Download Satvision Mobile PRO For PC For Windows & Mac OS

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC is software that is used to monitor cameras on PCs. Here, in this article, we will give every detail about this CMS Wizard and figure out how to make it practical for our PC.

Here, we have given every detail about this CMS wizard. It is very useful for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. With its help, we can monitor any device from any remote location.

This software is given in a compressed file format. You have to download it and then decompress it. To install it, you have to go through this process. It is a great tool to monitor devices from any remote location. The Satvision CMS is a smart application. It supports sensors and two-way audio.    

What Is A CMS Application And How Does It Function?

The CMS is software programming that is designed to screen cameras on PC. It is the short form of the Content Management System. Assume there are 5 distinct places where cameras are installed. The client needs to screen these five destinations from his office that is away from these locations. Here comes the use of this CMS. 

With the use of this app, the user can connect to these 5 devices. For that, the user needs to take the IP address of these gadgets and add them to the application. Every camera will show up on the Windows PC screen. It is an advanced technology for better monitoring. It can give you 256 cameras monitoring at a time.

What Is Satvision PRO For PC App?

It is a CMS app designed by the Chinese Company Satvision. The organization is reputed for CCTV surveillance products. Its products are the latest and trendy. They are durable and demanding. The CMS Mobile Pro is given here in a compressed file format.

To get them you have to load the file and decompress it. Then you can run it on your PC. It is available for Windows OS, and Mac OS. The software is also available for Android OS. It is very user friendly. It gives great picture quality and stunning features.   

Features OF Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 

The Software APP has remarkable features. It can be operated by all and sundry. The features and functions are given here. When you know these attributes, then you can utilize this app with its full capacity.  

  • The application gives live streaming in the most consistent manner
  • It has the best resolution. The picture quality given by this application is high class. It gives translucent pictures.
  • The application upholds two-way audio. It is an incredible technology for complete security. With its support, you can communicate with the person on the other side of the device. This device also gives us the power to terrify an intruder by shouting at them.    
  • The App supports “Sensors” Technology. These sensors resemble the human brain. They can notice motion and audio movements. When the cam realizes any movement and audio sound, it sends push notifications to you. The alarm also triggers feeling some suspicious activity.
  • They give you this choice to pre-define delicate regions. These are extremely sensitive areas that you want to monitor badly. The moment anybody enters these zones, clients receive push messages and alarm triggers. This way no suspect can muster the courage to intrude those walled regions.
  • It can do recordings for you, assist you in checking playbacks, take images for you, and give you full functional support.
  • This application helps in accessing the gadget from any remote location. It supports online monitoring without any hiccup.
  • It has the recent video compression technology. That saves space for the gadget and saves data transmission.

Download Satvision PRO For PC For Windows OS

Here you will get the record for this application to play on Windows OS. The record is accessible for Windows. It is given here in a crushed configuration. To begin with, you need to decompress the file to load it on your PC for Windows OS.

Then after that, you will install it. It is given in the format of the download button. Click the button and get it. You will find here the complete illustrative process. It will guide you to the best user experience.

Download The CMS Wizard For Mac OS

Here, you will find the download button for the Mac OS. Get the file by clicking the download button. Then run the application for Mac OS. Once it is installed then you can connect these devices on this app and enjoy monitoring on Mac OS PC by sitting at your location. It gives you full command in operating these devices from your place. 

Download The Application For Android OS

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 12

To run the CMS on your android smartphone, you have to take the help of the google play store. You will find below a link button. Click that button and load the content on your smartphone. This application is available at the google play store. Install it and add devices.

How To Install The Satvision Mobile Application For Windows OS

Here, we are going to guide you through the step by step process to get this application wizard for your Windows OS. It is the giver in detail. When you have to load this app then the first thing that it will ask you is the location. where you want to upload the file. Select your location.

Step-1 Install The Software For Windows OS

Select the location to upload the file.

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 1

Once, the location is finalized then the second stage is to go for the selection of the folder. Select it. In the same folder, the setup will install its shortcut. Press the next button and move to the next level.

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 3

Press the next button, and it will navigate you to the next stage. In this stage, you have to select, if you want a desktop icon of this CMS. Also, select if you want to create a quick launch icon.

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 3

Select your option and press the next button. Now it will notify you that the installation process is about to start. Here, if you are satisfied with your location and folder, press the next button but if you want to make some changes then click the ‘Back’ button.

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 4

Press the install button. The installation will start automatically. It will take hardly any time to load. Now the installation process begins.

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 5

It begins to download on your mobile. Once the entire content squeezes, the setup will notify you. Wait for it to load completely.

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 6

Now, the entire Satvision data is installed on your Windows OS. Press the ‘Finish’ button.

Step-2 Log In To The System To ADD The Device

The next stage is to log in to the system. For that, you have to create an ID. & Password.

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 7

Since it is a Chinese App, some of its instructions are naturally in the Chinese language. Here, it is asking you for creating a Password. You have to create a unique password. By default, the User ID. is “Admin”. Create your password and press the “Agree” button.

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 8

Here, on this page, you have to mention your ID. and Password. After putting them in press the “Done” button. The following page will appear.

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 9

It is the Home page of your CMS Wizard.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor The Camera

Now the next step to monitor cameras is to add the device. To add the device, you have to go for the following steps.

Give your Monitoring place a name. Select the IP address of the device. If you have to add more than one device, then you have to add them separately. Put in the ID. and the Password.

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 10

Once you are done with the process of adding the devices, click the save button. The cameras running on that gadget will appear on your Windows OS screen.

Satvision Mobile PRO For PC 11

The monitoring of the device begins. This way you have to install this application. We have given here this process extensively, for a better user experience.


The complete installation guide is given for you. The Download buttons are specially created to provide you with these apps free of cost. Press those download buttons, load the content on your PCs. These files are available here in a compressed format. Decompress them before going for the installation.

These vital pieces of information are given to you. How did you rate them? Please notify us.

Thank You.

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