Download Free Annke Sight For PC For Windows OS & Mac OS

Annke Sight For PC is software that connects many devices with it and makes monitoring easy from one place. In this article, we are going to provide you with every minute detail regarding it.

It is given here in the form of download button links. The links are given here for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. The CMS is detailed here for users’ easy operation of it.

The app is from Annke Innovation Company Ltd. It is a leading company in security surveillance products and accessories. This article also provides you with a full demonstration of the installation of the Wizard, logging in. adding devices, and monitoring on Windows OS. It will help you in doing so on other PCs and smartphones.

What Is A Content Management System And How Does It Function?   

A Content Management System(CMS) is software that helps, create, edit, and modify data. You don’t need any specialized technical knowledge for it. This CCTV CMS Wizard is an application that connects many devices from this software.

With its help, you can view more than 256 cameras at a time. Suppose you want to monitor 10 different locations with 16 cameras each on every location.

You want to monitor all these cams from a distant place. It can be made possible only with the help of the CMS Application. It adds all the devices and relays them for you on PCs and smartphones. It can be accessed from any remote location.  

What Is Annke Sight For PC Application?   

Annke Sight For PC 11

It is a remarkable application that can connect many devices with it and allows you the monitoring from any area of your choice. This Annke Company is renowned for CCTV Surveillance and based in Hong Kong. 

It covers the entire world with many offices and showrooms spread over different parts of the globe. It is instituted in 2014.

The app has supreme features and functions. It gives you the best possible views and alerts. You will get files in a compressed manner. To load them and install them on your devices you have to extricate these files. The full guidance is given to you.

Features & Functions Of Sight For PC Software

Annke Sight For PC 10

The attributes and characteristics of this application are superb. You will find them extremely useful during the usage of this application. The important points are given here.

  • It provides live streaming. There is no time lag in watching live events
  • Plug-and-play DIY system governed application
  • The app supports motion and audio detection. It empowers you to full security and safety. 
  • The software application gives you alert messages and it alarms you sensing threats
  • You can pre-set sensitive zones through this application. When anyone trespasses those zones, the app raises alarms to alert you against intrusion.    
  • It supports two-way audio. When anyone is on the other end of the camera, you can converse and pass on any message. It also helps you in raising the alarm against any suspect by shouting at him.
  • You can access this application from any place. It helps you in remote monitoring.
  • It records activities. You can see playbacks, take snaps, and preserve data to watch later. You can also transfer data through this app.

Download Free Annke Sight For Windows OS

Here we will give you the download button for Windows OS. It is available in a compressed format. When you load the file it will be loaded in a squeezed format. You have to decompress the file to load and install it. A comprehensive illustration of this process has been given for users to understand the process.

You go through that process to learn the monitoring through CMS Application. It gives you a live view. 

Download Free Annke for Mac OS

The link is provided for Mac OS. Click the button to get it. It is given in a squeezed file format. Un-squeeze the file to get it for your PC. The CMS is powerful and equips you with live view and remote access. For Windows OS, the process of installation is given. Mac OS installation also follows the same pattern.

You can get a clue to install the app from there. Press the download button to get the link.

Download Free The Application For Android OS 

Annke Sight For PC 9

To load the app for Android OS you have to get this link from here and open it. When you open the link then it will direct you to the google play store page where this application is available. Install it from there on your mobile. After that, you have to log in to the device with an Id and password.

To add the device you have to scan the QR Code and fill in either the IP address or the Serial Number of the device. The cam will show on your mobile display screen.

Install the Annke CMS Application For Windows OS

Here, we are going to show you the detailed process of downloading, installing, logging in, and adding devices on this app for Windows OS. The file is in a squeezed format. Un-squeeze the file and install it on the PC.

Step-1 Installation Of The App

The moment we click the setup file, it gives us the following instruction.

Annke Sight For PC 1

It asks us to Agree with the terms and conditions of the software. Read the terms and conditions. Know the conditions and if you are fully satisfied with it then press the button ‘! Agree’.

Annke Sight For PC 2

At this stage, you have to give the path to upload the file. The path is the drive where you want to keep this data. Mainly it is kept on C-drive. Then you have to select also the path of keeping those recordings and images on the PC.  You can choose a folder of your choice. After it, press the “Install” button for the next stage.

Annke Sight For PC 3

It starts uploading these files. It takes a few minutes. Once the entire content is loaded, it flashes the message that the installation is finished.

Annke Sight For PC 4

This way we install the application on our Windows OS. The step-1 is also finished here. Now we go for Logging In the app.

Step-2 Steps To Log In to The Wizard

In this step, we log in to the system. In this case, we need to know the two things. There is a “USER ID” and a “Password”. By default, the user id is “admin” and the password column is “empty”. It means there is no password given by the manufacturer. You can create a unique password for your system

Annke Sight For PC 5

Press the login button and it will take you to the next stage. This is the Homepage of the application.

Annke Sight For PC 6

At this level, it is clear that we are going through the right way. The direction is true. It now asks you to connect the device. The addition of the device is our next step.

Step-3 Adding The Device And Monitoring The camera

Now we have to connect our cameras. You can as many devices as you want. It can play even hundreds of cams at a time in real-time.

Annke Sight For PC 7

Here, you have to fill in the Username, password if any, the device name, IP address, port, and Channel type. When you fill in all these details and press the Finish button then that device is connected. You can add the next devices with the same process. They all get connected with the CMS and cameras appear on the display screen.

Annke Sight For PC 8

This way you have to do this process.


This Application is available for Android OS, Mac OS, and Windows OS. The links are given to get them. This article gives you the features and installation process at length. The user must get guidance and idea to understand this software. The step-by-step process is very helpful for users as they get hints to do it themselves.

We have tried to discuss every vital information regarding this app. We have taken care of to give you in the best possible manner. Please share your responses. Your suggestions help us improve the quality of our work. Your opinions are paramount.

Thank You. 

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