Best Wireless Security Camera In 2021

We are here to introduce some of the best wireless security cameras available in the market in 2021. This article has provided vital information for those people who willing to purchase the best wireless security camera for their security enhancement of home and office premises. The information here will be valuable for our readers and clients to learn about the different aspects of these Wi-Fi security cameras available in the market.

The knowledge rendered here will benefit many of our readers, especially those looking to buy a Wi-Fi security camera for their home and office premises security. Every product mentioned and listed here comes with certain advantages or disadvantages which we have also described in detail.

Best Wireless Security Camera in 2021

A question might arise in mind first what a wireless security camera is? These security cameras designed to connect and provide live surveillance without any use of the wiring required like, in the traditional CCTV camera. With no wiring, the clients can access the device from a remote location without any technical knowledge.

These cameras come with a manual, which helps them to connect easily, their video surveillance system without any technical knowledge. Here we have provided below a list of Wi-Fi security cams below, read it carefully.

1. Blink Outdoor Smart Wireless Security Camera

Blink is one of the latest brands in CCTV products in the market. The device provides many incredible functions along with 1080P FHD video quality resolution. The cam also provides a field of view of 110-degree wide-area coverage for surveillance.

Blink Outdoor Surveillance Device
Blink Outdoor Surveillance Device

Buy it on Amazon at – $99.99/-


  • Field of View – The device provides a 110-degree of the field of view.
  • Connectivity – Connect the device using Wi-Fi with 4 GHz 802.11b/g/n.
  • Night Vision – Keep surveillance in dark or night with the infrared night vision.
  • Works With Alexa – Access the cameras with Amazon’s Alexa without any app.
  • Two­-way Communication – The user can communicate with the person on the camera with an in-built microphone and speaker.
  • Motion Sensor & Detection – The camera can detect with advanced AI motion detection.
  • Storage Option – The recorded data can be stored on cloud storage or via USB drive.



Ø  Good video quality resolution.

Ø  Simple and easy installation as well as set up.

Ø  Store video on cloud or sync for USB local storage.

Ø  Premium charged for cloud storage.

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2. Reolink Argus PT Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera

Reolink is also a leading brand in the field of the video surveillance system. The product comes with a solar panel which provides power directly to the camera without the need to plug in the adapter into the camera. The camera also provides 1080Pn FHD video capture resolution.

Reolink Argus PT With Solar Panel
Reolink Argus PT With Solar Panel

Buy it on Amazon at – $159.99/-


  • Wire-Free – Argus PT cam can run by 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and gains power from the with the solar panel.
  • Video Capture Resolution – It provides a 1080P FHD resolution for crystal clear video capture.
  • Talkback Function – The user can communicate with the in-built speakers as well as a mic with others.
  • Access on Alexa/Google Assistant – The camera is accessible without any app on Echo Show 5 (Alexa) or Google Assistant.
  • Alarm Siren – The device has in-built SOS siren to drive away thieves or any intruder.
  • Pan/Tilt Along With Night Vision – It provides a 355-degree horizontal view and 140-degree vertical view along with advanced infrared night vision which covers up to 30 ft distance in the night mode.
  • Storage Option – The client can store the recorded data, either on Micro SD card or cloud storage.
  • Remote Access – The cam can be accessed from anywhere using a PC or smartphone.
  • Weather Proof – The body of the device is designed to meet the daily weather challenges in the long run.
  • PIR Motion Detection – It is equipped with the PIR Motion Detection to help avoid false alarm alert by distinguishing between human and non-human subject.



Ø With solar panel no need to charge the camera using a USB Cable.

Ø Easy installation and set up.

Ø Only a 10% loss of battery life at night.

Ø It is weatherproof to meet climate changes.

Ø Less sensitive motion detection and requires reduced distance to detect the motion.

Ø Does not support Onvif.

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3. Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Zmodo Wireless cam also comes with some of the best function to enhance the safety of your house and office premises by providing a 1080P Full HD definition video for video surveillance. The camera is also equipped with infrared night vision to provide surveillance up to 65 ft distance in night.

Zmodo Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Cam
Zmodo Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Cam

Buy it on Amazon at – $65.99/-


  • Video Quality –The Zmodo renders a 1080P full HD resolution for crystal clear surveillance video.
  • Works on Alexa –Access the device on Alexa without any mobile application.
  • Alarm Siren –The device has in-built SOS siren to drive away thieves or any intruder.
  • Night Vision –The security cam provides 65 ft distance surveillance video and recording in the night mode.
  • Storage –Store all the video recorded data on cloud storage.
  • Remote Access –Access the cameras through a smartphone app from a remote location.
  • IP65 Weather Resistance –The product is designed with the standards of IP65 weather resistance weather and climate challenges.
  • Sharing – The clients can share their recorded videos to others through the Android application.
  • Motion Detection –Motion Detection sensors the cam records about the 15-second video.



Ø  Night Vision can provide a crystal clear view up to 65 ft.

Ø  Easy to set up and install.

Ø  The camera is built with weather resistance IP65 rating.

Ø  The device does not support Micro SD Card storage.

Ø  Does not provides two-way communication.

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4. Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera

Arlo Pro 3 is one of the best-trusted brands in the global market. It provides an amazing 2K HDR image and video quality for surveillance. The camera can be accessed using the mobile app from remote locations. Arlo Pro 3 provides colourful video surveillance in the night mode.

Arlo Pro 3 Security Cam
Arlo Pro 3 Security Cam

Buy it on Amazon at – $189.14/-


  • Motion Detection – It is equipped with powerful advanced AI motion sensors to detect an unidentified person and object easily.
  • Colored Night Vision – The device renders colourful night vision for surveillance video and image.
  • Works With Alexa – Access the device without downloading the app by using Alexa’s Echo Show 5.
  • Two-way Audio – There are an in-built microphone and speaker that enables the clients to connect the clients to communicate with loved ones.
  • Integrated Spotlight – in-built spotlight on camera helps as well as assist to ward off any suspicious intrusion.
  • Storage – Streaming and recorded data can be stored on cloud storage.
  • Smart Tracking System – With the motion detection as well as smart tracking system keep track of moving object.
  • Resolution – Provides 160-degree of wide-angle coverage along with 2K HDR quality video.



Ø  Provides Wireless installation and set up.

Ø  Colourful night vision helps to provide better quality video at night.

Ø  The video quality resolution is good.

Ø  The camera is accessible with Alexa.

Ø  Spotlight turns on if an intrusion is detected at night.

Ø  Does support Micro SD storage facility.

Ø  Cloud storage and camera is expensive.

Available On Amazon

5. Wyze Cam Pan Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera

Wyze Pan Cam is the latest CCTV camera brand equipped with RTSP technology. This Wi-Fi camera provides 1080P FHD video resolution for recording as well as surveillance. It has also advanced motion detection alert system to detect as well as differentiate between moving object.

Wyze Cam Pan Wi-Fi Security Camera
Wyze Cam Pan Wi-Fi Security Camera

Buy it on Amazon at – $32.23 To $51.


  • Video Quality – The device renders 1080P FHD definition video for surveillance.
  • RTSP Technology – This technology enables to access camera not just on the app but also on PC with a URL.
  • IR Night Vision – Equipped with IR LED lens to provide video even in the darkest area with bright light.
  • Alexa Compatible – Access the device using the Echo Show 5 of Alexa without the app.
  • Pan Scan – It enables the camera to scan up to four waypoints.
  • Two-way Audio – In-built microphone and speaker help to communicate with the other person on the security cam and vice versa.
  • Storage – Cloud storage as well as on the Micro SD card provides better data storage facility.
  • Vision Area – It provides a 360-degree of a wide-angle lens to provide the best area coverage.
  • PTZ Control – The product can pan tilt and zoomed enabling to cover 360 degrees horizontally and 95-degree vertically.



Ø  RTSP technology help to access to the camera on PC using URL.

Ø  Easy to install as well as set up.

Ø  Micro SD card comes along with the camera.

Ø  Access the Wyze Pan Cam with Alexa.

Ø  Smart Motion Tracking system works correctly.

Ø  RTSP firmware installation and set up process is hard.

Ø  Has a wired power cord.

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6. Mi 360o Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera

The Mi 360O Camera is designed and developed by the Xiaomi for enhancing the home security. It is one of the best-trusted brands in the surveillance industry. The product is equipped with multiple functions to provide security enhancement.

Mi 360 Wireless Security Cam
Mi 360 Wireless Security Cam

The Mi 360 is equipped with 360-degree vision, which helps to capture surrounding with better range and quality. The device rotates automatically without any noise with the help of dual-motor designing. Below we have listed the features, which are available in detail for our readers to learn about the product.

Buy it on Amazon at – $39.99/-


  • Resolution of Video – It provides 1080P FHD resolution while live streaming and recording.
  • Surveillance Area – The device provides a 360-degree horizontal view and a 140-degree vertical view.
  • Night Vision – Infrared night vision helps to maintain surveillance in low light, dark zone and night as well.
  • Motion Detection – Mi 360-Degree Cam is equipped with AI motion detection which sends an alarm notification if any motion is detected.
  • Talkback Capability – The product has a built-in microphone and speaker, which enables the client to communicate with others on camera and vice versa.
  • Inverted installation – The device can be installed ceiling or wall without any difficulty.
  • Access To Camera By Alexa – Get access to security cam with Alexa’s Echo Show 5 without downloading the app.
  • F/2.1 Aperture Lens – Provides video and images with least blur effects.



Ø  With 940nm Infrared LED gets a clear and sharper image in night and dark.

Ø  The device can switch between day and night mode without any difficulty.

Ø  The product retains full-colour in the low light area.

Ø  F/2.1 aperture lens reduces the blurring effect in the live streaming, video recording and image capturing.

Ø  Barrel Distortion effect even after enabling “Lens Distortion Correction” option.

Ø  An only 10-second video can record of the object detected by motion detection.

Ø  Absence of Privacy mode disables the client to turn off the camera with the app.

Check and Buy on Amazon

7. Yi 87001 Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

Yi 87001 Home Camera provides the 111O degree wide lens to provide the best home surveillance system experience. Advanced infrared night vision with up to 3 meters of range of view. Connect and communicate with a responsive and advanced microphone with an in-built anti-noise filter for a super clear two-way communication experience.

YI 87001 Wi-Fi Security Surveillance
YI 87001 Wi-Fi Security Surveillance

The 940nm infrared non-invasive sensor helps to provides a crystal clear and blur-free video surveillance. With YI Home App, customize settings according to your desires.

Buy it on Amazon at – $17.99/-


  • Resolution – This CCTV cam provides 720P resolution video for surveillance.
  • Built-in Microphone & Speaker – Enables the user clients to communicate with their family.
  • Night Vision – The security device is equipped with the 940mm non-invasive infrared sensor provides the best video definition in the dark area.
  • AI Motion Detection – The motion sensors present in the video surveillance send alert to the user clients.
  • 128-bit SSL Encryption – The recorded data are encrypted and stored by employing the 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • 180O Manual Rotation – Manually rotate the device up to 180o degree providing flexible body to the camera.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – Built-in 802.11-gbn single band 2.4 GHz provides the best coverage Wi-Fi internet.
  • Support Micro SD – The device supports up to 4-32 GB with FAT32 format.
  • Cloud Storage – The user can store their recording on the cloud storage reducing the need for more space on their devices.



Ø  128-bit SSL encryption secures storage of data.

Ø  Cloud storage is provided to store on the cloud.

Ø  With 940nm infrared night vision crystal clear quality video in dark.

Ø  Manual Rotation is to provide a flexible rotation vertically.

Ø  Distance covered in night vision only up to 3 meters.

Ø  Automatic rotation is not available.

Buy it on Amazon

8. TP-Link Tapo C200 Smart Home Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Cam

Tapo C200 has amazing functions and features such as 1080P FHD video resolution and motion detection. The product has in-built sound and light alarm to provide the intrusion alert to drive away from the intruder. All the additional details are also provided to learn this wireless device in detail.

Tp-Link Tapo C200
Tp-Link Tapo C200

Buy it on Amazon at – $49/-


  • Motion Detection – The Tapo C200 Cam has AI motion detection sensors to detect the motion and send an alert notification immediately on the app along with alarm triggering.
  • Quality of Resolution – Tapo C200 Cam provides the 1080P FHD video resolution while live streaming, video recording and image capturing.
  • Storage – The user can store their data on Micro SD card up to the 128 GB.
  • Sound & Light Alarm – With in-built SOS sirens device create an alarm when an intrusion is detected by the Tapo C200 Cam.
  • Night Vision – Equipped with infrared night vision to provide surveillance up to 30 ft. distance with better quality and light.
  • Vision Area Coverage – It provides a 360o degree horizontal view and a 140O degree vertical view.
  • Works with Amazon’s Alexa – Live streaming is accessible with Alex by Echo Show 5.



Ø  With the help, custom scheduling user can set a particular event in which alerts can be received.

Ø  Clear video resolution in Night mode up to 10 meters approximately.

Ø  Remote access through app enables the user to keep surveillance from anywhere.

Ø  Privacy mode enables the user to stop surveillance of particular marked area or turn off the surveillance.

Ø  Unable to differentiate between humans and animals in motion detection.

Ø  There is no cloud storage.


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9. Imou Ranger 2 Wi-Fi Security Camera

Imou security camera is a leading video surveillance product available in the global surveillance product market. It provides a brilliant 1080P FHD video resolution for video recording. With help of baby sensors, it helps to detect the condition of the baby and send alert to according to the situation.

Imou Ranger 2
Imou Ranger 2

It is also equipped with an in-built alarm system with siren, which helps to drive away from the intruder when any intrusion gets detected by the device.

Buy it on Amazon at – $39.99/-


  • Quality of Resolution – It provides 1080P FHD quality video for surveillance as well as recording.
  • Night Vision – The CCTV camera provides an amazing quality resolution up to 33ft night vision and pan/tilt 360° monitoring.
  • Smart Tracking System – It can automatically track and follow the moving object when detected by the motion sensors.
  • Advanced Motion Detection – Advanced AI technology filters and provide accurate instant alerts of intrusion to the app of the user.
  • Alarm System – Built-in SOS siren helps to drive away intruders and prevent intrusion.
  • Talkback Ability – With in-built microphone and speaker communicate without any difficulty with the people on the camera and vice versa.
  • Sound Detection – Get instant alerts on the mobile app when baby crying, glass smashing or other abnormal sounds are detected.
  • Video Compression – With H.265 Compression of video streaming reduces network bandwidth consumption as well as recording storage by 50% at the same video quality compared to H.264.
  • Connectivity – Flexible connection with 2.4 GHz, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n or Ethernet of 100Mbps.
  • Storage – With flexible storage options, store the recorded data using NVR, Cloud Storage, or Micro-SD card up to 256 GB.
  • Recording Time – Provides 24-hour recording without hindrance or error.
  • Third-Party Connectivity – Accessible with Amazon’s Echo Show 5 (Alexa), Google Assistant, or IFTTT.
  • Warranty Period – Product has a warranty period of 1 year.



Ø  Flexible storage option for video recording.

Ø  Able to differentiate between the motion of Humans and other objects.

Ø  H.265 Video Compression will reduce the recorded videos file size without tempering quality.

Ø  Recorded videos can be stored on NVR, Cloud and Micro SD card.

Ø  Night vision is not good as well.

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10. EZVIZ HikVision C6N Wireless Pan/Tilt Security Camera

HikVision is a leading brand of CCTV cameras in the surveillance industry. The device can pan, tilt and zoom and provide 360O degree wide-angle view. It is also equipped with the advanced AI motion detection and baby sensors to detect the moving object as well as the condition of the baby on the app.

EZVIZ C6N Wireless Cam
EZVIZ C6N Wireless Cam

Buy it on Amazon at – $50/-


  • Surveillance Vision Coverage – It has a visual coverage of 340⁰ horizontally and 55⁰ vertically.
  • Motion Detection – It tracks and captures motion automatically while sending a notification as well as record the motion real-time.
  • IR Night Vision – The device has 2 highly powered infrared to provide view up to 10 m clearly in night vision.
  • Talkback Ability – With in-built speaker and microphone communicate with others and vice versa.
  • Storage – The camera supports Micro SD card up to 256 GB as well as cloud storage to store data.
  • Privacy Mode – This function enables to turn on/off surveillance at will, whenever privacy is required.
  • Baby Sensors – The baby sensor system provides alert when the baby is crying or awake.



Ø  The baby sensor provides accurate alerts.

Ø  The video quality and resolution are good.

Ø  Easy to install the camera.

Ø  Store data using Micro SD Card or Cloud storage.

Ø  Unable to differentiate between humans and other objects.

Ø  Night vision’s video quality is average.

Ø  Echo in speakers while communicating.


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11. TP-Link Tapo C100 Wi-Fi Security Camera

The TP-Link Tapo C100 security camera is an indoor surveillance device, which supports 1080P FHD video quality for recording. The Tapo C100 cam is equipped with night vision mode, live view mode, and talkback feature. Apart from this, it can also detect motion and use sound and light alarms to keep unwanted visitors away. It supports storage of recorded videos via Cloud storage as well as Micro SD cards of 128 GB.

TP-Link Tapo C100
TP-Link Tapo C100

Buy it on Amazon at – $38.95/-


  • Video Resolution – The Tapo C100 cam provides the best video quality of 1080P definition.
  • Night Vision – Device has night vision mode, which enables the user to keep surveillance in the darkest zone.
  • Talkback features – With two-way communication ability enables user can communicate with their family members.
  • Motion Detection – Equipped with AI motion sensor the CCTV cam detect and record.
  • Sound & Light Alarm – The Tapo C100 Cam triggers sound and light alarm if it detects any intruder.
  • Support Micro SD – The Tapo C100 Cam supports the Micro SD card up to 128 GB with FAT32 format.
  • Privacy Mode – This mode enables the user to prohibit recording on the security cam according to the users need.



Ø  With privacy mode, the user can stop the surveillance for a specified period.

Ø  Good and stable quality of video surveillance in the night mode.

Ø  Cloud storage provides easy storage facility at very least price.

Ø  Unable to designate an area in surveillance by privacy protection functions.

Ø  Low video quality in day mode.


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12. Blurams Home Pro Security Camera

Blurams Home Pro Security Device has a 131-degree wide-angle lens to cover the view and provides 1080P FHD recording. The device also has other features such as night mode, two-way communication, motion detection and Wi-Fi support. The Blurams Home Pro security cam can be accessed by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa without Blurams mobile app.

Blurams Home Pro Wireless Surveillance
Blurams Home Pro Wireless Surveillance

Buy it on Amazon at – $39.99/-


  • Storage – The Blurams cam supports cloud storage as well as Micro SD card 128 GB with FAT32 format.
  • Facial Recognition – The AI technology assist in identifying the person’s identity and send alerts if an unknown person gets detected.
  • Simultaneous Access – Access up to four security cam on the application.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistance – The device is compatible with Amazon’s Echo Show 5 as well as Google Assistance without the need to download and install the app
  • Surveillance Area Coverage – The Cam provides up to 131-degree wide lens for coverage with 1080p FHD video resolution.
  • Privacy Mode Function – It enables to mark zone to avoid recording in the surveillance system.



Ø  Facial Recognition helps to reduce the false alarm.

Ø  Provide Micro SD and as cloud storage.

Ø  Access live stream of camera using Alexa or Google assistance.

Ø  Differentiate between Human and other objects thus reducing false alarms.

Ø  Requires premium subscription to access certain AI features.

Ø  Video quality is not good in the night mode.

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13. Qubo Smart Security WiFi Camera

Qubo Smart Security Wi-Fi Camera a leading smart security product available for home security in the CCTV market. It has many new features such as advanced face detection to detect the face as well as the person with a mask or hood to send alert notification of intrusion.

Qubo Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera
Qubo Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera

With the alarm system, it sends a notification in case intruder is detected. The imaging sensor equipped with 3-micron pixel provides better light absorption ability which ensures to provide clear and crisper image quality in the dark and at night.

Buy it on Amazon at – $49/-


  • Motion Detecting – It enables to detect any motion and record the moving object and send an alert notification.
  • Alarm Alert System – The in-built alarm system is triggered when an intruder is detected.
  • Talkback communication – With in-built Microphone and speakers communicate with the other seen on security cam and vice versa.
  • Infrared Night Vision – Three-micron pixel provides clear and bright video quality for recording in the night or at dark.
  • IP65 Weather Resistance – It is designed as weatherproof with IP65 Technology.
  • Baby Sensor – It helps to detect the baby crying audio and send an alert notification.
  • Surveillance Coverage Area – With 140-degree wide lens get a better view to keep surveillance on the home.
  • Secured Data Streaming – Streaming of surveillance data is secured by employing AES128 Encryption.
  • Storage – The user can store their data on the cloud storage or 32GB Micro SD card.
  • Alexa Compatible – Access CCTV without downloading the app using the Echo Show 5 display powered by Alexa.



Ø  IP65 Weather Resistance technology makes it weatherproof.

Ø  Baby sensor technology helps to detect the baby’s condition on the camera.

Ø  Easy installation of the Cam.

Ø  Alarm system comes along with SOS siren built-in camera.

Ø  The device is very expensive.

Ø  Unable to support Micro SD Card above 32 GB.

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The article on the topic Best Wireless Security Camera in 2021 renders very valuable information related to the best Wi-Fi cameras that are available in the surveillance industry. The product which is listed above have remarkable functions and quality to meet the demands of the clients. In this article, we have discussed at length the features, price along with the advantage and disadvantages of employing these products.

Our readers will gain much valuable knowledge before selecting a product for purchasing from this article. The information is rendered to help the reader select the best-suited camera for surveillance security. We hope that knowledge render here in the article is helpful.

For any query or question contact us without any hesitation in the comment section below. Thank You.

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