Download HonView Touch For PC For Windows OS & Mac OS

HonView Touch For PC is a monitoring CMS. It connects you with other devices and allows you to monitor these various gadgets from a faraway place. Here, we are giving you the files of Honview Touch for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS.

These are given here in the form of compressed files. You have to decompress them to load and install them for your PCs.     

We have given the data about the HonView Touch For PC alongside the free download for Windows, Mac, & Android. The article will clarify as well as interact with you for various elements monitoring from a remote location.

We have given this straightforward and remarkable CCTV camera programming to empower clients in interfacing and controlling their surveillance monitoring from any remote location. The article will expand on each crucial data connected with this CMS client.

We have given here a complete illustrative step-by-step process to understand and learn its every detail. Go through the entire article before jumping on to the installation part.

What Is A CMS Application & How Does It Function

A CMS is the abbreviated form of a Content Management System. It is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content in the desired way.

It is an interesting and basic CMS programming created to coordinate the surveillance CCTV Cameras to give it the live view, playback, control, and work on a PC or a cell phone.

The application gives a straightforward connection process for the clients to run this application on their PC as well as a cell phone.

It can attach several cameras. The CMS gives the advantage that you can attach several devices with it. You can view 256 cameras at a time with this app.

HonView Touch For PC 12

What Is A HonView CMS App?

It is an application that can connect many devices and we can access them from remote locations. You can view them through Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. It is given in the form of compressed files. Download them and decompress them to install on these devices.     

Features Of the HonView Application

This CMS Wizard App has pronounced features and functions. It makes us eligible to perform many functions. It is very important to know its attributes. When we know them, we use them.

When we are not aware of these functions, we fail to operate the CMS at its full capacity. Following is the list of its characteristics.

  • It gives us a live view of any network with good speed.
  • The app has the potential to operate a PTZ device from your location. The application allows us to pan, tilt, and zoom the device. It makes surveillance easier.
  • Night Vision is sharp and lucid. You can see everything. The quality of night vision is often the determining factor of any application or device.  
  • Playback and catch previews.
  • Record live view physically. You can watch the recording, see the clippings, and take snaps. It keeps us secure by preserving every activity.
  • Pay attention to the sound. The two-way audio makes the user more powerful. The user can communicate with someone on the device end, pass a message, and even horrify an interloper by shouting at him or by raising an alarm.
  • The software app is designed in such a way that it sends pushup messages and alerts to the client.
  • The resolution of the App is nice. It transmits detailed images.
  • The Sensors are supported by the CMS. With the help of these sensors, the CMS alerts us with motion detection and audio detection. 

Download Free HonView Touch For Windows OS

It is given here for free. You can download it. It will be loaded in a compressed format. Decompress it and install it. Every detail has been given in the demonstration form.

You can consult it and learn it from there. It is easy to use. There are three steps you have to follow. Step-1 is the Installation part, step-2 is the Login part, and Step-3 is the Adding the Device part. 

Download Free HonView Software For Mac OS

We are providing you with every detail of this app for Mac OS. Here, it is given in the form of a download button. You have to click the download button to get the file. The file is in a squeezed format. You have to un-squeeze them to get them. 

Download Free The HonView Application For Android OS

HonView Touch For PC 11

It is given here for the Android Application. This operating system has the app for free. You have to get to click the load button for it. by clicking the link you will get the app.

Load it on your Smartphone. It will connect to the device by scanning the QR Code. You can also connect the device by filling in the Serial Numbers of the devices. 

Install Free HonView Touch For Windows OS

To download and install this app on Windows OS, we are giving here the complete process. The process is easy and systematic. This figurative detail will help you get your devices linked with the HonView Application, and access it from a remote location.

Step-1 Install The Software For Windows OS

This installation process begins with the clicking of the link to the app. It is given in a compressed file format. You have to un-compress it. It will open with a “NOTE” message asking for reading the User Manual.

HonView Touch For PC 1

Press the ‘Next’ button to move to the next stage. It will take you to the stage where the app will ask for ‘selecting language’. Select the language you want to install the instructions with. here, we have selected ‘The English language. Press the next button.

HonView Touch For PC 2

This page will ask for secured mode. It will ask you to select the HDCS mode. This mode is a secured mode for DVR, NVR, IPC, etc.

HonView Touch For PC 3

After ticking in the box, press the next button for the next stage.

HonView Touch For PC 4

Select the path to install the app. You can choose any location. Mainly C drive is the location. After selecting it, press the install button.

HonView Touch For PC 5

Once the installation process is over. It will notify you. The loading of the file is complete with this process.

HonView Touch For PC 6

Press the finish button. Now, the installation is finished. You have completed the first step.

Step-2 Logging In The Device & Creating Password

In this step, we have to sign in to the CMS. For that, we have to create a password. By default, the user id. is “admin”. For creating the password you have to take care of the health of the password.

Take upper cap, lower cap, numeric, and character in your password for maximum security.

HonView Touch For PC 7

Create your password, and check the password strength. After that confirm your password. And press the ‘Next’ button.

HonView Touch For PC 8

Now for logging in to the software, the User Name is admin, and the password you have to create. Log in to the system, and it will guide you to its Homepage.

HonView Touch For PC 8A

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitoring The Camera

To add the device, we have to know the exact IP address of the device. The username of the device, and its password. We put these details in the column and get the gadget connected.

HonView Touch For PC 9

Fill in all these details. If there is more than one device, then add them separately. Once you are finished with this process and added all the devices, the cameras will appear on the Windows OS PC screen. 

HonView Touch For PC 10

The best part of any CMS software is that it empowers you with remote access to your devices. monitoring becomes easier and more effective.


Here, you have seen that we have given the full demonstration to install the system, Log in to it, and then Add the gadget & monitor the cam. Just follow the instructions given in the process and you will be able to do it on any OS system. It is separately given for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. 

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