Download LILINViewer For PC Free For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Today we are about to discuss the download the LILINViewer free link in a detailed manner. LILINViewer is a CCTV camera software for Windows OS to connect the Lilin CCTV camera.

LILINViewer App is free software developed and provided by Lilin Technology Company. The article explains clearly about the installation process.

The LILINViewer Software is here to download free of cost. The software is free to download for Windows OS clients.

The LILINViewer for PC Application installation procedure is elaborated in detail to help the Lilin CCTV camera users connect the CCTV cameras on the PC.

LILINViewer CMS App (Windows 7/8/10/11 & MAC OS)

Here get the download of LILINViewer free. LILINViewer is only available for Windows OS clients. Unfortunately, there is no LILINViewer Software App available for Mac OS clients.

The installation procedure is discussed in detail regarding the LILINViewer CMS.

LILINViewer App Logo
LILINViewe App Logo

Get the download of LILINViewer and connect the Lilin CCTV camera to monitor your residence, office premises etc.

The installation guidelines are provided below in detail to help the Lilin CCTV camera user connect it to the LILINViewer App on your Windows OS.

LILINViewer (Windows)

Get here the LILINViewer App by clicking on the link provided below. LILINViewer is free CCTV camera software provided by the Lilin Technology Company.

The free download of LILINViewer is compressed form extract it using file compression software now by clicking on the link provided below.

LILINViewer App (Mac OS)

There is no software available for LILINViewer to load and install on Mac OS. Lilin Technology is not providing the LILINViewer CMS App for Mac PCs.

In case, if there is no LILINViewer user clients use an emulator to connect the Lilin CCTV camera with the app to monitor on Mac OS.

Read the installation method carefully to install and download the LILINViewer App on Macintosh PCs.

What is the LILINViewer CMS App?

LILINViewer is a CCTV camera software to connect and operate the Lilin CCTV cameras on Windows OS PC.

It is developed by the Lilin Technology Company. The software is only available for Windows OS clients. This is the best software for connecting the Lilin CCTV camera.

Features of LILINViewer

Here let us learn in detail about the features of the LILINViewer Application. Get the details about the LILINViewer for Windows OS.

The LILINViewer App for Windows OS is a free software. The features of LILINViewer are listed as follows:

  • Real-time playback when previewing.
  • Playback supports quick, slow and by-frame modes.
  • Support local snapshots and recording.
  • Corresponding files are stored locally.
  • Provides PTZ control.
  • Support memory of the previous channel viewed last time.
  • Support colour setting and streaming parameters adjustment.
  • Support alarm push.
  • Motion detection.

LILIN CMS Password (OR) LILIN Software Password

The defeat username and password are important before we proceed to the step of setting up the software for Windows OS.

The default username – “ADMIN” (Case sensitive)

default password – “1234”

1. Method # LILINViewer Installation on Windows OS

Download the LILINViewer from the above link provided above. The file of LILINViewer is in a compressed form and the download file is by using extraction software.

Open the download file of the LILINViewer CMS. Double-click on the installation file to start the installation process.

1. Step # 1 Installation of LILINViewer

A panel window will appear on the screen to select the language in which you want to run the software. Then press on the “OK” and proceed further steps of installation.

select the language
Select language

Now the screen will appear asking you which kind of function to install select “Typical”  then click on the “Next” button.

install app options
Select the function

Now a setup screen will appear from just click on the “Next” button.

welcome page of the app
Setup of LILINViewer

Now a screen will appear for installation directory selection. Select the folder where you want to install the software files by clicking on the “Browse” button.

You can also leave it to default and click on the “Next” button.

select the path and folder location
Select the folder

Now the screen will appear to create a start menu shortcut. Now click on the “Next” button to proceed.

choose the menu folder
Create the menu shortcut

Now the screen will appear to begin the installation of LILINViewer, just click on the “Install” button to begin the installation.

install the app
Begin the installation process

Now the installation progress will begin just wait to complete the process.

installation in progress
Installation progress

Now the last installation screen will appear just click on the “Finish” button.

app installation complete
Finish installation

Now open the LILINViewer and start to enter the user name and password.

login to the app
Log in to the App

2. Step # Add devices on LILINViewer

Now the home screen will appear of the software.

the home screen of the app
The home screen

Now click on the “Resources” and then click on the “Add” button.

Now a panel will open. Just enter the details correctly with your username and password. Now click on the “OK” button.

add drivers on app
Add devices on LILINViewer

Now you can see the device added on the home screen of your software. Now click on the “Live” option and then on your device in the list.

get live view
Get ready for live-view

3. Step # Live view of LILINViewer

Here is the live view of LILINViewer.

live view on the app
Live view on the App

2. Method # 2 LILINViewer App Installation on Mac OS Using Emulator

Now the LILINViewer App can be installed with the Bluestacks emulator.

Bluestacks emulator is an Android emulator which helps us to run the Android OS on Mac as well as Windows OS.

The unavailability of LILINViewer Application for Mac PCs is now not a problem. With the help of Bluestacks, it is possible to use LILINViewer App on Mac Systems.

Here are the following steps to download and run LILINViewer, read them carefully to run the app.

  • Download the Bluestacks emulator.
  • Download the Bluestacks emulator on Mac OS and install it.
  • After finishing the installation of the Bluestacks emulator open it.
  • Select the language for the Bluestacks emulator.
  • Enter the email ID to log in.
  • When the login process is completed in Bluestacks, visit the Playstore.
  • Search for the LILINViewer App to download.
  • Run the app on the Bluestacks emulator in Mac OS.
  • Connect your IP camera by entering the device details on the app.
  • After a successful connection to the LILINViewer App, you get a live view of the CCTV camera.


LILINViewer is CCTV camera software to help keep surveillance on the residence, locality and office premises.

It is only available for Windows OS user clients. But we have also discussed in detail regarding the emulator which helps to download LILINViewer.

So this is all about this app in this article. We hope this article is helpful for Lilin CCTV camera users.

If you have any queries or questions about the LILINViewer CMS write to us in the comment box below.

Thank You.

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