

  • The resolution of this product is 5MP. We see clean images
  • The sensor is detected for movement and sound
  • The 2-way audio feature is quite handy for the best performance
  • You can get remote access and view them from any angle
  • The night vision is neat and clean.

Best Bullet Camera- 20

20- Empire Tech 4K 8MP IP Bullet Camera

Empire tech cam 1

This Empire Tech is an 8MP device. It is used outdoors and indoors. It performs exceptionally well in ultra-low light. It gives color night vision.

It is a weatherproof camera with an Ingress Protection type is IP67. The in-built microphone makes communication easier. The AI device can recognize a face, human, vehicle, or animal.

The price tag of this IP cm is $249.99. It is available on Amazon.


  • 4K 8MP Full-Color night vision camera
  • 1/1.2” CMOS image sensor
  • Ultra Smart AI
  •  Motion detection & Audio sensing
  • IP67 weatherproof cam
  • Wide angle coverage


  • PoE adapter not given
  • A costly device

Features & Functions

best features of the device 2

  • A 4K 8MP camera is a good device. The images are sharp and crisp.
  • Night vision is very clean. You can easily trace people and their activities in the murkiness of the light
  • motion and audio detection with the help of smart sensors.
  • Color night vision
  • This cam has a built-in microphone.


This post has extensively mentioned 20 of the Best Bullet Cameras here. Their images, features, advantages, and disadvantages are detailed.

Remote access to these products is also mentioned. The information regarding the Apps to online on these devices is mentioned. Their resolutions and functional details are elaborated.

It will help you in judging your purchase.

Please share your queries and suggestions in the comment section. Your opinion is valuable to us.

Thank you.

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