Download AXIS Companion Classic For PC [Windows & Mac OS]

AXIS Companion Classic For PC is software that is used to monitor cameras on Users’ PCs. Here, in this article, we will deal with this CMS Wizard and learn to make it functional for our PC.

It is given here for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. This software “Axis Companion Classic For PC” is a very smart CMS. It has all the modern functions that make users empowered with various functions. 

The software is given here in the form of a compressed file. You have to decompress the file and then download it. After loading it, you have to install it on your PCs. They are given in download button format. You have to click the link to install them.

What Is A CMS And How Does It Function?

The CMS is software that is used to monitor cameras on a PC. It is the abbreviation of the Content Management System. Suppose there are 5 different sites where cameras are installed.

The user wants to monitor these five sites from one location, and that is far away from those sites. Here comes the role of this CMS. The app attaches all these five site devices to its application portal. For that, you have to take the IP addresses of these devices and add them to the app.

All the cameras appear on the Windows PC screen. It is a modern approach for better monitoring. All big sites’ monitoring is possible only because of this Application. 

What Is An Axis Companion For PC App?

It is a CMS software that is manufactured and designed by Axis Communications. Axis is a Swedish corporation with its registered office in Lund, Sweden. This Swedish Company has the latest CCTV products for installation and software for monitoring. Its products are safer and smarter. 

This application has all the latest features and functions. When you know them then you will be able to operate this software in a more commanding way. It is given in the form of a compressed file format. load it, and unsqueeze the file to make it run for your PC.

Features Of Axis Companion App     

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 13

The Application has all the basic and modern functions available. Know these features to use them for maximizing the use of this software. 

  • The app gives live streaming in the most natural way
  • It has the best resolution. The image quality given here is top-rated. It gives pellucid images.
  • The app supports two-way audio. It is a great function for foolproof security. This function eligible users to convey their messages to the person on the device end. They can also use this function to horrify intruders. You can hush away the culprits.
  • The App supports “Sensors”. These sensors are like the human mind. They can sense and analyze any activity. They can detect motion and audio movements. 
  • They give you the option to pre-define sensitive areas. The moment anyone enters those zones, users get alert messages, and they call alarms. This way no suspect can trespass those demarcated areas. 
  • It can preserve recordings, help you watch playbacks, and click snaps
  • This application helps in connecting the device to access it from a remote location. It supports networking.
  • It has the latest video compression technology. That saves space for the device and also saves bandwidth.  

Download Companion Classic For PC For Windows OS 

Here you will get the file for this app to load on Windows OS. The file is available in 64 bits. It is given here in a squeezed format. First, you have to decompress the file to load it on your PC for Windows OS. Then you can install it. The download button is given here. Click the button and get it.

Download Axis CMS Wizard For Mac OS 

Here, you will find that this software is not available for Mac OS. Still, if you want to monitor the device from your Mac OS then you have to take the services of the Bluestacks. It is an Android emulator. Run the Android emulator along with this Mac OS and monitor devices.

Download AXIS Companion For PC For Android OS

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 14

If you want to run the CMS on your Android mobile, then click the app and load the file. The loaded file is in a squeezed format. Decompress it to install it on the smartphone. 

How To Install AXIS Companion Classic For PC For Windows OS

To download it for Windows OS, it is compatible with 64 bits Windows OS. When you load the file and decompress it, then for the installation process, you have to go through the following process. The step-by-step guide is given here.

Step-1 Beginning The App To Start Functioning

Here, you will install the app on your PC.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 1 The first step in installing the process is that you have to open the app. The CMS opens by welcoming you. Press the next button to move on to the next level.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 2

It will ask you to configure the firewall. The configuration of the firewall is done to make the loading easier.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 3

The next step is regarding the license agreement of this app. For it, you have to tick the box and select the next button. The moment you push the button it takes you to the next step of installation.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 4

Step-2 Installing The AXIS Companion Classic For PC On Windows OS

This way you reach the last page of the legal acceptance of this process. Here, you read the entire content so that you know your terms and conditions with this app and use it accordingly. Push the finish button for moving on to the next level.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 5

The agreement of the app is complete now. It will ask you to log In or create an ID, Password For this Software. You have to create it as per your decision. The company registers it. By default, it has no id or password. It creates unique ids for every client.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 5

If you are a first-time user of this application, then you have to register an account for this device. After it, the app will welcome you before installing it for you.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 6

This application welcomes you. Now it is ready to install the CMS for Windows OS.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 7

It will ask you for the Site name and the Company name. It is mandatory to give these names. After filling them on the requisite columns press the button.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 9

      Press the “next” button and reach the next point to install the application.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 9a

Now the app is ready to install, the moment you press this button to load the software, it begins to load on PC. It takes only a fraction of a second to load it. After that click the finish button. This way we become able to load the Axis app.

Step-3 Adding The Device And Monitoring The Device

After the installation process, automatically the page opens for the Homepage of the device.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 10A

The home page of the software has options to add the device. You will find it in the Configuration column. Click the configuration button and it will prompt you for adding the cam.

We have to add the IP address of the device. The IP address, username which we have registered, and the password we have created are important. Because these are the things we have to fill in here.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 10

After putting in the IP address of the cam, press the connect button. After pressing the button, press the next option. The security surveillance system will appear on the display screen.

AXIS Companion Classic For PC 12

This is the process to install this software on the Windows OS.


The Axis Companion Wizard is given here for Windows OS 64-bit systems, Mac OS, and Android OS. The detailed illustration has also been shown for making it easier for the client. The complete information is given for a better user experience.

The article is a demonstration to know deeply about the loading process. It is given in detail for a proper understanding. Please share your opinion in the comment section.

Thank You.

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