CMS Digit Cam For PC Free Download For Windows 8/8.1/10

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We hereby introduce in this article CMS Digit Cam App. This is a CCTV camera application available for Windows operating system user clients.

The article elaborates on vital information for CCTV camera users. The article briefs the readers and visitors to learn more about this application. The application is designed to meet the requirements as well as assist the clients to keep surveillance.

Due to the rising insecurity among the people the surveillance industry is designing, innovating and developing new technology to meet the demands as well as solve the needs of their clients by providing various security solutions and products.

We hereby help the user by elaborating the details related to the different kinds of surveillance systems. Let’s begin with the Digit Cam for PC CMS App.

Digit Cam CMS App (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac OS)

The application is provided for the user’s clients of YI CCTV cameras setup.

The software is only made available for Windows OS, Android and iOS user clients by the company. The download links of the software are provided below with detailed information about installation procedures.

CMS Logo
CMS Logo

The installation procedures will help the readers as well as the clients to connect as well as operate the CCTV cameras on their respective operating systems.

Just read the installation guidelines given below to understand the steps involved in connecting the surveillance system setup with the software.

What is Digit Cam?

It is developed and rendered by YI Technologies Inc. to assist its clients in connecting their YI CCTV cameras to the software application.

The software is available for free download on Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

Features & Characteristics of the CMS

Get here to learn in detail about the characteristics and functions of the application in detail as it will help and assist the users of the YI security camera to understand the functions and features of the application in detail.

The list of the features and characteristics is available below in the list we have provided. The features are listed as follows:

  • Provides Cloud storage facility helping to reduce local hard drive storage load.
  • Two communication capabilities help to communicate from both ends.
  • Latest AI technology with motion detection as well.
  • Provides the ability to zoom up to 4 times.
  • Panoramic view up to 111-degree angle provides an amazing view.
  • Up to six members can use the application from remote access.
  • Alarm push notification if motion is detected by the camera.
  • Live streaming on any kind of network i.e, 3G/ 4G/ WiFi networks.

More Detail Related To YI Technologies Inc.

The YI Technologies Inc. is a multinational surveillance system manufacturer and distributor based in China and multiple other countries.

The company is engaged in rendering its clients with effective as well as efficient surveillance system equipped with latest advanced AI algorithms for their securiy solutions and products.

System Requirements for the App

Here is the minimum system requirement for the application to install on the Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.

The system requirement will help the users of the security system to choose the right operating system in which they can easily use the application.

The system requirements are listed below according to the system requirements of Windows, Android and iOS. The requirements are as follows for the operating systems:

System Requirments For Windows OS

  • Windows XP or above is required.
  • Hard Drive Space – 129 MB free space.
  • RAM – 3 GB or above.

System Requirement for Android OS

  • Operating system – Android 4.4 or above is required.
  • Space requirement – 68 MB free space on the smartphone.
  • Version – 1.1.9_20200814.

System Requirements for iOS

  • Requires 9.0 or above is required.
  • Compatible with iPhone 5S or above.
  • 128.5 MB free space required.

Digit Cam CMS App (Windows 11/10/8/7 )

We have provided the link to download the software for the Window OS users. The download link is provided below for the Windows OS user clients.

Get the application and start the surveillance to keep your residence, office premises etc. safe.

Digit Cam App (Android)

The Company is providing an application for its Android smartphone users as well to assist them in keeping surveillance from any location and any network.

The app is equipped with multiple amazing features to assist the user clients in surveillance. Below is the link to download the app for Android Smartphones.

Digit Cam App (iOS)

We are glad that the iPhone end users can also download and install the application on their iPhones.

The free download link is provided below for iPhone users. With the app, the clients will easily manage and operate their security system set up by their iPhone without any difficulty.

Digit Cam CMS App (Mac OS)

The organisation is not providing any CMS for the Mac OS user clients. And their explanation being presented by the organisation regarding the release of the application for Mac OS user clients.

Unfortunately, there is no alternate solution for the Mac OS user clients.

Installation Procedures & Guidelines on Windows OS

Here we have discussed in detail the steps involved in connecting security system setup to the application.

Before proceeding to the steps of installation, first, download the file and extract the downloaded file using a file compression software. After decompressing the file, open it and click on the application installer extension file.

1. Procedure – Installation wizard

When the installation wizard opens, a window will open on the screen asking to select a language in which the user wants to be run and operate the software. Select the language and click on the “OK” button to proceed further.

Select the language of the app
Select the language of the app

Now next window will ask to select the region (i.e., Continents such as Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, etc.). Select the region and then click on the “Next” button.

Choose region
Choose region

After that license and agreement window will appear on the screen, read and understand the terms and agreement then click on the “I Agree” button to proceed.

Agreement & License of the CMS
Agreement & License of the CMS

Here select the installation path by click on the “Browse” button i.e., choose the hard drive where the user want to install the software files, or the users can leave it as default and then click on the “Install” button to start the installation.

Choose the installation path
Choose the installation path

The installation progress window will be shown on the screen. Wait for the installation to complete.

Installation Progress
Installation Progress

After completing the installation, on the window check the option “Run Digit Cam” and then press the “Finish” button to close the installation wizard.

Finish the installation
Finish the installation
2. Procedure – Logging to the account

When the application starts on the PC, the following window will appear on the screen asking the user to login with the account.

If the user does not have an account click on the “Sign Up” option. If the client has login credentials then enter the User ID and password. Then press “login” button.

Logging in to the application
Logging in to the application

The Home screen of the software will open on the window. Wait for the software to search and connect the security devices automatically to connect that are connected to the same network.

The software will connect the devices automatically which are connected to the same local area network.

Wait for CMS to discover devices
Wait for CMS to discover devices
3. Live view on Digit Cam on a Windows PC

Here is the sample screenshot of the devices that are connected on the Digit Cam CMS App.

Live monitoring on the Digit Cam
Sample live view on Digit Cam


The article elaborates about theCMS Digit Cam For PC Free Download For Windows 8/8.1/10/11.

We have briefed the YI security system clients about the CMS in detail to help them connect their system setup with the application.

The article also describes the features and functions of the software in detail to help the clients learn the functions that are provided to the assist them in surveillance. The company keen to provide the best security solutions and products to the customers in the market.

The company has taken care of its clients by providing the application for Windows, Android and iOS users. We have also provided the links to download the application for Windows, Android and iOS users.

But unfortunately, the company has not provided any application for Mac OS PC users and their is no update from the organisation’s side regarding the CMS for Mac OS clients.

For further inquiry regarding the software you can contact us in the comment section by commenting on it. Describe the problem or query and receive the solution as well. Hope the information is helpful for the readers and CCTV camera users.

Thank You.

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